8 Best Online Cycling Classes to Exercise From Home

The indoor cycling bikes and spinning world have evolved to include several digital offerings such as contemporary classes that provide all the motivation and entertainment needed to ace fitness goals.

Spin studios have met and surpassed the expectations of a now highly-technical world by launching state-of-the-art indoor cycling application with exciting and remarkable features to help you ride your spin bike from home with the hype of a spinning class.

Some of these spin class online applications transcend the gym and are available for at-home use, offering a luxury spin class experience in the four walls of our homes. It is simply astounding, how with a touch of a button you can get access to a slew of on-demand and live spinning classes for your cycling pleasure.

In a bid to redefine your spinning workout experience, we’ve assembled a list of the best and premium online spin classes that suit different preferences, styles, budgets, and aspirations! Now let’s take a look at the best online spin classes you can watch and get a good indoor cycling workout from home!

8 Awesome Online Cycling Classes

Peloton Online Indoor Cycling Classes

Peloton spin class app

Peloton needs no introduction as an esteemed member and brand of the cycling realm. The high-tech brand has revolutionized the spinning industry with its high-performance magnetic indoor bikes and a world-class workout app.

The app’s workouts are as immersive and engaging as it gets, and are tailored to motivate and empower users from one spin session to another. It is a popular choice among fitness enthusiasts and remains uncontested in terms of delivery and performance. The app hit the market in 2018, sending users into an excited frenzy.

What makes the app even more interesting is that users can access its features without purchasing the brand’s notably expensive bikes. You can use the app on any indoor bike of choice including the famous Keiser M3i or Bowflex C7.

However, it might be best to splurge on a peloton bike for a full, customized experience. Nonetheless, it is worth its weight in gold, paired with or without the brand’s signature bike. The app demands an all-access membership subscription of about $39 per month for 24-hour access to live classes.

The classes come complete with a DJ for lyrical motivation. And if live classes aren’t your cup of tea, the Peloton app includes more than 4000 on-demand classes for every competency level and fitness style.

It also offers pro-cyclist classes for experts and “intimidation-free” rides to help beginners get the hang of cycling. On top of this, Peloton offers a Digital membership subscription of around $13 for a variety of classes including strength training, running, stretching, and yoga.


  • Offers an extensive library of live and on-demand classes with over 10,000 options
  • Includes a Live NYC class led by real instructors and followed by other riders
  • Professional trainers with loads of experience and zeal
  • Cycling, yoga, boot camp, running, and outdoor workouts are also included
  • Users get a 14-day free trial option to test-run the app
  • Includes a Peloton app membership (single-user subscription) for $12.99 per month and an all-access membership (multi-profile account) for $39 per month.

iFit Coach Cycling Classes Online

ifit coach spin class app

Next on our list is another revolutionary, subscription-based fitness app, iFit coach! The iFit app is packed with a never-ending list of workouts and classes that are available to stream live or on-demand. The app is affiliated with four leading spin bike brands including NordicTrack, ProForm, Reebok, and FreeMotion.

Users can access the library of top-notch indoor cycling classes online from their devices such as a smartphone and a tablet. The iFit classes are led by over 100 licensed instructors including renowned ultramarathon runners and Olympians.

With a subscription, you get access to a slew of immersive workouts including cardio, strength training, boxing, mountain biking, yoga, walking tours, rowing, high-intensity interval training (HIIT), meditation, and recovery training.

Beyond live and on-demand classes, iFit offers global workouts that take users on a memorable tour to choice destinations around the world. How amazing is that! The app takes it a step further by including two radio stations for musical motivation; a relaxed yoga and an upbeat cardio station.

Additionally, Nordictrack S22i owners and other app users have the option to stream mainstream music on an iFit-compatible device. iFit currently offers two subscription plans; the family plan which costs $396 per year or $39 per month and the individual plan for $180 per year. Both subscriptions provide full access to iFit’s expansive library.

However, the individual plan allows just a single user profile while the family plan allows up to four user accounts. And here’s the juicy part; most iFit-compatible fitness machines include a free 1-year IFit family membership plan upon purchase!


  • Features a broad range of classes including walks, mountain biking, yoga, meditation, strength, and recovery training
  • Offers virtual breath-taking scenes and tours of choice destinations for a rewarding and fulfilling workout experience
  • Tracks nutrition, workout performance, and sleep for a healthy lifestyle and optimum performance outcome
  • Provides customized coaching to meet different individual preferences and needs
  • Syncs to several add-on options including heart and sleep monitors to enable accurate tracking.
  • Offers single and multi-user profiles (of up to 4 accounts).

Echelon Online Spin Classes

Echelon spin class app

Here’s one bike and app maker that compares favorably to Peloton! The Echelon indoor bikes have attracted widespread attention for being touted as Peloton’s affordable alternative (A quick Google search of “Peloton alternative” will promptly bring up the Echelon EX5-S or EX7S).

And of course, there’s a ring of truth to the word on the street as many fitness experts have attested to its Peloton-like specifications and functionality. And you guessed right! The Echelon app is just as amazing as the bike.

The Echelon app is the epitome of smart technology that requires only a simple connection to the bike to get it working. Once connected, you can track a range of workout metrics to gauge your performance ( including a leader board that displays workout progress).

The app like all other apps on our list is replete with live and on-demand workout classes totaling about 3500. And the workouts can be executed both on and off the bike. Plus, they aren’t just spinning-centered — you also get access to yoga, Pilates, Kickboxing, Strength Training, HIIT, and Zumba classes.

Like the iFit app, you get a pleasant view and experience of scenic rides from the Hawaii beach to the streets of Paris. Themed rides are also a thing! Additionally, you can link the app to your Facebook, Strava, and Fitbit accounts so you can catch up and compete with friends and loved ones.

Of course, the app doesn’t come free and demands an active subscription for full access to its offerings. The monthly membership plan costs $39.99 and includes access to connect rides and FitPass. There is also an annual membership plan that costs $399. 99 per year and $699. 99 for two years. The subscription allows up to five user profiles per household.


  • Hosts users of all competency levels with labeled workout options for beginners, intermediate and advanced users
  • Equipped with an easy-to-navigate interface
  • Custom live classes where instructors address you by name for a very personal cycling experience
  • Offers scenic rides with captivating views of the world
  • Includes cycling workouts with added weights for upper body conditioning
  • Features themed rides such as the ’80s, Hip Hop, Disney, and Disco for a party-like feel and vibe.

Fitscope Virtual Cycling Classes

fitscope spin class app

Fitscope is one brilliant Livestream instructor-led, fitness class delivered on a tech-savvy app. It is tailored to cater to the cycling needs of spin enthusiasts, whether from a gym or the comfort of their home.

The classes are live-streamed from the Fitscope studio in Los Angeles daily. Recently, the app upgraded to include offline downloads, where users can download a class to follow offline. Plus, subscribers get to choose from over 200 on-demand classes.

The Fitscope app mostly offers equipment-based workouts, HIIT in particular for all classes of fitness machines including spin bikes. But it doesn’t limit its workout platter to equipment-based classes, as users can also perform Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, and strength training on the app.

A part of what makes the app so engaging is the energetic and lively instructors who inject enough enthusiasm and motivation into each workout session.

Among these impressive trainers are endurance coach, Antonio Rosales, and Meghan Grim, a certified spin, TRX, and circuit training instructor. The app is user-friendly and very easy to navigate. Classes are categorized according to activity e. g cycling or rowing.

The Fitscope app is available to download on Android and iOS and requires a monthly subscription of $12.99 per month or an annual subscription of $99.99. Customers are also eligible for a 7-day free trial that can be canceled at any time within the stated period.


  • A wide selection of live-streamed and on-demand classes led by seasoned instructors.
  • An easy-to-use interface that is beginner-friendly
  • Developed and available for both IOS and Android users
  • Over 200 workout options are available both online and offline
  • Offers relatively affordable annual and monthly subscription plans

Studio SWEAT On-Demand Classes

studio sweat online spin classes

Studio SWEAT on-DEMAND is not as famous as Peloton but they do offers spin classes, TRX, yoga, and full-body indoor workout guides.

They offer some of the best online spin cycle classes including a large library of spin class workouts of different lengths, intensity levels, and from instructors.

With $15 per month You can use their spinning classes for months without ever having to worry about repeating the same class as they have a huge verity. They also add new online spinning class for beginners and elite riders on weekly basis.

You can visit their site or download their application to stream your classes on a variety of different devices, including iPads, iPhones, Android devices, smart TVs, and more!

Features as one of the best online spin classes on Huffpost and many other major sources, Studio Sweat on-Demand is ideal for anyone who want to exercise at home.

You can watch their online spin class videos whether you have your bike in your living room or you have home gym with an entire room dedicated to working out!

The online workout classes on Studio-Sweat on-Demand are more than just spinning. With a basic subscription, you can access the TRX®, Kettlebell, Spinning®, Sculpt, Bootcamp, and HIIT workout.

To be completely honest, their $15 monthly prices are similar to a budget-friendly gym. I think you get a lot of value even you just want to watch their live spin classes.

For payment, you can choose from a monthly, semi-annual, or annual plan. If you want, you can also receive a more personalized workout guidance for a small extra fee.

What I love the most about their online indoor cycling classes is that you can buy and download these Studio Sweat on Demand online spin class on your device and watch them even after your subscription is over.


  • Some online spin classes can be downloaded so you will always have them in your laptop or phone.
  • The price is great compared to what you would pay on Peloton and other indoor cycling applications.
  • Great verity of indoor workouts to choose from, not just online spin bike exercises.

Spinning Digital Cycling Classes

Spinning virtual indoor cycling classes

Spinning Digital is by Mad Dogg, they are the were the first to name their indoor cycling bikes, Spinning bike and Spin bikes.

Although spinning bikes by Mad Dogg are not the most famous ones on the market, they do wants to bring the excitement of a studio cycling workouts into the comfort of your own home with their one classes.

Spinning Digital offers a variety of home workout tutorials and guides with passionate and energetic indoor cycling trainers. They also have an interactive map that helps you find in-person studio cycling classes if you wish to take a break from the online and on demand spin classes.

Although, you can’t download their online spinning classes, you can install their application on your IOS or Android devices stream the cycling classes.

If your spin bike has the ability with transmit data to their application, you can track your cycling workout progress, metrics, and other important analytics to compared and see your performance and improvements.

This budget-friendly online spin class option allows you to choose between paying monthly or yearly. You would be paying $13 for monthly plan or $140 for yearly plan which is better.

As I mentioned earlier, their library of online workout classes is not limited to spin bike workout only. They offer fully workout classes and spinning workout online. You can stream workouts on any device with internet, whether it’s on a television set or your smartphone.

Although they have some of the best elite and beginners spinning classes online, they don’t allow download of workouts like Studio Sweat on Demand does.

However, they have a good refund policy. They issue full refunds on annual Spinning® Digital subscriptions ($139.99/year) for cancellations made within 30 days of purchase.


  • Full refund for the yearly subscription which is great in case if for whatever reason you don’t like their virtual spin classes.
  • Good pricing and top-notch cycling studio instructors to help you reach your fitness goals.
  • Good verity of online workout library aside from on the bike cycling workout.

Cardio Cast Streaming Classes

CardioCast online spinning classes

When searching for the best online spin classes at an affordable price, CardioCast is one of your best bets! For $10 per month, you can access more than 1000 online spinning classes and other workouts.

Aside from the huge verity of online workout classes, they are 3 times cheaper than Peloton and Echelon and that makes them best online aerobics classes for everyone.

Cardio Cast allows you to stream audio cycling workouts on your indoor bike. They have two types of cycling classes including: the Beats Ride, for those who like spin to the rhythm of the music, and the Classic Rides, that follows time-based intervals.

There are at least 14 workout coaches on the platform and 9 of them are cycling instructors. So, you have a good number of instructor options to do your online indoor cycling classes with.

One of the the best spin class CardioCast offers is from certified personal trainer and studio instructor Danielle. She has over a decade of experience as a leader in the fitness world. She is motivational and exciting to ride with.

Her rides goes through essential stretching and warm-up before the ride. Followed up with full-body strength training exercises to get more out of your ride, and a cool-down routine to make sure you finish with good results.

You can choose from cardio music or pop hits as the backdrop for your online spin bike classes. There is also hip-hop and club mixes for those who enjoy a more upbeat virtual spin class workouts.

If there is one thing that I am not a huge fun of is the fact that you can’t download their online spin classes. Hopefully they will add this option, even if that means you would pay a little extra for downloading every class.

This way you could have an indoor cycling class in your device even after the end of subscription or when there is no internet.


  • Competitive price with a good verity of online workouts.
  • Not only spin bike classes but elliptical, rowing, running and more workout.
  • 7 Day free trail to see if their online spinning class is the right fit for you

Youtube Online Spinning Classes

Youtube-virtual free cycling exercise classes

Some of the best free online spin class are those on Youtube. I hate those that play advertisement in the middle of a spinning workout so I wouldn’t really suggest those as they are really demotivating.

But there are some really awesome top spin classes on youtube that don’t have advertisement in the middle of workout session.

For instance, Keiser spinning classes on some of the best online spin class that you can watch for free. Currently there are 6 spinning classes from Keiser on Youtube and hopefully there will be more.

There is also the Global Cycling Network that offer free online spin class on Youtube to bring out your most intense ride. Some of their online indoor bike sessions include HIIT and Endurance which is great for indoor cycling weight loss.

Links are down below, you can paste them in your browser and watching these free online indoor cycling workout.

  • “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4dBqTrm3rDM”
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnRPLrIiZKI”
  • “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NgM9OZfS18I”
  • “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YTs9Hpe8sds”
  • “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zsi2biNudI&list=PLCAieMzMd_5FzNbRxpZUjobMRjd8eMEX2”
  • “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF39mdoSems&list=PLCAieMzMd_5FzNbRxpZUjobMRjd8eMEX2&index=7”
  • “https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-PtoExp6bU”

What is a Studio Spin Class?

spin class preparation and tips

Before I finish up with the list of best online cycling classes, I will give you a quick rundown of what a spin class is and how much they usually cost.

A spin class is also known as studio cycling classes. Each spinning class has a certain number of indoor bikes. A cycling class can have anywhere from 10 to 100 cycles in a room.

The stationary bikes that you might find in spin class are not upright bikes, recumbent bikes, or air bikes. A spin bike (aka indoor cycling bike) is used for cycling studies. These indoor cycling bikes are designed with a heavy weight flywheel to mimic outdoor cycling.

Indoor cycling bikes in a spin class are used to do a mix of high intensity and high speed indoor cycling exercise. Indoor spin classes are famous because of the exciting atmosphere they provide.

It’s very common to find spin classes with dim lights, motivational gym music, and indoor cycling instructors who keep you excited and help you pedal the extra mile.

While you may not get the full effect of a crowded room from your own home, you can still get the best workouts that a class can provide!

However, if you decide to go to a studio cycling spin class in person rather than watching spinning classes online, you would need to prepare for a spin class ride. Follow my guide and you should be good to go.

What is an Online Spin Class?

Peloton spin class app

Streaming live cycling workouts and recording cycling classes on the could is referred to as online spin classes. Often the best streaming spin classes use an instructor and a spin bike to teach and motivate you to do proper cycling at home.

In the last couple of years online and virtual spin classes have become more popular than studio spin classes. The reasons that people prefer virtual spin classes rather than going to an actual spin class is because there are so many verity of indoor cycling classes online.

Available spinning classes online are packed with thousands of options from 20-minutes to 60-minutes rides, from high intensity cycling rides to endurance spinning workout. With the best spinning online classes you get all these options with the push of a button on your scree.

There are also other reasons that people choose to do spin class at home and online. For instance, you don’t spend time to dress, get ready and go to the class on a specific time. Subscribing to the best cycling classes online, you can join a live or pre-recorded spin class whenever you like.

Streaming spin classes from your home on your own personal spin bike safer as you won’t be exposed to seasonal viruses. One of the reasons I love online cycling classes is that I don’t have to perform a bike-fit every time I want to do indoor cycling. I hop on the bike and click on the online spin classes that I like and I am ready to go.

Can you use any bike for these online cycling classes?

You can use any indoor cycling bike from any brand with these online spin classes. However, that doesn’t mean you can connect your bike to any online spin class.

Your spin bike should have Bluetooth cadence, speed, and resistance sensors to be able to connect with any online classes. But that’s not the only condition, a spin bike should be compatible with an indoor cycling application to be able to transmit data, track and save workout.

So, if you want to watch an indoor cycling class online without connecting the bike to the actually application, for instance Peloton, you can use any spin bike that you like.

But if you want to connect your exercise bike to the application and see your spinning workout feedbacks such as resistance level, cadence, and speed on your screen, you need to check the bike to see if it has the ability to transmit these data to the application.

What is the difference between on demand and live spin classes?

The main difference between live and on-demand spin class is that a user has the ability to watch an on-demand spinning workout at any time they want. On the other hand, online live spinning classes have specific time and date to attend.

Pretty much all the top online spinning class providers such as Echelon and Peloton have on demand and live cycling classes throughout the day.

Pre-recorded online spin classes (on-demand classes) are less interactive than live cycling classes. Some users find live online indoor cycling classes more motivational and fun. It’s also possible that you find on-demand spinning classes a little outdated because they could have been recorded years ago.


Online Spin classes and indoor cycling applications are what make cycling a “magical” experience. They maximize the spinning experience by offering detailed workouts led by seasoned instructors. These indoor cycling apps on our list promise to make a world of difference to your spinning sessions, giving you the push and enthusiasm you need to power through each workout and attain your fitness goals!

I hope you have a better understanding of what indoor cycling classes online and studio spin classes are. No matter which one of these virtual indoor cycling classes you decide to pick for your home workouts, remember that you would need to padded indoor cycling shorts and comfortable indoor cycling shoes. If you end up with saddle sore, follow my guide on how to get rid of spin bike saddle sore when riding indoors. Have fun and enjoy your workout!

Robbie Ferri
Robbie Ferri

Robbie Ferri from “Riding with Robbie” has been cycling for almost ten years. In that time, he has broken World Records, Bikepacked all over the World, and also raced ultra distance at a top-level. Robbie picked up a bike and started cycling when he was about 25 years old and said it was the best thing he ever did. The experiences and the fun he’s had have given him a huge passion for helping inspire others to ride further, farther, and get fitter.