Best Shoes To Use For Indoor Cycling in 2022

Spinning is a superb workout as it helps in building muscles, toning body, burning calories, and burning fat. If you have seen great results in people who are attending spinning class then one of the key factors is their right choice of shoes for spin class. No matter what form of workout you choose there are shoes designed for each one of them. For example, running shoes do not provide as much grip as the spinning class shoes. If you are going to use the running shoes as spinning shoes then they won’t support your foot and ankle for fast pedaling. So it’s always better to go for shoes that are the perfect fit for your spinning workout.

Some spinning studios do offer shoes on rent but there is nothing better than your own pair of indoor spinning shoes. In fact, hygiene should be your first concern. Also, everyone’s foot cannot be of the exact same size. You will feel some sort of irregularity and that is not good for your workout routine. Experts claim that a pair of good shoes for spin class provide an apt amount of foot support that in turn aligns your hip, foot, and knee in the right manner for pedaling motion.

The best indoor cycling and spinning shoes are not easy to find. You have to go through multiple designs and even if you finalize one, there are multiple other considerations you have to go through. It is a quite difficult and time consuming process to find and buy the best shoes for cycling class. And if you end up buying wrong cycle shoes for spinning, you will have to restart the whole search process and then days or even weeks of dealing with shipping and returns. That’s why we did days of research to shortlist the most comfortable spin shoes for you. Our first 5 picks are the best spin shoes for women and our last 5 picks are the best indoor spin shoes for men.

1. TIEM Slipstream
✓ Best choice
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8. Giro Techne
10. Tiebao Knit

Best Spin Class Shoes Comparison Chart

Best Shoes For Spin Class and Indoor Cycling Comparison Table
TIEM Slipstream Spinning Cycling ShoesSPD (two bolts)Not includedRubber OutsoleVelcroYes
SHIMANO SH-IC5 Women’s Spinning ShoesSPD (two bolts)Not includedSynthetic OutsoleBOAYes
Pearl iZUMi Indoor Spinning Shoes for WomenSPD & Look (two & three bolts)Not includedSynthetic OutsoleVelcroNo
Giro Empire E70 Women’s Cycling ShoesLook (three bolts)Not includedCarbon Composite OutsoleLacesNo
Tommaso Pistan Women’s Spin Cycling ShoesSPD & Look (two & three bolts)Not includedInjected nylon/fiberglassBOANo
Pearl iZUMi Men’s Indoor Cycling ShoesSPD & Look (two & three bolts)Not includedSynthetic OutsoleVelcroNo
Fizik R5 Road and Spin Class Cycling ShoesLook (three bolts)Not includedCarbon Reinforced OutsoleBOANo
Giro’s Men’s Indoor Cycling ShoesSPD & Look (two & three bolts)Not includedInjected nylon OutsoleVelcroNo
Giro Carbide R Men’s Spin ShoesSPD (two bolts)Not includedNylon and Rubber OutsoleVelcroYes
Tiebao Knit Sneaker Style Indoor Bike ShoesSPD & Look (two & three bolts)Not includedSynthetic OutsoleLacesNo

Editor’s Choice For Best Spin Shoes!

We have picked the best spin class shoes and reviewed them down below but because new shoes for spin class become available daily, we have created the Editor’s best shoes for spin bikes choice.

I often update this part to make sure you don’t miss the best indoor cycling shoes. The editor’s choice also makes it easier for you to find the top spinning shoes because it is only one pair of shoes rather than 10 pairs.

For this month, I picked the TIEM spinning cycling shoes for women and the Shimano SG-IC100 Studio shoes for men. They are both designed for indoor cycling with durable and breathable materials.

Quick Overview of Best Shoes For Spin Bike:

TIEM Slipstream Spinning Cycling Shoes

 out of stock

TIEM slipstream is the best spin shoes for women and that’s the reason it has topped the list. They are available in 13 different sizes with a difference of 0.5 in each size. You can choose from 5 to 11 in size. Coming to the color variation, it is vast. You can choose from black, hyper blue, lunar gray, midnight navy, black geometric, merlot, and white marble.

You can wear them in seconds with the slipstream’s original slip-on single-strap shoes. Thanks to the white-colored bottom and interesting design, these cycle shoes for spin class look super stylish. If you are planning to sweat it out in the spinning class, the engineered mesh, and an athletic textile work together to form a breathable upper section.

While you are not cycling you can walk around the studio comfortably as the rubber outsole and recessed SPD cleat assembly makes it easy for you. Its SPD compatibility is to look out for and make sure to get the right cleats (only cleats with two holes). For perfect support at the bottom, there is nylon cycling shank underfoot. Thus, from the upper section to the lower section each part works towards providing you the best indoor cycling experience. With the aesthetics of sneakers, these are just the perfect buy for any rider who wants to do indoor cycling.

Additional Considerations!

With the best shoes for spinning comes a few considerations. First, TIEM cycling shoes for spinning are compatible with SPD cleats which is what most magnetic spin bikes above $500 come with. That being said, if your bike pedals are compatible with 3-bolt cleats, you cannot clip use these cycling shoes. Second, the sizing of these shoes is slightly different. You have to buy a half size down as compared to your normal athletic shoes. Third, these are SPD spin shoes but SPD cleats are sold separately. You won’t get them along with shoes. You can search on amazon for the best SPD cleats for shoes for indoor cycling.

SHIMANO SH-IC500 Women’s Spinning Shoes

 in stock

SHIMANO is not a new brand when it comes to manufacturing shoes. It is a leading brand that has been selling MTB shoes, road cycling shoes, and recently started a line of indoor cycling shoes. Its simple styling and comfort have made it stand out from the crowd. SHIMANO offers 14 size options for SH-IC500 spin bike shoes. It is one extra as compared to the TIEM spinning shoes. We are sure you will find the right size in this range.

The color variation is of six shades. You can choose from white, white/grey, black/white, black/thunder, sea salt/metallic gold, pigment/white. We personally loved the metallic gold one as it enhances the look of these spinning shoes. You can wear them casually too. People are definitely going to praise for your amazing choice.

It is made of textile and synthetic materials. The lightweight EVA midsole is definitely the best addition to these clip-in spin shoes. From floor to pedal, the shoes allow you to walk on all surfaces comfortably, thanks to its recessed cleat area. There is a simple hook and loop straps feature for a secure fit and easy adjustability. If you are scared of bad odor then the NB fresh comes to your rescue. Its antimicrobial treatment prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria while you enjoy an intense workout in your spinning class. Its versatile performance due to SPD cleat compatibility is definitely something to watch out for.

Additional Considerations!

With the best spin shoes by Shimano come a few considerations. First, the color pigment/white looks like a combination of black and white but it is the navy blue and white color combination. Second, if you are looking for spin shoes for wide feet then these are definitely not worth investing in. These are a bit narrow for wider feet. Third, SPD cleat compatibility is a benefit but that doesn’t come along with these shoes. You have to invest an extra amount to buy SPD cleats for your spin shoes.

Pearl iZUMi V5 Indoor Spinning Shoes for Women

 out of stock

Pearl iZUMi V5 is a synthetic bike shoe for spinning. Honestly, more than anything else we were impressed by the design. We are sure you cannot resist buying this one just like us. The upper part has straps for closure and the whole body is mainly black in color. No matter the age, the pink and black combinations might be your favorite colors. When it comes to indoor cycling shoes a tint of pink color is always welcome. Here, the Pearl iZUMi cycle shoes for spinning come with a beautiful pink lining.

PI V5 offers a modern and clean aesthetic for a spinning class. The synthetic material used in manufacturing is the best choice. The measurement of the shaft is approximately low-top from arch. You can shed sweat and enjoy the ride wearing the V5 Pearl iZUMi cycling shoes for spinning class. The synthetic leather collar lining is an interesting design.

While pedaling you have to wear comfortable shoes and the closed-cell foam padding is definitely going to help you in feeling so. If you ever came across riders with bad food odors while cycling then one of the reasons would be their shoes. To avoid that, the Pearl iZUMi comes with anti-microbial upper mesh for airflow. It inhibits the growth of bad odor-causing bacteria.

Additional Considerations!

A few considerations before buying these best-rated spinning shoes for women. First, Pearl iZUMi is only available in a single color. We believe it is the best color and they have made the right choice. Second, there is a restriction in size availability too. Currently, you can only choose between 36 and 37 shoe size. Third, the shoes are SPD and SPD-SL compatible which is awesome but they are not recessed. So, walking off the bike with these indoor cycling shoes is not easy.

Giro Empire E70 Women’s Cycling Shoes

 out of stock

Giro is the best women’s spin shoes for those who are looking for performance-oriented shoes. If you compare the look of Giro shoes with TIEM, and others reviewed above, you will find a vast difference. Earlier, the shoes had some similarities but this one is a completely different edition. From 5 to 11 there is a vast range of shoe sizes available for you.

It is available in four color options. They are berry/bright pink, black heather, grey heather/glacier, and grey/glacier. The benchmark is high with knit technology inspired for the comfort of modern athletic shoes. There is a one-piece Xnetic knit on the upper side with laced closure for supportive fit and breathability.

The outsole is composed of Easton EC70 carbon composite which increases the power efficiency. So grab these shoes and indulge in powerful spinning workout sessions right from day one. The heel pads are durable and even if they get damaged you can simply replace them instead of replacing the whole shoes. Giro spin shoes include natural footbed with adjustable arch support. All in all, these are a comfortable pair of shoes for spinning bike. The compatibility is limited to the 3-bolt cleat system so you can’t install SPD cleats but you can install any Shimano SPD clip.

Additional Considerations!

A few considerations before buying these women’s cycling shoes for spinning: First, these Giro shoes for spinning class come with the lacing system so some of you may not like it because wearing them is a bit time-consuming. Second, these are compatible with all 3-bolt cleat systems which means you can’t use any SPD cleat with 2-bolt for it. Third, the mesh-like structure is goof to enhance the breathability but if you closely look at it. There are chances of dirt accumulating in these mesh holes so you might have to clean them more often.

Tommaso Pista Aria Women’s Spin Cycling Shoes

 in stock

Do you know Tommaso is one of the best indoor cycling shoe manufacturers on the market? It is a prestigious brand that offer spinning studio shoes for affordable prices, we have recently tired some and here is our review. These are some of the best cycling shoes for spin class and a perfect combination of style and performance. You can choose from the white, pink glow and black color options.

The shoe size availability is from 36 to 43 that is an apt range for most customers. There is a ventilated elastomer-spandex insert that allows users with B to D+ foot widths to use it. The Comfort zone creates a non-constructive fit for the natural toe splay of your foot. While pedaling you won’t have to face the risk of injuries with unsurpassed comfort.

It inherits multiple technologies that are otherwise offered by only top models. There is an offset opening of the shoe for the reduction of pressure on the top of the foot. From upper seamless PU leather to outsole made of nylon/fiberglass the materials are only of high-quality. The Boa two-way micro-adjustment system is easy to replace with hook and loop strap. Also, it is compatible with all major roads (Look Delta) and SPD pedals.

Additional Considerations!

A few considerations before buying these spinning shoes for women are the following: First, cycling shoes are expensive. We are not surprised by the price of these shoes as it has a lot to offer. If you are refraining from investing in an expensive product consider going through the advantages associated with it. Second, the color variation is limited. With only three color options, some of you might not be satisfied. Third, the design is super stylish so if you are looking for a simple spinning shoe you must go for another option without the BOA closure which can be also cheaper.

Pearl iZUMi Men’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

 in stock
3 new from $80.00
Free shipping

The first one in the list of men’s indoor cycling shoes has to be the best and that’s why we have added Pearl iZUMi’s V5. You might have noticed we have included the women version of this model higher in our list of best shoes for the spin class. The brand has become our personal favorite in no time. The all-black shoes are men’s personal favorite and you will always find one in their shoe collection. This one is a similar piece with a slight touch of blue color at minor points like the front and bottom end.

Often, the available size is limited due to the high demand for these shoes. You can check out if your size is available or not. There is a double level breathability feature to ensure comfortable pedaling without worrying about sweating a lot due to intense workout on warm seasons. Upper part offers the anti-microbial upper mesh and the outsole offer ventilation holes for airflow.

The Pearl V5 men’s cycling shoe for spin class is definitely going to last you longer than cheap spin cycling shoes. The PE sock liner is updated to stand intense workouts. So you won’t have to buy a new one for a really long time. The insoles provide the right amount of longitudinal and transverse arch support. Also, the strap closure is known for promoting on-bike comfort by removing excess pressure. You should definitely get your hands on a pair of these spin cycle shoes.

Additional Considerations!

A few considerations before buying the Pearl Izumi v5 spin bike shoes to keep in mind: First, the shoes are only available in black color. Second, few customers do claim that the shoe size is smaller than expected. You should order one size bigger than your usual shoe size. Third, the price of the spin shoe is high owing to the multiple technologies used to provide the utmost comfort to the users. Last but not least, these top of the line men’s spinning shoes are compatible with SPD and SPD-SL pedals and cleats. But you need to buy them separately.

Fizik R5 Road and Spin Class Cycling Shoes

 in stock
5 new from $99.95
16 used from $35.79
Free shipping

Fizik is the right pair of men’s spinning shoes if you believe in passion, speed, beauty, and freedom. Experience cycling enthusiasts who race against the clock and possess the fire to beat every competition love these shoes due to their stiff carbon soles. These spin shoes come in seven colors. You have to choose from black/black, black/pink, black/dark grey, black/red, coral/black, white/black, and navy/black.

Finding the right shoe size won’t be an issue for you as it has plenty of them. The shoe is designed to deliver a timeless look and versatile performance. You are going to love each spinning class session after using these shoes. Redefining the classic considerations of the road shoes these are distinct in identity and form a smart fitting construction.

For the ultimate balance between comfort and pedaling efficiency, the outsole is reinforced with R5 nylon and carbon composite. With the extraordinary Tempo R5 power strap feature, your foot is wrapped with Velcro and BOA closure design. So you are going to experience an enveloping fit along with Microtex upper. It is designed and engineered to give the most comfortable experience. The microtext upper is known for its strong and durable properties.

Additional Considerations!

A few considerations before you move on to buying R5 men’s carbon spin shoes. First, we were not impressed by the color choices. A red one particularly is our least favorite. Second, the strap is known for its enveloping fit but we still felt the need for another strap to ensure firm closure. Third, the 3-bolt compatibility would mean you cannot install cleats of 2-bolt like the SPD one. The cleat area is also not recessed so you will not be able to walk with them comfortably.

Giro’s Men’s Indoor Cycling Shoes

 in stock
3 new from $39.99

Giro Men’s cycling shoes are classic road cycling shoes that are comfortable to use for indoor and outdoor. Whether you have wide feet or a narrow one, you won’t face any issue with the fitting of these spin class shoes. One thing that grabbed our attention was its vast shoe size availability. The size starts from as small as 6 to as large as 17. If you are one of those who always find it difficult to find the right size because of your large foot then this one is going to be an apt choice.

There is a layering of microfiber on the top to ensure great breathability. It is a deciding factor for many who like to sweat it out in their spin class. It certainly doesn’t mean your feet won’t get the right support. The classic 3-strap closure offers fast closure mechanism along with intuitive fitting and a wide range of adjustments.

For the powerful transfer, you need a powerful outsole too. Here, nylon is injected into the outsole along with stainless steel hardware. The heel pads are molded for further durability. The color range consists of black, highlight yellow, white/black, and dark shadow red. For comfort, you can rely on its die-cut EVA footbed. Also, these are compatible with both 2-bolt and 3-bolt pedal systems.

Additional Considerations!

A few considerations before buying these spin shoes. First, the highlight yellow color makes these shoes look funky. So if you are planning to go unnoticed with your new indoor cycling exercise shoes then it won’t be easy. Second, the fit is a bit snug. Third, although these indoor bike shoes are compatible with Look Delta and SPD cleats, they don’t include the cleats. So, you need to buy them separately.

Giro Carbide R Men’s Spin Shoes

 in stock
2 new from $64.87
Free shipping

Giro Carbide is with no doubt one of the best men’s spinning shoes, thanks to their comfortable fit. It is not necessary to always go for something that looks fancy and has a pop of yellow, blue, red, and other vibrant colors. Sometimes you can go for a simple and affordable piece of spin shoes to focus just on the performance and nothing else.

Our motto for adding this pair to our best spinning shoes review is only to make these accessible to even those who are falling short of savings and still want a good pair of spin bike shoes. The upper is made of synthetic leather. It is breathable to get you through those extremely hot days and dry out a sweat while you are still pedaling to reach your spinning goal.

With standard two-bolt cleat compatibility, it is a great investment. Also, the price of this product is low so it counts under budget spin shoes. Along with us, other users also believe these are great MTB shoes that can also be used for indoor cycling exercise. Coming to the specifications, there is a molded EVA footbed that provides medium arch support. There are 3-straps for that perfect firm closure. Also, the rubber high-traction outsole is a perfect addition.

Additional Considerations!

A few considerations before you buy the Carbide R shoes for cycling class. First, the nylon sole is a bit stiff but that can be adjusted with owing to its low price. Second, these shoes are SPD (two-bolt) clipless pedals compatible so you have to ensure the spin bike is compatible with this one. Third, there is no variation available in color. You have to choose the dark shadow/flame orange spin shoes only.

Tiebao Knit Sneaker Style Indoor Bike Shoes

 out of stock

Do you want spin shoes that don’t look like one? Are you looking for a budget style that looks more casual than a workout shoe? You found them, Tiebao knit cycling shoes are exactly what you are looking for.

The shoes are available in a different size but yes the size variation is limited. We loved the all-black look. Along with enhancing the breathability, the meshed fabric makes these spin class shoes look stylish. Instead of covering the entire shoes with the mesh fabric, there is a certain pattern followed for enhanced results.

The sole is synthetic with textile inner material. These are characterized as road cycling shoes still you can use them for your indoor cycling workouts. These are designed for higher power transfer and enhanced pedaling efficiency. The shoes and pedal combination will work together to provide more comfort. Once you will finish the installation process, the shoes and cleats combined will keep your feet rightly aligned to the pedals. You won’t experience pedal slipping or bounce off issues with these shoes.

Additional Considerations!

There are a few considerations before buying these best spin class shoes. First, the lace-up option isn’t hassle-free for some people. Second, these are compatible with three major spin bike cleats (Delta, SPD, & SPD-SL) but the cleats are sold separately. Third, it would have been better if the shoes had a few color options. Other than that, they are compatible with all spin bikes under $1000 that have SPD pedals at a great value for the money.

Tips to Help You Buy The Best Shoes For Spinning Workout:


Perhaps the most important feature to look for when buying the best spin shoes for indoor cycling is the airflow. Unlike outdoor cycling, in a spinning studio or at home, you are not exposed to fresh air. So, you will definitely overheat quickly if cycle shoes for spinning don’t have mesh upper or breathing holes on the sole. In this article, we have picked many of the best bike shoes for spin class that have a breathable design.

Closure system:

Another feature that makes the best spin shoes different from regular SPD compatible cycling shoes is its closure system. There are at least three types of women and men’s indoor cycling shoes closure designs: “BOA” which is the best system because it’s easy to adjust on the go and doesn’t require knobs, “Velcro” and “lace”. There is not much difference in prices and functionality between velcro and price, they both require a bit of time to put on the shoe and adjust. We have featured a couple of best SPD-SL shoes for spin class with BOA closure systems in this review. You can scroll up and check them out.


You are buying a pair of spin bike shoes that are indirectly going to impact your health. So you cannot take risks while buying them. Aside from the safety reason, you would also want to buy indoor cycling shoes for a spin class that lasts a couple of years. So, going for the cheapest option may not be the smartest decision. Buy a pair of cycling shoes for spin class that doesn’t burn your pocket and yet serves the best.

Clipping Type:

For the ones who are still new to this concept, clips are basically little metal pieces attached at the bottom of shoes. Their job is to provide you with a firm grip while you perform rigorous cycling exercise off and on the indoor bike seat. If you own an indoor spin bike or have ever attended a spin class, you must know or ask your trainer about the type of pedals on the bike. Whether they are SPD, SPD-SL, or Delta compatible, based on the type choose the shoes for the spinning bikes. In this buying guide, we have reviewed the best shoes for indoor cycling that are compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, and Delta pedals.


The spinning class shoe brand is definitely an important point to consider. If you search online for the shoes for spin bikes you will find tons of brands claiming their shoes is the best. You must always go for popular brands or the ones that are known for their excellent products. This way, your chances of buying a pair of high-quality comfortable shoes for spinning class are more. Here, we have shared some of the top shoes for indoor cycling from popular brands that are loved by professionals cyclists and spin studio instructors.


Make sure you don’t buy tightly fitted spin shoes for wide feet. Your big toe must slightly touch the bottom of the shoe. There should be enough space for your toes to wiggle. If you are going to buy the spinning class shoes that squeeze your foot then there are high chances that you will hurt yourself while cycling. Do check the description for length and width of bike shoes for spinning to get a clear idea of the size best suited for you. When purchasing the best shoes for spinning, it is often a good idea to go half a size bigger than your regular gym shoes.


The color of padded cycling shorts or indoor cycling shoes for women and men is definitely not a deciding factor but some people take it quite seriously. Fashion influencers or the people who want to look their best during workout must explore all the options to find the best one. SPD indoor cycling shoes are available in varied colors from black to neon green. It’s always good to go for colors that go with your outfit but you can choose whichever color you prefer.


What shoes are compatible with spin bikes?

The answer depends mainly on your spin bike pedals. If they are only sided with toe-cage, then your spin bike is only compatible with regular athletic gym shoes. But if your indoor cycling bike has dual-sided pedals (toe-cages on one side and SPD elements on the other side), then your spinning bike is compatible with any of the best SPD shoes for spinning listed in this review.

Do spinning shoes make a difference?

Yes, one of the mistakes to avoid while cycling indoors is not wearing proper clip-in shoes. spinning shoes are definitely going to make a difference in your spin workout. People who use normal shoes, their glutes, and calf muscles are mainly involved. If you start using spin shoes, you will realize that your leg muscles get equally involved pedaling. For complete toning your legs you have to invest in good spin shoes. With spin class shoes, the chances of knee injuries are highly reduced. So, for your own safety do invest in a pair of SPD or SPD-SL shoes for spinning.

Do I need to wear socks with spin shoes?

Of course, these fall under the category of shoes only. In fact, socks make sure your feet are firm and don’t slip while pedaling on a spin bike. If you are afraid that the socks will change the fit of cycle shoes for spinning because extra stretching is required, then it is not the case. They are very thin. Also, for hygiene purposes, you must use socks so that your sweat doesn’t immediately touch the surface of your newly bought women or men’s indoor cycling shoes.

Should I also buy spin bike pedals or cleats for shoes?

Yes, you also need to buy spin bike shoe cleats and compatible pedals unless your spin bikes in Canada or US already have the compatible pedals and your shoes come with the cleats. In most cases, cycling shoes for the spinning class don’t include the cleats which means you have to buy them separately. Although, there are some brands such as Venzo that sell complete bundles (shoes + cleats + pedals). You won’t need the pedals if you buy one of these spin bikes under $2000.

What spin shoe cleats are good for indoor cycling?

We highly recommend the SPD-SL and Look Delta cleats for spinning exercise. They are more comfortable because they have a wider surface compared to SPD cleats. Additionally, due to the larger cleat surface, you are able to transfer more power down the spin bike pedals and to the flywheel. Note: Not all the cycling shoes for spinning are compatible with SPD-SL or Look Delta cleats, so make sure you check seller descriptions on Amazon.

Final Verdict

If you are an indoor cycling enthusiast who regularly does spinning workouts either at home or at spinning studios, it’s important to invest in a good pair of spin shoes. They don’t cost much but they do bring the best results. People often neglect their safety and wear their sneakers for cycling spin bikes. While it is a cheaper option, regular gym sneakers come with a few disadvantages including safety problems and low power transfer.

Here, we shared some of the most comfortable spin shoes like TIEM, New Balance, Giro, and more. There is a variety of women and men’s spinning shoes reviewed separately in this article. We have done thorough research along with using some of these best spinning shoes to come to a conclusion.

Our top picks include all price categories, so you are on a budget and don’t want to invest much in spin shoes, our list will work for you as well. We have shortlisted high end and affordable spinning bike shoes to make sure everyone finds the right pair for themselves. These top spin shoes are available in black, yellow, red, white, and other color combinations.

We have reviewed these indoor spinning shoes for women and men based on years of experience but we would like to know about your experience too. So, if you have ever used any of these clip in spin shoes and want to share your experience, please use the comments section down below. If you want to give some suggestions related to this best spin bike shoes review and buying guide, please get in touch with us via email or comment.

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