ASUNA Lancer 7130 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

ASUNA Lancer cycle exercise bike is superior in terms of ergonomic design and quality compared to many other spin bikes in its price class. This likable Sunny exercise bike came out in 2017 and soon after gained a good reputation. Currently, the Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Lancer cycle exercise bike is the third-best spin bike in ASUNA Series after Minotaur and Sprinting bikes.

While the ASUNA Lancer 7130 magnetic belt rear drive commercial indoor cycling bike is an affordable bike, it boasts plenty of customization and features. ASUNA Lancer indoor exercise bike has a solid frame and components built for commercial use. Therefore, if you use the ASUNA 7130 indoor cycling bike for spinning at home, it will last years.

The ASUNA Lancer rear-drive magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike is a high-quality machine designed to give you a Fitness cycling class experience in the comfort of your own home.

ASUNA Lancer 7130 cycle exercise bike has a premium rear-drive design, quiet belt system, and strong magnetic resistance. There are also many other great features that come with this Sunny Health and Fitness spin bike.

ASUNA Lancer Bike Overview

The ASUNA Lancer spin bike is a well-built cardio workout machine with plenty of fans already on the market. In the ASUNA production line, Lancer is the third-best bike and a moderately priced spin bike. ASUNA Lancer Sunny indoor cycling bike offers you spinning studio class results with the comfort of an in-home workout routine.

With 33-lb Machine Balanced aluminum and high alloy steel flywheel, the Sunny ASUNA Lancer spin bike offers a natural 360 pedal stroke. Thanks to the combination of magnetic resistance and belt-drive, the ASUNA Lancer cycle is super quiet and home-friendly.

The ASUNA Lancer indoor exercise bike is an ideal choice for those who are looking for a commercial spin bike that will stand the test of time and can challenge each user individually. Find out more details about Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Lancer below.

Frame And Flywheel

ASUNA Lancer rear-drive magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike has one of the best spinning bike frames. The commercial quality frame is coated and it’s rust resistance. However, what stands out about 7130 ASUNA bike is the rear-drive system.

It keeps the magnets, belt, flywheel, and other parts away from the sweat zone. So, it requires less maintenance compared to a front-drive spin bike. The frame is sturdy and designed with foot levelers to keep the bike stable during intense indoor cycling workout. ASUNA Lancer exercise bike also has two transport wheels. And unlike some other Sunny Fitness spin bikes, the wheels are located at the back of the frame rather than the front of the bike.

In terms of the flywheel, the ASUNA exercise bike has a 33-pound relatively heavy flywheel. It offers an effective cardio exercise spinning workout for users up to 285-pound. Finally, the flywheel is protected with a metal guard all-around to help reduce the risk of injuries and maintenance.

Drive Mechanism

ASUNA Lancer exercise bike with magnetic resistance features a top-notch drive system that offers a near to silent operation. Lancer Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike have a single belt mechanism.

And that means less maintenance compared to the chain-drive system. In terms of resistance, the Lancer Sunny Health and Fitness bike features advanced magnetic technology. You can change the resistance intensity conveniently through a lever/shaft which is much easier than knobs/dials.

The resistance adjustment shaft allows you to precisely choose a level of resistance that fits your fitness level. So, you can further challenge your body and get to your fitness goals more quickly.

Pedals and Q-Factor

ASUNA Lancer 7130 Sunny exercise bike features dual-sided pedals. On one side there is the toe cage so, you can do the indoor spinning workout with regular while on the other side there are the SPD cleats for cycling shoes. Therefore, you don’t need to spend another $50 to buy spin bike pedals.

And to avoid foot slippage at increased levels of speed and intensity we recommend the mountain biking/cycling shoes. The ASUNA Lancer cycle exercise bike also has a narrow 184MM Q-Factor that offers superior biomechanics.

When it comes to indoor cycling exercise, the distance between the two pedals/Q-factor is an important feature. And the narrower is always better because it keeps your ankles, and knees aligned with your hips. It also improves comfort and optimal efficiency.

Handlebars and Seat

Another reason that ASUNA Lancer is one of the best spin bikes for home is the seat and handlebar customization. ASUNA exercise bike features ergonomic 4-way adjustable handlebars that allow every member of your family (short, tall and average) to fit the bike properly.

And that eliminates the incorrect spinning position, the muscle strain, and injuries. Therefore, you can enjoy a safe and natural spinning position with ASUNA Lancer indoor cycle. ASUNA 7130 also has a unisex ultra-padded racing saddle which makes the rides more comfortable.

Therefore, you can stay longer on the bike to do a proper weight loss cardio workout. The seat and handlebars posts materials are high-grade aluminum. This means they are lighter compared to steel and easier to adjust. The adjustment is done with a simple twist of a lever rather than a time-consuming knob.

Bike Computer

Unlike ASUNA Sprinting, the 7130 ASUNA bike doesn’t have the computer. Therefore, you can’t see or track your daily spinning workout progress. But you have two options to consider if spin bike computer is an important factor for you.

Adding a basic spin bike computer and a heart rate chest strap to ASUNA Lancer indoor exercise bike costs around $100 plus Asuna Lancer’s price, it becomes $900 in total.

And if you are willing to spend $900, we strongly suggest you the ASUNA SPRINTING. It’s the second top model in ASUNA Series and has better features such as the computer, wireless chest strap and sturdier frame compared to ASUNA Lancer. ASUNA Sprinting has other superior features such as two water bottle holders, a heavier flywheel, and stronger frame with 350-lb weight capacity rather than 285-lb capacity.

But if you are a fan of ASUNA Lancer exercise cycle and looking for a good computer, we recommend the BIO HR wireless spin bike computer. The purchase includes a wireless chest strap, a wireless computer, two wireless sensors, and the console holder. It allows you to track Cadence, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and Heart Rate. You can buy it for $100 directly from


Like other models in ASUNA series of Spin bikes, the Lancer’s remarkable pros are its unique commercial quality, Eddy Current resistance, rear-design flywheel, and affordability. Like the ASUNA Minotaur model, the ASUNA Lancer allows users to adjust the inseam from 29-37. The frame on this model is also attractive with transport wheels and foot levelers.

  • Magnetic resistance system
  • Easy to reach resistance control
  • Lightweight solid Aluminium posts
  • 4-Way adjustable seat and handlebars
  • Dual-sided SPD cleat shoes
  • Low-impact narrow Q-factor
  • Sturdy steel frame
  • Machine balance flywheel
  • Heavy-duty crank arms
  • Quiet and smooth belt-drive mechanism
  • Easy assembly
  • 5-Years frame warranty


The lack of computer/console is our least favorite feature of ASUNA Lancer rear-drive magnetic commercial indoor cycling bike. While the majority of users are happy with this Sunny Fitness bike, there are some who received the bike with some damages.

However, that’s not a huge issue because you can contact Amazon to send you another one or refund you with no extra charge on you. The max user weight of ASUNA Lancer by Sunny health spin bike is another feature that doesn’t impress us. It’s only 285 pounds. Compared to the ASUNA Sprinting which comes with better features, the ASUNA Lancer indoor cycling bike is a bit pricey.

  • Only 180-Day part warranty
  • The weight capacity is 285-lb
  • It doesn’t have the LCD display

ASUNA Lancer Specs

SPD & toe cage
57L x 25W x 53H

Final Verdict

Compared to similar commercial spin bikes from other brands the ASUNA Lancer by Sunny Health & Fitness is unbeatable. It’s a rear-drive magnetic spin bike with 33-lb flywheel, fully adjustable seat and handlebars which make the bike worth every penny you spend.

ASUNA Lancer exercise bike can fit most users due to the micro-adjustability. The ASUNA Lancer 7130 commercial-grade indoor cycling trainer is also one of the best spin bikes for home and apartment use. Due to the belt drive and magnetic system, the operation of this ASUNA spin bike is very quiet and smooth.

However, if you have a tight budget and don’t mind compromising the rear-drive design and aluminum seat posts, you can purchase the Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro exercise bike. Along with Evolution Pro, the ASUNA Lancer Sunny Health and Fitness exercise bike were introduced in 2017 and they are both great buys and worth your money.

Sunny ASUNA Lancer spin bike

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