Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Bikes, Ellipticals, and Rowers

Sunny Health and Fitness started out as one of the major indoor fitness equipment companies. Sunny is a premier distributor and importer of high-quality health and fitness products. They have been in business for almost two decades distributing top indoor exercise equipment. While they offer different types of indoor workout machines, the company is well known for their top-of-the-line Sunny indoor cycles/spin bikes.

With headquartered in Los Angeles, and California, Sunny Health & Fitness import the top-notch exercise and health equipment from top manufacturers in Taiwan and China. Not only in quality but also in price, the Sunny Health, and Fitness in unbeatable. It’s because Sunny Health sources their indoor cycles and other exercise equipment directly through their wide network of manufacturers. And that makes Sunny Health & Fitness pricing more competitive than the average distributor in the Fitness industry.

Sunny Health & Fitness stand behind the quality of their spin bikes as well as other Sunny fitness products. They offer good customer service which is one of the reasons they are one of the fastest growing companies in the health and fitness equipment industry.

The Sunny Health and Fitness started with basic exercise machines and moved into a complete inventory of fitness exercise products. You can find some of the best spin bikes imported by Sunny. While a number of different types of Sunny Health and Fitness spin bikes are available for purchase, the company is also known for other budgets high-quality fitness equipment.

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Sunny Health And Fitness Equipment Comparisons

Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machines:

There are currently 17 Sunny Health and Fitness Rowing machines on the market. Some of these rowing machines are from the basic Sunny line. However, some new arrivals Sunny rowing machines are from ASUNA line of production. To find out more about Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machines check out our in-depth Sunny rowing machine reviews.

Sunny Health and Fitness Treadmills:

Currently, there are 19 mid-range and budget Sunny Health and Fitness treadmills on the market. Some of them really stand out for their quality, good features, and affordable prices. Don’t forget to check out our detailed and in-depth Sunny Health and Fitness treadmill reviews and see for yourself which Sunny treadmill is the best for you.

Sunny Health and Fitness Ellipticals:

With 16 elliptical trainers on the market, Sunny offers the best budget ellipticals under $500. While they are low-cost ellipticals, they are compact and offer a good cardio workout. So, if you are not an elite elliptical user and have a tight budget, the Sunny Health and Fitness ellipticals are for you. To find out which of these Sunny ellipticals is the best value for the money, check out our detailed Sunny Health and Fitness elliptical reviews.

Sunny Health and Fitness Steppers:

For 2018 Sunny offers 10 mini stepper machine. Some of these Sunny steppers are top-rated by consumers due to their durability and sturdiness. Therefore, if you are looking to do some cardio and HIIT training, we highly recommend these Sunny Health and Fitness mini-steppers. They are compact, light, and feature good resistance. Some of these Sunny steppers also have high-quality resistance bands to allow you to do upper and lower body workout together. To find out more and see which one is the best we recommend you to check out our detailed and through Sunny stepper reviews.

Sunny Health and Fitness Spin Bikes:

You have probably heard of Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bike/spin bikes. There are 22 Sunny Spin bikes on the market in 2020. Some of the Sunny indoor cycles have unique features in their price range and almost impossible to beat for competitors.

So, if you are considering spinning at home, there are few Sunny Health and Fitness indoor bikes that we highly recommend. To find out which one of these Sunny Health and Fitness indoor exercise bikes are the best value for the money, read this Sunny Health and Fitness spin bike review.

Note: While many people have heard of Sunny health and Fitness spin bike, there are some who haven’t heard of other Sunny indoor stationary exercise bikes. There are 6 different line of Sunny indoor bikes. These Sunny Health and Fitness indoor bikes include 7 Folding Bikes, 4 Air Fan bikes, 2 Upright Bikes, 3 Mini desk exercise bikes, and 7 Sunny recumbent exercise bike.

The Sunny Health and Fitness spin bike line include quite a few indoor cycles that are appropriate for home gym use and also indoor cycling studio classes. When you’re looking for the best indoor cycling bikes, here is a list of few from the Sunny Health and Fitness bikes that worth every penny.

Sunny ASUNA Minotaur

The latest models of spin bike that come out of the Sunny spin bike line is the ASUNA Minotaur. This Sunny indoor exercise bike has been recommended by a majority of consumers.

ASUNA Minotaur is a commercial grade spin bike with adjustable magnetic resistance for different levels of intensity. Other features include heavy-flywheel and blet drive system. Read more about the best Sunny Health And Fitness Spin bike in our in-depth ASUNA Minotaur review.

Sunny ASUNA Sprinting

The second the best Sunny Health and Fitness bike is the ASUNA 6100 Sprinting. This is another commercial indoor cycling bike by Sunny that boost many good consumer reviews on the web. ASUNA Sprinting is rear-drive which offers a safer exercise as well as less maintenance on the bike.

Due to the fully adjustable seat and handlebars and long range of adjustment, we accommodate the Sunny ASUNA Sprinting 6100 for users who are tall, short and average. Find out more about Sunny ASUNA 6100 Sprinting spin bike in our in-depth Sprinting 6100 review.

Sunny ASUNA Lancer

The third model in ASUNA Series is the Lancer Rear Drive Magnetic Commercial Indoor Cycling Bike. With relatively better warranty compared to other Sunny Health and Fitness bikes, the ASUNA Lancer Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike 7130 features a commercial grade frame and parts.

This top of the line Sunny Health Fitness bike is similar to Keiser spin bikes. However, it’s remarkably cheaper. To find out more about the ASUNA 7130 Lancer read our in-depth ASUNA Lancer Spin Bike Review.

Sunny Evolution Pro

The Sunny Health & Fitness Evolution Pro Indoor Cycling Bike is the top unite among Sunny Series bikes (not ASUNA Series). This exercise bike has a solid construction with a heavy-duty steel frame and 44-lb chromed flywheel that offers a consistent momentum and a smooth workout for users up to 330 pounds weight.

The heavy flywheel on this Sunny spin bike is combined with silent magnetic resistance and belt-drive system. And the combination of these two features provides a super smooth and quiet operation. It’s also one of our favorite exercise bikes under $700. To find out more about this Sunny Health and Fitness Bike read our in-depth Evolution Pro Magnetic Belt Drive Review.

Sunny Health and Fitness Advantages:

Affordability. Sunny indoor cycling bikes are decently priced compared to the features you get. Majority of Sunny Health and Fitness Spin bikes and other equipment are impossible to beat. Sunny has brought the price standard down in the market for magnetic, belt drive spin bikes as well as other exercise machines.

Sturdiness. Commercial and home use Sunny Health and Fitness indoor cycling bikes are heavy-duty. They can provide years of the cardio workout at home and gym.

Quality. While Sunny Health and Fitness equipment are inexpensive, they feature high-quality components and frame. The quality and affordability are definitely one of the main factors of Sunny’s reputation

Adjustment. Sunny indoor cycling bikes offer a long range of adjustment. Therefore, all family members can exercise on the Sunny bike and reach their own personal fitness goals.

Parts. You can always find Sunny Health and Fitness exercise equipment parts if they break. Unlike most cheap spin bikes brands that come into the market for a while and disappear off the map, Sunny Health and Fitness has been providing parts and customer services for years. Therefore, it’s not difficult to find and purchase spare parts for your Sunny equipment.

Sunny Health and Fitness Disadvantages

Warranty. Sunny Health and Fitness have short warranty terms. They are not impressive at all, especially considering some of their expensive products that cost more than $1000.

Spin bike computers. Majority of Sunny Health and Fitness bikes don’t have the computer or if they do, they are very basic. Especially Sunny spin bike category.

Bottom Line

Sunny Health and Fitness is a highly reputable bike brand. From the basic home use to club quality spin bike, elliptical machines, and rowing machines, Sunny produces low-impact, safe, low-impact equipment.

Many Sunny Health bikes have adjustable features including water bottle holder, transport wheels, media rack, and heavy flywheels. When you decide to purchase an affordable yet effective cardio machine that is durable enough to withstand the test of time, look no further than Sunny Health and Fitness.

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