Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro Bike Review

The Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt drive Sunny Health And Fitness spin bike is the top model in the Sunny spin bike Series. SF-B1714 Sunny Health and Fitness Pro is a high-quality light commercial-grade spin bike that can withstand user weight of up to 330-pounds.

The frame of this Magnetic Belt Drive Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike is with no doubt one of the sturdiest among indoor bikes under $600. With a 44-lb heavy flywheel, the SF-B1714 Sunny Health and Fitness bike offers a smooth spinning workout.

Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike features a maintenance-free belt system and Eddy Current resistance.

The combination of these two features make the Sunny Sealth and Fitness Evolution Pro indoor cycling bike very quiet. While you pay less than $700, you get the quality and durability of a Spinning class spin bike.

Sunny Evolution Pro Overview

The Sunny Health & Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike offers users a smooth cycling exercise. The 44-Pound Chrome Flywheel creates an intense workout and 360 perfect pedal stroke during HIIT and strength spinning workout. The Pro Magnetic Belt drive Sunny Health and Fitness spin bike is fully adjustable.

So, if you want all members of your family (short, tall and average) to be able to do a cycling workout, the Sunny magnetic Pro bike is a good choice. From time to time, this Sunny bike is on offer and you can purchase it for less than $450. However, its original price is around $700.

The SF-B1714 came out in 2017 and while it’s not mentioned in many Sunny spin bike reviews on the web, it has already established a good reputation for itself. Read more details about the Evolution Pro magnetic Sunny Health and Fitness stationary bike below.

Frame And Flywheel


The SF-B1714 Sunny Health & Fitness Pro indoor spin bike features a heavy-duty steel frame. It’s coated for anti-corrosion and supports up to 330 lbs weight capacity. The steel tubes used for the construction of this sunny health & fitness Bike is thicker and sturdier compared to any other spin bike in this price category.

Therefore, the bike remains sturdy and firm during intense cycling workout. The frame also features 4 large foot levelers. They are also adjustable so, that you can have a stable spinning session on uneven floors. There are transport wheels for easy portability and a water bottle holder to stay hydrated.

Magnetic Pro Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike has a 44-lb flywheel designed to create a real and natural indoor cycling momentum. Because the flywheel is heavy and Chromed, you won’t feel the up&down or jerky pedaling motion with Evolution Pro spin bike.

Drive Mechanism


Evolution Pro Sunny Health and Fitness cycling bike has a top-notch drive system. With a single durable belt, the SF-B1714 Sunny Health Fitness bike provides an enjoyable quiet spinning workout at home. Not only it’s very quiet, but the Evolution Pro magnetic spin bike requires very little maintenance.

Unlike the chain-drive mechanism, you wouldn’t need to lubricate the belt. The other great feature of Evolution Pro Sunny Health and Fitness belt drive indoor cycling bike is the resistance system. The Evolution-Pro features magnetic resistance which is silent and also maintenance-free.

Unlike brake pads, the magnets don’t touch the flywheel. Therefore, they don’t wear out and don’t make any noise. The resistance on Evolution Sunny Health and Fitness pro bike is adjustable through a knob which also functions as an emergency brake. The magnets are large enough to create a challenging cycling workout for the elite as well as beginners.

Pedals and Q-Factor


Evolution Pro Magnetic Sunny Health and Fitness belt drive spin bike features a relatively wide Q-factor size. With 216mm the Evolution Pro exercise bike has one of the widest q-factors on the market. Q-factor is the gap between the two pedals. If the gap is too wide, your ankles and knees can’t stay aligned with your hips.

Therefore, it adds stress to your lower-body joints. So, the q-factor is an important feature in an indoor exercise bike. As far as the pedals go, the Evolution Pro Sunny Health spin bike pedals are one-sided. That means you can exercise on this spinning bike with normal athletic shoes but you can’t workout with SPD mountain cycling shoes.

If you are serious about doing a proper weight-loss workout, we recommend you get a pair of Shimano pedals. They are dual-sided so, you choose to workout with spd cycling shoes or normal shoes. Note: The Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro magnetic belt drive exercise bike pedals have adjustable straps and non-slip surface.

Handlebars and Seat


Evolution Pro SF-B1714 Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor bike feature fully adjustable handlebars and seat (up&down fore/aft). So, the majority of user heights can find a natural spinning position. And that’s another reason this Sunny spin bike is one of the best exercise bikes for home.

Your daughter/son and partner can adjust the bike to their height so, they would cycle without pain and hurting their backs. The handlebars are sweat-resistant and offer multiple cycling grips.

Evolution Pro Sunny Health Fitness spin bike comes with a comfortable padded seat. The seat and handlebars posts are both marked. So, it’s easy for you to get back to previous settings if someone else uses the bike. Note: The seat inseam adjustment is Min 30.1” and Max 38.3.

Bike Computer

Unlike the Sunny ASUNA sprinting 6100, the Evolution Pro indoor bike doesn’t have a console. Therefore, if you want to track your spinning exercise stats, you need to separately purchase a spin bike computer. One of the best spin bike computers is Spinning BIO HR Wireless Computer.

It’s a package that includes a Wireless chest strap, LCD display, speed and cadence sensors, and LCD holder. This computer is compatible with any spin bike and it’s also very easy to install. It allows you to track Cadence, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate.

You can find out more information on this spin bike computer on the link I provided above. Note that if you want to connect your spin bike to the online spinning racing Apps, you will need to buy a Wahoo sensor. It allows you to connect your bike online and track your stats on your devices (phone, tablet, TV, & computer). To find out more about the Wahoo sensor, see the spin bike computer link above.


This Sunny Health indoor bike is designed with semi-commercial grade quality parts and a heavy-duty steel frame. So it’s very reliable, solid and sturdy overall. While don’t spend a lot of money, you get a quality spin bike that will last long.

This spin bike is also equipped with quiet belt drive and magnetics, making for an incredibly smooth and almost noiseless experience. Here is a list of our favorite points of SF-B1714 Evolution-pro Sunny Health bike.

  • Includes large transport wheels to easily store and move the bike.
  • Sunny Health and Fitness Evo Pro has a solid frame.
  • Silent magnetic resistance system.
  • Belt drive mechanism that provides a smooth and quiet workout.
  • Vertically and horizontally adjustable seat and handlebars.
  • Can accommodate users between 5’0″ – 6’5″.
  • Evo Pro indoor cycling bike has adjustable foot levelers.
  • A durable crank assembly that can support all types of spin workouts.
  • Evolution Pro can support users up to 330 lbs.
  • 44-lb chromed heavy flywheel for aggressive inertia and consistent momentum.
  • Sunny Evo Pro is easy to assemble.


Considering the price tag, the major drawback of this spin bike would be the lack of a computer. Read the list of our least favorite features of this Sunny spin bikes below.

  • Pedals are not dual-sided with spd.
  • This cardio workout bike doesn’t have a console/LCD.
  • It has a short warranty (90 days).
  • Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro indoor cycle has a wide q factor.

Sunny Evolution Pro Specs:

58L x 24W x 53H

Final Word

Sunny Health and Fitness is a leading brand for spin bikes with two lines of indoor cycles, the Sunny Series and the ASUNA Series. In this Sunny Health and Fitness bike review, we went through the Evolution Pro bike, which is the best spin bike in Sunny Series NOT in ASUNA Series.

While the Sunny Series spin bikes are for home use, the ASUNA spin bikes are designed with high standards for commercial use. So, if you can afford to spend $1000, we highly recommend the ASUNA Minotaur bike. However, if you can’t, we assure you that the Sunny Evolution Pro will make a good spin bike for home use.

Bottom line is that the Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro SF-B1714 is an indoor cycling bike that features magnetic resistance, heavy flywheel, and solid heavy-duty construction. Evolution Pro Sunny spin bike is equipped with a padded plush seat and has a narrow (216mm) Q-Factor.

The Sunny Evolution Pro is also the best exercise bike under $700. It can offer a strength workout and intense cardio training which is good for weight loss and improves blood circulation. If you are willing to spend the money, this spin bike is a great buy and one of the best value spin bike on the market.

Sunny Evolution-Pro

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