ASUNA Minotaur 7150 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

ASUNA Minotaur cycle exercise bike with a sturdy commercial quality frame is the top-of-the-line Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycle.

The ASUNA Minotaur 7150 exercise bike is designed to offer intense and low-impact indoor cycling workout at home and fitness centers. For less than $1000, the ASUNA Minotaur spin bike is a good value spin bike.

So, don’t look further, if you can stretch your budget to $1000. Compared to other Sunny spin bikes ASUNA Minotaur magnetic indoor cycling bike features sturdier components and structure.

Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Minotaur cycle exercise bike can provide a challenging spinning workout for all fitness levels, including elite users. This high-end Sunny Health and Fitness bike is ideal for cycling studio classes and also homes. If you are still interested to find out more Minotaur 7150, keep reading this ASUNA Minotaur review.

ASUNA Minotaur 7150 Overview

With multiple magnetic resistance levels, the Sunny Asuna Minotaur cycle exercise bike provides a quiet cycling workout. The Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Minotaur 7150 cycle exercise bike impresses the users with its incredibly sturdy design and ability to offer spinning workouts for individuals with different goals athletic levels.

The 33-pound perimeter-weighted aluminum and high alloy steel flywheel create a high inertia indoor cycling exercise. Featuring breathable cutout racing style seat, adjustable handlebars, car-grade quiet belt-drive, powerful resistance, and SPD Shimano compatible pedals, the ASUNA Minotaur bike comes with everything you can ask for.

The ASUNA magnetic exercise bike supports up to 330 pounds user weight. That indicates the powerful drive system and parts on this Sunny exercise bike.

Minotaur Frame

ASUNA Minotaur cycling exercise bike features a professional frame design. It’s coated to prevent corrosion. And It’s also very sturdy and durable that can support up 330-lb. While the flywheel is in front of the bike and under the sweat zone, you have nothing to worry.

Because Asuna minotaur magnetic commercial indoor exercise bike has a shield designed all around the flywheel and magnets. Therefore, regardless of how much you sweat, not a drop will touch the flywheel or the magnets. ASUNA Minotaur indoor bike has two stretching pads in the back of the frame.

So, you can warm up before each spinning exercise. Because the Sunny ASUNA Minotaur bike has the cover on the flywheel, it’s easy to clean the bike after the spinning workout.

Drive Mechanism

ASUNA minotaur 7150 cycling bike has a very quiet and durable drive system. The operation is almost silent so, you can watch your favorite shows while burning calories. The reason behind that is the belt drive mechanism and the magnetic resistance.

The combination of these two features creates a maintenance-free silent pedaling. And in order to keep the drive system dry, this ASUNA magnetic spin bike features high-quality covers on the belt and magnets. Minotaur Sunny Health spin bike has a 33 lb aluminum and high alloy steel flywheel that provides a smooth and close to the real outdoor riding

The pedals motion on this Sunny pro indoor cycling bike is not-jerky or up and down. ASUNA magnetic Minotua bike offers perfect 360 pedal stroke regardless of speed or resistance level.

Pedals and Q-Factor

Minotaur 7150 Sunny Health Fitness bike has one of the best Q-factor sizes. With 184mm q-factor/distance between pedals, the Minotaur Sunny fitness bike keeps all your lower-body joints aligned.

The narrow q-factor on Sunny ASUNA Minotaur stationary bike lowers the stress on the hip, knee, and ankles. The pedals of Minotaur Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycling bike are dual-action.

It means on one side of the pedals there are toe cages to allow you do your spinning exercise with regular shoes. On the other side of the pedals, there are the SPD cleats that give you the option to workout with specific indoor cycling shoes.

Handlebars and Seat

ASUNA Minotaur 7150 indoor cycling bike features a high-grade aluminum seat and handlebar posts. Therefore, the seat and the handlebars are lighter and easier to adjust. But that’s not all, These Aluminum materials are stronger and rust resistant compared to steel posts.

The adjustment numbers are embossed on the posts. Therefore, everytime someone else uses the Asuna magnetic bike, you don’t have to spend 10 minutes adjusting the seat and handlebars for your height again. With ASUNA Minotaur Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike, all your family members (short and tall) can do indoor cycling training.

Because the Minotaur 7150 handlebars and seat are vertically and horizontally adjustable. The ergonomic handlebars deliver comfort allowing for multiple cycling hand grips. There are also two integrated bottle holders on the handlebars. You can fit up 32 oz bottles and stay hydrated during your weight-loss intense indoor cycling workout.

Bike Computer

Like most other Sunny Health Exercise bikes, the ASUNA Minotaur magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike doesn’t have an LCD. Therefore, you can’t track your cycling workout progress. However, if that’s something that you really want, there is an easy solution for it.

You can buy the Spinning BIO HR or another wireless spin bike computer. Often, the separate fitness monitor purchase includes a wireless chest strap, a wireless computer, two wireless sensors, and the console holder. It allows you to track Cadence, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate.


As we explained above the sturdiness, high-inertia flywheel and quiet drive mechanism distinguish the Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA Minatuar spin bike. In addition to that the ASUNA Minotaur come with a design that requires little maintenance. Read the list below to find out our favorite features of ASUNA Minotaur Sunny Fitness spin bike.

  • Minotaur magnetic indoor cycle has a narrow 184MM Q-factor.
  • Handlebars are large and offer many cycling positions.
  • Commercial quality spin bike.
  • Features belt drive system.
  • It has a powerful silent magnetic resistance.
  • Minotaur 7150 comes with dual-sided spd pedals.
  • ASUNA Minotaur Sunny health bike has a heavy flywheel.
  • Handlebars and seat are Fore/Aft up&down adjustable.
  • 330-Lb user weight capacity.
  • Professional and comfortable spin bike seat.
  • Built-in transport wheels and foot-levelers.


Despite the unique durability and design, this Sunny spin bike model is lacking in few features. Unlike the Sunny Sprinting with the console which retails for two-hundred $ less, the Minotaur cycle doesn’t have a computer. To find out more about our least favorite features, read the list below.

  • This ASUNA magnetic bike has only 180-Day on parts.
  • It doesn’t have ANT/+ and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Minotaur Sunny Health and Fitness Pro bike lacks in computer.

ASUNA Minotaur 7150 Specs:

57L x 27W x 49H

Our Final Verdict

Sunny Health and Fitness is a leading indoor exercise bike brand with tens of cardiovascular machines on the market. While few Sunny spin bikes are only for home use, the ASUNA Minotaur features an extremely high standard designed for spinning classes and home use. The Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Series spin bikes are relatively new in the industry.

And in a short time, they have established a good reputation among home use indoor cyclists. In the ASUNA achieve the Minotaur Sunny exercise bike is the best spin bike. With the large powerful and quiet magnets, cyclists with different fitness levels can find the intensity that suits their cycling workout needs.

If you are looking for an attractive commercial quality spin bike under $1500, we highly recommend the ASUNA Minotaur exercise bike. With this Sunny indoor cycling bike, you don’t need to buy pedals, seat, or water bottle holders. Because the ASUNA magnetic Minotaur has them all. You can’t beat the price of a spin bike that boasts so many good features.

You can order it from Amazon and receive it quickly without the shipping fee. Bottom line: if you can afford to spend the money, this ASUNA spin bike is the best buy for anyone looking to lose weight and get fit. However, if you can’t afford it, we suggest you check out this top Sunny bike. And If after reading our ASUNA Minotaur cycle review, you still have questions, send us an email and we will get back to you asap.

ASUNA Minotaur Spin Bike Review

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