Best Peloton Alternative Spin Bikes Under $1000

Forget about expensive cycling studios and Peloton bikes because we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve handpicked and reviewed not one, not five, but a whole ten incredible Peloton alternative spin bikes under $1000 that will give you an amazing indoor cycling experience without breaking the bank.

Now, you might be wondering why you should consider these Peloton alternatives under $1000 instead of splurging on the actual Peloton bike or the Peloton Bike+. Let me give you some compelling reasons.

First, these budget-friendly spin bikes offer incredible value for your money. The Peloton Bike Original starts at $1499 and the Peloton Bike+ at $2499, whereas our curated selection of spin bikes under $1000 delivers outstanding performance at a fraction of the price.

But it doesn’t stop there! Some of these Peloton alternative exercise bikes under $1000 even boast automatic resistance, taking your workouts to the next level. With automatic resistance, you can seamlessly adjust the intensity of your ride without manually fiddling with knobs or dials.

Moreover, these spin bikes under $1000 are compatible with various applications like Zwift, Peloton, Echelon, and Kinomap. Unlike the Peloton Bike Original and Bike+, which are exclusively compatible with the Peloton application, our alternatives offer you the flexibility to explore different virtual cycling platforms and maximize your options.

So, why spend a fortune on the Peloton bikes when you can have comparable features, compatibility with multiple applications, and automatic resistance at a much more affordable price? It’s time to make a smart investment in your fitness journey without compromising on quality. Let’s dive in and discover the top ten Peloton alternative spin bikes under $1000 that will elevate your indoor cycling game.

Best Overall Peloton Alternatives Under $1000

As an indoor cycling expert, I’m here to recommend the best overall Peloton alternatives under $1000 for certain purposes and based on your specific preferences. The Schwinn IC4 and the Echelon EX3. Both the Schwinn IC4 and Echelon EX-3 offer exceptional features and performance as Peloton alternatives under $1000. Choose the Schwinn IC4 for a built-in console and compatibility with various cycling applications, or opt for the Echelon EX-3 for its automatic-resistance capabilities and various cycling applications. Whether you prefer a built-in console for your indoor cycling workouts or the convenience of automatic resistance, these Peloton alternative indoor bikes under $1000 have you covered.

Bottom Line
Best for built-in console
Schwinn IC4 review
Schwinn IC4
Peloton Alternative Under $1000 with Manual Magnetic Resistance
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Bottom Line
For those who prioritize a built-in console and compatibility with multiple cycling applications, the Schwinn IC4 is our top pick. This magnetic resistance indoor cycling bike offers exceptional value and a host of features. With its 40-pound flywheel, fully customizable seat and handlebars, dual-sided SPD pedals, and a 3×4″ backlit monitor, the Schwinn IC4 delivers a smooth and personalized workout experience. What sets it apart is its connectivity options, including Bluetooth compatibility with popular apps like Zwift, Peloton, Strava, and wireless heart rate reader integration. With the Schwinn IC4, you can enjoy the benefits of a built-in console with backlit and connect to a variety of cycling applications using its FTMS Bluetooth, making it a great Peloton alternative under $1000. It also has forward and backward handlebars adjustment that Peloton bikes don’t have. So, you can achieve a better fit on this spin bike under $1000 than on a Peloton bike that costs $1499.
Built-in console. Handlebar horizontal adjustments. Bluetooth FTMS. Tablet holder. Included dumbbells and dumbbell holder. 40-pound flywheel. USB charging ports. Compatibility with Zwift, Peloton, Echelon, Kinomap, QZ, and Strava.
Hard saddle. No automatic resistance. Tablet angle not adjustable.
User height; From 5.2 to 6.4 feet.
User weight; 330 lbs.
Bike weight; 106 lbs.
Bike dimensions; 21″W x 50″L.
Flywheel weight; 40 lbs.
Pedals; SPD and Cage.
Q-Factor; 190mm.
Resistance; Manual magnetic.
Auto-resistance; No.
Stats; RPM, speed, resistance level, distance, and heart rate with a HRM.
best for automatic resistance
Echelon EX3
Peloton Alternative Under $1000 with Automatic Magnetic Resistance
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Bottom Line
On the other hand, if you prioritize automatic-resistance and don’t mind the lack of a built-in console, the Echelon EX-3 is the ideal Peloton bike Alternative Under $1000. This spin bike offers electronic magnetic resistance, automatically adjusting the intensity during your rides on Zwift, Kinomap, and Peloton Power Zone. It also has a USB charging port that you can conveniently keep your tablet and phone charged during your workout sessions. The Echelon EX-3 can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 lbs, making it a versatile option for various users. Its rear flywheel design ensures stability, and the partially covered flywheel adds an extra layer of safety, especially if you have kids at home. Additionally, the Echelon EX-3 boasts compatibility with a range of popular cycling apps, including Zwift, Peloton, Strava, Kinomap, and the Echelon app via QZ integration. The SPD dual-sided pedals with cage and clip-in elements provide flexibility for different cycling preferences.
Automatic magnetic resistance. Tablet holder. Comfortable saddle. Bluetooth FTMS. USB charging ports. Compatibility with Zwift, Peloton, Echelon, Kinomap, QZ, and Strava. Rear drive stable frame.
Handlebars not horizontally adjustable. No built-in console.
User height; From 5 to 6.4 feet.
User weight; 300 lbs.
Bike weight; 105 lbs.
Bike dimensions; 20″W x 51″L.
Flywheel weight; 28 lbs.
Pedals; SPD and Cage.
Q-Factor; 202mm.
Resistance; Electronic magnetic.
Auto-resistance: Yes
Stats; Watt, RPM, speed, resistance level, distance, and heart rate with a HRM.

Considerations When Looking for Spin Bikes Under $1000

Long-lasting and durable

Most Peloton alternative spin bikes under $1000 such as Sole SB900 are designed to last for many years due to their heavy-duty all-steel construction. They feature long wear and highly durable powder-coated finishes that not only look good but will last for years. Spinning bikes such as Keiser M3i that are entirely made in the USA are incredibly high quality and built to last forever.

Sturdy enough to handle the weight

One of the factors to consider when buying a spin bike is the sturdiness which is usually backed by the brand’s warranty. Without a stable platform to support all excess weight, the chances of it tipping over increase exponentially. A perfect Spin Bike is one that the rider should ride just like a traditional outdoor bicycle without worrying about it tipping over.


Finding the best Peloton alternative indoor cycle for a home gym under $1000 almost certainly should be one that is highly adjustable. For the most part, this is referring to the seat position, the handlebar position. Riding your bike shouldn’t be a painful experience. It should be fun, and you should be able to sit on the bike for hours.

Workout computers and LCD Displays

A Spin Bike with a monitor is designed to make the bike much more efficient for the rider. It can track all metrics like cadence (very important for spinning routines), watt, distance, speed, and heart rate. Some models offer LCD touch screens that can work in conjunction with specific software or online fitness services, such as iFit and Peloton.

Pedal-foot restraint systems

If you are an avid cyclist and happen to be looking for a Peloton alternative indoor cycling bike under $1000, chances are you have already developed a preference for pedals. Most Spin Bikes use two different types of toe restraint on the pedals to help your feet stay on the pedals. This is especially important during high-intensity workouts when you don’t want your feet to slip off the pedals. Today’s top indoor cycling bike under $1000 usually will come standard with either a toe clip mechanism (connects directly to the bottom of cycling shoes), a toe cage system, or a combination of both, aka dual-sided spin bike pedals.

Top Peloton Alternative Magnetic Spin Bikes Under $1000

Number 1: Schwinn Fitness IC4 Indoor Cycling Bike

 in stock

My number 1 choice for the best Peloton alternative spin bikes under $1000 is this Schwinn IC4. This brand has been around indoor cycling for many years and even makes lots of other quality fitness equipment. The indoor bikes that they procedure are some of the most famous indoor bikes that you see in spinning studios. They are designed for a lot of use and have an incredible warranty of 10 years on the frame, three years on parts, and one year on labor.

Sporting a very impressive 40lbs flywheel combined with a Schwinn IC4 bike belt drive system which is probably one of the top-rated on the market, you know this bike is going to pedal silky smooth, and by all means, it does. This spin bike has 100 levels of adjustable magnetic resistance, which shows on the screen so you can constantly challenge yourself and physically see the improvements.

Dual water bottle holders, Dumbbell holders, and SPD clips are going to help you love this bike. This isn’t even the best bit. You have Bluetooth technology in this bike to connect to applications like Peloton and Zwift.

This bike is a fantastic bit of kit, and we think it has to be on the podium when it comes to our list. The warranty is good, it has Bluetooth, and it’s a big-name brand. It sits very highly on this list because it is good at everything, and it is excellent value for money. It may not have a flywheel like the Sole or the rear-facing flywheel like the Asuna, but as it stands, nothing can hold this bike back as far as being an excellent spinning bike.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 106lbs
Max User Weight 330lbs
Size 48” L x 21” W x 50” H
Warranty 3 Years


  • The all-steel frame and tubular steel supports help to keep it stable
  • The backlit easy to read display puts all of the necessary data right in front of you
  • There are two water bottle holders just underneath the tablet holder
  • Tracks the RPM, speed, time, distance, and more importantly, the current resistance level
  • Dumbbell holders for upper body workout on the spin bike
  • Dual-sided SPD spin bike Pedals and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 40 Pounds heavy flywheel and fully customizable seat and handlebars


  • It’s not a self-charging bike and requires a power outlet. So, you need to plug or probably run an ugly cable through your home.

Number 2: SOLE Fitness SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike

 in stock
2 new from $479.99

The SB900 Indoor Cycle Bike from Sole is coming in second on the list we have this beautiful bike. Very different from many on the list in looks, but it does a fantastic job. The quality is high. The warranty is extended. There’s very little not to like.

Sole Fitness here has done something exciting, and we love it. They have taken a spin bike into a very cool place. Using the tubular steel tubing, Sole is very well known for having made a very compact flat style bike that offers a high amount of support for the rider and a lot of adjustabilities.

It has an incredible 47lbs flywheel. Although looking tiny, it’s big and heavy. We find the more significant the flywheel, the smoother the ride, so this will make your pedaling feel amazing. Combined with that, a frictionless magnetic resistance system will make it softer and quieter and keep the maintenance low. Nothing to hate on with this setup.

The handlebars have a mount for your phone or tablet, which is a nice touch, and alongside that, you have a data screen that comes with the bike offers, time, RPM, Speed, Calories, Distance traveled, and heart rate. I like the fact the seat and the bars adjust vertically and horizontally. Also, it comes with SPD Clip in availability.

Compared to other bikes, it does have a much better warranty, lifetime on the frame, three years on parts and electronics. It also has the heaviest flywheel at 47lbs, which is impressive. Where it’s let down is the user capacity of 300lbs. If it was 350lbs, this bike would probably have the number one spot.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 133lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 42” L x 21” W x 40” H
Warranty 12 Months


  • The backlit spinning computer reads the RPM, and it is easy to see stats
  • Seat and handlebar posts are highly adjustable
  • The saddle is highly padded and very comfortable
  • Pedals are SPD compatible, and the crankset is durable
  • The flywheel is super heavy and smooth
  • Magnetic resistance combined with a belt-drive system
  • Reliable brand, excellent warranty, and US-based support


  • It is a heavy bike and not easy to move after each use.
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity to sync online

Number 3: Asuna Sprinter 6100 Cycle Exercise Bike

 in stock

The 6100 Asuna Sprinter Sunny Spin Bike is impressive. Let’s start by talking about the foundations of this bike. It’s build quality is excellent and made of really high-end materials. The rear-facing flywheel not only looks great but also has the purpose of keeping that sweat off of moving parts. A lot of time and thought has gone into this bike, and it can only be at the top of the list for us.

Let’s start with the frame, it’s very minimalist and does have a compact look to it which we love here. The tubing, unlike many bikes, is not round, but it’s made in an oval shape for strength and support. It has a vast user capacity of up to 350lbs and can cater to so many users.

The 6100 Asuna Sprinter Exercise Bike has a 37lbs flywheel, a decent weight, and a frictionless magnetic resistance system. Not only that, but it’s a belt drive too. If you’re looking for a bike that will be super quiet and low maintenance, you have just found it.

Not only has this bike ticked all the boxes for us already, but there’s also more. It comes with a chest-mounted heart rate monitor. Very few companies offer this, and it means you will be able to read your heart rate on the screen while you ride. Being a chest strap, it’s much more accurate than the metal pads these bikes typically use. The display it provides will you the distance traveled, heart rate, speed, calories, time, and RPM. It also sports a Tablet holder and space for two water bottles.

This bike is excellent, and we rate it so high here because it’s just such good value for money. The only place it does fall behind compared to some of the other bikes on this list is the warranty. Although it offers five years on the frame, it’s only 180 days on parts. Most companies such as Schwinn would offer a year on both or upwards.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 127lbs
Max User Weight 350lbs
Size 58.5” L x 22” W x 53.5” H
Warranty 12 Months


  • It includes a chest strap with a pulse monitor
  • Resistance is adjustable in micro increments using the multi-position knob
  • Multi-position handlebars are also height adjustable
  • Rear-mounted, 37-pound flywheel provides a smooth ride
  • Dual-sided SPD compatible pedals to accommodate regular and spinning shoes
  • Lightweight aluminum seat and handlebars posts


  • The monitor display is not backlit, so it is a bit hard to read, especially in low-light condition
  • Asuna warranty is not really bad, especially considering this price tag

Number 4: Echelon EX3 Electronic Magnetic Indoor Bike

 in stock

The Echelon EX3 exercise bike is one of my personal favorites on the list, and it probably would be the first bike I’d go for if it fell into my budget. Not only does it look great, but it also has some outstanding features and is a fantastic all-rounder when it comes to specification.

It’s a stable indoor bike that plants itself in place when it’s getting used. Massive oversized tubing makes it stand out and offer support for heavier riders. The front-facing flywheel gives it a spin bike studio look, and it has a stealthy matt look that would suit many home gyms.

It has a 27lb oversized flywheel, which links to a low-maintenance belt drive transmission system. The resistance is magnetic, and it can smoothly change through the gears seamlessly.

The handlebars only horizontally but the saddle can move horizontally and vertically. This makes it possible to find that perfectly comfortable position for those longer rides. The selling point for me is its Bluetooth technology and electronic resistance system. I love it when you get spin bikes that can automatically change resistance on Zwift uphills and downhills or Peloton Power Zone classes.

When you connect this bike to the popular Qdomyos Zwift application, it becomes fully compatible with most indoor cycling apps on the market so you can do online spinning workouts. It doesn’t have built-in screen/monitor so you would need to use your phone, tablet, TV, or computer to connect to the bike via Bluetooth to see your progress. Its wireless sensors track and transmit your rpm, watt, resistance level, time, distance, calories, and speed.

This bike is excellent because it not only follows the rules of a good spinning bike, it has a good tablet holder on the handlebars like the Asuna Sprinter. The weight capacity is up at 330lbs like the Schwinn IC4, and it has a flywheel like Keiser M3i. It’s got the best of so many magnetic indoor bikes, and we rate it so highly.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 110lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
User height: 4’12” to 6’4″
Size 54” L x 19” W x 54” H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Electronic magnetic resistance automatically changes intensity on Zwift and Peloton
  • USB charging port to keep your tablet and phone charged during the ride
  • The maximum weight limit of 300 lb makes it a very versatile Spin Bike
  • Zwift, Peloton, Strava, Kinomap and Echelon compatiblity


  • No monitor is included on the bike
  • Handlebars don’t adjust horizontally

Number 5: Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1709 Indoor Bike

 in stock
3 new from $328.95
1 used from $339.76
Free shipping

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1709, this bike isn’t like any other bike here but deserves mention on this list. You have to throw the rulebook out here to understand the bike.

The bike, firstly, is of really high quality. Sunny health and fitness have been in the indoor cycling game a long time, and they know what they are doing. It has a rear-facing flywheel to keep the sweat out of the internals. The oval tubing creates a strong base for you to cycle at high speed, and with power, it’s a sturdy setup.

Sunny Health & Fitness uses a 7lbs flywheel here, which is tiny compared to some of the other bikes on this list. It uses a belt drive system, and the resistance is changed using a magnetic system. It offers 13 levels of resistance and is super quiet compared to bikes that use smaller flywheels like this.

The bike accessories talk for themselves. Firstly SPD Pedals are nice to have, so you can clip in without investing in better pedals. The handlebars have a drop to them like a road bike. This isn’t something I see very often, but when I do as a cyclist on the road myself, I find it inventive and appealing. Lovely cushioned saddle so new users can transition into spinning pretty quickly. The handlebars and saddle can be moved vertically and horizontally, which is an excellent feature to help you get comfortable. This bike will track RPM, speed, distance, time, calories, and Heart rate on a nice little display.

This bike isn’t as good as the Schwinn, Sole, or the Asuna, but it has entered this list because of the price. You can find these at less than $700 on the market. If you’re thinking of getting one at $1000, there’s better available, but if you find one at $700, snap it up because it’s worth every penny.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 90lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 54” L x 24” W x 54” H
Warranty 3 Months


  • Magnetic resistance system for a smooth and low-maintenance spin exercise
  • Clipless cycling shoes compatible pedals
  • The saddle is highly padded and features 4-way adjustability
  • It comes with a water bottle holder mounted on the frame
  • The monitor has RPM reading capability.


  • Its flywheel is lightweight
  • Bad warranty like to all Sunny Health bikes
  • No wireless connectivity
  • Screen is not backlit and difficult to see stats in the dark

Number 6: Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1714 Bike

 in stock
3 new from $499.98
Free shipping

The Evolution Pro SF-B1714 indoor cycling bike, like the other Sunny on this list, has to be looked at a little bit different to see why we rate it. First, this is more of a grassroots spinning bike. It’s the kind of bike that you can expect to see in a spinning studio. This is precisely why it sits on this list, as it is more of a dedicated studio bike than the other bikes that are more indoor cycling style bikes.

The bike is incredibly well made. This is the best-looking bike on the list. Let’s be honest. It looks like space age. Unlike the other Sunny, we have a front-facing flywheel, and the bike isn’t square. It has these gorgeous flowing panels to it. It has a sturdy and robust base to it and feels incredibly structured when ridden.

The internals is Sunny quality. We have here a 44lbs flywheel that is belt-driven. The transmission system is magnetic, and it will be maintenance-free. The bike is smooth and silent. It has an effortless feel to the way it works, and it doesn’t feel cheap.

Like most others, the handlebars and saddle on this bike can be moved horizontally and vertically. This bike doesn’t have a monitor, but I appreciate why. It’s made to be like a studio spinning bike, and they don’t use monitors for classes. It feels simple, and that’s not a bad thing at all.

This bike comes in just above the $500 mark. It doesn’t have a fancy monitor like the Schwinn or a tablet holder like the Maxkare, but that’s not what this bike is about. It’s about simplicity, and we love it! It’s cheap and effective, and for the people that aren’t fussed about monitors, this is perfect.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 135lbs
Max User Weight 330lbs
Size 48.5” L x 20” W x 46.5” H
Warranty 3 Months


  • It is perfect for any home gym given that it can handle up to a 330 lb rider
  • The extra heavy, all-steel flywheel produces an exceptionally smooth ride
  • The extra padded seat makes it much more comfortable
  • Magnetic resistance system and belt drive transmission


  • It is much heavier than most of the other indoor cycling bikes.
  • There is no monitor with this indoor cycling bike
  • No SPD pedals to clip on your cycling shoes

Number 7: Women’s Health Men’s Health Indoor Bike

 in stock

Women’s and Men’s Health is quite a new name to the fitness industry, and it’s not going away anytime soon. They are making a lot of home equipment, and it’s getting fantastic reviews. As far as cardiovascular, not only are they in the bike market, but they have a rower too. They will be a big name soon, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.

It’s a basic-looking frame with square steel support beams. The Women’s Health Men’s Health indoor bike nothing to be amazed by but does have a nice simple feel to how it rides.

It comes with a 30lbs flywheel which works well. The transmission is a belt drive system, and it works as the other by a magnetic resistance system. It has 14 different levels of resistance, and transferring between them is smooth.

This bike works differently from the other bikes and far as data goes. Firstly you will find that it doesn’t have a monitor but is Bluetooth. With your tablet, what they offer is a connection to an Application called MyfitnessCloud, it’s about $20 a month and gives you access to all your data like RPM, Speed, Time, Distance, Calories, and even gives you a power estimate. It lets you save the workout later and review your progress. It comes with a 30-day free trial, and I rate the application well and motivating.

It’s an enjoyable bike and currently the only subscription-based bike on this list. The quality is there, and we rate it. It’s not like the Sunny bikes or the Asuna, it’s made for a different purpose. It’s more like a budget Peloton. The stats of the bike are ok. It won’t win awards like the Schwinn, but it does the job.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 89.5lbs
Max User Weight 330lbs
Size 42” L x 22” W x 43” H
Warranty 3 Years


  • The all-steel frame and tubular steel supports help to keep it stable
  • There is a tablet holder
  • Tracks the watt, RPM, speed, time, distance, and more importantly, the current resistance level
  • 30 Pounds heavy flywheel and fully customizable seat and handlebars


  • There is no monitor on the bike, so you have to use your device
  • App subscription is required if you want to watch spinning classes
  • Pedals are not SPD

Number 8: Dmasun Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike

 out of stock

The Dmasun Indoor Cycling Bike is the cheapest to buy on this list, yet a better spin bike compared to Kouz and Goplus, and it deserves a place as far as value for money goes. Dmasun makes a few bikes, and this online is probably the most popular, and we can see why it’s excellent for only a few hundred dollars.

The frame is beautiful to look at and honestly looks better than some big brands on the market. The swooping guard across the front and oversized tubing are fantastic. I also hold a good quality structure and feel planted to the floor to ride.

I wouldn’t expect a 40-lbs flywheel at this price, but it has one, and I think they have gone out their way to make it like the more expensive bikes on the market. The bike is belt-driven and, like the others, boasts a magnetic resistance system that is frictionless.

It even has a monitor too. It will track time, distance, speed, calories and even has a built-in heart rate monitor embedded into the handlebars. The saddle padded and feels comfortable, plus it move vertically and horizontally, which is also something that many other bikes cannot do.

Compared to the other spin bikes under 1000 US Dollars on this list, it may be much cheaper than the Women’s and Men’s Health bike and the Schwinn, but it performs, and as far as the best bang for your buck, it’s here. Out of the list, this has the most limited user hight capacity of 5′ to 6’3″, which you might need to check before purchase.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 90lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 43” L x 20” W x 42.5” H
Warranty 12 Months


  • The drop handlebars and include places to put your tablet or smartphone
  • The 40 lb flywheel, magnetic resistance, and belt drive virtually eliminates the sound while riding it
  • Its resistance adjuster knob also doubles as an emergency stop button
  • Affordable price compared to all the competitors.


  • The display panel only displays a single line digit to represent the information
  • No RPM reading on the monitor
  • Pedals don’t have the SPD elements for specific spinning shoes.

Number 9: Joroto X4s Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

 in stock

If you have been looking online at bikes in the sub $1000 range, you have probably come across the Joroto X4s at some point. It’s an excellent quality bike and one to speak about on this list!

It’s an all-steel frame, and the time has been put into making this a thing of quality. The oval tubing looks excellent, and I love how sturdy it looks and feels when being ridden. Although it may seem like a simple thing to add, the sweat protection from the flywheel is something you don’t see on many bikes, and I love the fact they have put this on as it increases the durability of this bike.

The 40-lb flywheel is not to be grumbled at and works efficiently. It’s belt-driven like the other bikes on this list and has a frictionless magnetic resistance system. Not only fun to ride, but it’s smooth and feels like it can take some real power being mashed into the pedals.

The LCD monitor will give you the essential data that you need, time, calories, heart rate, RPM, distance, and speed. It has Bluetooth transmission and connects to major indoor cycling apps including Zwift and Kinompa. You just need to use your tablet to install your desired indoor cycling exercise application and connect it to the bike via Bluetooth.

You do require a heart rate monitor if you want to get an accurate heart rate inforamtion which you can pair with your cycling app directly or to the bike’s monitor. The saddle is of good quality and, like any bike, might take a few rides to get used to. The handlebars and saddle can move horizontally and vertically and are easy to change the position you require.

This bike is perfect, it will probably come cheaper than most of the other models on this list, and we can highly recommend it. It’s not got a few things like the SPD clip in which the Sunny, Sole, and Schwinn have, but apart from that, it ticks all the boxes that we look for when it comes to an excellent Peloton alternative magnetic indoor bike under $1000.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 330lbs
Max User Weight 330lbs
User height: 28″ to 37.4″ (inseam length)
Size 56” L x 22” W x 52” H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Affordable price and good warranty
  • Dual bottle holders on the handlebars
  • Magnetic resistance and heavy flywheel


  • There are no spd clips on the pedals
  • Magnetic resistance is not automatically adjustable

Number 10: Goplus Magnetic Cycling Exercise Bike

 in stock

The Goplus is a nice-looking bike. It isn’t too expensive either. The quality is high, and they have been selling these on the market for a while now. Before we got the chance to get to one, a few of my friends had told me they were impressed, and after finding out a bit more, I can see why.

The bike is nice to look at, it’s got that spin studio style, and the bars sit nice and flat, giving it a quick look. The oversized tubing and simple yellow graphics make it look amazing. They also have a purpose though they will show that bike a lot of structure and strength.

The flywheel is 30lbs, and that’s a good weight for a bike of this range. It’s belt-driven like the other bikes on this list and has an excellent magnetic transmission system which I rate. It’s frictionless and is very quiet.

The saddle and handlebars are of good quality, nothing unique about them, but they function to move vertically and horizontally. It has an LCD that will give you some data such as time, distance, speed, and calories.

As far as this bike goes, it’s good, but it’s not great. You can get better bikes for the money. When I say better bikes, I’m talking about the Kouz Live and the Maxkare Black. If they were both out of stock, though, this would be a good alternative.

Additional Information
Bike Weight 85lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 49.5” L x 21.5” W x 48.5” H


  • It is relatively compact and maneuverable with the built-in wheels
  • The multi-position handlebars can easily simulate several different modes
  • The water bottle holder is mounted on the frame.


  • The display on the tracker does not have backlighting
  • No RPM reading on the bike monitor
  • No SPD elements on the pedals

Best Peloton Alternative Indoor Cycling Bikes Under $1000

Best Spin Bikes Under $1000 Comparison
8Schwinn IC4 Indoor Cycling BikeIC4 indoor bike is my pick for under $1000 because it has a good warranty, smooth ride, spd, weight holders, and more importantly it syncs via Bluetooth to most cycling applicationsLED, Bluetooth, RPM, Distance, Speed, Resistance, Time, Calories, Resistance and HR330 PoundsToe-Cage & SPD
40 Lbs100-Level Eddy Current Magnetic
8SOLE Fitness SB900 Indoor Cycle BikeYou can't go wrong with this spin bike under $1000 because it comes with an impressive warranty, easy assembly, spd, rpm, and the most durable structure on this roundupBacklit, RPM, Distance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate300 PoundsToe-Cage & SPD
48 LbsEddy Current Magnetic
7Asuna Sprinter 6100 Cycle Exercise BikeThis one has a great tablet holder and durable built but wouldn't recommend it over Sole SB900 or Schwinn IC4 because it comes with a poor warranty and quality inspectionRPM, Distance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate350 PoundsToe-Cage & SPD
37 LbsEddy Current Magnetic
5.5Echelon EX3 Magnetic Indoor Cycling BikeThis is the best spin bike under $1000 for Zwift application because it's fully compatible and has automatic resistaneDistance, Speed, RPM, Watt, Resistance, Time, and Calories,330 LbsToe-Cage & SPD
27 Lbs32-Level Electronic Eddy Current Magnetic
6.5Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1709 Indoor Cycling BikeGood spin bike but I wouldn't buy this one unless it is under 700 ($200 cheaper than the Sole SB900 or Schwinn IC4).RPM, Distance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate300 PoundsToe-Cage & SPD
7 LbsEddy Current Magnetic
6Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1714 Indoor Cycling BikeGreat built but poor warranty and often overpriced at $500+ because there is no spd or monitor includedNo Monitor330 PoundsToe-Cage
44 LbsEddy Current Magnetic
6Women’s Health Mena’s Health Eclipse Indoor BikeWouldn't suggest this model unless you want Bluetooth and are willing to pay monthly subscription fee as it doesn't come with built-in consoleNo Monitor but tracks watt, RPM, speed, time, and calories via Bluetooth300 PoundsToe-Cage
30 Lbs14-Level Eddy Current Magnetic
5.5Dmasun Indoor Cycling Spin BikeFor the price ($350), I believe the Dmasun is one of the best deals you can get thanks to full adjustment, magnetic resistance, and warrantyDistance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate300 LbsToe-Cage
35 LbsEddy Current Magnetic
5.5Joroto X4s Magnetic Spin BikeIf you are aiming to spend less than $600, I suggest this one because it has good built and dual-bottle holdersDistance, RPM, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate330 PoundsToe-Cage
40 LbsEddy Current Magnetic
5.5Goplus Magnetic Exercise Indoor BikeThis indoor bike often overpriced and doesn't offer more than the Maxkare or Kouz so I would suggest you avoid itDistance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate300 PoundsToe-Cage
30 LbsEddy Current Magnetic
best spin bikes under 1000
Best Spin Bikes Under 1000 Dollars

What is the Difference Between a Spin Bike and a Recumbent Bike?

spinning exercise bike

The major difference between spin bikes and recumbent bikes is how they are structured. Recumbent bikes are fitted with an oversized seat and they are lower to the floor than spin bikes. They provide low body workout than a full-body workout. Spin bikes on the other hand replicate outdoor cycling so it allows users to maintain different workout positions. You can work out on or off the saddle. Also, spin bikes typically have a heavier flywheel than recumbent bikes.

What is the Difference between an Upright Bike and a Spin Bike?

spinning-exercise bike vs upright exercise bike

The main difference between upright bike and spin bike is the flywheel weight and frame structure. A spin bike simulates a real road bike. Its handlebars are slightly lower than the seat, so the rider has to lean forward when cycling. The rider can also choose to stand on the pedals for certain workouts. With an upright bike, the handlebars are higher, so the rider can only lean forward slightly. Plus, it doesn’t permit standing as the spin bike does. Finally, upright bikes have wider and better-padded seats to enhance seating comfort.

Will I be Sore from Using a Spin Bike?


Yes, if you don’t set up or adjust your seat properly, you are likely to get sore. If you also wear the wrong exercise gear, you can get sore from spinning indoors. Spin bike saddle sore is avoidable with the right spinning workout clothing and bike fit.

How do you Adjust a Spin Bike Correctly?

spin bike fit and adjustment

Setting up your spin bike properly involves adjusting your saddle height so it aligns with your hip. When you are on the bike, your knee should curve over your foot with the pedal maintaining a 3’oclock position. Your other knee should bend slightly with the pedal at 6’oclock. The height of your handlebars shouldn’t be too loo as it can cause strain to your lower back leading to soreness and pain.

What are the Best Clothes to Wear When Using a Spin Bike?

women's best indoor cycling shorts

You should wear breathable clothes and sweat absorbent. Tank tops and T-shirts with wicking properties are the best options as they absorb excess moisture from the body and keep your body cool. Men and Women padded bike shorts are also highly recommended for cycling indoors.

What Shoes Should you Wear When Using a Spin Bike?

best spin class shoes for indoor cycling

Though you can wear sneakers to cycle on a spin bike, there are unique shoes that complement spin bike pedals better than sneakers. A popular example is the Shimano Pedaling Dynamics (SPD) pedals. They take the pressure off your feet by distributing the weight across your feet.

9Expert Score
Peloton Alternative Spin Bikes Under $1000

While the Peloton Bike Original, with its manually adjustable resistance, costs up to $1000 more than some of these alternatives, you can get a spin bike from our list that not only has automatic resistance but also provides an exceptional workout experience. In addition, unlike the Peloton bikes, our alternatives offer compatibility with multiple applications, allowing you to diversify your virtual cycling experience. In this article I reviewed and compared 10 Peloton alternative spin bikes under $1000 including Schwinn Fitness IC4, SOLE Fitness SB900, Asuna Sprinter 6100, Echelon EX3, Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1709, Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1714, Women’s Health Men’s Health Indoor Bike, Dmasun Indoor Cycling Exercise Bike, Joroto X4s Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike, and last but not least Goplus Exercise Bike. They all have near silent magnetic resistance and sturdy frames. But for several following reasons I decided that Schwinn IC4 is the best overall Peloton bike under $1000. First of all, it is made by a reliable brand, includes a generous 3-year warranty, and has unique durability that can withstand up to 300-lb user weight. Aside from the magnetic resistance which is much better than friction resistance, it also has a 40-pound flywheel which gives a smooth cycling ride, has a fully customizable seat and handlebars to fit you comfortably, dual-sided SPD pedals to clip in cycling shoes for a safer ride, and a 3×4″ backlit monitor with Bluetooth to connect with Zwift, Peloton, Strava, and Kinomap. Unless you want auto-resistance which in that case I recommend the Echelon EX3 as an alternative, IC4 has everything you could ask for at this price and is worth the money.


Robbie Ferri
Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri from “Riding with Robbie” has been cycling for almost ten years. In that time, he has broken World Records, Bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. Robbie picked up a bike and started cycling when he was about 25 years old and said it was the best thing he ever did. The experiences and the fun he’s had have given him a huge passion for helping inspire others to ride further, farther, and get fitter.