The 4 Best Peloton Bike Alternatives to Buy in 2023

The Peloton is a legendary machine that when first released, completely changed cycling. The first bike was sold in 2014, and since then, they have been improving their products and the quality of what they do.

Many people ask though have they improved quickly enough. In 2014 there wasn’t much choice for spinning bikes that could go online, and you didn’t have a vast amount of options. Now there’s is, and I personally can think of many bikes that I would prefer to own over a Peloton bike. We have also seen a lot of these other fitness equipment companies advance very quickly.

Their technology is updated regularly, and they are releasing bikes much faster. Peloton only has two bikes out. Companies like Schwinn Fitness, and Echelon have huge varieties and offer their consumers many more options.

Is the Peloton bike still classed the best brand when it comes to indoor cycling, or have they fallen off the top? Today, we will look at some fantastic alternatives to the Peloton bike to answer this question. Could your money be better spent elsewhere? Here is my answer.

What are the best Peloton Alternatives?

The best Peloton alternative for serious road cyclists and mountain bikers is the NordicTrack S22i. The S22i has the ability to tilt the bike 10 degrees forward and 20 degrees backward, simulating uphills and downhills. Unlike Peloton and other comparable indoor bikes, this feature enhances the experience for cyclists who are accustomed to riding on varied terrains.

For those who prefer automatic resistance systems, the Echelon EX5S is the ideal choice. The bike is equipped with a motorized magnetic resistance that can change resistance automatically. This feature sets it apart from the Peloton bike Original, as it offers a more convenient and dynamic workout experience.

The BowFlex Velocore is the best versatile Peloton bike alternative for elite road riders. Its unique pivoting system allows the bike to lean to the right and left, mimicking road corners. Unlike the fixed position of the Peloton bike, the Velocore engages core muscles more efficiently, providing a more realistic and challenging ride for experienced road riders.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly Peloton bike alternative and are a fan of the iFit application, the ProForm Studio Pro is a great option. It is nearly $500 less expensive than the Peloton bike but offers comparable features, including a 22″ screen. In fact, the ProForm Studio Pro boasts a superior resistance system that is motorized and automatically adjustable, enhancing the overall workout experience.

Another exceptional spin bike that serves as a remarkable Peloton alternative for online cycling is the Echelon EX3. This indoor bike stands out as the best choice for indoor cycling enthusiasts of Zwift, Peloton, Kinomap, and Strava cycling. What sets it apart from Peloton, NordicTrack, Velocore, and ProForm is its FTMS Bluetooth capability, which seamlessly transmits data from the bike to all major indoor cycling apps.

Aside from its FTMS Bluetooth system, another truly incredible feature of the Echelon EX3 that makes it one of the best alternatives to the Peloton bike is its electronic magnetic resistance, which automatically adjusts resistance during Zwift and Peloton power zone classes. This cutting-edge functionality is better than Peloton Original bike’s manual resistance, and the best part is that it comes at a more affordable price compared to the other Peloton bike alternatives I’ve recommended in this article. Additionally, the Echelon EX3 includes a tablet holder and a convenient USB charging port, ensuring that your tablet and phone remain powered throughout your cycling sessions.

The Nordictrack S22i, Echelon EX5S, Bowflex Velocore, and ProForm Studio Bike Pro provide excellent alternatives to the Peloton bike. While some offer similar functionality to the Peloton, others go above and beyond in terms of features and value. Regardless of which bike you choose, you can expect a fantastic exercise experience.

Bottom Line
My First choice
NordicTrack S22i Review
NordicTrack S22i
Best Overall Peloton Alternative
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Loved the S22i bike and I think it is the best Peloton alternative that cost less than Peloton and offers more than Peloton Bike.
My Second Choice
Echelong EX5s review
Echelon EX5S
Best Runner-up Peloton Alternative
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Currently, the EX5s is around $1100 which is less than half the price of Peloton, yet, it has all the features that you get with a Peloton bike.
My Third Choice
Velocore 22 review
BowFlex Velocore
Best Pivoting Peloton Alternative
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Honestly, I am not crazy about Velocore 22, but I think those who enjoy the leaning mode would pick this as an alternative to Peloton.
My Fourth choice
Proform elliptical reviews
ProForm Studio
Best Budget Peloton Alternative
Check Prices
Bottom Line
Although, not quite the quality of the Peloton, for half the price, the Proform Studio bike is an affordable alternative to Peloton.
ComparisonNordictrack S22iBowflex VelocoreEchelon EX5ProForm StudioPeloton Plus
Starting Price$2,000$2,200$1,200$1,250$24,90
Monthly Fee$39$20$39$39$39
ApplicationsiFitRNY, Zwift, etcEcheloniFitPeloton
Screen Size22-inches22-inches22-inches22-inches21.5-inches

First Peloton Alternative: NordicTrack S22i

Peloton alternative: Nordictrack S22i bike
Peloton alternative: Nordictrack S22i bike
  • Beautiful Design
  • 22″ HD Screen
  • Magnetic Resistance with Belt Drive
  • Incline Decline Feature
  • Inbuilt Fan
  • Live classes


The Nordictrack s22i, if you have been looking at alternatives to the peloton bike, it’s something that you have probably come across before, it is an incredible machine. Let’s start with the design, and as you can see, it’s gorgeous, the oversized tubing and front facing flywheel give it a modern look, but it hasn’t come away from the roots of being a spinning bike.

Screen and Technology

It has a 22″ high definition touch screen with an application called ifit installed on it, which we will speak about later. The screen itself is equipped with a fan under the bottom of it, and it has the ability to point straight at you and swivel left and right for those off the bike classes. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can add headphones and heart rate monitors alongside other devices. The ifit application is incredible and offers live spinning classes, strength workouts, personal training, yoga, and HIIT classes. It does cost $180 per year for a single plan or $396 a year for a family plan. It may seem like another expense, but it’s worth it. They are currently offering a free year when you buy the bike.


The bike itself has incredible internals. It has a magnetic resistance system that is entirely frictionless. This means the resistance is made through the eddy current and not friction. It’s paired up with a belt drive connected to the flywheel, and this all put together is one of the most efficient systems you can have in a spinning bike. The bike will be super silent, and your neighbors or other apartments around you won’t be able to hear a thing. It has 24 resistance levels that can challenge anyone from a new spinner to a pro cyclist, and the instructor can control these for you in classes. If you don’t fancy being in a class, you can do your own thing, and it will give you all the data you need on screen for indoor cycling, such as calories burned, time, distance, power, and many more.

Special Features

Another fantastic feature of this alternative to the peloton bike is that it is able to incline and decline, and the instructor can also control this on the screen. So when he says we’re coming up to a climb, the front of the bike will automatically raise, and when you go downhill, it will sink. It also comes with weights for those upper body workouts, were not just cycling here.

Assembly and Accessibility

The bike is delivered 95% built, and they provide all the tools to put it together. I would allow an hour to assemble it, and don’t worry. It’s a simple job, and it’s easy to move around the house on the wheels at the front and can take a user up to 305lbs. They don’t state a height min and max, but typically a bike of this size would be 5ft to 6ft 5″ roughly.

Does it compare to a Peloton?

The Nordictrack S22i, in my opinion, is a better indoor bike, and it just has so much more to offer than the Peloton bike. One thing to note is there are two models of this bike, an old and a new the new has an updated climbing motor and is well worth getting. It definitely is one of the best Peloton alternatives for indoor cycling and as a fitness bike it’s just incredible.


  • Looks amazing
  • Auto Climbing
  • Auto Resistance
  • iFit
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Study and solid bike
  • Inbuilt fan


  • Handlebars don’t adjustable horizontally
  • Only connects with iFit application

Second Peloton Alternative: Bowflex Velocore 22

Peloton alternative: Bowflex Velocore bike
Peloton alternative: Bowflex Velocore bike
  • Smooth design long and structured
  • 22″ HD Screen
  • Manually adjustable magnetic resistance with belt drive
  • Side to side rotation
  • Live classes


The Bowflex Velocore 22 is an incredible indoor cycling bike and packs a serious punch against a Peloton. The bike itself is pretty large and will take up a bit more space than a standard spinning bike, but you will see why later, and trust me, it’s worth it. The bike looks fantastic and would look good in anyone’s training space despite the size.

Screen and Technology

The Bowflex Velocore fitness bike has a 22″ screen, which is high definition and very easy to use. It has full connectivity with its Bluetooth, and the screen has an application installed called JRNY. This is like iFit and Peloton. It offers a wide variety of classes such as live and saved spinning, yoga, strength, pilates, and various others. It’s $19.99 a month and again totally worth the cost, as it brings so much value. What’s also great about this screen is that unlike other bikes like the Peloton, you can use other applications on it, such as Netflix or Disney plus, to name a couple. You will still get all your stats alongside the screen, such as time, distance, power, and many more.


The Bowflex Velcore 22 has similar internals to the Nordictricak S22i. It’s a high end bike, so we expect magnetic frictionless resistance and, of course, that belt drive for ultimate smoothness. It has a 33lbs flywheel, and everything about this bike feels sturdy and solid when used. It has 100 levels of resistance, and this bike will never stop challenging you no matter how strong you get.

Special Features

This indoor bike has something no other bike has, and this is the ability to lean from side to side. This is an incredible feeling and gives it a very realistic road bike like swing to it. I not only feel much more dynamic on the bike, but my core is getting a great workout too. This is amazing to use, but it does have an off switch if you don’t fancy it. The bike also comes with a Bluetooth heart rate monitor to track how hard you are working and some dumbbells for upper body workouts.

Assembly and Accessibility

Bowflex offers a building service for $199. As you can see by this bike, there’s a little more to it and building it. It can be done by yourself, but if you have never built a basic spin bike, it might be worth taking them up on their offer. If you’re confident in your abilities and have patience, then id attempt it yourself. The Bowflex is very user friendly in the fact it can suit riders up to 325lbs and 5ft 1″ to 6ft 5″. The bike is longer and heavier, but it still can be moved around pretty quickly.

Does it compare to a Peloton?

The Bowflex, again, in my opinion, is a better choice than the Peloton, and it offers everything the Peloton can but with more. This and Nordictrack S22 are probably the best Peloton alternative indoor bikes on the market currently.


  • Looks epic
  • Lean feature
  • JRNY is affordable
  • Silky smooth


  • Large size and heavy frame
  • JRNY subscription needed to sync with other apps

Third Peloton Alternative: Echelon EX5 Smart Bike

Peloton alternative: Echelon ex5s bike
Peloton alternative: Echelon ex5s bike
  • Epic Looks
  • 21.5″ HD Screen
  • Automatic magnetic resistance with belt drive
  • Rear-Facing Flywheel
  • Live on-demand classes


I am a massive fan of the Echelon EX5s and EX7s bikes because they offer so much. The Peloton came out and marketed very well, and I feel Echelon got left behind in the hype. As someone who has ridden many spinning bikes, I can promise you that Echelon makes a fantastic bike. The first thing we can see is that gorgeous rear facing flywheel. It completely changes the look of the bike, and, in my opinion, Echelon makes it the best looking bike on this list by far. They have given it a sleek mat black color with red detailing, and it just looks great.

Screen and Technology

The Screen is a 21.5″ high definition screen. It is locked to the Echelon application, but don’t let that put you off. It is a fantastic app and will give you many choices for cycling classes and other activities such as yoga, strength training workouts, BootCamp, HIIT, and many more. One feature I like is that you can compete with other friends that have Echelons too on the application. It comes in at $39 a month, which is the same as its competitors, but they often have some great deals. The screen is on a swivel bracket and can be moved up down left and right for those off bike workouts. It has Bluetooth connectivity so that you can link headphones and other devices up, such as heart rate monitors.


The internals of this bike is very similar to the other bikes on this list apart from the flywheel. It is a magnetic system, and you do have that lovely belt drive. The bike is extremely quiet, and you won’t be waking anyone else in the house up. The flywheel, though is very small, and it is only 29lbs. It is well designed and works super efficiently. It will give you 32 levels of resistance, and you will definitely feel very challenged by the bike no matter who you are.

Special Features

The Echelon bike is a great all rounder. It’s not packed with special features though. It has the big screen, the Echelon application, and all the connectivity you need but to add to that, as far as special features, you have very little. It does come with some dumbbells, but the other bikes all on this list do too.

Assembly and Accessibility

The bike itself comes pretty much fully built, and it won’t take much time to chuck it together. Allow about an hour, and the tools you need are provided. The Echelon is a very user friendly bike. It suits riders from 4ft 5″ to 6ft 8″, this is a vast range, and you can’t fault it for not being accessible to everyone. One thing I love about this bike that beats a Peloton is that you can shift the handlebars back and forward. The weight capacity of the bike is 300lbs which is pretty standard. The bike is very light for a spinning bike and very easy to move around, so if you have to hide it away after every ride, it’s not difficult to do so.

Does it compare to a Peloton?

The Echelon EX5-S has the looks, the technology, the accessibility, and it is just a great all round machine. Does it compare to a Peloton bike? Yes, in my opinion, it’s on the same quality but cheaper and with a better resistance system (automatic vs manual) that makes it one of the best Peloton alternatives.


  • Amazing looks
  • Affordable price
  • Size of the bike
  • Echelon Application
  • Automatic resistance
  • Solid in any sprint


  • No cooling fan or media tray for phones and tablets
  • Screen only works with Echelon unless hacked

Fourth Peloton Alternative: Proform Studio bike 22

Peloton alternative: proform studio bike
Peloton alternative: Proform studio bike
  • It looks excellent Classic spin bike look
  • 22″ HD Screen
  • Automatic magnetic resistance with belt drive
  • iFit on demand workouts
  • Live spin classes


The Proform Studio 22 is a very cool bike, and I love that they kept it with the classic spinning bike look. I like this. Sometimes, if the design works and is good, just leave it as it is. Spinning bikes have a great look, and Proform has done a great job keeping that.

Screen and Technology

The Screen is a 22″ high definition screen, and it’s excellent. It has the iFit application installed, and this is the same as the Nordictrack S22i. It will give you live and on demand cycling classes. Also, many others such as strength workouts, HIIT, and many more. It comes in at $396 for the family plan and $180 for an individual plan. One thing I love about the iFit application is the google maps integration. This means you can literally start cycling on any road in the world via google maps. In some places, it works amazingly. It can be a bit laggy in others, but I love the fact you can change every ride and never run out of new scenery. It has a Bluetooth connection so you can add all the devices you need, and like the Nordictrack, the instructor can change the resistance for you.


The Proform as a Peloton alternative is excellent inside. Like all bikes on this list, it again has a magnetic resistance system paired with a belt drive. It is silky smooth and will give you thousands and thousands of miles before anything might need doing. It has a 32lbs flywheel and 24 levels of resistance to keep you challenged. It feels strong and sturdy in a sprint, is a tremendous amount of fun to ride, and is very quiet.

Special Features

As far as special features, this bike is pretty simple, like the Echelon bike. It doesn’t swing side to side or incline and decline, and it’s just a great all round bike. The only thing it does have on the Echelon is the fact in the classes, the instructor can change your resistance.

Assembly and Accessibility

Assembling this bike is not a difficult task and should take you longer than an hour or two. The instructions are pretty straightforward, but they recommend two people as some of the parts are heavy, and we wouldn’t want to break that screen now. The user recommended weight is 250lbs or less, making it a little more restrictive than other bikes on this list, and it doesn’t specify a minimum user height or a maximum user height.

Does it compare to a Peloton bike?

Yes, I feel it offers a lot of what the Peloton bikes do, and it will give you the same experience, but it’s neck and neck. It definitely is one of the best Peloton alternatives for indoor cycling.


  • The classic Spinning bike looks
  • Affordable price
  • Auto Resistance
  • iFit
  • Smooth and quiet ride
  • Study and solid bike


  • Limited user weight and hard seat
  • Not many special features like fan or media tray
  • Only works with the iFit application

Peloton Bike Competitors

Why are we looking at the competition for the Peloton bike? Simply it is because if we can find something for better value for money, then it’s vital to talk about. Peloton bikes are not cheap, and many people think they are the only interactive home spinning bike on the market, which it is not.

There are some fantastic peloton bike alternatives on the market that offer auto resistance. They have the ability to lean side to side, and even bikes that move up and down to replicate going on hills.

We have found that the more people who find out about the different types of bikes, they often swap over. And if that’s not an option, you can always DIY a Peloton setup for a couple of hundred dollars.

What do we look for and how do we rate peloton bike alternatives

Before we start looking at the goods, it’s essential to understand what we look for in best peloton bike alternatives. They are very complex machines, and breaking them down is vital to understanding what we’re looking at. It’s not all about excellent screens and fancy classes. It’s about everything as a whole such as internals and the user experience.


The alternatives to the peloton bike must look good with decent ergonomics. The Peloton looks excellent, and honestly, we want something that looks just as good or better. In my opinion, for the money we spend, I want to look at the bike and be proud of what I’m riding.

Screen and Technology

The screen and wireless technology are vital when finding the best peloton bike alternatives. The Peloton bike itself has a fantastic way of making it so easy for the user to jump on straight into a live class, and that’s what we want out of an alternative. We want lots of interactivity to keep us entertained while we train, and we also want connectivity to link up headphones and heart rate monitors to add value to our workouts.

Resistance System

Another thing we need to think about when rating and looking at alternatives to the peloton bike is the internal mechanical hardware parts. We want the peloton bike alternatives that feel amazing for years to come, and we don’t want to worry about any maintenance or issues. Having the right internals is vital for this, and it is something we need to speak about. What I focus mainly for internal part is if the bike has a manually adjustable magnetic resistance like Peloton Bike Original or an electronically adjustable magnetic resistance like Peloton Bike Plus.

Extra Features

We are very interested in any extra features these peloton bike alternative exercise bikes might have. You would be surprised at the technology on the market these days on Peloton alternatives. We have cooling fans, studio looking flywheel lights, and auto-selection resistance, and we have Peloton alternative bikes like S22i that make you feel like your climbing up hills, and even bikes that can lean side to side like Velocore. Sometimes the extra features can ultimately make a bike.

Assembly and Accessibility

This is where we speak about the peloton bike alternative as a unit. Its size is it easy to move around the house. What are the weight and height restrictions? Can it be built easily by yourself? Is it the exercise bike for your needs? These are all the things that we looked at when choosing the best peloton bike alternatives.


Do any of these spinning bikes work without subscriptions?

Peloton spin class app

Yes, Echelon, Nordictrack, Velocore alternatives to the peloton bike work without subscriptions, but the content you get is very limited. Although you can have a good workout, it won’t give you the experience you deserve for the money you’re spending. If you don’t want to use the Peloton and other applications, I suggest you buy a more affordable spin bike like Schwinn IC4.

Can Peloton bike do automatic resistance?


Peloton bike Original can’t do automatic resistance because it doesn’t have the hardware to support this functionality. However, the Peloton Bike Plus has a motorised magnetic resistance that can do automatic resistance On Peloton pre-recorded (not live) classes.

Why are subscriptions to spin bike applications so expensive?

ifit coach spin class app

They have to pay fees to the companies who host the applications, sometimes up to 30%. Then iFit or Peloton, for example, have to pay instructors and staff who maintain it. Also, you will see that most indoor cycling applications are constantly advancing the technology and making it better for the user, and this isn’t free.

What is the best Peloton alternative under $500?

best Peloton alternative

The best alternatives to Pelotons for $500 is the Niceday indoor bike. While it doesn’t have an HD screen, it does have a rotatable backlit 4×3″ backlit with Bluetooth FTMS connection. It also has a heavier 45 lb flywheel and tablet holder to sync the bike with Peloton, Zwift, and Kinomap apps.

Can I connect a Peloton Bike to Zwift with auto resistance?


In order to connect the Peloton Bike Original to Zwift with automatic resistance, you need to install the SmartSpin 2K V3. It’s an accessory that you attach on the Peloton Bike Original’s resistance. This accessory takes the data from the bike and broadcast it over FTMS while adding the auto-resistance feature.

Which is the best peloton alternative under $300?

best spin bikes under $300

Bancon is the best best peloton alternative under $300. It’s one of the cheapest Peloton alternative exercise bikes that has Bluetooth and works with Peloton, Zwift, and Kinomap applications. It also has a magnetic resistance which performs well and has minimum low-maintenance. Also, it has a 3×3 console that reads RPM, resistance level, and speed.

9.7Expert Score
Best Peloton Bike Alternatives

The Nordictrack S22i, Echelon EX5S, Bowflex Velocore, and ProForm Studio Bike Pro provide excellent alternatives to the Peloton bike. While some offer similar functionality to the Peloton, others go above and beyond in terms of features and value. Regardless of which bike you choose, you can expect a fantastic exercise experience.

  • Peloton alternatives offer better value for money than the actual Peloton bike
  • Most of these Peloton alternatives automatic resistance system
  • Applications like iFit have less expensive packages than Peloton
  • One of these Peloton alternatives (EX5s) can be used with Zwift without its monitor
  • Peloton and Peloton alternatives don't have tablet holders
  • Just like Peloton, these alternative bikes don't allow horizontal handlebar adjustment except for EX5s.
  • Except for Echelon the other Peloton alternatives had uncomfortable seats
  • Each bike works with the application of the brand unless hacked

Robbie Ferri
Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri from “Riding with Robbie” has been cycling for almost ten years. In that time, he has broken World Records, Bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. Robbie picked up a bike and started cycling when he was about 25 years old and said it was the best thing he ever did. The experiences and the fun he’s had have given him a huge passion for helping inspire others to ride further, farther, and get fitter.