ASUNA Sprinting 6100 Indoor Cycling Bike Review

Recent and top-notch ASUNA 6100 Sprinting commercial indoor cycling bike by Sunny Health and Fitness offers an incredible cardio workout.

Sprinting 6100 is an excellent alternative to many other spin bikes under $1000. Featuring SPD pedal, comfortable racing style seat, silent magnetic resistance, multi-grip racing handlebars, convenient bottle holder and tablet holders, quiet belt-system, the ASUNA Sprinter cycle exercise bike is a good value bike.

We highly recommend Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA Sprinting cycle exercise bike for households and light commercial use. The ASUNA Sprinting 6100 cycle can easily provide the spinning workout for up to 2 hours a day.

6100 Sprinting exercise bike is the second-best Sunny spin bike after the Minotaur indoor cycle. The Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA 6100 Sprinting spin bike came out in 2017 and has established a good reputation on the market.

ASUNA 6100 Sprinting Overview

Some really special features of Sunny Sprinting 6100 are the Magnetic resistance, belt system, and rear drive mechanism. This bike is the second top Asuna bike and also one step above the ASUNA Lancer featuring a micro-adjustable resistance level.

Therefore, the users of different fitness levels can find the intensity that fits them. The Belt drive mechanism is quiet and requires very little maintenance. Sprinting Sunny cycling bike also features 37-lb flywheel which is heavier compared to most similar spin bikes on the market.

Another good feature of ASUNA Sprinter cycle exercise bike is the monitor. It’s capable of tracking RPM, distance, speed, HR and loads of other important, spinning exercise feedback. To find out more, keep reading this ASUNA Sprinter cycle review.

ASUNA 6100 Frame

ASUNA 6100 Sunny exercise bike has a V-shape commercial-quality frame with the flywheel in the back. The rear-flywheel design helps to keep the drive mechanisms away from the sweat-zone.

Therefore, there is less maintenance and also less cleaning. For safety, there is also a metal guard around the flywheel. So, it’s very unlikely for the kids to get themselves hurt around ASUNA 6100 Sunny Health exercise bike.

ASUNA Sprinting 6100 Sunny indoor bike can hold up to 350-lb user weight. And that proves the quality of parts and frame of this Sunny fitness spin bike.

Drive Mechanism

ASUNA Sprinting Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike features a sturdy and durable drive system. It’s also near to silent due to magnetic resistance and single belt drive design.

Another good feature of 6100 Sprinting sunny health and fitness indoor cycling bike is the durable plastic materials. It completely covers the magnets and the belt.

Sprinting 6100 is fixed-wheel which means the flywheel and the crank arms move and stop together. If you need to stop the spinning exercise, you can push the red knob and that should immediately end the workout.

Pedals and Q-Factor

Sprinting 6100 Sunny Health & Fitness Pro indoor cycling bike features one of the best Q-factors. It’s 176mm Q-factor and biomechanically correct. Q-Factor is the distance between the pedals.

The less gap/distance between the pedals is better for rider’s knee, hip, and foot alignment. The pedals on the ASUNA Sprinting spin bike are dual-sided with SPD cleat. It means you can do your home spinning cardio workout with regular shoes as well as proper indoor cycling shoes.

Handlebars and Seat

ASUNA Sprinting 6100 indoor cycle feature top of the line handlebars and seat. You can’t find a better seat and handlebars in other spin bikes unless you spend $2000 plus. Sprinting 6100 Sunny Health & Fitness indoor cycle has the high-grade aluminum seat and handle posts.

Compared to steel posts these aluminum posts are stronger and lighter. So, it’s easier for you to adjust the seat and handlebar. With Sunny Health and Fitness ASUNA 6100 spin bike, you can move the seat and handlebars up, down, fore and aft.

Therefore, short, tall and average members of your family can exercise in a natural and comfortable cycling position. Here is the best part: Sprinting 6100 Sunny stationary bike handlebars comes with a dropped handle. This feature allows you to exercise in the racing Back horizontal position. Many find this spinning position more comfortable.

ASUNA Sprinter Computer

Unlike the rest of the Sunny spin bikes, the ASUNA Sprinting 6100 Sunny indoor cycling bike features a monitor. While it’s not back-lit, the monitor on this ASUNA spin bike allows you to track time, speed, distance, calories burned, RMP/Cadence, pulse, and scan. The computer on 6100 ASUNA indoor bike is also capable of connecting to wireless chest strap (included).


As we talked above, the rear-drive magnetic design really distinguishes the Sunny ASUNA 6100 as an awesome alternative to expensive sping bikes. In addition to that the ASUNA 6100 sprinting offers a wide range of resistance intensity to allow a wide variety of users do spinning workout.

It also offers good spin bike computer to keep you motivated and on track. Sunny ASUNA 6100 is the only Sunny indoor cycle that can wirelessly measure your heart rate with a chest strap. Below is the list of some of our favorite points about the Sunny ASUNA 6100.

  •  Wireless Heart chest strap.
  •  2-AAA batteries for the monitor.
  •  Warranty: 5-Year on Frame and 180-Day on parts.
  •  Built-in transportation wheel.
  •  Convenient dual water bottle holder.
  •  Tablet holder to watch spinning exercise workout videos.
  •  Assembly tools are provided.


While ASUNA 6100 Sprinter is one of the best spin bikes on the market, it lacks in few bells and whistles. With this being said, none of the following features missing on Sunny 6100 Sprinting is available on other indoor cycles in this price range. In other words, these features are not drawbacks unless they are really important factors for you.

  •  Sunny ASUNA 6100 doesn’t provide WATT feedback on the monitor.
  • ➧ There is only 180-day warranty on parts.
  • ➧ It’s not ANT/+ and Bluetooth enabled.

ASUNA 6100 Specs:

43L x 22W x 52H

Our Final Verdict

The Sunny ASUNA 6100 is from one of the best ASUNA series cardio fitness cycles. 6100 commercial spin bike Stands out from other types of cardio exercise bikes because of its low-cost price and high-end features. ASUNA 6100 Sprinter is one of the best spin bikes for home gyms and clubs. This exercise bike can offer a low impact weight loss workouts for multiple users daily. And in terms of sturdiness, it’s similar to Sunny Evolution Pro.

Sprinting 6100 stands out from other Sunny spin bikes because of racing handlebars, wireless heart rate monitoring, LCD display, tablet holder, and other upgrades.  After reading this ASUNA spin bike review, if you still can’t decide whether or not the Sunny sprinter 6100 is for you, get in touch with us. We are always there for you!

Sunny ASUNA 6100 Sprinting Review
ASUNA 6100 Sprinting Indoor Cycle

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