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by BEMH • Updated: January 10, 2021

Thanks to Eddy Current Resistance also known as magnetic resistance, indoor cycling is more silent and enjoyable than ever. We used years of experience and days of research to pick the best magnetic spin bikes in 2021 for you.

In today’s world of unpredictable changes, people are very much aware at the same time concerned about their health. Everyone tries various methods to become fit either by paying a heavy monthly health club subscription or buying various workout gadgets such as rowing machines and spin bikes to do home workouts.

But did you know that a good magnetic indoor cycle can provide the benefits of strength as well as cardio workouts! Two-in-on, so you wouldn’t have to fill your home with fitness machines. However, due to the wide range of available options, buying the best magnetic indoor bike is not an easy task. Especially because more or less they all look the same for a beginner.

If you are reading this magnetic spin bike review, you don’t have to go through the hassle of research because we already found the top 13 magnetic resistance spinning exercise bikes that will help you get in shape, stay fit, and more importantly, exercise comfortably without excessive noise. With no further ado, here is the list of our best magnetic indoor bikes in 2021.

Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle
in stock
11 new from $1,999.00
Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycling Bike
in stock
12 new from $899.00
ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Magnetic Exercise Bike
in stock
ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Magnetic Indoor Cycle
in stock
Maxkare Black Stationary Magnetic Spinning Bike
in stock
2 new from $334.99
Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic SF-B1805 Spin Bike
in stock
2 new from $599.20
3 used from $448.49
EFITMENT IC031 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike
in stock
2 new from $429.98
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Best Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bikes Compared

Best Magnetic Spin Bikes Comparison Chart
Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle BundleBluetooth Blue Backlit, Watt, RPM, Speed Resistance, Distance, Calories, & Heart Rate300-Lb Max4'10″ Min - 6'7″ MaxCommercial Magnetic Spin Bike24-Level Magnetic Resistance
NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i22" touch, HDMI, USB Charger, Watt, RPM, Resistance, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate
Bluetooth and WiFi
350-Lb Max27″ Min - 40 MaxCommercial Magnetic Spin Bike24-Level Magnetic Resistance
Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Stationary BikeBluetooth, RPM, Resistance, Speed, Distance, Calories, & Heart Rate Readings330-Lb Max5’1″ Min 7’0″ MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike100-Increment Magnetic Resistance
Diamondback Fitness 1260Sc Magnetic Resistance Spin BikeWatt, RPM, Distance, Calories, Heart Rate, ANT+300-Lb Max5’2″ Min 6’5″ MaxCommercial Magnetic Spin Bike16-Level Magnetic Resistance
Sole SB900 Magnetic Resistance Spin BikeBacklit, RPM, Distance, Time, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max5’2″ Min 6’4″ MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Magnetic Exercise BikeN/A330-Lb Max30" Min / 38" MaxCommercial Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Magnetic Indoor CycleRPM, Distance, Time, Calories, Heart Rate300-Lb Max28" Min / 38" MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Echanfit Magnetic Indoor Cycling BikeDistance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate297-Lb Max28" Min -36" MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin BikeMultiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Maxkare Black Stationary Magnetic Spinning BikeDistance, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate264-Lb Max27.5″ Min 36″ MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic SF-B1805 Spin BikeN/A300-Lb Max28" Min / 38" MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Joroto X2 Magnetic Belt-Drive Indoor Cycling BikeDistance, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate280-Lb Max27.5″ Min 36.2″ MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
EFITMENT IC031 Magnetic Resistance Spin BikeDistance, Speed, Time, Calories, and Heart Rate275-Lb Max5’1″ Min 6’3″ MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels
Vigbody Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic ResistanceDistance, Time, Calories, and Scan300-Lb Max27″ Min 36″ MaxHome Use Magnetic Spin Bike
Multiple Magnetic Resistance Levels

Editor’s Best Magnetic Spin Bike Choice!

Indoor cycling bike prices vary a lot, from the Keiser M3i that costs $2000 to the budget spin bikes that cost very little. While they all promise to provide the best indoor cycling workout, my years of personal experience proves different. Like everything else, when buying magnetic spin bikes, “you get what you pay for”.

Therefore, you would never get the reliability of a completely US made magnetic spin bike such as Keiser M3i if you buy the Nordictrack, Sunny, Joroto, Maxkare, or any other mass-produced Chinese made spin bikes. So, if you can afford it, I suggest you go for the Keiser magnetic indoor bike. It is safe to say, M3i has been the world’s most elite cyclists’ go-to magnetic spin bike for indoor cycling.

Quick Overview Of Top Indoor Bikes With Magnetic Resistance

Our 13 Best Magnetic Spin Bike Picks:

#1: Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle Bundle

Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle Bundle

M3i is possibly the most reliable indoor cycle and would be a great choice if you are looking for a low-maintenance magnetic indoor exercise bike. It is developed by industry experts in the United States to overcome the demand for all fitness level indoor cycling enthusiasts.

Keiser M3i magnetic indoor cycle is designed to incorporate riders of all body shape and sizes. Thanks to the combination of a light flywheel and a high-gear ratio, the M3i magnetic spin cycle is capable of providing a realistic road bike experience inside your home.

In addition to tens of features that you will read down, Keiser m3i is the only magnetic indoor cycle that has been designed and fully made in the United States. Unlike cheaply made spin bike abroad, Keiser M3i goes through very intense quality inspection. So, you wouldn’t be surprised with low-quality broken parts when you receive the bike.


  • Built for commercial use which means everyone in your family can use the bike without causing excessive maintenance.
  • This magnetic exercise bike accommodates a wide range of riders from 4’10” to 7′.
  • Unique v-shape design that allows it to mimic different road bike frames by allowing seat and handlebars to be raised and so can accommodate riders of all sizes(4’10” to 7″ height).
  • It has a rear-wheel design that makes it easier to clean which also better protects the cycling machine from sweat and corrosion.
  • M3i bike needs less maintenance and has a longer bike life, thanks to its unique reliability.
  • It is a belt-drive spin bike with a poly-v belt that makes it quiet, smooth and low-maintenance.
  • M3i is equipped with durable dual-sided SPD pedals. They are made in the US and are truly unique in design and durability.
  • To save battery, the M3i display has a smart automatic backlit that switches on when there is not enough light in the room.
  • M3i home spin bike features Bluetooth technology to enable you to save your daily workout on the spinning apps and interact with other cyclists online.
  • It has a simple and elegant design which is extremely durable and makes the cycle virtually maintenance-free.
  • This also got a versatile media tray, easy access to the shifter, water bottle holder and it is easy to adjust the seat and handlebars.
  • Use your phone tablet or computer to access virtually any training app or video. Compatible apps include Bkool, GOind, Heart Zones Training, and more.
  • Last but not least, this belt-drive magnetic indoor cycling bike tracks the rider’s power/watt, RPM, HR, distance, time, and more importantly, displays the current gear level.


  • This belt-drive spin bike doesn’t have an aero, brake-hoods or drop positions.
  • Most popular spinning apps don’t work with the M3i magnetic spin bike unless you buy the Keiser M Series converter.
  • The screen is too small compared to other commercial spin bike listed below.

#2: NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i

NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i

This is one of the top commercial spin bikes that provides interactive personal training at home. S22i magnetic cycle comes with a free 1-year i-fit membership ($400) and has lots of cool features.

The excellent design of this home exercise bike makes you fall in love with indoor cycling. S22i comes with 21” monitor that connects to your wifi and Bluetooth devices to bring live spin classes with top-notch instructors in the comfort of your home.

Additionally, this magnetic spin bike tracks your watt, RPM, heart rate, resistance, time, and distance. But what truly stands out is the electronically adjustable incline/decline system.


  • Interactive personal training at home with 21″ interactive HD touchscreen display that streams on-demand i-Fit workouts directly to your equipment and provides easy status tracking.
  • 1-year iFit membership is included with the S22i magnetic cycle to allow access to on-demand classes.
  • 22 digital resistance level for complete spin bike workout control.
  • 10 to 20 percent LIVE incline matching technology to mimic uphill and downhill rides.
  • 360-degree screen rotation allowed by adjustable display mount.
  • Silent magnetic resistance or SMR allows smooth, quiet workout with every use in this top-rated exercise bikes.
  • S22i magnetic stationary bike comes with adjustable leveling feet stabilizers for a solid workout.
  • Two 3Lb dumbbells included for cross-training in this indoor exercise bike
  • Best indoor cycling experience provided by the fully adjustable ergonomic padded saddle.
  • Auto breeze workout fan, HDMI, USB charging, and smart resistance technology puts the S22i into the category of best magnetic indoor cycling bikes.
  • With iFit, S22i magnetic spin bike provides thousands of pre-recorded workout classes, live interactive training, Google map, and stat tracking.


  • It is a little difficult and tricky to assemble the parts of this exercise bicycle with connecting wires.
  • One major disappointment for people who want to purchase this indoor spin bike is the heavyweight and power plug requirement.
  • Without the iFit membership, you can not save your workout or watch any of the classes. So, the 21” monitor will only allow you to see your progress. No watching Netflix, YouTube, etc.
  • The quality and support for this bike are not as good as Keiser M3i’s magnetic spin bike.

#3: Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Stationary Indoor Bike

Schwinn IC4 Indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance

Listed third place in our best magnetic spin bike review, Schwinn IC4 is another awesome choice for indoor cycling enthusiasts. One of the major distinguishing factors of this exercise bike is the Universal Bluetooth monitor.

It allows you to connect the bike to the most popular indoor cycling applications such as Zwift and stream thousands of recorded plus live cycling and strength workouts along with the new classes added daily on. Schwinn IC4 indoor bike is built with magnetic resistance and belt transmission which makes the ride extremely quiet.

A few other features that stand out about the IC4 are durability, lightweight aluminum adjustment posts, and SPD dual-sided pedals. This magnetic spin bike is also completely adjustable. So, everyone in your family can adjust the bike for a low-impact comfortable ride.


  • A true high-quality spin bike that can offer hours of daily cycling workouts without breaking.
  • With this magnetic resistance indoor cycling bike, you can connect online and stream thousands of live and recorded cycling and strength workouts.
  • Track your progress with the monitor, which helps you to set tangible goals and work towards your personal best.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 supports most standard Bluetooth headphones and heart rate, monitors.
  • The design of this top-rated exercise bike is sleek and compact with multiple seats and four-way adjustable handlebar settings for multiple riders in a household.
  • This exercise bicycle includes two weight dumbbells at no extra cost. You can use it on and off the bike to improve your arm and shoulder fitness.
  • IC4 magnetic bike also includes dual water bottle holders and sweat protection flywheel design.
  • This cycling exercise bike offers exceptional reliability and a virtually silent ride.
  • Affordable price, good warranty, dual-sided SPD pedals, RPM, Resistance, and Speed reading.


  • Schwinn IC4 magnetic resistance spin bike has no armrests for the time trail spinning position (not necessarily a con since it can be purchased separately).

#4: Diamondback Fitness 1260Sc Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

Diamondback magnetic spin bike

If you are serious about your health and want to be in a good shape, the Diamondback 1260Sc magnetic indoor cycling bike is a perfect appliance to make your dreams come true. This is a new magnetic resistance exercise bike on the market so there are very little reviews about it. However, it has awesome features such as Watt tracking, SPD pedals, a very durable and solid frame.

Thanks to its sturdy construction, contemporary pleasant design, and various tracking features, this bike is simply a great option for indoor use. Being one of the best spin bikes under $2000, it comes with fore/aft adjustment and designed to be perfectly adjusted to everyone’s needs. You can adjust the seat and handlebar angle to set the most comfortable riding position and use different riding styles in your exercises.

Training with the Diamondback 1260Sc not only helps you stay in shape but also keeps you safe from accidental injury. Thanks to the smooth motion system and magnetic variable braking, your workout will not damage your joints or ankles.


  • The digital spin bike monitor displays the following workout progress; RPM, WATT, calories, distance, and time.
  • Independent autonomous power (no need for an electric plug or wires) pedal on it anywhere in the house with needing electricity plugs.
  • A high-density foam seat with additional cushioning, a spring support frame, an integrated water bottle holder, and 2 heavy-duty casters.
  • Built-in grip sensors help the onboard computer to keep track of your heart rate.
  • Lever adjustment allows you to easily adjust the intensity of your cycling workouts right in the process.
  • 1260Sc magnetic bike comes with a convenient easy-lift handle for effortless transportation.
  • ANT+ or BLE FTMS compatible (Android/iOS) to get the data you need.
  • Balanced 31-lbs flywheel for a smooth workout, 1-year labor, and 3-year part warranty.
  • 16 Levels of magnetic resistance, and a belt-driven system for low-maintenance and zero noise.
  • 5’2″ – 6’5″ User height capacity and 300-LB user weight limit.
  • Award-winning exercise bike family representative and no monthly subscriptions
  • Custom multi-position handlebars, height/position adjustable.
  • Clipless SPD pedals or standard pedals options, integrated water bottle holder and storage box.


  • The monitor doesn’t come with a Blue backlit feature which makes it hard to see stats in the dark.

#5: Sole SB900 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

The SB900 is the better version of the SB700 which offers a new level of training and tons of awesome features. It is one of the best spin bikes under $1000 and designed for intensive cycling both at home or at the light-commercial facility. In addition to excellent performance and comfortable ergonomics, SB00 indoor bike combines a high level of comfort and natural riding experience.

Fully adjustable seat and handlebars with vertical and horizontal settings allow the user to set them right for the perfect workout. Additionally, you have two easy-to-reach water bottle holders for staying hydrated during your training sessions, and 2 durable casters for easy transportation.

The SB00 magnetic indoor bike is also equipped with both classic clips and SPD pedals for a safe spin workout. The chrome-plated 48 lbs flywheel and Eddy Current magnetic resistance system ensure an ultimately quiet and smooth ride and effective load. This spin bike’s frame is made of steel tubing and aluminum shroud supporting up to 300-pound user weight.


  • The integrated 3″ x 4″ digital console displays the number Revolution Per Minutes (RMP), time, Calories, speed, distance traveled, and time spent.
  • Also, SB900 magnetic is compatible with a wireless heart rate monitor belt, which allows you to control a comfortable heart rate zone and achieve results more efficiently.
  • Generous warranty which includes; lifetime on frame, 3 years on parts, and 1-year labor.
  • High weight capacity (300-lb) which indicates sturdiness and durability.
  • Chromed and machine balanced 48-lb flywheel for a smooth and natural indoor cycling ride.
  • Both seat and handlebars adjustment are vertical and horizontal to provide a perfect fit for all family members who wish to do the spinning.
  • Dual-sided SPD and Clip pedals to give you the option of wearing regular sneakers or specific spinning shoes for a safer and more efficient spin workout.
  • Silent and low maintenance Eddy Current Magnetic resistance with belt drive transmission to enjoy the ride in peace without bothering others in the house.
  • Water bottle holder, 2 heavy-duty casters, and compact design.


  • No Bluetooth or ANT+ Connectivity so you can’t connect the bike to indoor cycling apps such as Zwift.
  • No Watt (power output) tracking capability so you can’t see the efficiency and balance of your left and right pedal strokes.
  • There is no tablet holder so you would have to buy a tablet stand separately if you wish to watch motivational spin classes on the tablet.

#6: ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Magnetic Exercise Bike

ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Magnetic Exercise Bike

ASUNA Minotaur 7150 is a magnetic belt drive commercial indoor cycling bike with 330LB max weight, SPD style/cage pedals, and aluminum frame. Minotaur is the most affordable commercial grade magnetic spin bike that has a smooth and reliable belt drive mechanism. It is has a durable low-maintenance drive and offers a silent 360-degree pedal stroke.

Additionally, the 7150 magnetic indoor bike has a heavy flywheel for a smooth ride. And if that’s not enough, the 7150 spin bike comes equipped with four-way adjustable handlebars and seat that allow you to set up the bike correctly for your height and body shape.

All in all, this magnetic indoor cycle is one of our most favorite spin bikes on the market. But if you want interactive indoor cycling exercise, I suggest you buy the Flywheel or Nordictrack S22i magnetic indoor cycling bikes because they come with large screens, Bluetooth, and wifi connectivity.


  • Fully adjustable seat and handlebar of this top exercise bike ensure low-impact on your back during your spin workouts.
  • 186 MM q-factor is comparatively narrow that offers superior bio-mechanics that improve the comfort and optimal efficiency of this exercise bike.
  • High-grade aluminum posts reduce weight, making it easier to adjust and this cycling machine has front and rear foot levelers that ensure stability on most surfaces.
  • The designing features advanced ergonomic handlebars and multiple hand positions.
  • The Asuna exercise cycle with magnetic resistance is compatible with SPD cycling shoes thanks to its dual-sided pedals.
  • It has got two integrated gravity bottle holders on the handlebars that fit up to 320z.bottles.
  • This belt-drive spin bike has a heavy-duty crank system that supports all cycling positions.
  • Multi-control silent resistance system makes this one of the best magnetic resistance spin bikes for home use.
  • Two integrated heavy-duty transport wheels of the spin cycle bike ensure easy mobility.
  • In this case, the smoother the exercise the heavier the flywheel. This makes you feel like riding outside with its speed and stability which creates more momentum.
  • This indoor spin bike has durable large transport wheels. It makes this commercial quality spin bike highly portable. So, you can easily move it for storage by a simple tilt and roll.


  • The handlebars of the best magnetic indoor cycling bikes do not go up very high and it is difficult if your height is above 6 feet 3 inches.
  • The seat of the spin bike goes down only up to a range for someone who is 5’1″ or taller.
  • This Minotaur magnetic exercise bike doesn’t have a basic display to shoe the workout time, RPM or distance

#7: ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Indoor Cycle

Picture of ASUNA 6100 Sprinter magnetic indoor cycle

ASUNA 6100 is with no doubt one of the best mid-price magnetic home spin bikes with a sleek design that offers high-quality performance with flawless bold aesthetics. A smooth responsive ride is ensured by its micro-adjustable belt drive magnetic resistance system.

For an efficient and safer spinning exercise, this top-rated affordable magnetic spin bike comes with dual-sided pedals. On one side you have the adjustable straps for regular gym shoes, while on the other side, you can clip-in your specific spinning shoes.

It will keep your feet secure through each powerful revolution. Other noteworthy features of the ASUNA 6100 magnetic cycle include full adjustment design, tablet holder, drop handlebars and an RPM monitor.


  • Adjustable multi-level magnetic resistance of this stationary exercise bike leads to a smooth responsive ride.
  • The low-maintenance belt drive mechanism is virtually silent on this spin bike.
  • Multifunctional digital display in this magnetic exercise bike records speed, average speed, max speed, cadence/RPM, average cadence, max cadence, distance, calories, race and time.
  • You can meet your training goals by monitoring your average and max cadence as you move through the powerful magnetic resistance system of this cycling exercise bike.
  • You can also track and maintain a preferred cadence at a wide range of speed and resistance in this indoor spin bike.
  • Pulse sensor to ensure that your workout is for your specific needs.
  • The high weight capacity is an amazing feature of this indoor cycling bike has a solid steel frame supporting up to 300 LB max user weight
  • This spin bike comes equipped with a 4-way adjustable handlebar to ensure that you can set up the bike for your specific needs.
  • Hydration is an important aspect during a workout. This design provides a water bottle holder at the range of your hands. Proper hydration is critical to the best performance.
  • The home spin bike has a four-way adjustable seat paired with a maximum inseam range of 39 inches that creates a fully adaptable riding experience for users of different sizes.
  • You can measure your pulse grips using the tool of this cycling exercise bike. Measuring your pulse rate is an important factor of a spin bike workout.
  • Foot pedals are very important to be noted when you buy a home spin bike. You can keep your momentum up so that safely moving feet is attained with this fitness foot pedal. Different sizes are accommodated by non-slip SPD pedals of this spin bike.
  • This home spin bike makes your home into your professional fitness studio with the help of its portable wheels. You can easily tilt and roll this anywhere and no heavy carriage required.


  • Spin bike computer is not backlit and difficult to see the stats in low light conditions.
  • 6100 magnetic spin cycle comes with a short part warranty, although not unusual for the price.

#8: Echanfit Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Echanfit Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike

Under $500, this is one of the top exercise bikes with magnetic resistance and belt drive transmission. Featuring durable construction, the Echanfit home gym cycle can support up to 300-pound weight.

Thankfully this durable magnetic spin bike is also is fully adjustable. So your entire family should be able to do a safe indoor cardio workout.

Echanfit pro home exercise bike will be a great choice for apartment use because of its compact design and silent drive system. Overall, this model is the best option when you are looking to buy a magnetic spinning exercise bike under $500.


  • This home exercise bike provides a near-silent workout.
  • Suitable for people up to 300 lbs weight and suitable inseam of 28″-37″
  • Durable crank system supports off and on the saddle, cycling exercise making it a top-rated exercise bike.
  • This indoor bicycle has a belt-driven system providing you with quieter and smoother cycling compared to chain drive bikes.
  • The magnetic resistance provided with multiple high-quality magnets create a greater resistance compared to a few other magnetic indoor bikes in this price class.
  • Magnetic and belt system features of this indoor bicycle provide the user with a nearly silent workout without disturbing anyone else at your home.
  • The design features of this indoor spin bike include a thickened steel frame, double load-bearing beam at the bottom, widened front and rear stabilizers and external protective covers at both sides providing this cycle exercise machine a sturdy and stable body.
  • Both the seat and handlebar of this magnetic exercise bike are 4-way adjustable to fit for different height people.
  • The digital monitor of this best magnetic spin bike is LCD that will track your time, speed, distance and calories burned.
  • The handlebars are sweat absorbing and non-slippery which is built with a water bottle holder and a phone holder.
  • Multiple levels of adjustable height in this stationary exercise bike allow adjustments in up and down also forward and backward / time-trial grip, hook grip, extension grip/skid proof and sweat absorbing.
  • Ergonomic hollow design with breathable material saddle / fits at the range of 28″ to 37″ / adjustment in 4 ways.
  • Display time, speed, distance, calories burned(a rough guide for reference and cannot be used for medical purposes) are displayed in this used spin bikes.
  • Water bottle holder and device shelf to keep you hydrated and allow you to enjoy spinning video on your tablet during the exercise.


  • The pedals have adjustable toe cages but they are not dual-sided SPD. So, you would have to replace the pedals if you want to use proper spinning shoes.
  • Echanfit Pro magnetic indoor cycle doesn’t track the RPM and there is no backlit on the screen.

#9: Maxkare Black Stationary Magnetic Spinning Bike

Maxkare Black Stationary Magnetic Spinning Bike

The very first spin bike under $300 with magnetic resistance was the Maxkare Balck stationary exercise bike. It came out in 2021 and due to its affordable price soon it became a popular choice for thousands of novice cyclists.

With the combination of magnetic resistance and belt drive mechanism, this indoor cycling bike provides a very quiet cycling experience. So, you won’t disturb others in the house if you decide to do spinning when they are resting.

Other features that really stand out about this magnetic indoor cycling bike are the heavy flywheel, pulse sensor, and an LCD monitor. On top of that, Maxkare Black stationary bike has an iPad mount with the up/down fore/aft adjustable handlebar for a comfortable home cardio gym workout.


  • The magnetic resistance technique of this indoor cycling bike along with emergency brake ensures smooth and quiet workouts while you are exercising, so you won’t disturb others.
  • This stationary bicycle has 4-way adjustable handlebars and seat for a perfect bike fit.
  • The steel electroplated seat post and handlebar ensures rust-resistance.
  • You can scan the RPM, time, speed, distance, calories burnt and heart rate on the LCD monitor of your stationary bicycle.
  • There is a tablet holder designed for entertainment during spin bike workout.
  • This home exercise bike is built with a relatively sturdy steel frame that can support up to 264-pound user weight.
  • You can create an intense workout with various tension levels and burning more calories.
  • This stationary bicycle has transportation wheels to move the stationary bike wherever you want.
  • Balck Maxkare indoor cycling bike allows you to adjust your handlebar both horizontally and vertically. So you can set up the bike according to your height.
  • The material used in this spin cycle bike and the triangle type frame provide a stable workout.
  • You can adjust the seat vertically and horizontally so most family members can fit.


  • No SPD pedals, so if you need to use spinning shoes, you would have to replace the pedals.
  • The monitor is very basic with no backlit so it is difficult to see your stats.
  • Limited inseam capacity (27” – 36”)

#10: Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic SF-B1805 Spin Bike

Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic SF-B1805 Spin Bike

This top-rated magnetic home spin bike by Sunny Health and Fitness gives you an experience of a high-intensity cardio workout for an affordable price. SF-B1805 supports multi handgrips and high interval training as well as high-resistance workouts.

However, it doesn’t have superior feature/s when you compare to Maxkare Black magnetic cycle. And that’s why it is ranked 8th in the best magnetic indoor cycling review.

SF-B1805 indoor cycle has customizable handlebars and padded comfortable seat which allows you to set up the spin cycle for a comfortable ride. Thanks to the combination of magnetic resistance and belt transmission, the SFB1805 provides a near to silent indoor cycling workout. For the same price, Sunny has another model (Evolution Pro SF-B1714) that comes with the same features but different design.


  • The main feature of this indoor cycle goes with the heavy-duty flywheel that can provide high-intensity as well as high-cadence workout.
  • This home spin bike has a fully customizable 4-way adjustable seat and handlebar that guarantee a perfect bike fit for users from 28″ to 38″ inseam.
  • There is a device shelf on the handlebars that securely holds your tablet so you can stream online.
  • Sunny SFB1805 magnetic exercise bike has the convenience of transportation with its transportation wheels for easy portability.
  • It has emergency stop brakes in case you need to dismount the bike immediately during a fast ride.
  • Convenient water bottle holders enable hydration close at hand and make this a top exercise bikes.
  • The magnetic resistance of this home spin bike is virtually maintenance-free and provides micro-adjustment for a smooth and nearly silent ride.
  • It has a steel durable compact frame that supports up to 300-lb maximum user weight.
  • Additional features that make this one of the best magnetic indoor cycling bikes include belt transmission, 44-lb flywheel, adjustable caged pedals and transportation wheels.


  • The pedals of this budget magnetic exercise bike are toe caged and don’t have SPD elements for spinning shoes.
  • SF-B1805 doesn’t have a fitness monitor so you can’t track your workouts.

#11: Joroto X2 Magnetic Belt-Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Joroto X2 Magnetic Belt-Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

X2 stationary exercise bike with awesome features but unfortunately it doesn’t offer superior features to Maxkare Black magnetic indoor bike and it is $50 more expensive. So, it is ranked 9th in this magnetic spin bike review.

Joroto X2 magnetic spinning exercise bike has a solid construction and it is whisper quiet, thanks to its magnetic resistance and durable belt transmission. Additionally, this stationary bike is equipped with fully adjustable handlebars. And on top of that, the X2 magnetic cycle includes a 1-year free replacement of all the parts.

Note: The major drawback of this bike is its unusual pedal thread size. It is not the standard 9/16″. So, if it breaks and the company is out of business, you may not be able to easily find replacement pedals for it.


  • X2 cycling exercise bike offers an unbelievably smooth and nearly silent ride.
  • It will not disturb the families or roommates and requires low-maintenance.
  • This top-rated exercise bike is fully adjustable with a wide seat and handlebar that are both 4 way adjustable to fit users of different heights.
  • Easy for transportation thanks to durable transportation wheels.
  • Joroto X2 cycle exercise machine includes a digital monitor for tracking workout data.


  • The monitor is not backlit and it is difficult to see the workout progress.
  • X2 magnetic bike doesn’t have SPD pedals and the pedal thread is not standard which makes it difficult to find replacements.

#12: EFITMENT IC031 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike

This model has a digital tracking monitor for your convenience. You can record your progress and keep track of the time, speed, distance, burned calories, and your pulse. ICO31 also has a thick comfortable padded plush seat, 40-lbs chrome flywheel with adjustable resistance, and reliable pedals.

It is one of the top spin bikes under $500. So, anyone who is looking for an affordable model will appreciate the sturdy build of this magnetic spin bike. Additionally, there is also a water bottle holder to deal with your thirst and a device holder to help you stay motivated while watching cool fitness videos as you cut those extra pounds.

On top of all the features mentioned, you will appreciate vertical and horizontal adjustments that allow you to customize your cycling workouts for your height the way you need them.


  • Device and bottle holder to keep you hydrated and entertained during spin workouts.
  • Digital fitness monitor (time, speed, distance, calories, pulse) to allow you to keep track.
  • Fully adjustable extra-padded seat for comfort.
  • Fully adjustable handlebars to comfortably accommodate all users.
  • 40-Lbs chrome flywheel for a smooth high-resistance spin exercise.
  • Silent and low-maintenance magnetic adjustable resistance.
  • Wheels for easy transportations inside the house
  • Relatively compact dimensions – 41″(L) x 21.26″(W) x 47″(H)
  • 275b lbs user weight capacity which is not bad for a budget spin bike.


  • No SPD elements on the pedals to allow cycling with specific spinning shoes.
  • Dark monitor with no backlit so it is difficult to see your progress.
  • The monitor does not track the user’s RPM or Watt and doesn’t have wireless connectivity (Bluetooth, ANT/+).

#13: Vigbody Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance

Vigbody Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance

There are currently two Vigbody indoor bikes and this one is the most affordable spin bike under $300 featuring Eddy Current resistance system (magnetic). The combination of belt system and magnetic resistance makes this exercise bike extremely quiet and low-maintenance.

But what you might like the most about this cheap home exercise bike is its compact size and lightweight. Unlike any other magnetic spin bike listed in this review, this one can fit pretty much in any home.

And thanks to its lightweight anyone can move the bike from one place to another. With that being said, this magnetic cycle is for novice users. So, if you are experienced cyclists, I recommend a more durable and stable bike listed higher in this magnetic spin bike review.


  • This indoor bicycle is built with a belt drive system that makes the exercise smoother and quieter than chain bikes.
  • The magnetic resistance system of this top exercise bike virtually needs no maintenance.
  • 300 Pounds weight capacity to accommodate most users in a family
  • Maxkare budget cycle exercise machine has a fully adjustable seat.
  • This lightweight indoor cycle is easy to move with transportation wheels.
  • There is a digital monitor on this cycling exercise bike that tracks your time, speed, distance, calories burnt and scan.
  • You could adjust the tension knob to increase the resistance by turning it to right or decrease it turning it to left using the adjustable tension knob.
  • The toed caged pedal of this spinning exercise bike can accommodate most feet sizes.


  • The handlebars are only up and down adjustable which means some users may not be able to fit the bike comfortably.
  • The seat is not a great quality which is not a deal-breaker for the price but it is something to consider replacing.
  • The monitor is very basic and doesn’t have backlit so it is hard to see the stats in low-light conditions.

Final Word on Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bikes

Indoor cycling is the best way to avoid crowded, polluted, and dangerous city roads, especially when the weather is rough or you have a busy schedule and can’t leave your home. These exercise bikes can bring the hyped atmosphere of a spin class in the comfort of your home. So, if you have decided to buy an indoor bike for whatever reason ( to get in shape, stay healthy or improve fitness), you will not regret it.

With that being said, when buying spin bikes, you have to consider two important features aside from durability, monitor, adjustment, and overall design. These features include a magnetic resistance system and belt transmission. Not only they make your spin workout smooth, but they also minimize the noise and maintenance to almost zero.

And that is the reason, every cycle I picked and listed in this magnetic spin bike review comes equipped with belt transmission and magnetic braking/resistance system. Now, it is your turn to go through all the features and select the one that suits your budget and needs. After reading our magnetic spin bike review, if you still can’t decide which one is best for you, leave a comment below and we will reply as soon as possible.

9.3 Total Score

The magnetic indoor bikes we have listed above are definitely some of the best magnetic spin bikes you can find on the market now. We have included the brands that make the top-rated spin bikes for home use and commercial use. All you have to do is pick the model that best fits your budget, fitness needs, and preferences. After reading this magnetic spin bike reviews, if you still need help deciding which one to buy, leave a comment or send us an email.

Keiser M3i Magnetic Resistance Indoor Cycle Bundle
NordicTrack Commercial Studio Magnetic Cycle S22i
Schwinn IC4 Magnetic Stationary Indoor Bike
Diamondback Fitness 1260Sc Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike
Sole SB900 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike
ASUNA 7150 Minotaur Magnetic Exercise Bike
ASUNA 6100 Sprinter Magnetic Indoor Cycle
Echanfit Pro Magnetic Indoor Cycling Bike
Maxkare Black Stationary Magnetic Spinning Bike
Sunny Health And Fitness Magnetic SF-B1805 Spin Bike
Joroto X2 Magnetic Belt-Drive Indoor Cycling Bike
EFITMENT IC031 Magnetic Resistance Spin Bike
Vigbody Budget Exercise Bike With Magnetic Resistance
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