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Reviewed and Compared By BEMH Indoor Cycling Team • Updated: April 16, 2021

Sportstech SX600 Overview

The Sportstech SX600 is a bike I couldn’t wait to review. After having the opportunity to review the SX500 and being quite impressed by it, I knew the SX600 would be something special. Sportstech hasn’t held back when they got their hands on this bike. They are a German company, and just like the high-quality cars, they also seem to make a high-quality spinning bike. They have five cycles in the SX range. The SX100, SX200, SX400, SX500, and SX600. The higher the number, the more advanced the bike, and in turn, the higher the price. The SX600 comes in at around $1600 currently with 10% off. The assembly was straightforward and will take about an hour. They also have a great Youtube video of how to do it too. The warranty is two years and generous in my opinion. This bike has so much technology and is such a low price, is there a catch?

Starting with the monitor, It’s Android, and it’s excellent, full of colour, and has a great Backlight. It’s a well-designed good looking screen. Another very noticeable feature is the fact it not only has buttons but an excellent dial, so when selecting a feature such as a workout duration, you can scroll through instead of endless tapping. Some of the buttons are backlit, and when spinning in a low-lit room, they look incredible. It has a USB Port on the side and using this you can play your videos and music. I love this feature. It will track your RPM, Calories, Time, Heart Rate, Speed, and Distance on the data side. Not only that but Watts as well, a power function on a bike this price is nearly unheard of. Sportstech hasn’t given any information on if this is direct or estimation, but I can only assume it’s an estimation at this price. It has Bluetooth but not ANT+. As the case with the SX500 bike, the Bluetooth is limited and will only connect to applications that they support.

You can connect the Sportstech branded heart rate monitor to this Bluetooth, but this is an add-on you have to buy. Let’s talk about the applications. These are Kinomap and Fitshow, and they are outstanding applications. Fitshow will help you track your Data, and Kinomap is an interactive platform where you even have a competition mode where you can race against others on some of the world’s best cycling routes. Kinomap costs about $12 per month, and I’d recommend trying a month before buying an entire year. Though these aren’t for you, you have 12 preset programs, 12 contest modes, one heart rate control, three countdowns, 1 Watt mode, one user program. Another great feature is on these preset programs, the resistance of the bike can change automatically for you. This is an incredible feature and can be a lot of fun. The screen doubles as a tablet mount as well, which is a nice touch. Unfortunately, the exercise bike’s Bluetooth doesn’t connect to other applications such as Peloton or Zwift, so if you’re purchasing the stationary cycle for that, I wouldn’t recommend this model.

The transmission system is exceptional on this indoor cycling bike, and they have stepped it up from the SX 500. Firstly you will notice the Flywheel is rear-facing, and this is a feature of some high-end spin bikes in the UK such as the Life Fitness IC7 and IC8. It’s a belt drive system but not any belt drive system though. It has a notched belt and drive wheel, making this bike extremely precise and quiet and the kind of technology you would see in a car. It runs a magnetic resistance and offers 32 levels of resistance which is displayed on the screen. The system is entirely frictionless and very quiet. I wouldn’t worry about my neighbours hearing as it is so silent. The system will require no maintenance and will feel smooth and sharp for many miles.

The pedals on the SX600 are of very high quality. They have standard toe clips on one side and SPD Clip-ins on the other. The best of both worlds. If you are looking for an alternative, you have the option of removing them all together as the pedal thread is standard. The Flywheel is a perfect weight and comes in at 26kg. This is an incredible weight and works incredibly with that magnetic resistance system and notched belt. It is engineered to be balanced, and you will feel the difference when you ride this spinning bike. Another great feature about this bike is the Flywheel has a cover on the rear, so if you have children or pets, they are protected from the spinning Flywheel. This is a brilliant design, and I love the fact they have emphasized safety with this bike. The Q Factor is undisclosed, but from the information, I can gather less than 180mm. With most road bikes being 150mm and mountain bikes 170mm, it is less than 180mm, then that’s a good size.

The bike itself weighs 66kg. It is 59” tall, 24” wide, and 65” long, so it, by all means, is not a tiny bike compared to most. It’s got the feet on the front for easy transport and also foot levelers for uneven surfaces. The maximum user weight is 180kg, and that’s the most I have ever seen on an indoor cycling bike. It will also suit riders from 5ft 5” to 6ft 7”, which is a pretty good range but doesn’t suit people smaller than this. The bike’s handlebars are incredible. They have three positions and boast a lovely set of TT aero bars on the front. Not only this, but they also have an inbuilt heart rate monitor and do look amazing. The Saddle is also of excellent quality, and like a spinning bike saddle, after a few rides should feel pretty good. The handlebars and Saddle can move horizontally and vertically, which is an outstanding feature to tie in with those unique handlebars. The bike is big, and it is heavy, but it gives it a beautifully smooth, sturdy feel when it is ridden and feels of the highest quality.

Sportstech SX600 Indoor Cycle Features:

  • Q-Factor: Unknown
  • Pedals: Dual-sided Toe cage SPD Clip-in
  • Flywheel: 26kg
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Transmission: Notched Belt
  • Weight capacity: 180kg
  • Height capacity: 5’5″ – 6’7″
  • Bike weight: 66kg
  • Bike dimension: 24″W x 59″H x 65″L
  • Monitor: Backlit
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Applications: Fitshow, Kinomap
  • RPM tracking: Yes
  • Speed tracking: Yes
  • Watt tracking: Estimation
  • Resistance level tracking: Yes

Sportstech SX600 Indoor Bike Pros

  • Rear Flywheel design and Full adjustment
  • Notched belt-drive system
  • Heavy balance flywheel
  • High-Quality console and SPD pedals
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Safety Guard around the flywheel
  • High user maximum weight
  • Tablet Holder on screen
  • Generous Warranty and German design
  • Good Price and elbow pads
  • 32 electronic magnetic resistance levels

Sportstech SX600 Indoor Bike Cons

  • Limited Bluetooth functionalities
  • Height Range Higher than most bikes

My Final Verdict

This bike is incredible, and I can’t believe it holds such a low price tag for this technology. This bike hugely set itself apart from any other indoor cycle. Easy to build, a fantastic warranty, has unique handlebars, that massive Flywheel with the safety cover, a high-quality tablet, and will require practically no maintenance. It also has a power function that I can only assume is an estimate for this price, but that’s still a great feature. I am so impressed but where it lets itself down is the connectivity to other apps. You are tied into Kinomap or the standard programs. Apart from that, I can’t fault it. Is it worth $1600 of your money? 100%.

Robbie Ferri
Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri from “Riding with Robbie” has been cycling for almost ten years. In that time, he has broken World Records, Bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. Robbie picked up a bike and started cycling when he was about 25 years old and said it was the best thing he ever did. The experiences and the fun he’s had have given him a huge passion for helping inspire others to ride further, farther, and get fitter.