Best Magnetic Spin Bikes 2023: The Top 13 Indoor Bikes

Over the past ten years, spin bikes have changed dramatically, and very much so for the better. I remember when I first started spinning indoors years ago. I loved the spin classes, the instructors were motivating, and it helped me where I was at that point in my life. Unfortunately, the bike I can never forget. It was old and clunky, needed service constantly, and sounded just awful. It made the experience of indoor cycling nowhere near as fun as it could have been.

Going back ten years, spinning bikes, although looking very similar, actually worked very differently from how they work now. They used a friction system where a brake pad hit the flywheel on the front to create resistance making your workout more challenging or more manageable. This system was boisterous. It required a lot of servicing, and for the indoor bike to give a nice feel, the spin bike flywheel had to be heavy.

In recent years they now work on magnetic system spin bikes which are frictionless and intelligent with the ability to automatically change. Instead of using a brake pad to create pressure on the flywheel, they use magnets on spin bikes to create resistance on the flywheel. This means they don’t need to touch so they are super quiet and require minimal servicing.

As this is relatively new in the indoor cycling world as technology has grown so fast, there’s a lot to think about. Some of the magnetic indoor bikes are good, and some are just awful. Our team of indoor cycling experts was inspired to create this list to make sure that you got a great bike when you purchased your indoor cycling. So enjoy the best magnetic indoor cycling bikes on the market currently and ones that are great value for money.

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Best Magnetic Spin Bikes Comparison For 2023

Best Magnetic Resistance Spin Bikes Comparison Chart
Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle BundleBluetooth Blue Backlit, Watt, RPM, Speed Resistance, Distance, Calories, & Heart Rate300-Lb Max
4'9″ to 6'7″
Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, and others.Manual Magnetic Resistance
NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i22" Touch, HDMI, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate
Bluetooth and WiFi
350-Lb Max
5.1″ to 6.5"
Only iFitElectronic Magnetic Resistance
Echelon EX5-S Indoor Cycling Bike22" Touch, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max
4’9″ to 6’6″
Echelon, Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, and others.Electronic Magnetic Resistance
Peloton Bike Original with 22" Screen22" Touch, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max
5' to 6'4"
Only PelotonManual Magnetic Resistance
VeloCore 16 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike16" Touch, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate325-Lb Max
5’1″ to 6’6″
Zwift, Peloton, and many more apps but JRNY subscription needed.Manual Magnetic Resistance
Studio Bike Pro Magnetic Indoor Cycle22" Touch, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max
5'2" to 6'5"
Only iFitElectronic Magnetic Resistance
Bowflex C7 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike7" Touch Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, Bluetooth and WiFi325-Lb Max
5’2″ to 6’5″
Zwift, Peloton, and many more apps but JRNY subscription needed.Manual Magnetic Resistance
Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Stationary BikeHigh contrast LCD with Bluetooth, RPM, Resistance, Speed, Distance, Calories, & Heart Rate Readings330-Lb Max
5’1″ to 6'4″
Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, and others.Manual Magnetic Resistance
Horizon 7.0 IC Magnetic Indoor Cycling BikeHigh contrast LCD with Bluetooth, RPM, Resistance, Speed, Distance, Calories, & Heart Rate Readings270-Lb Max
5.2" to 6.3"
Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, and others.Electronic Magnetic Resistance
Echelon EX15 Stationary Magnetic Spinning BikeBluetooth sensors with RPM, Resistance, Speed, Distance, Calories300-Lb Max
5' to 6.3″
Zwift, Peloton, Rouvy, and others.Manual Magnetic Resistance
Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic SF-B1805 Spin BikeNone300-Lb Max
5.1" to 6.2"
NoneManual Magnetic Resistance
Joroto X2 Magnetic Belt-Drive Indoor Cycling BikeDistance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate280-Lb Max
5'1 to 6.2″
NoneManual Magnetic Resistance
Dmasun Exercise Bike With Magnetic ResistanceDistance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate300-Lb Max
5' to 6.1"
NoneManual Magnetic Resistance

Editor’s Top 3 Magnetic Exercise Bike Picks:

When it comes to magnetic indoor cycling bikes, there are a few that stand out above the rest in terms of quality, features, and value. My top three picks are the Keiser M3i, the Nordictrack S22i, and the Schwinn IC4 magnetic spin bikes.

The Keiser M3i is a top-of-the-line option that is completely made in the USA. It boasts a durable and ergonomic design, and it allows riders to transfer cycling data to any application they choose. It may be on the expensive side, but the quality and reliability are worth the investment.

The Nordictrack S22i is another great option that stands out for its incline and decline system. This feature allows for a more dynamic and challenging workout, and it simulates outdoor riding conditions. It also has a large 22 inch HD touchscreen with iFit compatibility that provides a variety of interactive training options for as little as $180 per year.

Lastly, the Schwinn IC4 is a more affordable option that still offers great features, such as app connectivity and a variety of 100 resistance levels. It’s a great choice for those looking for a high-quality magnetic indoor cycling bike at a more budget-friendly price. You can also add an SS2K V3 and make its resistance automatic for Zwift and Peloton class cycling.

Overall, these three bikes offer a great balance of quality, features, and value. Whether you’re a professional cyclist or just looking for a challenging indoor workout, any of these options would be a great choice.

Bottom Line
Best versatile: Nordictrack S22i
NordicTrack S22i Review
NordicTrack S22i
Automatic Magnetic Indoor Bike
My Ratings
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Bottom Line
The NordicTrack S22i is, without a doubt, the best versatile magnetic spin bike I have come across. Therefore, it is worth considering for several compelling reasons. First and foremost, unlike any other magnetic spin bike I reviewed, the S22i boasts an electronic motor that allows it to tilt 10% forward, simulating downhill rides, and 20% backward, replicating uphill climbs. This smart incline and decline adjustment feature, controllable by iFit studio cycling trainers, adds a new dimension to your workout sessions.
Furthermore, with an iFit membership, you gain access to a vast library of over ten thousand recorded spinning and other workouts and up to 7 daily live classes. This extensive collection provides you with a wealth of options and guidance throughout your exercise routines. What sets the S22i apart from the competition is its high-tech 22″ Bluetooth and iFit-enabled HD screen. This large touchscreen display not only allows you to follow along with iFit programming but also enables you to save your workouts for future reference.
Moreover, similar to Peloton, the NordicTrack S22i comes equipped with two 3-pound dumbbells and a built-in dumbbell holder. This inclusion is perfect for those seeking to combine upper-body strength training with their lower-body cardio workouts. Thankfully, the iFit platform offers a plethora of mixed spinning and dumbbell workout videos, providing an array of options to suit your preferences and fitness goals.
Additionally, the S22i offers Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, along with 24 levels of precise “Smart” electronic magnetic resistance. This combination ensures a smooth, challenging, and whisper-quiet workout experience. Not to mention, the bike’s durable transport wheels make it incredibly convenient to move and store as needed.
The S22i also features a 4-way adjustable monitor, allowing you to tilt and pivot the screen 360 degrees for the perfect viewing angle, both on and off the bike. This level of customization ensures optimal comfort and visibility during your workouts.
Furthermore, the NordicTrack S22i provides generous warranty coverage on parts, instilling confidence in the bike’s durability and reliability. The commercial frame construction is backed by a 10-year warranty, further solidifying its robust design.
When it comes to maintenance, the S22i boasts a low-maintenance quiet belt drivetrain. This means you can enjoy an enjoyable indoor cycling exercise without the hassle of constant upkeep. Additionally, the bike is equipped with an HDMI port, allowing you to connect it to a larger screen for a more immersive experience. The audio auxiliary port provides the option to listen to workout videos with high-quality speakers, further enhancing your training sessions.
Lastly, the NordicTrack S22i comes with a money-back guarantee, offering peace of mind and ensuring customer satisfaction. Plus, the conveniently placed resistance and incline/decline adjustment controls on the handlebars allow for quick and easy adjustments to your workout intensity.
In summary, the NordicTrack S22i stands out as the best versatile magnetic spin bike, combining its unique electronic incline and decline feature, extensive iFit workout library, large HD touchscreen, and customer satisfaction guarantee.
Best overall quality: Keiser M3i
Keiser M3i Review
Keiser M3i
Manual Magnetic Indoor Bike
My Ratings
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Bottom Line
The Keiser M3i is undoubtedly the best magnetic spin bike for home cycling, and there are several compelling reasons why I say that. First and foremost, it is proudly made in the United States, ensuring quality craftsmanship and supporting local manufacturing. Moreover, it is compatible with all major indoor cycling applications, allowing you to seamlessly connect it to platforms like Zwift and Peloton. This compatibility opens up a world of interactive training programs and virtual rides, taking your workout experience to new heights.
When it comes to the build and design of the Keiser M3i, it excels in both aspects. Crafted with commercial-quality standards in mind, this bike is a result of the expertise and input of industry cyclists. The attention to detail is evident in its smooth operation and comfortable ride, even during intense workouts. It truly feels like a professional-grade spin bike in the comfort of your own home.
One of the standout features of the Keiser M3i is the exceptional customer support and warranty service offered by the company. When I had a problem with assembly, their US-based support team was ready to assist me with my concerns and questions. This level of support gives you peace of mind and confidence in your purchase.
Not only does the Keiser M3i deliver outstanding performance, but it also does so with minimal noise. Its drive system is renowned for being the quietest among magnetic resistance indoor bikes, ensuring that your workouts won’t disturb others in your household. Furthermore, this bike requires little to no maintenance, saving you time, money, and effort so you can focus on enjoying your rides.
While some magnetic spin bikes like Peloton and Nordictrack require app subscriptions for full functionality, the Keiser M3i stands out by offering complete functionality without the need for a subscription. It seamlessly integrates with various cycling applications, but even without a subscription, you can still access all the essential features and stats. This flexibility allows you to tailor your workouts to your preferences and goals.
Another notable feature is the high-quality dual-sided pedals of the Keiser M3i. These pedals accommodate both SPD and regular shoes, ensuring a secure and comfortable foot placement regardless of your footwear choice. This versatility is a testament to the bike’s adaptability to different rider preferences and needs.
Comfort is a key consideration for any spin bike, and the Keiser M3i doesn’t disappoint. It is fully customizable to fit everyone in your household, with adjustable seat height, handlebar position, and resistance levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cyclist, the ergonomic design, padded saddle, and smooth pedaling motion provide exceptional comfort throughout your rides.
Last but not least, the Keiser M3i features a smart backlit display that provides all the essential workout stats you need. The display is easy to read, even in low-light conditions, and it consumes little battery power because it automatically becomes dim when there is light in room. Additionally, this bike is compatible with all major cycling applications, including the free Keiser apps, Zwift, and Peloton.
Best Budget Choice: Schwinn IC4
Schwinn IC4 review
Schwinn IC4
Manual Magnetic Indoor Bike
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Bottom Line
First, it’s equipped with an RPM monitor and FTMS Bluetooth, which means you can effortlessly connect it to popular cycling apps like Zwift. This feature takes your workout to the next level by offering virtual training programs and the chance to connect with other cyclists on Zwift, Peloton, and Kinomap.
The bike’s sturdy steel frame can handle users weighing up to 330 pounds, ensuring stability and safety during even the most intense workouts. I’ve personally tested it and can vouch for its durability and stability.
One of the things I love about the IC4 is the USB port it comes with. You can charge your devices while you exercise, and the backlit LCD display ensures you can easily see your spinning stats, even in low-light conditions. These features have been super helpful during my own workouts, especially when I’m in a dimly lit room early mornings.
The IC4’s frame bases have adjustable, rubberized levelers, which means you can say goodbye to any shaking or wobbling during your rides. It provides a smooth and stable experience. Plus, the transport wheels make it a breeze to move the bike around your home. I’ve found these features to be incredibly convenient, especially when I want to switch up my workout location.
The bike also has a built-in tablet holder, so you can place your device and stream your favorite cycle videos while keeping an eye on your fitness stats on the LCD monitor. This combination keeps you entertained and motivated throughout your workouts. I’ve found it really enjoyable to watch my favorite shows or movies while getting a good sweat session in.
Comfort is key, and the IC4’s low-friction, 4-way adjustable narrow racing style cushioned seat ensures you can ride for extended periods without discomfort. The LCD monitor provides essential metrics such as time, speed, distance, calories burned, rpm, pulse, and scan. Tracking these metrics has been instrumental in monitoring my progress and staying motivated.
The IC4 offers frictionless magnetic resistance with an impressive 100 settings. This wide range of resistance levels caters to users of all fitness levels and goals. The 40-pound perimeter-weighted flywheel provides a smooth pedaling motion and solid momentum. I’ve tested the resistance settings, and they’ve been responsive and perfect for challenging myself.
Foot slippage is not a concern with the IC4’s dual-sided pedals, which come with toe cages and SPD clips. These ensure your feet stay securely in place, even during intense workouts at high speeds. It’s a great safety feature that adds stability to your rides.
If you live in an apartment or shared space, the IC4’s smooth and quiet belt-driven system is ideal. It minimizes noise disturbance, allowing you to focus on your workout without worrying about bothering others.
Assembling the IC4 is also a breeze, and it comes with double 3-lb weights for an upper body workout. Plus, it has dual water bottle holders for convenient hydration during your exercise sessions.
All in all, the Schwinn IC4 offers a winning combination of quality construction, advanced features, and a comfortable riding experience. It’s an excellent choice for beginners who want a reliable and budget-friendly magnetic spin bike. It truly provides a comprehensive and immersive workout experience for indoor cycling beginners.

How to Pick The Best Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Consider the resistance system:

When choosing a spin bike, there are several factors to consider, including the resistance system. The resistance system is what allows you to adjust the difficulty of your workout, making it an important factor to consider.

Magnetic resistance is a popular choice among spin bikes. This type of resistance uses magnets to provide resistance, which is known for being smooth and quiet. It also requires less maintenance.

Another type of resistance is friction resistance, which is the traditional method that uses a wool felt pad to rub against the flywheel to create resistance. While it’s less expensive than magnetic resistance, it can be loud and require more maintenance.

Ultimately, it’s important to consider the resistance system when choosing a spin bike because it will determine the overall feel and difficulty of your workout.

A smooth and quiet resistance system will make for a more enjoyable workout, while a noisy and difficult-to-adjust resistance system will make it less enjoyable.

Make sure it does Zwift auto-resistance:

Yes, when choosing a magnetic resistance spin bike, it’s important to look for one that has a motorized resistance system rather than a manual resistance system.

This is because a motorized resistance system allows for automatic adjustments in resistance, which is especially useful when using indoor cycling applications like Zwift or Peloton.

These apps have virtual classes that mimic real-life cycling routes, with automatic adjustments in resistance to mimic uphills, downhills, and power zones.

The Echelon EX3 is a good example of a spin bike that has both manual and motorized resistance. They are compatible with Zwift and Peloton, and offer an immersive and realistic cycling experience by automatically adjusting resistance to match the virtual terrain.

It is also worth to check out the other brands such as Tacx, Wahoo, and Wattbike that support Zwift and other indoor cycling apps with automatic resistance.

It is important to note that while motorized resistance bikes are more expensive than manual resistance bikes, they are a great investment for those who want a more realistic and immersive indoor cycling experience.

Also, it’s important to know only motorized electronic magnetic resistance spin bikes might include gear shifters on the handlebars that look like road bikes because manually adjustable magnetic resistance spinning bikes don’t have this technology and can only be adjusted with knobs.

Check for Bluetooth connectivity:

When buying a magnetic resistance indoor bike, it’s also important to check for Bluetooth connectivity. This feature allows you to connect the bike’s power, resistance, speed, and cadence sensors to apps like Zwift, which can enhance your indoor cycling experience.

Without Bluetooth FTMS (Fitness Machine Service), you will not be able to connect your magnetic indoor bike to spinning apps without buying additional accessories like power pedals and cadence sensors.

Some brands that sell magnetic indoor bikes with Bluetooth FTMS protocol include Echelon, Keiser, Schwinn, and some models of Sunny Health and Fitness bikes like SF-B1806-Smart, and Horizon Fitness.

It’s important to make sure that the Bluetooth on the bike is not just for connecting wireless headphones and heart rate monitors, but also for transmitting cycling workout stats like RPM and speed to applications.

It’s also worth noting that some indoor bike may have ANT+ protocol instead of Bluetooth, ANT+ is another wireless protocol that is also popular among indoor cycling apps. However, it’s less common than Bluetooth.

When choosing an indoor bike, it is important to make sure that it has the necessary connectivity like Bluetooth and/or ANT/+ features to connect to your favorite indoor cycling apps.

This will ensure that you get the most out of your indoor cycling experience and be able to track your progress and monitor your performance.

Look at the adjustability:

When search for a magnetic spin bike aside from other things I mentioned in this guide, it’s important to look at the adjustability of the bike. One of the most important factors to consider is the adjustability of the seat and handlebars.

This will ensure that you can find the most comfortable riding position, which can help you stay engaged and motivated during your workout without hurting your back or knees.

Many magnetic spin bikes have vertical adjustments for both the seat and handlebars, but not all have horizontal adjustments for the handlebars.

This is particularly important if the magnetic spin bike has a “V” shape frame like the Keiser M3i. On “V” shape frames, when you raise the handlebars to your height, they extend in the opposite direction of the seat. So, you will need to be able to horizontally adjust the handlebars and bring them close to the saddle.

On the other hand, the lack of horizontal handlebar adjustment is not a dealbreaker if a magnetic spin bike has an “H” shape frame like the Echelon EX15.

This is because when you raise the handlebars and saddle, they go up and extend in the same direction, so you don’t need to bring the handlebars close to the saddle.

It’s important to keep in mind that V shape magnetic resistance indoor bikes adjust for a wider range of riders. At the same time, they take up a little bit more space than standard H shape magnetic indoor bikes.

Check the flywheel weight:

It’s important to check the exercise bike’s flywheel weight. The flywheel is a large wheel on the bike that provides resistance and creates the feeling of momentum when pedaling. The weight of the flywheel can affect the ride quality, resistance, and overall workout experience.

A heavier flywheel typically is 30+ pounds. It provides a more realistic road-like feel and creates a smoother, more consistent pedaling motion. It also generates more momentum, which can make it feel more challenging to increase resistance or slow down.

A lighter flywheel, on the other hand, may not provide as much momentum and can make it feel more difficult to maintain a consistent pedaling motion. It can be easier to increase resistance or slow down, but it may not feel as realistic as a heavier flywheel.

It’s also worth noting that heavier flywheels tend to be more expensive and can make the bike more difficult to move around. Plus, you need to consider that heavier spin bike flywheels tend to have more impact on the knees and feet than lighter flywheels.

In summary, a heavier flywheel can provide a more realistic road-like feel and a smoother, more consistent pedaling motion, but it can also be more expensive and harder to move around.

I personally wouldn’t recommend a heavy flywheel for those on recovery or senior citizens because there is too much resistance and too difficult to get the flywheel moving.

A lighter flywheel, on the other hand, maybe more affordable and easier to move around, but it may not provide as much momentum and may not feel as realistic. I think it’s the best choice if you are above 60 years of age, have bad knees.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of personal preference and fitness level. If you are not sure, you should go to a health center or a cycling studio and test different flywheel weights to find what works best for you and your needs.

Look for a bike with a good quality computer:

Another important factor to look for when choosing a magnetic resistance spin bike is a good quality computer. A computer with a variety of resistance levels, workout programs and displays, heart rate monitor, and other features can help you to track your progress and make your workout more efficient.

A good quality computer like the one on Keiser M3i and Schwinn IC4 can provide you with feedback on your performance and progress, such as your speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate.

Not all, but some magnetic resistance indoor cycling bike computers also come with preset workout programs, which can help you to vary your training and target different muscle groups. This is very important for those who don’t want to pay a monthly fee for online cycling workout classes.

Additionally, you should look for a computer that has the ability to track your progress over time either by connecting to applications like Strava or having internal storage, so you can see how far you have come and set goals for every month.

Always look for a computer that is not limited to one application like Peloton bike or Bowflex C7 bike because they hook you up with one application and if you want to install other fitness apps, you have to hack the screen and void the warranty.

If you buy a magnetic resistance spin bike without any type of monitor like Sunny Health and Fitness Evolution Pro, you might end up spending even more to buy separate bike monitors that can cost up to $100.

Consider the bike’s material and stability:

Look for an indoor bike that is made of sturdy materials and has a solid construction. A stable bike will be less likely to tip over and will provide a more secure riding experience.

One of the brands known for high-quality materials and solid construction is Stages. Their magnetic indoor bikes, such as the Stages SC1, SC2, SC3, Solo, and SB20, are made of high-grade aluminum frames, which add extra years to the life of the bike while keeping the overall weight light, making it easy to move from one place to another.

Another brand known for durable and lightweight materials is Keiser. The Keiser M3i is a popular choice among spin bike enthusiasts, due to its durability and stability. It remains very stable during high-intensity interval cycling workouts.

Aside from materials, the stability and durability of the indoor bike may also depend on the design and the weight distribution of the bike. A bike with a low center of gravity and a wide base will be more stable than one that is top-heavy and has a narrow base.

Check the warranty and customer support:

Additionally, when purchasing a magnetic resistance indoor bike, it is important to check the warranty and customer support offered by the manufacturer.

A warranty can provide protection for your investment in case of any defects or issues with the indoor cycling bike. Additionally, good customer support can assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about the bike.

Normally, I would suggest looking for a 3-year-part and 1-year labor warranty for magnetic resistance indoor bikes. Also, try to buy from US-based brands so you can actually ask for support.

I know Schwinn, Nordictrack, Keiser, Horizon, and Peloton offer decent warranties for their magnetic resistance spin bikes and are based in North America.

Test ride before you buy:

Last but not least, it’s important to test-ride the indoor bike before you make a purchase, if possible. This will allow you to experience the bike’s features, such as the seat, handlebars, and resistance levels, and determine if they are comfortable and suitable for your needs.

It also gives you the chance to see how much noise the bike makes and if it has a smooth ride. Test riding the indoor cycling bike can also help you decide if it is the right fit for your body size and riding style.

Some gyms, cycling studios, and sports stores may offer test rides or demo bikes for you to try before you buy. I tried a few magnetic indoor cycling bikes in a Decathlon store and it was very helpful when we were choosing a magnetic exercise bike for my wife. If you are still not sure, make sure to read my complete guide on how to choose an indoor cycling bike.

Here are the Top 13 Indoor Bikes With Magnetic Resistance

1. Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle Bundle

 in stock
as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

The Keiser M3i is a beautiful bike and doesn’t look like many other spinning bikes on the market. It has a very minimalistic V-Shaped design that can cater to riders of all shapes and sizes. The M3i comes as a kit with a mat and tablet holder, and other accessories. It has aesthetics that are very different from other indoor cycles is the rear-facing flywheel and the guard for the in case of children or pets behind.

Not only is it nice to look at it also really packs a punch when it comes to features. It has an excellent monitor on the front, and this can tell you all the data you need, including estimation power. It has the compatibility to link to such applications as Zwift and Peloton, to name a couple with a converter module.

The quality of this magnetic indoor bike is by far the best feature, though. It’s been designed and entirely built in the US. This doesn’t sound like the most significant benefit in the world, but it’s going to make this indoor cycle highly reliable and also hold a lot of value if you ever come to sell it.

9Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Keiser has made an incredible spin bike, and it just performs so well. They threw the rule book out, and honestly, for me, it ticks every box. I think the basics are so right on this bike and when ridden compared to another high-end bike like a Peloton has such a better feel to it. In several magnetic exercise bike reviews, Keiser M3i is featured the best stationary bike with magnetic resistance. After trying this bike myself, I agree with every reviewer who thinks M3i is the best option.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 85lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 26″ W x 49″ H
Warranty 24 Months

Keiser M3i Pros:
  • The Keiser M3i magnetic indoor cycling bike boasts top-notch quality and is built in the USA.
  • Its unique v-shape design accommodates a wider range of users and sets M3i apart from other magnetic indoor bikes.
  • The rear-facing flywheel with the guard is away from the sweat zone and requires less, cleaning, and maintenance and offers added safety.
  • The bike requires very little maintenance and operates quietly at all resistance levels and cycling positions.
  • The Poly V Belt Drive system + press-down pulley belt adjustment ensure smooth and reliable performance.
  • The M3i magnetic indoor bike is equipped with durable dual-sided SPD pedals for added versatility.
  • Bluetooth and application compatibility allows for a more immersive and interactive workout experience.
  • A tablet holder and various accessories including a mat are included for convenience and added functionality.
  • The smart backlit monitor on the bike is a standout feature, providing excellent visibility and readability.
Keiser M3i Cons:
  • The Keiser M3i is a bit pricey for an indoor bike without a touchscreen.
  • The bike does not have automatic resistance adjustments for Zwift uphills and downhills.
  • The Keiser M3i indoor bike is not equipped with a power meter, instead, it is estimated based on RPM and speed.

2. NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i

 in stock
2 new from $1,499.99
Free shipping
as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

The Nordictrack S22i is a fantastic bike, and it has so many features which alone would get a bike on this list. Firstly it’s well built and looks gorgeous. The oversized tubing and giant screen make it stand out amongst the crowd. It offers something very few indoor cycles provide, and that is the ability to electronically incline and decline the bike as you ride. This gives it a feel that you’re riding up and down hills, and it is such fun in interactive classes.

The screen is enormous, it’s a 22″ HD and is excellent. To make it even better, it has a fan inbuilt under it. This bike has been designed to be used with the iFit application. Many magnetic indoor bikes on this list come with subscription models and are only intended to work like this. It offers spinning classes, prerecorded and live. You can go on scenic rides and even do other types of training such as HIIT. Usually, it’s about $40 a month, but it comes with a year for free when you buy the bike.

As far as magnetic resistance spinning bikes go, this is right up there with the heavy hitters and is world widely renowned as one of the best, and we can see why. The quality is there. It’s very interactive and a lot of fun to ride. The incline and decline feature is impressive.

9Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The Incline and Decline feature does it for me with this. I rate it so highly, and it gives you such a great experience compared to other magnetic spinning bikes. The only bike to feel realistic like this is the Bowflex Velocore, which is also excellent.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 204lbs
Max User Weight 350lbs
Size 55″ L x 22″ W x 57″ H
Warranty 24 Months

Nordictrack S22i Pros:
  • The Nordictrack S22i connects to iFit which offers a variety of pre-recorded and live cycling classes for a more immersive workout experience.
  • The bike features a smooth and reliable transmission system for a seamless indoor cycling ride.
  • Its incline and decline technology mimic uphills and downhills to allow for a more challenging and varied workout.
  • The 360-degree screen rotation allows for a personalized viewing experience even when you are out of the bike.
  • The S22i indoor bike is very quiet and stable to use, making it ideal for home use.
  • Two 3lb dumbbells are included with the bike for added versatility and to do arm workouts on and off the bike.
  • The bike features automatic resistance adjustments for use with the iFit application.
  • The Auto breeze workout fan, HDMI, USB charging, and smart resistance are added convenience and comfort features.
Nordictrack S22i Cons:
  • The Nordictrack S22i requires slightly more complex assembly compared to other indoor bikes.
  • The pedals on the bike are not compatible with clip-in cycling shoes and can only be used with gym shoes.
  • The bike is quite heavy, making it difficult to move from one place to another.
  • The screen on the bike is limited to the iFit application and cannot be used for other apps such as Zwift or Peloton unless hacked.

3. Echelon EX5-S Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

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1 used from $697.26
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as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

The Echelon EX5s is quite the bike, and just by looking at it, we can see it has the rear-facing flywheel like the Keiser m3i but with a screen like the Nordictrack s22i. If you have been looking at magnetic spinning bikes for a while, you will know precisely who echelon are. They make incredible bikes and are Peloton’s biggest competition. The bicycle looks like it dropped from space with the smooth matt finish and slimline design, and we love it.

Just like Peloton and the Nordictrack, this bike is subscription-based. The Echelon app is incredible and out of all the online spinning and fitness applications boasts some of the best classes and best instructors. It’s again about $40 a month, and it will be impressed with everything it has to offer. The screen is massive at 22″ and an easy-to-navigate touchscreen. It has a power meter on this bike, too, but unfortunately, it is an estimation but still impressive to have that price. If you want more accurate power feedback, your best bet would be power meter pedals for this spin bike. Not only do they send accurate power data, they also enable you to synch with your favorite cycling apps.

I don’t think you can go wrong with this bike. It may not be able to incline and decline, but it is a stationary bike alone, really fun to use, and much cheaper than many of its competitors. I love the rear-facing flywheel, and it is one of the best magnetic exercise bikes on the market. One ability this bike has that puts the rest to shame is adjusting the handlebars horizontally and vertically.

8.5Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Echelon needs no introduction. They make a fantastic product, and I can see why they are considered Pelotons’ most significant competitors. The bike is excellent, and it’s not silly money. I found the community to be outstanding around the application.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 124lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 54″ L x 20″ W x 52″ H
Warranty 12 Months

Echelon EX5S Pros:
  • The Echelon EX5s boasts a high-resolution 22″ HD screen that offers clear and detailed visuals.
  • The Echelon Fit Application offers a wide variety of features and options compared to many other indoor cycling apps.
  • The EX5-S bike is very quiet and very stable and provides an enjoyable indoor riding experience.
  • The EX5s bike is equipped with SPD and toe clip-in options, allowing for added versatility and customization.
  • The rear-facing flywheel design adds to the bike’s stability and safety, plus it has less maintenance.
  • Echelon EX5-S indoor bike features bottle holders and a comfortable saddle for added convenience and comfort.
  • The handlebars on the bike can be adjusted both horizontally and vertically, allowing for a personalized riding position.
  • This indoor cycling bike has manual and electronically adjustable resistance so it can do auto-resistance.
Echelon EX5s Cons:
  • The Echelon EX5s does not sync with non-Echelon applications unless hacked and QZ app is used, which may limit the options compared to other indoor bikes like Keiser M3i.
  • The free version of the Echelon Fit app has annoying ads and offers a limited number of classes compared to other indoor cycling apps like Yesoul.
  • The monthly subscription cost for live and on-demand classes can be up to $39, which may be more expensive than other indoor cycling apps.
  • The bike does not have power sensors for right and left legs like the Wattbike Atom to show leg balance, power is estimated based on RPM and speed.
  • The Echelon EX5s bike does not have resistance controls or shifters on the handlebars like the NordicTrack S22i, which means if you are not doing auto-resistance classes, you need to change resistance by twisting the knob.

4. Peloton Bike Magnetic Resistance Indoor Bike

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Coming in under $1500, it’s easy to expect much out of a spin bike, and the Peloton Bike Original will surprise you. Firstly it looks excellent and is finished in a lovely matt black with oversized tubing. It has a front-facing flywheel and comfortable handlebars to give it a sporty look.

Although basic compared to Peloton Bike+, it still comes with a high-resolution 22-inch monitor. It will give you the primary and important data, but I wouldn’t expect anything less for the money you’re paying for this.

It will provide you with Distance, Calories, Speed, RPM, Resistance, Watts, and Heart Rate if you wear a chest strap. One thing to note is no Apple Watch compatilbity which is a shame.

Unlike the previous two magnetic indoor bikes, it doesn’t come with a chest strap heart rate monitor so you would need to buy a Bluetooth chest strap or armband separately.

If you’re not interested in the live indoor cycling classes or saving your daily stats, you can use the free version of the Peloton app to see your progress.

But if you want to join Peloton live indoor cycling classes, you will need a paid membership which starts from $11 for the most basic and goes all the way to $39 for Full Access.

Although right out of the box, you wouldn’t be able to connect the Peloton Bike with Zwift or other cycling applications except for the Peloton, there are a couple of ways to do that.

For connecting the Peloton to Zwift, you can fully disregard the screen and use cadence censors on the cranks or you can put a pair of power pedals on the bike with your own tablet or TV.

Or you can get the newly developed SS2K V3 that not only connects your Peloton bike to Zwift (on your own tablet, not on the bike’s tablet) but also adds auto-resistance for the Peloton bike.

I like the way this bike rides. It’s no thrills fun, and for the price, you can’t complain about how it feels. I love the fact it connects with my favorite online indoor cycling classes provider (Peloton) and still boasts the standard spinning positions too.

The pedals also support Look Delta clip-ins, but it doesn’t have toe straps so if you have gyms shoes, you might need to buy Peloton pedal converters.

The saddle can adjust vertically and horizontally, which is standard for magnetic resistance indoor cycling bikes.

But unfortunately, its handlebars don’t adjust horizontally and you would need to buy separate handlebar adjusters if you want horizontal adjustment. That said, I was just fine without the horizontal adjustment because it has an “H” design which I explained in the buying guide section of this article.

9Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The Peloton bike is a high-end, interactive exercise bike that offers a unique, personalized workout experience. It features a magnetic resistance system that provides a smooth and quiet ride, as well as a variety of resistance levels to challenge users of all fitness levels. The bike also comes with a large, high-resolution touchscreen display that allows users to stream live and on-demand classes, as well as compete with other riders in real-time. Additionally, the Peloton bike offers a variety of metrics and tracking tools to help users monitor their progress and set goals. With its sleek design, high-quality components, and interactive features, the Peloton bike is a great choice for anyone looking to take their indoor cycling workout to the next level.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight: 140 lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 40″ L x 21″ W x 44″ H
Warranty 12 Months

Peloton Bike Pros:
  • It’s an incredibly quiet and sturdy bike thanks to its 100 level magnetic resistance, it makes your ride smooth and enjoyable.
  • Peloton Bike transmission system is smooth and reliable, especially for the price that it comes with.
  • It has dumbbell holders included, which is a convenient feature for a versatile upper body workout.
  • Peloton’s 22-inch touchscreen monitor offers an immersive workout experience, it makes it easy to follow the instructor and the metrics.
  • Peloton offers over 10 daily live Peloton spinning classes and thousands of on-demand workout classes, providing a variety of options to keep your workout interesting.
  • It’s back backed by a strong brand and community support from Peloton, you can count on them for help and motivation.
Peloton Bike Cons:
  • The Peloton Bike pedals are only compatible with Look Delta shoes so if prefer to wear gym shoes while cycling, you need to change them.
  • Unlike other indoor magnetic resistance bikes, the Peloton Bike does not offer the ability to connect or to install apps such as Zwift on its screen.
  • The Peloton Bike’s handlebars do not have the ability to adjust horizontally, making it less customizable for users.
  • To use the popular Zwift application with the Peloton Bike, additional accessories such as the SS2K V3 or power pedals will be required.
  • Another downside of the Peloton Bike is the lack of a tablet or phone holder, which can be a useful feature for many users.
  • Its seat is uncomfortable and an exercise bike replacement saddle might be necessary for long indoor cycling rides.

5. Bowflex VeloCore 16 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

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The VeloCore 16 comes in at under $1700, and it has a lot to offer. Firstly it’s beautifully designed. It looks sleek, and everything connects well, from the oversized tubing to the sleek, sharp handlebars. It has a subtle matt black color which gives it a classy look, and it would look great in a home gym.

It has an excellent 16-inch touch monitor which will give you essential data such as RPM, Calories, Distance, Heart rate, estimated watt, resistant level, and time.

You wouldn’t expect much more on a bike at this price considering some magnetic resistance indoor bikes at this price have basic LED screens.

It has a tablet holder for you to have some entertainment or follow a class. It also has Bluetooth, WiFi, and ANT+ connectivity and often comes with a heart rate monitor you can wear to give you more insight into your ride.

Aside from its right and left-leaning features, what I like about this bike is that it is its smooth cycling ride. Simplicity is key here, and they have got a decent flywheel on that magnetic system.

It’s super quiet, and you feel connected when it gets going. Although it comes with handlebars that can move vertically, it would have been better if it was also horizontally adjustable with additional grip options. It also has pedals that have a toe clip and SPD clip-in availability.

8.5Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

In conclusion, the Bowflex VeloCore 16 is a great option for those looking for a high-end indoor bike at an affordable price. The 16-inch touchscreen monitor, tablet holder, and Bluetooth connectivity are standout features, but the lack of forward and backward adjustment on the handlebars and the need for a JRNY membership to use Zwift or Peloton applications are the cons of the bike.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 175lbs
Max User Weight 325lbs
Size 50″ L x 20″ W x 45″ H
Warranty 12 Months

Bowflex Velocor Pros:
  • Good Price and Build Quality: The Bowflex VeloCore 16 offers a great balance of price and build quality, making it a great option for those looking for a high-end magnetic indoor bike at an affordable price.
  • 16 Inches touchscreen monitor: The VeloCore 16 has a large 16-inch touch monitor that displays essential data such as RPM, calories, distance, heart rate, estimated watt, and resistance level. This is a standout feature that sets it apart from other indoor bikes that may not offer a monitor at this price point.
  • Can install streaming entertainment apps on the monitor: The VeloCore 16 has a tablet holder, Bluetooth, WiFi, and ANT+ connectivity, and allows you to install streaming entertainment apps on the monitor.
  • Bike pivots to right and left to mimic road corners: The VeloCore 16 has a unique feature that allows it to pivot to the right and left, mimicking the corners of a road.
  • SPD Clip-in Pedals: The VeloCore 16 comes with SPD clip-in pedals, providing a more secure and efficient pedaling experience.
  • Tablet holders and weight holders: The VeloCore 16 has both tablet holders and weight holders, allowing you to enjoy streaming entertainment or add resistance to your workout.
  • The bike tablet is out of the way and not attached to the handlebars: Unlike many other magnetic spin bikes with consoles blocking part of the handlebars and making the adjustment difficult, this Bowflex has built a separate stand for the tablet.
Bowflex Velocor Cons:
  • Resistance is only manually adjustable: The Bowflex VeloCore 16 only has manually adjustable resistance, which means users have to manually adjust the resistance level during their workout with the knob. This can be a drawback for some users who want the convenience of auto-adjusting resistance, as found on other indoor bikes such as the Echelon EX5 or Peloton Bike+. Compared to these bikes, the VeloCore 16 may be less convenient for those who want a more automated resistance adjustment during their power zone workouts.
  • No forward and backward adjustment on the handlebars: The Bowflex VeloCore 16 does not have the ability to adjust the handlebars forward and backward, which can be a drawback for some users who may prefer a more customizable riding experience. Compared to other indoor bikes like Echelon EX5s and Keiser M3i, this lack of adjustability may be a disadvantage.
  • To connect your bike to your own tablet with Zwift or Peloton application, you need JRNY membership: To use apps like Zwift or Peloton with this bike, you need a JRNY subscription which costs $149 per year, this extra cost can be a drawback for some users who may prefer to use their own tablets.
  • You can not install the Zwift or Peloton apps on the bike’s console: The VeloCore 16 does not have the ability to install apps like Zwift or Peloton on the bike’s console, which means that you can only use these apps on your own tablet or device. In comparison to other indoor bikes, this lack of built-in app support may be a disadvantage for some users.

6. ProForm Studio Bike Magnetic Exercise Bike

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as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

ProForm Studio Pro is one of the best value magnetic spinning bike designs on this list. Not only has it got durable commercial-grade quality, but it also has a free 30-day iFit membership, a water bottle holder, and dumbbell holders.

This will help on those longer indoor cycling rides. It has a protective guard on the flywheel to keep the sweat away which prolongs its life. It’s smooth and sleek and looks like it should cost way more than it does.

It has 24 resistance level which is magnetic and motorized so it does auto-resistance but only on the iFit application. It would have been great if it allowed auto-resistance on Zwift and Peloton as Echelon Ex3 does.

This bike is fundamental, and that’s how it has been designed. It does have WiFi wireless capability and a 22 inches touchscreen monitor. It’s sad to see this awesome bike doesn’t allow installing any application (including streaming and entertainment apps) other than the iFit app.

But not all users of magnetic resistance spin bikes look for multi-app compatible monitors. Some just want a more direct experience, which is exactly what this magnetic resistance spin bike gives, because of this, I rate it. Plus, iFit is not a bad fitness app, it has thousands of classes including live, on-demand, and scenic cycling rides.

If you want, you can hack the screen, install the QZ Companion application and then sync the bike with the QZ App. Once you do that, you can sync the bike through QZ to Zwift or Peloton but you would need to use your own screen (tablet, phone, etc).

The bike is beautiful to look at but also has much more aggressiveness as far as positioning goes. It would suit someone a bit more used to awkward positions like a road cyclist or a triathlete.

The aero handlebars are not commonly seen, but I like the fact they have been put on. I just wish they added horizontal adjustment to this magnetic indoor bike. At least for Peloton, there is an accessory to buy and make the handlebars horizontally adjustable but for Proform, there is no such accessory.

The components in the transmission system are simple poly-V which is not the best (toothed timing belts are better) but they will give you thousands of no-maintenance miles without a hiccup.

It has cage pedals without cleating elements so I couldn’t use my shoes. For such a magnetic spin bike, they should have added a pair of dual-sided spinning pedals to clip into cycling shoes.

8Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The ProForm Studio Pro is a good value magnetic resistance spin bike that is built with commercial-grade quality and comes with a 30-day iFit membership, water bottle holder, and dumbbell holders. The bike has a sleek and smooth design and 24 resistance levels that are motorized and controlled through the iFit app. However, it lacks the option for auto-resistance on other apps like Zwift or Peloton and the touchscreen monitor can only be used with the iFit app.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 121lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 54″ L x 21″ W x 47″ H
Warranty 12 Months

ProForm Studio Bike Pros:
  • The 22″ touchscreen monitor with iFit compatibility on the ProForm Studio Pro provides a clear and interactive experience for users, making it a great option for those who prefer to use the iFit app for their indoor cycling workouts.
  • The inclusion of two dumbbells and a rear saddle dumbbell holder on the ProForm Studio Pro allows users to easily incorporate strength training into their indoor cycling routine, giving an additional option for those looking for a full-body workout.
  • The heavy flywheel on the ProForm Studio Pro provides a smooth and consistent ride, making it a great option for those who want a more realistic road-like experience. Additionally, the affordable price point of the bike makes it a great value.
  • The automatic resistance on the iFit application on the ProForm Studio Pro allows users to easily adjust resistance levels during their workout, providing a more dynamic and customized experience.
ProForm Studio Bike Cons:
  • One of the main downsides of the ProForm Studio Pro magnetic indoor bike is that the monitor is only compatible with the iFit app, meaning it cannot be used with popular apps like Zwift or Peloton, limiting the options for users.
  • The bike only comes with cage pedals, which lack the SPD or Look Delta compatibility for cycling shoes. This may be an issue for some users who prefer to use their cycling shoes for better safety and efficiency.
  • The handlebars on the ProForm Studio Pro do not have forward and backward adjustment, which can be limiting for some users in terms of finding the most comfortable and ergonomic position.
  • Some users may find the saddle on the ProForm Studio Pro to be less comfortable compared to other indoor bikes like Bowflex Velcro and Echelon Ex5s.
  • Bluetooth connectivity on the ProForm Studio Pro is limited to heart rate monitor straps and headphones, which may be an issue for users who want to connect to other devices.

7. Bowflex C7 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

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as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

The Bowflex C7 is an exceptional manually adjustable magnetic resistance spin bike for the price. It has a stunning look to it. It’s solid and entertaining, and straightforward to ride.

The matt black finish and oversized support tubes make it look unique. I feel it would look great in any home gym and be a great asset to anyone’s training. It also boasts a touchscreen and handlebars that can move horizontally and vertically.

The 7-inch monitor is so much smaller than the other magnetic bikes with screens on this list specially compared to Peloton and Echelon EX5s as those indoor bikes have whopping 22-inch screes.

As with the other Bowflex indoor bikes, it’s a subscription-based model. The Application Bowflex use is the JRNY, and it’s about half the price of the others, such as Peloton. It costs around $150 per year and has many workouts to use.

They boast the bike can be used with Zwift and Peloton, and this is correct, but you have to have your tablet to make this connection work. It also has integration with google maps so you can travel all over the world.

Although you can install your favorite application on your tablet and connect to the bike, you do need the JRNY subscription otherwise the bike doesn’t transmit data to your personal Bluetooth devices.

Without any subscription, on the bike’s screen, you can see your rpm, speed, resistance, power, time, calories, and heart rate with a chest strap. But to connect online, you need that jrny membership.

It also has dual-sided spd pedals which I find useful because I can use my clip-in cycling shoes while my wife uses her regular gym shoes. So, we have options to use cycling and regular shoes, unlike the Profom Studio bike which only has cages for gym shoes. It’s an excellent bike for the price and outstanding value for money.

8Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Bowflex knows spinning bikes, and you can tell when it comes to the C7. It’s great value for money, and bikes like the Echelon and the Peloton should be concerned about what they will bring out in the future. I highly recommend this if you like the JRNY application but if you prefer Peloton or Zwift, you would be better with an Echelon EX5 or Schwinn IC4, or even the Bowflex C6.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 115lbs
Max User Weight 325lbs
Size 52″ L x 24″ W x 51″ H
Warranty 24 Months

Bowflex C7 Pros:
  • The Bowflex C7 offers great value for its $800 price, making it a budget-friendly option compared to other magnetic spin bikes such as Peloton that cost $1500.
  • The C7’s console displays a wealth of data, making it more informative than most magnetic indoor bikes including all Sunny Health and Fitness bikes.
  • The JNRY application is a cost-effective way to track your workout progress and is a great alternative to other expensive indoor bike apps like Peloton and Echelon.
  • The C7’s tablet and phone holder allows for convenient access to apps and videos during your workout, which is a feature not found on all magnetic exercise bikes.
  • With 100 levels of magnetic resistance, the C7 offers a wider range of workout options than some magnetic spin bike that only have 8 to 15 resistance levels.
  • The C7’s smooth and quiet operation makes it a great choice for those who want to workout without disturbing others in the house.
  • The C7 is equipped with clipless SPD pedals and toe straps, providing a more secure and efficient workout experience than other indoor bikes that only have toe straps.
Bowflex C7 Cons:
  • JNRY Application is required in order to be able to connect the bike to Zwift and Peloton or browse online.
  • Zwift can’t be installed on the screen of the bike so you need to use your tablet.
  • Resistance not electronic so it can’t do automatic resistance on Zwift or Peloton power zone classes.
  • There is no gear controls on the handlebars and you always need to use the knob for resistance change.

8. Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Stationary Indoor Bike

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4 used from $795.98
as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

Schwinn is known for its fantastic quality. You will see machines made by them plastered all over gyms and in high-end home gyms everywhere. They make excellent magnetic resistance indoor bikes, and the IC4 bike is precisely that.

Firstly it looks pretty standard but doesn’t be fooled by this. The price is currently less than $1000 and one of the cheapest magnetic spin bikes that allow Zwift and Peloton conncetion on this list.

It does’t have a touchscreen, but it does have a console. The monitor gives you all the data you need, including a power estimation, cadence, speed, resistance level, calories, and heart rate if you wear a blutooth HRM.

Right out of the box, it can link up to applications like Peloton, Explore the World, Kinompa, and zwift. But you will need a tablet or smart TV to install the application of your choice because you can’t install apps on the bike’s console.

Unlike bikes like Peloton, Nordictrack, Bowflex C7, or Proform, you don’t need to jailbreak or hack the Schwinn IC4 to get this magnetic indoor bike connected to Zwift. It has Bluetooth FTMS and syncs up with your applications in seconds.

I do suggest using the QZ application as a bridge as it gives you the option to convert resistance and power outputs to match with Peloton and Zwift apps. You will just need to install the QZ on your ipad/tablet, connect it to the bike, and then connect the QZ to Zwift.

It’s tranquil and smooth to ride. This Schwinn magnetic resistance spin bike will need next to no maintenance and will give you thousands of trouble-free cycling hours.

Its saddle is a little hard and there is no gel padding so it gave me a little bit of soreness but I followed these tips and got ride of spin bike saddle sore. If it doesn’t help, you can replace the seat, it has a standard seat post so any standard spin bike seat would fit the bike.

You enjoyed the Schwinn IC4’s full adjustment feature because it allows for a customizable and comfortable riding experience. The ability to adjust the seat and handlebars to your desired level helps you maintain proper form on the spin bike, allowing for a more efficient and effective workout.

Schwinn IC4 indoor cycling bike comes with dual-sided cage and SPD pedals that are considered superior to Nordictrack and Proform’s cage pedals for several reasons.

Firstly, the dual-sided design allows for both SPD cleats and regular shoes to be used on the pedals, providing more options for you and making it more versatile. This allows for a more comfortable and efficient indoor cycling ride, as you can use the type of shoe that is most comfortable for you.

Secondly, the SPD (Shimano Pedaling Dynamics) pedals on Schwinn IC4 provide a more secure and stable connection between the rider’s shoe and the pedal, which can help improve power transfer, reduce foot fatigue, and increase overall performance. This is especially beneficial for more advanced riders or those who are looking to push themselves harder during their workout.

7Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Schwinn makes a basic bike. They are so basic, but they work so well, and the quality is like nothing else. Very few need any attention, and they put time into the workings more than anything. This Schwinn IC4 is no exception, it has good quality and offers great value for money.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 106lbs
Max User Weight 330lbs
Size 49″ L x 21″ W x 52″ H
Warranty 12 Months

Schwinn IC4 Pros:
  • I was impressed with the build quality of the Schwinn IC4, it felt sturdy and well-constructed, and the price was very reasonable.
  • The ability to adjust the handlebars and saddle both horizontally and vertically was a game changer for me, I could find the perfect riding position.
  • I love the convenience of having bottle holders on the handlebars and the added bonus of included dumbbells for arm workout.
  • Assembly was a breeze and the warranty gave me peace of mind, plus it came with all the necessary tools for assembly.
  • Being able to connect to my favorite cycling apps via Bluetooth FTMS was a great feature, it added a lot of fun to my workouts.
  • Having both SPD and cage pedals was great, as it allowed me to use my own cleats and my wife used her regular athletic sneakers.
  • The magnetic resistance had a smooth operation and required minimal maintenance, it was really convenient compared to friction resistance bikes that I had.
  • I appreciate the detailed cycling data provided on the console and through Bluetooth, it helped me track my progress and set new goals.
Schwinn IC4 Cons:
  • The Schwinn IC4 console is not as advanced as the Peloton or Nordictrack bikes, it’s quite basic in comparison.
  • The saddle was not comfortable for me, it caused some discomfort during long rides and I had to ultimately change the saddle with a Velmia saddle.
  • The lack of a cooling fan was a drawback for me during summer rides, especially compared to the Nordictrack S22i that has 3 speed fans.
  • I was disappointed that the bike doesn’t have the ability to do auto-resistance on Zwift uphills and downhills or Peloton power zone classes.

9. Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC Magnetic Indoor Cycle

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as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

As an indoor cycling enthusiast, I was excited to have the opportunity to test out the Horizon 7.0 IC indoor cycle for this top magnetic spin bike review and comparison guide. And I have to say, I was not disappointed.

The first thing I noticed was the comfortable and smooth ride. The magnetic resistance and precision aluminum flywheel make for a quiet and enjoyable workout, perfect for riders of all levels.

There are 100 resistance level so it’s micro-adjustable, not those with 15 levels. Plus, it’s electronically adjustable for Zwift and Peloton auto-resistance.

One of my favorite features of the Horizon 7.0 IC is the Bluetooth connection. It was easy to pair the console with my smartphone and tablet, which allowed me to level up my indoor cycling experience.

I was able to integrate stats and follow along with my favorite trainers, which helped keep me motivated during my workout. If I was to keep it a bit longer, I would have contacted the QZ app developer and asked to add the bike to his app. Using that awesome with this magnetic spin bike would open a new world of cycling.

The Horizon 7.0 IC is also ideal for home workouts. With a max user weight of 300 pounds and a lightweight design of just 87 lbs, it’s easy to move and set up in any room. The assembled dimensions are 47.25″ x 20.87″ x 47.25″, making it a perfect fit for any home gym.

Another great feature of the Horizon 7.0 IC is the ability to connect your metrics to fitness apps including but not limited to Peloton, Zwift, and Kinomap. The Bluetooth FTMS and the included heart rate armband allow for quick and easy app connectivity, which makes it easy to accurately track performance and progress in one place.

7Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Overall, the Horizon 7.0 IC indoor cycle is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality indoor cycling bike. With features like a racing-style saddle, 0-100 resistance, 28.6 lb aluminum flywheel, and multi-position grip handlebars that adjust horizontally and vertically, it has all the bells and whistles you’d find at a studio. If you’re looking for a comfortable, smooth ride with the added convenience of Bluetooth connectivity for Zwift and Peloton cycling with auto-resistance, the Horizon 7.0 IC is definitely worth checking out.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 127lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 59″ L x 22″ W x 54″ H
Warranty 12 Months

Horizon 5.0 IC Pros:
  • The Horizon 5.0 IC indoor cycling bike offers a great value for the price and the high contrast large console makes it easy to read during my workout.
  • I love the Bluetooth FTMS feature, it allows me to use Zwift, Peloton and other apps for a more interactive workout experience.
  • The motorized magnetic resistance feature is great, it allows for automatic resistance on Zwift and Peloton through the QZ app, and makes my workout more interesting.
  • The heart rate monitor that comes with the bike is a great addition and helps me to stay in my target zone.
  • The heavy precisely balanced flywheel provides a smooth and realistic ride experience with good momentum and high inertia.
  • The handlebars are comfortable and adjustable both horizontally and vertically, which makes it easy for me to find the perfect fit.
  • The water bottle holders are easy to reach below the handlebars and makes it easy for me to stay hydrated during long indoor cycling sessions.
  • The dual-sided pedals are compatible with both MTB/SPD shoes and regular athletic shoes which is great for me as I can use my own shoes.
Horizon 5.0 IC Cons:
  • The Horizon 5.0 IC indoor cycling bike doesn’t have a way to save, download or upload data in the bike’s console, which is a bit of a downside.
  • I miss the resistance controls on the handlebars that are found on the Nordictrack S22i, as it makes it more convenient to adjust resistance during a workout compared to knobs.
  • The handlebars don’t have elbow pads or drop grips for a road cycling position which can be uncomfortable during endurance home cycling sessions.

10. Echelon EX15 Stationary Magnetic Spinning Bike

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as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

The EX15 is the top bike produced by guys at Echelon Fit, and it is of very high quality. Knowing it comes in at less than $500 is something excellent too.

It has a classic spinning bike look to it and uses oversized tubing for strength and support. It is basic, and that’s why I like it so much. It’s not trying to be expensive, just trying to be a good value for money.

It doesn’t have a monitor on it, which is a shame. But it has wireless sensors that send detailed essential cycling data such as RPM, Resistance, Time, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, and Speed to your tablet and phone.

The information that the bike sends is enough to give yourself a decent workout, to be fair. There is no heart rate monitor inbuilt into the handlebars but those are cheap and inaccurate anyway. So, even if it did come with pulse sensors like Dmasun bike, you would still need to use your heart rate monitor.

At this price, I would expect a console on the bike but I am not bothered because I prefer to use my tablet. It does have a tablet holder to help if you need some entertainment while riding too.

The bike is smooth, and it’s very stable to ride. Assembly isn’t challenging at all, and it isn’t as big as it looks in the pictures, which is nice.

I like the fact the saddle can adjust horizontally and vertically but I wish also the handlebars of this magnetic indoor cycling bike were horizontally adjustable.

The pedals are basic but are good quality and grippy. It’s a good no thrills bike at a meager cost and probably one of the best value-for-money bikes on this list.

I wish the Echelon Ex15 had an electronic resistance rather than manual resistance, as it would make your cycling experience more enjoyable and convenient.

With electronic resistance, you can easily adjust the resistance level with the touch of a button or let the bike change its resistance, rather than having to manually turn a knob.

This is especially useful when participating in classes on Peloton and Zwift, as the bike would keep up with the resistance changes during the class while you can focus on the ride.

Electronic resistance also allows for more precise adjustments, which can enhance the overall workout experience. Having an electronic resistance would make the Echelon Ex15 a more advanced and user-friendly bike.

Currently, the Echelon EX1, EX3, and EX5 all have electronic resistance and do auto-resistance changing on Zwift. The Echelon Ex15 is the only magnetic spin bike by this brand that has a manually adjustable resistance.

That said, if you are okay to spend a little more, you can always buy the SS2K V3 and install it on the bike to make its resistance automatic for Zwift and Peloton spin bike workout classes.

7Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

Best low-budget magnetic indoor bike on the list full stop! Nothing can touch this on value for cash. But I don’t recommend it for Zwift riders who like auto-resistance. Instead, you can consider the Echelon EX1, EX3, or Ex5 because they do have automatic resistance for Zwift and Peloton.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 90lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 21″ W x 43″ H
Warranty 1-Year parts and frame

Echelon EX15 Pros:
  • I was pleased with how quiet the Echelon Ex15 was during my rides and the price was very affordable compared to Peloton and other magnetic spin bikes.
  • The semi-comfortable saddle and multi-grip handlebars were a nice touch and made for a more enjoyable ride.
  • The tablet holder and bottle holder were convenient for keeping my device and water close by.
  • The Bluetooth FTMS sensors allowed me to connect to popular cycling apps like Echelon Fit, Zwift, Strava, Kinomap, and Peloton.
  • The flywheel being covered was a plus, especially for households with kids as it added an extra layer of safety.
Echelon EX15 Cons:
  • The pedals on the Echelon Ex15 are basic and do not have SPD clips, which limits the options for shoe attachment.
  • The absence of a monitor on the bike means you have to rely on your tablet or phone to track your workout data and progress.
  • The handlebars are not adjustable horizontally, which can be limiting for riders looking for a more customized fit.
  • The bike does not have automatic resistance for Zwift, Peloton or Echelon fit apps, which means you have to manually adjust resistance during the workout.
  • No USB charging port, cooling fan, or speakers.

11. Sunny Health And Fitness SF-B1805 Spin Bike

 in stock
2 new from $559.99
Free shipping
as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

The SF-B1805 is one of the best-selling magnetic spin bikes produced by Sunny right after the Asuna minotaur was mad and it’s terrific. As you can see, it’s pretty basic and comes in at roughly around $500. It’s very minimalistic and easy to set up and use for beginner spinners.

You have to take into account, like the Asuna 7150 and many other models from Sunny Health and Fitness, the SF-B1805 bike doesn’t have a monitor or Bluetooth sensors to send your workout progress to your phone or tablet.

However, Sunny has recently developed a smart version of this bike called “SF-B1805-Smart”. It has a few improved features including Bluetooth FTMS, a built-in console, and SPD pedals. It costs around $80 more than this dumb version and I think it’s worth every penny if you can afford the extra $.

These companies want to appeal to a market of people who want a basic spinning class bike, and Sunny has gone for that here. If you are looking for a bike with a screen, hit up the Horizon 5.0 IC as it’s just amazing and often even less expensive than Sunny SF-B1805. In addition, to a nice monitor, it also has electronic resistance and Bluetooth for Zwift auto-resistance.

That aside, the quality of the components is here. You’re going to get some fantastic riding out of this magnetic indoor bike for sure, and we still had to put it up on this list as it’s excellent in its way.

The saddle and handlebars are of excellent quality, and the adjustment of being able to move them horizontally and vertically helps get that perfect position.

The pedals are a great quality toe clip in, and honestly, it’s great to ride. The handlebars have an aero position, unlike many other magnetic spin bikes, and I can see why it has survived in the market for a long time.

6Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The lovely classic spin bike feels, and I think it would suit a beginner to spinning or someone who prefers to use a set of Wahoo sensors or even power pedals to ride indoor using their own device for fitness tracking. If you prefer using your own power meters or sensors, I highly recommend it. Otherwise, your better choices are the Echelon EX15 which has Bluetooth for Zwift cycling or even better, the Horizon 5.0 IC which has a good console + Bluetooth + auto-resistance for Zwift and Peloton cycling.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 126lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 23″ W x 48″ H
Warranty 180 Days

Sunny SF-B1805 Pros:
  • The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 bike offers excellent value for its price point and is one of the quietest magnetic spin bikes on the market.
  • The horizontal and vertical adjustability of the handlebars and saddle allows for a truly customizable and comfortable riding experience.
  • The aero bar position on the SF-B1805 is a standout feature, allowing for an ergonomic and efficient indoor bike riding position.
  • Assembly of the SF-B1805 is a breeze with all the included tools and its lightweight design makes it easy to move around.
  • The inclusion of a water bottle holder and tablet holder is a convenient touch, making it easy to stay hydrated and entertained during your ride.
  • The components on the SF-B1805 from seat posts, to pedals, cranks and bearings are of very high quality and are built to last.
  • The heavy flywheel and magnetic resistance system on the SF-B1805 provide a smooth and consistent ride with plenty of resistance.
Sunny SF-B1805 Cons:
  • Unlike the Horizon 5.0, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-B1805 bike does not come with a monitor to track your workout data and progress, making it less convenient for those looking for comprehensive tracking capabilities.
  • The SF-B1805 also lacks Bluetooth connectivity for app integration, which is a feature found on the Echelon EX15 bike and allows for a more seamless workout experience.
  • The SF-B1805 also does not come equipped with SPD pedals, which are commonly found on higher-end magnetic stationary bikes and provide a more efficient and comfortable pedaling experience.
  • Unlike the Horizon 5.0 bike, the SF-B1805 does not have automatic resistance control when connected to Zwift, which can be a drawback for those looking to fully immerse themselves in virtual training experiences.

12. Joroto X2 Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

 in stock
as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

Joroto is a brand that offers a range of magnetic resistance indoor cycling bikes, with three main models: the X2, X2Pro, and X4.

The Joroto X2 is the most affordable and basic model in the range. It offers magnetic resistance and a simple console but does not have Bluetooth connectivity for app integration.

The Joroto X2Pro is a middle-range model that is similar to the X2, but has Bluetooth connectivity for app integration. This allows for a more seamless workout experience and the ability to track your progress and data.

The most advanced Joroto indoor bike is the X4. It has the same console with Bluetooth as the Joroto X2Pro but has a better built quality and overall look. The X4 has a dumbbell holder and is sturdier than the X2 and X2Pro.

However, like the other Joroto magnetic indoor cycling bikes, it does not have automatic resistance for Zwift or SPD pedals for clipless cycling shoes.

As you can see, Joroto offers a range of magnetic indoor cycling bikes that cater to different needs and budgets. The X2 is the most affordable and basic model, the X2Pro has Bluetooth for app connectivity, and the X4 is the most advanced model.

The Joroto X2 looks like other indoor bikes about this price with that classic spinning bike look, but they have added an oversize flywheel and an excellent cover across the transmission. It’s tough to stand out at this price, but I feel they have done that.

It has a durable belt transmission which is better than chain for indoor cycling because it has less maintenance. Plus, it’s quieter than a chain so it doesn’t make annoying noise like chain-driven magnetic spin bikes do.

The bike has a small monitor, which is pretty basic, but it’s to be expected at that price. It will give you the essentials including heart rate, speed, calories, and time. But it’s very small and not backlit so it’s difficult to see your stats if it’s dark.

Also, there is no cadence reading so if you want to know your cadence, you will need to consider buying an additional RPM/Cadence sensor to attach to the bike’s crank.

It costs around $40 and gives your crank revolution per minute (RPM) which comes in handy if you like to follow online indoor cycling classes because normally trainers give you a certain cadence to follow.

I am not crazy about the design because of how the handlebar is positioned but the bike is solid to ride. And if you are new to indoor cycling, you probably wouldn’t notice the weird shape of the handlebars.

However, I do like that there are bottle holders on the handlebars and a tablet mount finishes it off nicely. So, you can keep your device on the bike while choosing an indoor cycling application to use.

The saddle is of nice quality and very comfortable especially compared to Peloton and Nordictrack S15i and S22i indoor bikes. There is plenty of paddings and two suspension springs to minimize impact when you get on and off the seat.

The indoor cycling bike is very adjustable, and the handlebars and saddle can move both horizontally and vertically. So, you can set up this spin bike to fit you comfortably if you are between 5.1 to 6.3. It’s a quiet ride, and I can see why they are prevalent in this price range.

6Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

In summary, The Joroto X2 bike is a great budget option, but it lacks features found on other more expensive models such as the Echelon EX15 and Horizon 5.0. Some of the features it doesn’t have are Bluetooth app connectivity, SPD pedals and Automatic resistance control when connected to Zwift. So, if you can spend $100 more, I would highly suggest the later magnetic spin bikes as they have superior features and offer more value for your money.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight 94lbs
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 43″ L x 20″ W x 43″ H
Warranty 12 Months

Joroto X2 Pros:
  • The Joroto X2 spin bike offers a smooth ride experience thanks to its heavy flywheel, which provides a stable and consistent pedaling motion.
  • The X2 also features a low-maintenance magnetic resistance system that is both quiet and efficient, making it great for at-home use.
  • The seat and handlebars are also adjustable both horizontally and vertically, allowing for a customized and comfortable fit for users of different heights and body types.
  • The X2 also features convenient water bottle holders on the handlebars that are easy to reach, making it easy to stay hydrated during your workout.
  • The X2 also includes a tablet mount, allowing you to keep your device close and convenient while you exercise. This can be a great feature for those who like to follow workout videos or use apps to track their progress.
Joroto X2 Cons:
  • The Joroto X2 spin bike’s monitor is small and does not have a backlight which can make it difficult to read in low-light conditions.
  • The X2 does not have Bluetooth connectivity, so it cannot connect to apps like Zwift for virtual training, which limits its versatility.
  • The X2 also does not come with SPD or SPD-SL pedals for indoor cycling shoes, it only has cage pedals suitable for regular shoes. This can be a disadvantage for those looking for a more efficient and comfortable indoor cycling experience.
  • The resistance on the X2 is also not automatically adjustable for power zone or Zwift games, which can be a drawback for those looking to fully immerse themselves in virtual training experiences.
  • The handlebars on the X2 are positioned at an unusual angle compared to standard spin bikes like the Echelon EX15 or Sunny SF-B1805. This can take some time to get used to and may not be as comfortable for some users.

13. Dmasun Indoor Bike With Magnetic Resistance

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Free shipping
as of September 29, 2023 3:50 pm

Dmasun makes two indoor bikes, and they are probably some of the best value-for-money bikes in the market. They have a friction bike and a frictionless magnetic indoor bike.

This Dmasun we are looking at today is magnetic and comes in at less than $300, and is not shy of a few good features.

It’s got that classic indoor studio cycle look and even sports a monitor on the front. It’s nothing special to be honest and I had a hard time seeing my stats during the ride.

It also doesn’t have any Bluetooth connections so there was no way to get my progress on my phone and tablet unless I used additional accessories like speed and cadence sensors or power pedals.

Plus, the monitor only gives your distance, time, calories, and speed. It doesn’t have RPM, resistance level, or watt output. So, it’s fair to say in terms of technology this magnetic spin bike is really poor.

But in terms of quality for the price, I have to say I love the simple design and sturdy build. It also has a 40-pound flywheel which I found pretty smooth.

But it’s under the sweat zone so you would probably need to do more cleaning and overall maintenance than bikes like Echelon EX15 with covered flywheel.

In size, it’s pretty tiny and can easily be moved around the house but also feel solid and sturdy in a heavy sprint too. I love that the saddle is heavily padded, and it has a nice feel to it when riding.

The handlebars are pretty simple and just move vertically, and I don’t mind this too much as the saddle can move around to compensate.

5Expert Score
Editors Thoughts

The Dmasun magnetic spin bike is a cost-effective option for basic indoor cycling. However, it does lack some features found on other models such as a larger monitor with backlight, Bluetooth connectivity, SPD or SPD-SL pedals, and automatic resistance control for power zone or Zwift games. Additionally, the handlebars are not horizontally adjustable. Despite these shortcomings, the Dmasun bike is a suitable choice for those on a budget. However, for those who are able to spend a bit more, models such as the Echelon EX15 and the Horizon 5.0 may be more suitable as they offer superior features and are only slightly more expensive. Alternately, for those with a budget below $300 who are looking for a magnetic spin bike with Bluetooth and Zwift connectivity, the Bancon indoor bike may be a better option than the Dmasun. Ultimately, if you are seeking a simple, sturdy bike with racing-style handlebars and a heavy flywheel, the Dmasun may be the best choice for you.

Additional Information!
Bike Weight Unknown
Max User Weight 300lbs
Size 45″ L x 20″ W x 43″ H
Warranty 12 Months

Dmasun Bike Pros:
  • I have to say, one of the things I love most about my Dmasun magnetic spin bike is its affordable price. It’s a great value for the money.
  • The 40-pound flywheel provides a smooth and consistent ride and the quiet magnetic operation ensures that my workout doesn’t disturb others in the household.
  • The belt drive is also low maintenance, which is great for someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend on upkeep.
  • The dipped handlebars with racing grips feel secure and comfortable in my hands without slipping or get wet.
  • The built-in tablet and phone holder make it easy for me to follow along with my favorite spin bike workout videos.
Dmasun Bike Cons:
  • The handlebars on the Dmasun indoor cycling bike can only be adjusted vertically, which may not be suitable for all users.
  • The console is small and doesn’t have a backlit display, making it difficult to read workout data in low light environments.
  • The console doesn’t have any RPM or resistance level readings, making it harder to track your progress or follow virtual cycling instructors.
  • The Dmasun indoor cycling bike doesn’t have the auto resistance feature for apps like Zwift or Peloton, which can limit the variety of workout options available.
  • This magnetic Dmasun indoor cycling bike doesn’t have Bluetooth or ANT/+ connectivity for spin bike apps, which can be an inconvenience for those who like to use their own apps for tracking and motivation.

Easy Hacks To Benefit More From Magnetic Spin Bikes

When it comes to cycling indoors on a belt driven magnetic spin bike, it can be easy to learn, but it is tough to master. I remember when I first started riding indoors, I felt I was getting on fine.

But looking back, I was missing some vital points that could have really improved the experience I had on my spinning bike magnetic with resistance and made it much easier for me.

The following tips aim to make cycling easier for you while using a spin bike belt drive magnetic resistance by telling you everything you need to know now.

These are the things I wish I would have been told when I first started riding indoors on my affordable magnetic spin bike. These are all cheap and easy hacks to do and will make a tremendous amount of difference to your experience of using exercise bikes with magnetic resistance.

Use a Mat Under a Magnetic Belt Drive Spin Bike

best spin bike floor mats

The first bit of advice I can give you is to use a mat. Even if you have the cheapest magnetic spin bike, it will make a difference. The difference a bike mat makes is enormous, and the cost is so tiny.

Having a mat on the floor under indoor exercise bikes with magnetic resistance has so many advantages, and I wouldn’t ever go without one now. You can use high-end matting or something as simple as a yoga mat for your budget magnetic spin bike.

Mat is Floor Protecting

The first thing a mat does amazingly is protecting your floor as well as your indoor exercise bike. If you are cycling at home on hardwood or tiles, that could scratch as soon as you sprint.

You’re going to be damaging your floor without a mat even if you have the best magnetic spin bikes, which isn’t ideal. I wish I knew this when I was reading magnetic exercise bike reviews across the web.

Mat is Noise Dampening

Mats, especially rubber or PVC thick mats, take all the vibration from the magnetic resistance belt drive spin bike and hugely dampen the noise.

I personally use industrial gym mats with one of the best spin bikes with magnetic resistance that I recently bought, and it is incredibly quiet when I’m spinning. So, I never worry about upsetting my downstairs neighbors when riding an indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance.

Mat keeps the Bike Stable

Although when it comes to using a magnetic resistance spin bike, you’re typically quite planted. As soon as you start to sprint on a magnetic resistance spin bike, you will move around unless you have a good mat gripping you to the floor.

Reading a few magnetic resistance exercise bike reviews on the web, you can easily discover how annoying an unstable spin bike is on a slippery furnace.

Consider a Good Training Space

best spin bikes Australia

Not having a very good training space is what many indoor cyclists make a huge error when they buy their first home spin bike magnetic resistance and start training indoors. When you set up your magnetic resistance indoor bike or smart trainer, what surrounds you makes all the difference.

I have found that putting your magnetic exercise bike in a place where many people are passing through makes training much more challenging, and it’s easy to get distracted.

Having your magnetic spin bike in a hallway or a room like a kitchen makes it tough to train as people will always be walking through and putting you off what you’re doing.

But keeping your magnetic flywheel spin bike somewhere hidden away really does help you just focus on the task at hand and stops people from interrupting you while you are cycling at home.

Ventilate the cycling room

If you want to turn your magnetic resistance cycle experience into a rock-solid awful experience, then just don’t ventilate the room.

While using a magnetic indoor bike riding indoors is challenging enough without not having adequate air, so how do we go about getting maximum airflow?

Use a cooling fan

Even if it is a cheap fan using one will make sure a huge difference when using the best magnetic stationary bike. When riding outdoors, you have fresh air forced down your throat, but unfortunately, we don’t get this when spinning indoors.

Using a cooling fan to boost the airflow towards you and help you get more oxygen to you and your muscles is free power. That said, some of the best magnetic resistance spin bikes like Nordictrack S22i come equipped with cooling fans so you wouldn’t need another fan.

Leave a window or a door open

When you are on your belt drive magnetic resistance spin bike, it’s good to have a fan pointed at you, but if it’s just pushing hot air, it’s a tad useless.

Getting a door or window open to add more ventilation and better air quality will help keep you smashing in decent watts and get great workout even from the cheapest magnetic resistance spin bike.

Train at the right temperature

We have just spoken about how much ventilation helps you ride indoors on a spinning bike magnetic resistance. Now, let us discuss temperature. Did you know when it comes to indoor cycling and riding the best exercise bike with magnetic resistance, the majority of the body’s effort doesn’t go to pushing your pedals down.

It goes actually to keep the body’s processes running correctly. Things like circulating blood, delivering nutrients, and converting food into glycogen, all these count to keep you on form.

One of the biggest things the body spends its energy on is temperature regulation. To save your body’s energy keeping it at the right temperature while doing spinning bike workouts matters.

I highly recommend using air conditioning if required or even dropping that heating out to cool you down where you train. One of my colleagues who recently bought a Schwinn exercise bike with magnetic resistance said she turned off the heater in her home gym while cycling and the difference was amazing.

You will notice a massive difference in your performance if you can stay at your optimum temperature. You need to keep the room at the right temperature and stay cool otherwise even with the best spin bike magnetic resistance you will still feel uncomfortable and demotivated.

Use a Heart Rate Monitor

Pulse and heart rate monitor

You have probably heard of heart rate monitors before, and yes, they are amazing. For the price of about $30 you can get a cheap heart rate monitor that will link to indoor cycling applications such as Peloton and Zwift.

A heart rate monitor can do so much when combined with the best magnetic resistance stationary bike. It can tell you how hard you’re working on your indoor exercise bikes with magnetic resistance, and by using this information, you can create training zones. It can help show how much fitter you’re getting by looking at previous data.

They are amazing, even to the point that you can sometimes see if you’re getting poorly or are feeling under the weather. I highly recommend constantly riding exercise bikes with magnetic resistance with a heart rate monitors.

For monitoring your heart rate while cycling with a magnetic spin bike you can use a heart rate monitor watch, armband heart rate monitor, or a chest strap heart rate monitor. I suggest the watch or armband because they are easier to wear but you can also choose the chest strap if that’s what you prefer.

Watch Spin Bike Workout Videos

Peloton spin class app

If you head on to the internet and download a training application or even go on Youtube, you will find a lot of online indoor cycling classes and sessions to train from.

Do you need to use your magnetic belt drive spin bike while watching an online spinning class video? Not always, but it makes a considerable amount of difference to your exercise progress.

Having a structure forces you to work harder, and typically, many spin bike sessions will force you to train in all your different zones.

It will help you get fitter because it will challenge you and is very distracting to help the time go by much faster and is much more of an immersive experience.

Bring a Sport Towel to the Bike


When I first bought a budget magnetic spin bike and started indoor cycling, I didn’t have much time for sweat towels and wasn’t too bothered. I do sweat like most people, but I just didn’t use a towel, and to this day, I regret it because it ruined some of my equipment in the long term.

You are typically on your own bike using turbo trainers, and the handlebars are made for riding outdoors. If you let too much sweat sit on these under the bar tape, it will corrode your bars as the salt reacts with the aluminum. It can weaken them, and they have a chance to snap when you do go outside.

The same goes with your traditional exercise bike or even a magnetic resistance belt drive spin bike. They are built to be pretty water-resistant, but you can’t let too much sweat sit on the surface.

Salty sweat will rust your pride and joy over the space of a few months or even as long as a year and can cause bearing to break. It doesn’t even matter the type of towel. A beach towel would work fine to keep you sweat-free.

Use a Table/desk for Stuff

Years ago when I was reading magnetic spin bike reviews and then I decided to buy one of the cheapest magnetic resistance spin bikes I could find, I realized one of the most annoying things is having to get off your indoor trainer.

It’s really annoying to interrupt the indoor biking session, for reasons like grabbing your water bottle or changing something on the laptop for the Zwift rides you have planned.

Thankfully there’s a very easy solution, and as far as indoor cycling hacks go, this is one of the best that comes in handy with any indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance.

Using the best magnetic indoor cycling bike with a cycling training table makes it so much easier. You have space to put a tablet, pop your laptop on, and even keep water bottles and food. Plus, this allows you to keep your accessories away from the bike handlebars and ride without obstacles.

What a lot of people do is use an ironing board to use as a table. It’s an ideal place for a wireless keyboard and wireless mouse, and you can wash the cover if you get it sweaty by mistake.

best spin bike speed cadence sensors

Is a Spin Bike Better Than a Treadmill?

spin bike vs treadmill

Spin bike and treadmill both have their pros and cons, so it is difficult to say which is better. They both deliver nearly the same number of calories burned which is wholly dependent on user effort, weight, age, gender, physical fitness, available space in your home, fitness goals, and the type of workout you prefer. You can burn about 600-800 calories in 60 minutes with a treadmill while you can burn about 600 calories in 45-60 minutes with a spin bike. While treadmills deliver high-impact exercise that exerts strain on the knees and other delicate joints, spin bikes provide low-impact exercise which is better for people with mobility problems and injuries. So which is better is dependent on personal preference, goals, and circumstances.

What is the Most Affordable Magnetic Spin Bike?

best budget spin bikes

There are several affordable magnetic spin bikes available on the market. One option that meets the criteria you mentioned is the Bancon indoor cycling bike. It has a magnetic resistance system, dipped handlebars, a breathable seat, a tablet holder, Bluetooth connectivity for Zwift and Peloton, and an LCD display with rpm, speed, and resistance level. Additionally, the flywheel is covered, making it safer for homes with children. The price of this bike is usually around $200 – $300, which is considered to be very affordable compared to other high-end magnetic spin bikes. It’s important to note that while this bike may be affordable, it may not have as many features or be as durable as more expensive magnetic indoor bikes like Keiser or Peloton. But for personal use at home for one person, Bancon is the best affordable magnetic resistance spin bike I have ever used.

How much do spin bikes cost?

best spin bikes in the United States

A good spin bike with magnetic resistance can cost anywhere from around $500 to $2000 or more, depending on the features and quality of the bike. Higher-end models may have more resistance levels, a heavier flywheel, and a more durable frame, while lower-end models may have fewer features and a lighter flywheel. Additionally, some magnetic spin bikes like Peloton Bike+ that are designed for use in commercial settings may cost even more.

Is there a cheaper spin bike alternative to Peloton?

best Peloton alternative

The Peloton bike is a high-end spin bike that comes with a large touchscreen display and a subscription to Peloton’s online classes and content. If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to the Peloton bike, the Schwinn IC4 and Echelon EX15 are two options that are worth considering.
The Schwinn IC4 is a magnetic resistance spin bike that comes with a variety of features such as a fully adjustable seat and handlebars, a backlit LCD display, and 100 resistance levels. It’s also compatible with the Peloton and Zwift apps and other third-party apps, so you can still access online classes and content. It’s usually priced around $700 – $1000. The Echelon EX15 is another magnetic resistance spin bike that comes with features such as a fully adjustable seat and comfortable handlebars, and 32 resistance levels. There is no backlit screen on this bike but it has Bluetooth sensors to transmit data to the cycling application of your choice including Echelon Fit, Peloton, Kinomap, and Zwift. The price of the Echelon EX15 is usually around $300 – $499. Both Schwinn IC4 and Echelon EX15 are good spin bike alternatives to Peloton, they come with most of the features and functionalities that Peloton provides and with a cheaper price. However, they don’t have the interactive screen that Peloton has, and only their cadence connects/syncs to the Peloton application.

Can you Reduce Belly Fat by Using a Spin Bike?


Spin biking is an effective way to burn calories and can be beneficial for reducing belly fat. According to Harvard Health Publishing, a person weighing 155 pounds can burn about 260 calories in 30 minutes of moderate-intensity cycling and 391 calories in 30 minutes of vigorous-intensity cycling. Additionally, a study published in the Journal of Obesity in 2011, found that participants who engaged in a 12-week cycling program lost a significant amount of belly fat, specifically visceral fat which is the type of fat that surrounds the organs, compared to a control group who didn’t engage in any exercise. However, it is important to note that in order to lose belly fat and see results, it is necessary to combine regular exercise with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Spin biking alone is not enough to lose belly fat if you are not making changes to your diet or leading an overall sedentary lifestyle.

Is it important to wear specific indoor cycling clothing?


It is not essential to wear specific indoor cycling clothing, but it will enhance the overall indoor cycling experience. Indoor cycling clothing is designed to be comfortable and breathable, which can help to improve your workout. Clothing designed specifically for cycling can provide a better fit, with features like padded shorts that can help to reduce chafing and discomfort on long rides. They are also made with moisture-wicking fabrics that can help to keep you dry and comfortable during intense sessions. Additionally, wearing tight-fitting clothing can help to reduce air resistance and make it easier to move your body freely on the bike. Loose-fitting clothing can get caught in the bike or get in the way of your movement. To make it short, you don’t need to wear specific cycling clothing to do indoor cycling, but to comfortably enjoy an indoor cycling workout you need to wear padded shorts, shirts, and, clip-in shoes. They can provide a better fit and comfort that can help you to get the most out of your workout.

Reasons a magnetic spin bike might squeak?

how to maintain spin bike

A magnetic spin bike can squeak for several reasons. Some common causes include:
Loose bolts: If the bolts that hold the spin bike flywheel or resistance mechanism in place are loose, it can cause squeaking as the bike is used. Also, if hex crank arm bolts are loose, they can cause squeaking. Dirty or dry bearings: If the bearings on the flywheel or resistance mechanism are dirty or dry, they can create friction and cause squeaking. Incorrectly aligned magnets: If the resistance magnets aren’t alleged properly, they will come in contact with the flywheel and it can cause squeaking. Loose or worn out belt: If the belt that connects the flywheel to the pedals/crank mechanism is loose or worn out, it can cause squeaking. Bad lubrication: If the indoor bike is not lubricated properly, it can lead to squeaking. You should make sure the bearing of the flywheel and the crank arm bargains are clean and lubricated. Damaged parts: If any parts of the bike such as the resistance mechanism, flywheel, or pedals are damaged, it can cause squeaking on a magnetic spin bike. If you are experiencing squeaking, first it’s best to check for any loose bolts or worn-out parts and make sure the bike is properly lubricated. If the problem persists, it’s best to remove the cover that protects the (resistance mechanism) and make sure it’s aligned and clean. If it’s still not fixed, contact the manufacturer or a professional to fix your magnetic resistance indoor cycling bike.

Are magnetic exercise bikes good?

exercise bike magnetic resistance system

Magnetic resistance exercise bikes are highly regarded for indoor cycling due to their smooth and quiet operation, easy adjustability, durability, versatility across skill and fitness levels, and suitability for home use. With magnetic systems, resistance is seamlessly generated through a magnetic field, providing a noiseless riding experience. The ability to effortlessly adjust the resistance level allows for personalized workouts, while the absence of direct contact between parts ensures long-lasting durability. Magnetic exercise bikes cater to individuals of all skill levels, making them accessible and adaptable, and their quiet operation and user-friendly nature make them ideal for home use.

Where to buy spin bike with magnetic resistance?

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There are several places where you can buy a spin bike with magnetic resistance for a good affordable price. Some options include: Online retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, Ebay, and Target. They often have a wide selection of magnetic spin bikes at competitive prices and frequently offer sales and discounts. Sporting goods stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy Sports, Decathlon, Walmart, and REI. They carry a variety of magnetic resistance spin bikes from different brands and often have knowledgeable staff who can help you find the right bike for your needs. Some magnetic indoor bike manufacturers like Peloton sell spin bikes directly to consumers through their websites, which can save you money by cutting out the middleman. Second-hand marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook marketplace, or OfferUp. You can find used spin bikes with magnetic resistance at a good price, but make sure to inspect the bike and test it before buying, also you can’t be sure about the warranty or the current condition of the bike. When buying your magnetic resistance bike, it’s also important to do your research and compare prices, features, and customer reviews before making a purchase.

Magnetic resistance spin bike vs friction resistance?

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Magnetic resistance spin bikes and friction resistance spin bikes are two types of spin bikes that are commonly used for indoor cycling at home and in cycling studios. Magnetic resistance spin bikes use a magnetic field to create resistance, which is typically very smooth and quiet. The resistance level can be easily adjusted with a dial or button, and the magnets do not come into contact with the flywheel, which means they do not wear out as quickly as friction resistance systems. However, they tend to be more expensive than friction-resistance spin bikes.
Friction-resistance spin bikes, on the other hand, use a wool pad or leather brake to create resistance by pressing against the flywheel. The resistance level can also be adjusted, but it may be less precise than on a magnetic resistance spin bike. Friction resistance systems can also produce more noise and wear out faster than magnetic resistance systems. However, they are typically less expensive than magnetic resistance spin bikes. Both types of spin bikes can provide a good workout and are suitable for indoor cycling. The choice of which one to use will depend on personal preference and budget. I highly recommend magnetic resistance indoor cycling bikes as they are quieter, smoother, and require less maintenance.

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13 Top Magnetic Spin Bikes I Enjoyed Using

Keiser M3i, Nordictrack S22i, Echelon EX5-S, Peloton Original Bike, Bowflex VeloCore, ProForm Studio Pro, Bowflex C7, Schwinn IC4, Horizon Fitness 5.0 IC, Echelon EX15, Sunny Health And Fitness SF-B1805, Joroto X2 and Dmasun are the 13 best magnetic spin bikes that I loved the most. Each of these magnetic indoor bikes is great for certain people which I explained in the product review. For example, the Keiser M3i is the ultimate magnetic resistance spin bike for pro cyclists while Nordictrack S22i is the best versatile choice for riders who want a magnetic indoor cycling bike that can lean forward and backward to mimic uphills and downhills. What is common about these magnetic exercise bikes is their quiet and smooth performance, customization options, sturdiness, and excellent stability. Thanks to their virtually maintenance free resistance systems, these magnetic indoor cycles surpasses expectations and provides an exceptional workout experience for riders of all levels.


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