13 Best Magnetic Spin Bikes | Top Reviews By a Cycling Instructor

Best Magnetic Spin Bikes Tested, Reviewed, and Compared by BEMH indoor Cycling Team. These Magnetic Resistance Spin Bikes Are Seen and Fact-Checked by a Cycling Studio Coach, Robbie Ferri.

Over the past ten years, spin bikes have changed dramatically, and very much so for the better. I remember when I first started spinning indoors years ago. I loved the spin classes, the instructors were motivating, and it helped me where I was at that point in my life. Unfortunately, the bike I can never forget. It was old and clunky, needed service constantly, and sounded just awful. It made the experience of indoor cycling nowhere near as fun as it could have been.

Going back ten years, spinning bikes, although looking very similar, actually worked very differently from how they work now. They used a friction system where a brake pad hit the flywheel on the front to create resistance making your workout more challenging or more manageable. This system was boisterous. It required a lot of servicing, and for the indoor bike to give a nice feel, the spin bike flywheel had to be heavy.

In recent years they now work on magnetic system spin bikes which are frictionless and are intelligent. Instead of using a brake pad to create pressure on the flywheel, they use magnets on spin bikes to create resistance on the flywheel. This means they don’t need to touch. They are super quiet and require minimal servicing.

As this is relatively new in the indoor cycling world as technology has grown so fast, there’s a lot to think about. Some of the magnetic indoor bikes are good, and some are just awful. Our team of indoor cycling experts were inspired to create this list to make sure that you got a great bike when you purchased your indoor cycling. So enjoy the best magnetic indoor cycling bikes on the market currently and ones that are great value for money.

Editor’s Choices!

Magnetic resistance indoor cycling bike prices vary a lot, from the Keiser M3i that costs $2000 to some budget magnetic spin bikes that cost as little as $200. While they all promise to provide the best indoor cycling workout, my years of personal experience prove different. Like everything else, when buying magnetic spin bikes, “you get what you pay for”, at least most of the time.

Therefore, you would never get the reliability of a completely US-made magnetic spin bike such as Keiser M3i if you buy the Sunny, Joroto, Kouz, or any other mass-produced Chinese-made magnetic resistance indoor bikes.

So, if you can afford it, I suggest you go for the Keiser M3i indoor bike or similar high quality exercise bikes that we added to this magnetic spin bike reviews and comparison. It is safe to say, M3i and Nordictrack have been the world’s professional cyclists’ go-to magnetic spin bikes for indoor cycling.

Although top-notch belt driven magnetic spin bikes like Keiser M3i don’t have the biggest screen, they do allow prefect indoor bike fit because of their ergonomic design. Plus, they allow the rider transfer cycling data with any application they want. Honest and reliable fitness producers that make the best indoor cycling bike magnetic resistance such M3i, don’t want to hook you with their monthly subscription (they don’t even have one). With Keiser M3i and Schwinn magnetic spin bikes, you have the freedom to sync data to any application that you prefer. That goes without saying if you love the iFit or Echelon, I suggest you go with the Echelon EX5s or Nordictrack S22i.

Bottom Line
Best Smart bike choice
NordicTrack S22i Review
NordicTrack S22i
Magnetic Indoor Bike
Read My Review
Bottom Line
Automatic resistance, incline, and decline with 22″ screen and compatible with iFit app.
Best overall quality bike
Keiser M3i Review
Keiser M3i
Magnetic Indoor Bike
Read My Review
Bottom Line
Made in the United States and Compatible with all major indoor cycling applications.
Best budget bike choice
Bowflex C7 Review
Bowflex C7
Magnetic Indoor Bike
Read My Review
Bottom Line
Weight holders, quiet drive, and Bluetooth monitor that synchs with Zwift, and other apps.

What We Rate the Bikes on

When it comes to magnetic spin bikes, the rules are slightly different compared to standard bikes. The transmission systems no longer require big heavy flywheels, and the technology makes the bike, in our opinion. This is what we look at when we review magnetic spin bikes.


What does the stationary bike look like, and what features does the design add to the bike. For instance, we check to see if the bike comes with a flywheel protection guard for additional safety for households with kids.


The monitor is an essential part of the spin bike and can change the experience of riding indoors. We take a look at the monitor and what data it can give you when you’re training.


Saddle, Handlebars, Pedals, and other spin bike accessories. Here we look at the bike’s contact points and any unique features the indoor bike might have that would make it stand out from the crowd.

Editors Thoughts

What my thoughts are as a very experienced spinning instructor and someone who is constantly reviewing top magnetic resistance spin bikes that become available on the market.

Additional Details

This is where we look at the size, weight, warranty, and user capacity of the exercise bike. Although they may not sound too important, these details are curtial when searching for the best magnetic spin bikes.

Here are the Top 13 Indoor Bikes With Magnetic Resistance

1. Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle Bundle

 in stock
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The Keiser M3i is a beautiful bike and doesn’t look like many other spinning bikes on the market. It has a very minimalistic V-Shaped design that can cater to riders of all shapes and sizes. The M3i comes as a kit with a mat and tablet holder, and other accessories. It has aesthetics that are very different from other indoor cycles is the rear-facing flywheel and the guard for the in case of children or pets behind.

Not only is it nice to look at it also really packs a punch when it comes to features. It has an excellent monitor on the front, and this can tell you all the data you need, including estimation power. It has the compatibility to link to such applications as Zwift and Peloton, to name a couple with a converter module.

The quality of this magnetic indoor bike is by far the best feature, though. It’s been designed and entirely built in the US. This doesn’t sound like the most significant benefit in the world, but it’s going to make this indoor cycle highly reliable and also hold a lot of value if you ever come to sell it.

9Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Keiser has made an incredible spin bike, and it just performs so well. They threw the rule book out, and honestly, for me, it ticks every box. I think the basics are so right on this bike and when ridden compared to another high-end bike like a Peloton has such a better feel to it. In several magnetic exercise bike reviews, Keiser M3i is featured the best stationary bike with magnetic resistance. After trying this bike myself, I agree with every reviewer who thinks M3i is the best option.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 85lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 26″ W x 49″ H
Warranty 24 Months

  • Quality is probably the best you can get.
  • Unique v-shape design, all made in the USA.
  • The Rear-facing Flywheel with guard.
  • Very low maintenance and extremely quiet.
  • It is a Poly V Belt Drive
  • M3i is equipped with durable dual-sided SPD pedals.
  • Bluetooth and Application compatibility.
  • Tablet holder and accessories.
  • The smart backlit on the monitor is excellent.
  • The price is high for a bike without a bigger screen.
  • To use the more popular applications needs the Keiser Converter.
  • No power meter (it is estimated based on RPM and speed)

2. NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i

 in stock
8 new from $1,500.20
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The Nordictrack S22i is a fantastic bike, and it has so many features which alone would get a bike on this list. Firstly it’s well built and looks gorgeous. The oversized tubing and giant screen make it stand out amongst the crowd. It offers something very few indoor cycles provide, and that is the ability to electronically incline and decline the bike as you ride. This gives it a feel that you’re riding up and down hills, and it is such fun in interactive classes.

The screen is enormous, it’s a 22″ HD and is excellent. To make it even better, it has a fan inbuilt under it. This bike has been designed to be used with the iFit application. Many magnetic indoor bikes on this list come with subscription models and are only intended to work like this. It offers spinning classes, prerecorded and live. You can go on scenic rides and even do other types of training such as HIIT. Usually, it’s about $40 a month, but it comes with a year for free when you buy the bike.

As far as magnetic resistance spinning bikes go, this is right up there with the heavy hitters and is world widely renowned as one of the best, and we can see why. The quality is there. It’s very interactive and a lot of fun to ride. The incline and decline feature is impressive.

9Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The Incline and Decline feature does it for me with this. I rate it so highly, and it gives you such a great experience compared to other magnetic spinning bikes. The only bike to feel realistic like this is the Bowflex Velocore, which is also excellent.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 204lbs
Max User Weight 350lbs
Size 55″ L x 22″ W x 57″ H
Warranty 24 Months

  • iFit application is excellent, and the free year makes such a difference.
  • iFit pre-recorded and live classes.
  • Great transmission system
  • Incline and Decline Technology
  • 360-degree screen rotation
  • Very quiet to use
  • Two 3lb dumbbells included
  • Comfortable Saddle and Handlebars
  • Auto breeze workout fan, HDMI, USB charging, and smart resistance.
  • Slightly more complex assembly
  • The bike is heavy and Requires a connect-to-house power
  • Screen limited to the iFit application only.

3. Echelon EX5-S Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

 in stock
2 new from $999.00
Free shipping
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The Echelon EX5s is quite the bike, and just by looking at it, we can see it has the rear-facing flywheel like the Keiser m3i but with a screen like the Nordictrack s22i. If you have been looking at magnetic spinning bikes for a while, you will know precisely who echelon are. They make incredible bikes and are Peloton’s biggest competition. The bicycle looks like it dropped from space with the smooth matt finish and slimline design, and we love it.

Just like Peloton and the Nordictrack, this bike is subscription-based. The Echelon app is incredible and out of all the online spinning and fitness applications boasts some of the best classes and best instructors. It’s again about $40 a month, and it will be impressed with everything it has to offer. The screen is massive at 22″ and an easy-to-navigate touchscreen. It has a power meter on this bike, too, but unfortunately, it is an estimation but still impressive to have that price. If you want more accurate power feedback, your best bet would be power meter pedals for this spin bike. Not only do they send accurate power data, they also enable you to synch with your favorite cycling apps.

I don’t think you can go wrong with this bike. It may not be able to incline and decline, but it is a stationary bike alone, really fun to use, and much cheaper than many of its competitors. I love the rear-facing flywheel, and it is one of the best magnetic exercise bikes on the market. One ability this bike has that puts the rest to shame is adjusting the handlebars horizontally and vertically.

8.5Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Echelon needs no introduction. They make a fantastic product, and I can see why they are considered Pelotons’ most significant competitors. The bike is excellent, and it’s not silly money. I found the community to be outstanding around the application.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 124lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 54″ L x 20″ W x 52″ H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Great Screen 22″ HD
  • Echelons Application has so much to offer
  • Very Quiet and fun to ride
  • SPD and Toe Clip-ins
  • Rear-facing flywheel
  • Bottle holders
  • Handlebars adjust Horizontally and Vertically.


  • It doesn’t sync with non-Echelon applications
  • Subscription cost
  • Power Meter is an estimate

4. Bowflex VeloCore 16 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

 in stock
5 new from $1,499.99
1 used from $959.99
Free shipping
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The VeloCore 16 comes in at under $1700, and it has a lot to offer. Firstly it’s beautifully designed. It looks sleek, and everything connects well, from the oversized tubing to the sleek, sharp handlebars. It has a subtle matt black color which gives it a classy look, and it would look great in a home gym.

It has an excellent 16-inch touch monitor which will give you the essential data such as RPM, Calories, Distance, Heart rate, estimated watt, resistant level, and time. You wouldn’t expect much more on a bike of this price, and even some magnetic resistance indoor bikes at this price don’t come with monitors. It has a tablet holder for you to have some entertainment or follow a class. It also has Bluetooth, WiFi, and ANT+ connectivity and often comes with a heart rate monitor you can wear to give you more insight into your ride.

Aside from its right and left leaning feature, what I like about this bike is that it is nice to ride. Simplicity is key here, and they have got a decent flywheel on that magnetic system. It’s super quiet, and you feel connected when it gets going. Although it comes with handlebars that can move vertically, it would have been better if it was also horizontally adjustable with additional grip options. It also has pedals that have a toe clip and SPD clip-in availability.

8.5Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

It’s really high to the mid-range this bike, but it punches well above its weight. It makes the bikes like the Schwinn look plain as the design is outstanding.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 175lbs
Max User Weight 325lbs
Size 50″ L x 20″ W x 45″ H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Good Price and Build Quality
  • 16 Inches touchscreen monitor
  • Can install streaming entreatment apps on the monitor
  • Bike pivots to right and left to mimic road corners
  • SPD Clip-in Pedals
  • Tablet holders and weight holders


  • No fore/aft adjustment on the handlebars
  • The monitor doesn’t synch with non Bowflex applications

5. OVICX Connected Magnetic Exercise Bike

 in stock
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

OVICX is one of the well-thought-through spinning bike designs on this list. Not only has it got the TT bars and elbow pads. It has water bottle holders and not only one but two. This will help on those longer indoor cycling rides. It has a protective guard on the flywheel for things happening around the bike and sweat and prolongs its life. It’s smooth and sleek and looks like it should cost way more than it does.

This bike is fundamental, and that’s how it has been designed. It doe have WiFi wireless capability and a 21.5 inches touchscreen monitor. It’s sad to see this awesome bike doesn’t allow installing any application (including streaming and entertainment apps) other than the OVICX apps which requires improvements. But not all users of spin bikes look for multi-app compatible monitors. Some just want a more direct experience, which is exactly what this magnetic resistance spin bike gives, because of this, I rate it.

The bike is beautiful to look at but also has much more aggressiveness as far as positioning goes. It would suit someone a bit more used to awkward positions like a road cyclist or a triathlete. The aero handlebars are not commonly seen, but I like the fact they have been put on. The components in the transmission system are simple poly-V which is not the best (toothed timing belts are better) but they will give you thousands of no maintenance miles without a hiccup. Another bonus is the pedals have both toe clips and SPD compatibility.

8Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The fact this bike doesn’t work with non-OVICX application I can not worry about. I enjoyed this magnetic indoor cycling bike, but it is aggressive, and for older user (or those with weaker knees), longer spinning rides might be a bit challenging. Would recommend it for $1000 to $1200 but wouldn’t pay more for this brand or bike.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 121lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 54″ L x 21″ W x 47″ H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Dual-use pedals with SPD and Cages
  • 21.5″ Touchscreen monitor
  • Two Easy to reach bottle holders
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Heavy Flywheel and Affordable Price


  • Lower quality and more expensive than competitors
  • Monitor only works with their paid version of application

6. Bowflex C7 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

 in stock
9 new from $603.00
1 used from $670.71
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The Bowflex C7 is less than $1500 and is an exceptional bike for the price. It has a stunning look to it. It’s solid and entertaining, and straightforward to ride. The matt black finish and oversized support tubes make it look unique. I feel it would look great in any home gym and be a great asset to anyone’s training. It also boasts a great feature in having a screen and handlebars that can move horizontally and vertically.

The monitor is on 7″, so much smaller than the other bikes with screens on this list. As with the other bikes, it’s a subscription-based model. The Application Bowflex use is the JRNY, and it’s about half the price of the others, such as Peloton. They boast the bike can be used with Zwift and Peloton, and this is correct, but you have to have your tablet to make this connection work. It also has integration with google maps so you can travel all over the world.

As far as the price goes, it offers similar to the other bikes, but it is on a much smaller scale. Firstly the application is excellent but a bit less on there. The screen is good, but again it’s smaller. It has a power meter, but it’s estimated not direct. It’s an excellent bike for the price and outstanding value for money.

8Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Bowflex knows spinning bikes, and you can tell when it comes to the C7. It’s great value for money, and bikes like the Echelon and the Peloton should be concerned about what they will bring out in the future.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 115lbs
Max User Weight 325lbs
Size 52″ L x 24″ W x 51″ H
Warranty 24 Months


  • Great Price tag
  • Nice screen with lots of data
  • JNRY application is excellent
  • Tablet and Phone holder
  • Bluetooth to link heart rate monitors and the bike to other applications
  • 16 Levels of magnetic resistance
  • Very Quiet
  • Clipless SPD pedals and toe straps


  • Screen Size is not as big as Echelon EX5S or S22i
  • JNRY Application cost
  • Zwift, and many other app can’t be installed on the screen

7. Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Stationary Indoor Bike

 in stock
6 new from $799.99
Free shipping
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

Schwinn is known for its fantastic quality. You will see machines made by them plastered all over gyms and in high-end home gyms everywhere. They make excellent magnetic resistance indoor bikes, and the IC4 bike is precisely that. Firstly it looks pretty standard but doesn’t be fooled by this. The price is currently less than $1000 and one of the cheapest on this list.

It doesn’t have a screen, but it does have a monitor. The monitor gives you all the data you need, including a power estimation. It can link up to applications like Peloton and zwift, but you will need a tablet or Apple TV. This Bluetooth can also support heart rate monitors.

It’s tranquil and smooth to ride. This Schwinn magnetic resistance spin bike will need next to no maintenance and will give you thousands of trouble-free cycling hours. These Schwinn magnetic resistance spin bikes are often seen in spinning studios, so you can quite imagine they can take some abuse.

7Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Schwinn makes a basic bike. They are so basic, but they work so well, and the quality is like nothing else. Very few need any attention, and they put time into the workings more than anything.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 106lbs
Max User Weight 330lbs
Size 49″ L x 21″ W x 52″ H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Build Quality and good Price
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Classic Design
  • Low Maintenance
  • Lots of data, including power on apps


  • Monitor not a Screen
  • Very basic compared to other bikes

8. ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Magnetic Indoor Cycle

 in stock
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The Asuna 6100 is a bike from Sunny Health and Fitness. It’s one of my favorites, if I’m honest. To look at it doesn’t have a classic spinning bike look to it. It has a rear-facing flywheel and drops handlebars, to name a few of the things I like about it.

As far as the monitor goes, it’s very basic and will give you the essentials that you require. Time, Calories, Speed, Distance, and Heart Rate. The bike comes with a chest heart rate monitor, which is a nice touch as it means you can see some more data about your training. There’s no Bluetooth, but at this price, I wouldn’t expect it. Above this monitor is a tablet holder and it is really good quality and easy to use.

The drop handlebars on this are well placed, and the bike does make getting comfortable easy. It has bottle holders, and the pedals are dual-sided, so they can have regular shoes or special clip-ins. The transmission system is sound and has a nice feel to it when ridden. You will be pleased to hear that it’s tranquil also.

7Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Sunny Health and Fitness, just know bikes and make a tremendous mid-range magnetic resistance indoor cycle. I love the rear-facing flywheel, and honestly, the monitor and tablet mount are nice. It’s a good clean, fun bike which id probably pick over other magnetic stationary bikes like the SB900.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 127lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 59″ L x 22″ W x 54″ H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Price and Monitor
  • Heart Rate Monitor comes with bike
  • Rear-facing flywheel
  • Drop Handlebars
  • Water Bottle Holders
  • Dual-Sided Pedals


  • Monitor not Backlit and no resistance or watt readings
  • No wireless connectivity such as Bluetooth
  • Bad warranty from Sunny

9. Echanfit Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike

 out of stock
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

Coming in under $500, it’s easy not to expect much out of a spin bike, but the Echanfit will surprise you. Firstly it looks excellent and is finished in a lovely matt black with oversized tubing. It has a front-facing flywheel and drops handlebars to give it a sporty look.

Although basic, it still comes with a monitor. It will only give you the primary data, but I wouldn’t expect anything more for the money you’re paying for this. It will provide you with Distance, Calories, Speed, and Heart Rate. One thing to note is no RPM which is a shame. Unlike the previous two bikes, it doesn’t come with a chest strap heart rate monitor, but it comes with panels on the handlebars to sense your heart rate. If you’re not interested in the stats, you can put your phone or tablet in front as it has a ridge to support this.

I like the way this bike rides. It’s no thrills fun, and for the price, you can’t complain about how it feels. I love the fact it has drop handlebars and still boasts the standard spinning positions too. The pedals do not support clip-ins, but it does have a high-quality metal pedal with toe straps. The handlebars and saddle can also both adjust vertically and horizontally, which is a great feature.

6Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

It’s a cheap, no thrills bike which I rate, though I think the Kouz reviewed later would be a close choice. The main difference between this magnetic resistance indoor cycling bike and other Kouz is the drop handlebars that it comes with.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight Unknown
Max User Weight 297lbs
Size 40″ L x 21″ W x 44″ H
Warranty 24 Months


  • Quiet and sturdy
  • Very Affordable
  • Good Transmission system for the price
  • Water bottle holders.
  • Drop Handlebars
  • Tablet Holder


  • Not clip-in pedals
  • No RPM or Backlight on Monitor
  • Not as durable as IC4 or SB900

10. Kouz Live Stationary Magnetic Spinning Bike

 out of stock
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The Kouz Live is the top bike produced by guys at Kouz, and it is of very high quality. Knowing it comes in at less than $300 is something excellent too. It has a classic spinning bike look to it and uses oversized tubing for strength and support. It is basic, and that’s why I like it so much. It’s not trying to be expensive, just trying to be a good value for money.

It has a monitor on it, which is impressive. It’s only got some essential data such as Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, and Speed, but that’s enough to give yourself a decent workout, to be fair. The Heart rate monitor is inbuilt into the handlebars and connectivity-wise has no Bluetooth or Ant+, but at this price, I wouldn’t expect that. It does have a tablet holder to help if you need some entertainment while riding too.

The bike is smooth, and it’s very stable to ride. Assembly isn’t challenging at all, and it isn’t as big as it looks in the pictures, which is nice. I like the fact the handlebars and saddle can adjust horizontally and vertically. The pedals are basic but are good quality and toe clip-in. It’s a good no thrills bike at a meager cost and probably one of the best value-for-money bikes on this list.

6Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Best low-budget bike on the list full stop! Nothing can touch this on value for cash. But I don’t recommend it for heavy or experienced riders due to its lack of technology and durability.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 90lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 21″ W x 43″ H
Warranty 1-Year parts and frame


  • Quiet and affordable price
  • Handles adjust vertically and horizontally
  • Tablet Holder


  • Basic pedals with SPD clips
  • Monitor not backlit
  • No RPM reading or Bluetooth

11. Sunny Health And Fitness SF-B1805 Spin Bike

 in stock
3 new from $568.99
2 used from $412.42
Free shipping
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The SF-B1805 is a bike produced by Sunny, mentioned earlier in this article, and it’s terrific. As you can see, it’s pretty basic and comes in roughly around $500. It’s very minimalistic and easy to set up and use for beginner spinners.

You have to take into account, like the Asuna 7150 I mentioned before, this bike doesn’t have a monitor, and not all bikes will have a monitor. These companies want to appeal to a market of people who want a basic spinning class bike, and Sunny has gone for that here. If you are looking for a bike with a low cost and a screen, hit up the Maxkare Black as it’s just amazing.

That aside, the quality of the components is here. You’re going to get some fantastic riding out of this bike for sure, and we still had to put it up on this list as it’s excellent in its way. The saddle and handlebars are of excellent quality, and the adjustment of being able to move them horizontally and vertically helps get that perfect position. The pedals are a great quality toe clip in, and honestly, it’s great to ride. The handlebars have an aero position, unlike many other magnetic spin bikes, and I can see why it has survived in the market for a long time.

6Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The lovely classic spin bike feels, and I think it would suit a beginner to spinning or someone who prefer to use a set of Wahoo sensors or even power pedals to ride indoor using their own device for fitness tracking.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 126lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 23″ W x 48″ H
Warranty 180 Days


  • Price and Very Quiet
  • Handlebars and saddle move horizontally and vertically
  • Aerobar Position
  • Easy assembly and to move around
  • Water bottle holders
  • Components are very high quality


  • Lack of Monitor
  • No SPD pedals
  • Looks fairly basic

12. Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

 in stock
2 new from $327.99
2 used from $314.87
Free shipping
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

The Joroto X2 is a little bit of a lot of bikes on the market, and it’s one of the best budget magnetic spin bikes, especially at the price of about $400 at the minute it’s a steal. It looks like other bikes about this price with that classic spinning bike look, but they have added an oversize flywheel and an excellent cover across the transmission. It’s tough to stand out at this price, but I feel they have done that.

The bike has a small monitor, which is pretty basic, but it’s to be expected at that price. It will give you the essentials. RPM, Heart Rate, Calories, Speed, and Time. It’s not backlit, but it’s not often you spin in the dark, so as long as the room is well lit, it’s all good.

I like the design, and the bike is solid to ride. I like that the handlebars are a standard design with bottle holders on, and a tablet mount finishes it off nicely. The saddle is of nice quality and very comfortable. The bike is very adjustable, and the handlebars and saddle can move both horizontally and vertically. It’s a quiet ride, and I can see why they are prevalent in this price range.

6Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Toronto has made a cheap bike look good, and I rate it highly. If you can pick one of these up, you won’t be going wrong with the investment. Other bikes can compete, such as the SF-B1805.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 94lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 43″ L x 20″ W x 43″ H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Quiet and a smooth ride
  • Looks great
  • Great Saddle
  • Water bottle holders
  • Tablet Mount


  • No Monitor backlight
  • Cable for monitor power runs across the front
  • No SPD pedals

13. Dmasun Indoor Bike With Magnetic Resistance

 in stock
1 used from $269.47
Free shipping
as of October 1, 2022 5:53 pm

Dmasun makes two indoor bikes, and they are probably some of the best value-for-money bikes in the market. They have a friction bike and a frictionless magnetic bike. This Dmasun were looking at today is magnetic and comes in at less than $350, and is not shy of a few good features. It’s got that classic indoor studio cycle look and even sports a monitor on the front, which was a big surprise when I first got to check it out.

The monitor is fundamental, but it gives everything most monitors do, Distance, Time, Calories, and Speed. It doesn’t have RPM, but I’m impressed it has a monitor alone. I have to say. I love the simple design, and it is in a circle that looks different.

In size, it’s pretty tiny and can easily be moved around the house but also feel solid and sturdy in a heavy sprint too. I love that the saddle is heavily padded, and it has a nice feel to it when riding. The handlebars are pretty simple and just move vertically, and I don’t mind this too much as the saddle can move around to compensate.

5Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Effortless, no thrill spinning bike. When you order, make sure you get the magnetic version and not the brake pad version, and this is by far the best affordable magnetic resistance spin bike.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight Unknown
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 20″ W x 43″ H
Warranty 12 Months


  • Affordable Price
  • Quiet operation
  • Low Maintenance
  • Fun to ride
  • Toe Cage Pedals


Handlebars can only adjust vertically
Looks basic and no backlit
No RPM reading

Best Magnetic Indoor Bikes Comparison Chart

Best Magnetic Resistance Spin Bikes Comparison Chart
Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle BundleBluetooth Blue Backlit, Watt, RPM, Speed Resistance, Distance, Calories, & Heart Rate300-Lb Max4'10″ Min - 6'7″ Max24-Level Magnetic Resistance
NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i22" Touch, HDMI, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate
Bluetooth and WiFi
350-Lb Max27″ Min - 40 Max24-Level Magnetic Resistance
Echelon EX5-S Indoor Cycling Bike22" Touch, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max4’9″ Min 6’6″ Max34-Level Magnetic Resistance
VeloCore 16 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike16" Touch, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate325-Lb Max4’6″ Min 6’6″ MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Ovix Fitness Magnetic Exercise Bike21.5" Touch, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max29" Min / 38" MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Bowflex C7 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike7" Touch Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, Bluetooth and WiFi325-Lb Max5’2″ Min 6’5″ Max100-Increment Magnetic Resistance
Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Stationary BikeBluetooth, RPM, Resistance, Speed, Distance, Calories, & Heart Rate Readings330-Lb Max5’1″ Min 7’0″ Max100-Increment Magnetic Resistance
ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Magnetic Indoor CycleRPM, Distance, Time, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max28" Min / 38" MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Echanfit Magnetic Indoor Cycling BikeDistance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate297-Lb Max28" Min -36" MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Kouz Live Stationary Magnetic Spinning BikeDistance, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate300-Lb Max27.5″ Min 36″ MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic SF-B1805 Spin BikeN/A300-Lb Max28" Min / 38" MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Joroto X2 Magnetic Belt-Drive Indoor Cycling BikeDistance, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate280-Lb Max27.5″ Min 36.2″ MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Vigbody Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic ResistanceDistance, Time, Calories, and Scan300-Lb Max27″ Min 36″ MaxMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels

Easy Hacks To Benefit More From Magnetic Spin Bikes

When it comes to cycling indoors on a belt driven magnetic spin bike, it can be easy to learn, but it is tough to master. I remember when I first started riding indoors, I felt I was getting on fine.

But looking back, I was missing some vital points that could have really improved the experience I had on my spinning bike magnetic with resistance and made it much easier for me.

The following tips aim to make cycling easier for you while using a spin bike belt drive magnetic resistance by telling you everything you need to know now.

These are the things I wish I would have been told when I first started riding indoors on my affordable magnetic spin bike. These are all cheap and easy hacks to do and will make a tremendous amount of difference to your experience of using exercise bikes with magnetic resistance.

Use a Mat Under a Magnetic Belt Drive Spin Bike

best spin bike floor mats

The first bit of advice I can give you is to use a mat. Even if you have the cheapest magnetic spin bike, it will make a difference. The difference a bike mat makes is enormous, and the cost is so tiny.

Having a mat on the floor under indoor exercise bikes with magnetic resistance has so many advantages, and I wouldn’t ever go without one now. You can use high end matting or something as simple as a yoga mat for your budget magnetic spin bike.

Mat is Floor Protecting

The first thing a mat does amazingly is protecting your floor as well as your indoor exercise bike magnetic resistance. If you are cycling at home on hardwood or tiles, that could scratch as soon as you sprint.

You’re going to be damaging your floor without a mat even if you have the best magnetic spin bikes, which isn’t ideal. I wish I knew this when I was reading magnetic exercise bike reviews across the web.

Mat is Noise Dampening

Mats, especially rubber or PVC thick mats, take all the vibration from the magnetic resistance belt drive spin bike and hugely dampen the noise.

I personally use industrial gym mats with one of the best spin bikes with magnetic resistance that I recently bought, and it is incredibly quiet when I’m spinning. So, I never worry about upsetting my downstairs neighbors when riding an indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance.

Mat keeps the Bike Stable

Although when it comes to using a magnetic resistance spin bike, you’re typically quite planted. As soon as you start to sprint on a magnetic resistance spin bikes, you will move around unless you have a good mat gripping you to the floor.

Reading a few magnetic resistance exercise bike reviews on the web, you can easily discover how annoying an unstable spin bike is on slippery furnace.

Consider a Good Training Space

Not having a very good training space is what many indoor cyclists make a huge error when they buy their first home spin bike magnetic resistance and start training indoors. When you set up your magnetic resistance indoor bike or smart trainer, what surrounds you makes all the difference.

I have found that putting your magnetic exercise bike in a place where many people are passing through makes training much more challenging, and it’s easy to get distracted.

Having your magnetic spin bike in a hallway or a room like a kitchen makes it tough to train as people will always be walking through and putting you off what you’re doing.

But keeping your magnetic flywheel spin bike somewhere hidden away really does help you just focus on the task at hand and stops people interrupting you while you are cycling at home.

Ventilate the cycling room

If you want to turn your magnetic resistance cycle experience into a rock solid awful experience, then just don’t ventilate the room.

While using a magnetic indoor bike riding indoor is challenging enough without not having adequate air, so how do we go about getting maximum airflow?

Use a cooling fan
cooling fans for cycling indoors

Even if it is a cheap fan using one will make sure a huge difference when using the best magnetic stationary bike. When riding outdoors, you have fresh air forced down your throat, but unfortunately, we don’t get this when spinning indoors.

Using a cooling fan to boost the airflow towards you and help you get more oxygen to you and your muscles is free power. That said, some of the best magnetic resistance spin bikes like Nordictrack S22i come equipped with cooling fan so you wouldn’t need another fan.

Leave a window or a door open

When you are on your belt drive magnetic resistance spin bike, it’s good to have a fan pointed at you, but if it’s just pushing hot air, it’s a tad useless.

Getting a door or window open to add more ventilation and better air quality will help keep you smashing in decent watts and get great workout even from the cheapest magnetic resistance spin bike.

Train at the right temperature

We have just spoken about how much ventilation helps you ride indoors on a spinning bike magnetic resistance. Now, let us discuss temperature. Did you know when it comes to indoor cycling and riding the best exercise bike with magnetic resistance, the majority of the body’s effort doesn’t go to pushing your pedals down.

It goes actually to keep the body’s processes running correctly. Things like circulating blood, delivering nutrients, converting food into glycogen, all this counts to keep you on form.

One of the biggest things the body spends its energy on is temperature regulation. To save your body’s energy keeping it at the right temperature while doing spinning bike workouts matters.

I highly recommend using air condition if required or even dropping that heating out to cool you down where your training. One of my colleagues who recently bought a Schwinn exercise bike with magnetic resistance said she turned off the heater in her home gym while cycling and the difference was amazing.

You will notice a massive difference in your performance if you can stay at your optimum temperature. You need to keep the room at the right temperature and stay cool otherwise even with the best spin bike magnetic resistance you will still feel uncomfortable and demotivated.

Use a Heart Rate Monitor

Pulse and heart rate monitor

You have probably heard of heart rate monitors before, and yes, they are amazing. For the price of about $30 you can get a cheap heart rate monitor that will link to indoor cycling applications such as Peloton and Zwift.

A heart rate monitor can do so much when combined with the best magnetic resistance stationary bike. It can tell you how hard you’re working on your indoor exercise bikes with magnetic resistance, and by using this information, you can create training zones. It can help show how much fitter you’re getting by looking at previous data.

They are amazing, even to the point that you can sometimes see if you’re getting poorly or are feeling under the weather. I highly recommend constantly riding exercise bikes with magnetic resistance with a heart rate monitors.

Watch Spin Bike Workout Videos

Peloton spin class app

If you head on to the internet and download a training application or even go on Youtube, you will find a lot of online indoor cycling classes and sessions to train from.

Do you need to use your magnetic belt drive spin bike while watching an online spinning class video? Not always, but it makes a considerable amount of difference to your exercise progress.

Having a structure forces you to work harder, and typically, many spin bike sessions will force you to train in all your different zones.

It will help you get fitter because it will challenge you and is very distracting to help the time go by much faster and is much more of an immersive experience.

Bring a Sport Towel to the Bike


When I first bought a budget magnetic spin bike and started indoor cycling, I didn’t have much time for sweat towels and wasn’t too bothered. I do sweat like most people, but I just didn’t use a towel, and to this day, I regret it because it ruined some of my equipment in the long term.

You are typically on your own bike using turbo trainers, and the handlebars are made for riding outdoors. If you let too much sweat sit on these under the bar tape, it will corrode your bars as the salt reacts with the aluminum. It can weaken them, and they have a chance to snap when you do go outside.

The same goes with your traditional exercise bike or even a magnetic resistance belt drive spin bike. They are built to be pretty water-resistant, but you can’t let too much sweat sit on the surface.

Salty sweat will rust your pride and joy over the space of a few months or even as long as a year and can cause bearing to break. It doesn’t even matter the type of towel. A beach towel would work fine to keep you sweat free.

Use a Table for Stuff

Years ago when I was reading magnetic spin bike reviews and then I decided to buy one of the cheapest magnetic resistance spin bikes I could find, I realised one of the most annoying things is having to get off your indoor trainer.

It’s really annoying to interrupt the indoor biking session, for reasons like grabbing your water bottle or changing something on the laptop for the Zwift rides you have planned.

Thankfully there’s a very easy solution, and as far as indoor cycling hacks go, this is one of the best that comes handy with any indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance.

Using a the best magnetic indoor cycling bike with a cycling training table makes it so much easier. You have space to put a tablet, pop your laptop on, and even keep water bottles and food. Plus, this allows you to keep your accessories away from the bike handlebars and ride without obstacles.

What a lot of people do is use an ironing board to use as a table. It’s an ideal place for a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and you can wash the cover if you get it sweaty by mistake.

best spin bike speed cadence sensors

Is a Spin Bike Better Than a Treadmill?

spin bike vs treadmill

Spin bike and treadmill both have their pros and cons, so it is difficult to say which is better. They both deliver nearly the same number of calorie burn which is wholly dependent on user effort, weight, age, gender, and other contributing factors. You can burn about 600-800 calories in 60 minutes with a treadmill while you can burn about 600 calories in 45-60 minutes with a spin bike. While treadmills deliver high-impact exercise that exerts strain on the knees and other delicate joints, spin bikes provide low-impact exercise which is better for people with mobility problems and injuries. So which is better is dependent on personal preference, goals, and circumstances.

What is the Most Affordable Spin Bike?

best budget spin bikes

There are several good-quality spin bikes that don’t cost an arm and a leg. These bikes cost under $500. Some examples include the Kouz indoor cycling bike which costs $309 only on Amazon. The Joroto Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike costs about $399, and the Pooboo indoor cycling bike which is valued at just $339.

How much do spin bikes cost?

best spin bikes in the United States

Generally, spin bikes cost between $300 to $3000+. They have different price points that fall between budget-friendly, moderately-priced and expensive.

Is there a cheaper spin bike alternative to Peloton?

best Peloton alternative

Peloton has earned its reputation for being pricey, and for good reason too. However, there are cheaper Peloton alternatives with similar specifications and functionality as Peloton such as the Nordictrack S22i studio cycling bike and Echelon smart connect EX5s bike.

Can you Reduce Belly Fat by Using a Spin Bike?


To an extent, yes but it will take a large dose of patience and time. Regular spinning sessions with proper comfortable clothing can aid overall fat loss in the body including the fat concentrated in your belly. But you’ve got to give it time, commitment, and patience.

What type of Spin Bike is Suitable for Small Spaces?


Spin bikes with folding abilities or a minimal footprint are best suited for small spaces. Keiser M3i is a great option for people with small spaces as it is compact and lightweight so you can move it from one place to another place without too much effort.

Is it important to wear specific indoor cycling clothing?


Absolutely yes. It’s crucial to wear the right clothing for indoor cycling to maximise the comfort, extend the duration of the spinning workout session, to improve efficiency and of course for safety reasons you want to wear specific apparel such as padded women shorts and shoes for cycling indoors.

Why magnetic spin bike squeaking?

how to maintain spin bike

Some affordable magnetic spin bike may start to squeak after a while, especially when you increase the resistance. If it happens to your magnetic indoor cycle, you need to remove metal debris from the magnets. Another reason a magnetic spin bike can squeak is when magnets are not properly aligned with spin bike flywheel. To get rid of squeaking, you would need to loosen the rod and assembly that hold the resistance system, realised the magnets and tighten the parts.

Are magnetic exercise bikes good?

exercise bike magnetic resistance system

Yes, magnetic spin bikes are the best option to consider. They are much better than friction exercise bikes because they need little maintenance and make very little noise compared to non-magnetic exercise bikes. If you read magnetic resistance exercise bike reviews, you will notice that 99% of the owners love them.

Where to buy spin bike with magnetic resistance?

spinning exercise bike

You can find magnetic resistance spin bike for sale on Amazon, Costco, eBay, and BestBuy. Some of the best value magnetic spin bikes that we bought were on Amazon. If you check regularly, you might be lucky to find the best indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance for sale and pay only half the price.

Magnetic resistance spin bike vs friction resistance?

how to choose spin bike resistance guide

The main difference between magnetic spin bikes and friction resistance is that magnetic system is quieter and has less maintenance than friction resistance. Magnetic resistance spin bikes are also smoother and feel more natural than friction resistance spin bikes.

My Final Thought

As I said, before, indoor cycling is a lot of fun, and having the right equipment at home can make such a difference in achieving your fitness goals. Any of these good-quality magnetic spin bikes will make such a difference to how you experience indoor cycling home. Enjoy riding your indoor bike and exercise hard.