Sole Fitness E98 Review: What A Great Elliptical

Sole E98 Overview

The Sole Fitness E98 elliptical is an incredible option for anyone looking for a sturdy machine for their home gym. This specific machine is the “top model” in the Sole’s E Series, which means it is an amazing machine with a unique durability. The E98 is packed with features and it’s a super high-quality elliptical that has been used many light commercial facilities across the country. It’s the most expensive elliptical in the series, so it’s definitely an investment that provides a ton of value and it’s made for long-term goals.

One of the greatest things about the E98 is that it’s designed to appeal to people on all fitness levels. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re just starting your fitness journey or if you’re a more seasoned athlete, you’ll be able to take full advantage of this machine. If you’re a beginner, this elliptical will be there for you throughout your journey and you won’t outgrow it quickly. It’s sturdy, long-lasting, and provides all the features you could possibly need.

The E98 elliptical is perfect for adults of average to tall heights and it supports a maximum user weight of 400 pounds, which is great. It features quiet magnetic resistance, 20 automated incline levels, forward and reverse pedaling, 10 workout programs, a 32-pound flywheel, a big TFT display, moving and stationary handlebars, cooling fans, a water bottle holder, a tablet holder, a wireless heart monitor, and so much more. You won’t miss anything with the Sole Fitness E98 elliptical because it provides everything you need. Not just to reach your fitness goals, but also for entertainment and motivation!

Sole E98 Elliptical Machine Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Chest StrapPower Source:AC Adapter
USB Charging Port:
YesDisplay:Back-lit TFT
5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborCompact:No
Machine Weight:249 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:71"L X 31"W X 82"HSpeaker:Yes
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 20-Level Electromagnetic Media Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:Powered 0-40°Bottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:Fixed 20"Handlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 10Verdict:Great Value Under $3000

Sole E98 Specifications

The Sole E98 has a great weight capacity of up to 400 pounds, which means it will accommodate all kinds of users. The biomechanics of the E98 can accommodate adults of average to tall heights. Small users may have an issue with this elliptical, and they may be more comfortable with the Sole E95S Elliptical. The dimensions of this elliptical are: height of 70 inches, a width of 32 inches and a length of 84”. This means you’ll definitely need space for it because it’s not a compact elliptical. Because of the incline, it’s also recommended you place it in a room with a ceiling that’s 25 inches taller than you are.

This elliptical doesn’t have a foldable frame, so it’s not easy to put away. However, it does feature two transport wheels that make it easy to move around in spite of how large it is. This means you’ll have no issue finding a spot for it. Even though you’re not able to fold it, you will be able to move it whenever you need to find a new location for your elliptical.

The elliptical weighs 265 pounds, so it’s a good thing it comes from transport wheels that are ready to roll whenever you need to. Overall, it’s safe to say you will need room for the E98 but the good news is it will accommodate many different users under one roof. It’s a long-lasting machine designed for all levels of expertise, making it perfect for your household!

Sole E98 Monitor

The Sole E98 is packed with a 10.1-inch console screen, TFT display that features the 10 different workout programs available on this Sole elliptical model. The workout programs are available in the Sole Fitness app, which you can also access via your smartphone. Plus, the E98 is compatible with fitness apps such as UA Record, iHealth, MapMyFitness, Fitbit, and MyFitnessPal. The workout programs include manual mode, two user-designed workouts, two heart rate controlled workouts, and five classics, including fat burn, cardio, interval, strength, and hill. All of these are customizable!

You have 2 user profiles available on this elliptical but unlimited user profiles can be created in the Sole Fitness app, which is a great advantage. There are also a couple of Bluetooth audio speakers on the console for your entertainment. The E98 also has a USB charging port for your mobile device of choice, it’s Bluetooth enabled, and it features the Sole Fitness wireless heart rate strap as well as contact sensors to keep track of your heart rate zone.

Overall, the E98 monitor has a ton of features to offer and it allows users not only to keep track of important information but also to make the most of all the workout programs available. The fact that it’s compatible with a bunch of fitness apps, will make it easy for you to track your progress and set goals for you to accomplish throughout your fitness journey at home. It has everything you need and more, so you’ll be able to make the most of it.

Sole E98 Stride and Incline

The stride length on the Sole E98 goes up to 20 inches with articulating pedals and the stride is fixed as well. This stride length is ideal for most heights and the articulating pedals, which were developed with the guidance of a physical therapist, have a two-degree inward slope. This specific feature reduces the stress on your ankles and knees, which is great for long term workouts.

The power incline on the E98 is a great feature because it will allow you to customize your workout however you see fit. You only need to push a button to adjust the ramp angle within a 40-degree arc. Every angle will allow you to target different muscle groups, which is a great way to tone your muscles.

The controls for the incline are right on the handlebars, so you don’t even have to move your hands to make adjustments on the spot. So it’s not just powerful, it’s comfortable and super safe for your joints.

Sole E98 Handlebar and Pedals

As for the handlebars, the Sole E98 features multi-grip position handlebars with built-in controls so you can adjust the power incline for your workouts. Multi-grips handlebars are the way to go because they help you to enjoy a more natural and comfortable fit by allowing you to find the right position for you. The handlebars are padded as well and the E98 also features stationary handlebars. There are also contact heart rate sensors on the handlebars, which is a great alternative to the wireless telemetry provided.

The foot pedals on the E98 are not only padded and super comfortable, but they’re also fully adjustable so you can find the perfect fit. The pedals feature a slight inward slope of 2 inches, which means your knees and ankles won’t suffer any strain. As mentioned before, the pedals on the E98 are articulating, so they will adjust to your stride motion automatically.

If you’re looking for an elliptical that’s easy on your joints or if you plan on using it for rehabilitation purposes, the Sole E98 elliptical may be the right option for you. These features make it perfect for those purposes and they make sure you have a comfortable experience overall. The stress is taken out of your joints so you can optimize your workout and focus your effort where it counts. The E98 takes care of your body and allows you to enjoy safe workouts. This way, you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals while still taking care of your joints.

Sole E98 Accessories and Assembly

The Sole E98 is not just packed with functionality features, it’s also full of accessories that will make your workout experience much more enjoyable. For starters, it has an integrated tablet holder as well as an accessory tray to keep your essential things at arm’s reach. There’s also a water bottle holder so you can hydrate yourself during your workout quite comfortably. Another great feature is the personal cooling fans, which will help you feel as fresh as possible during your workouts. The E98 also comes with wireless heart rate monitoring and touch pulse sensors so you can keep track of your heart zone.

The assembly process for the Sole E98 can be a bit difficult for some users. You’ll definitely need an extra pair of hands and you should clear your afternoon to assemble this elliptical. The whole process can take a couple of hours, maybe more. The E98 elliptical comes with a detailed instruction manual and it has step-by-step illustrations that will help you get through the entire process. If you need more help, you’ll find assembly videos on the Sole Fitness website.

You will also need a few tools to assemble the E98, namely a 13/14mm wrench, a short Phillips head screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver, and a 12/14mm wrench. These are pretty common tools so you may already have them at home or you can borrow them from someone you know. If you don’t want to assemble the E98 elliptical on your own, Sole Fitness offers professional assembly for the price of $239 or you could hire a local professional to get this done for you.

Sole E98 Warranty, Price, and Shipping

You’ll be happy to know the Sole E98 comes with an impressive warranty which includes a home-use warranty and commercial warranty as well. The residential warranty on the E98 offers a lifetime warranty on frame, a 5-year warranty on parts and electronics, and a 2-year labor warranty. The commercial warranty also offers a lifetime warranty on frame, a 3-year warranty on parts and electronics, and a 1-year labor warranty. They’re both quite decent and you’ll be happy with it.

Customer support is always available via phone call and their website has plenty of resources so you can understand your Sole Fitness ellipticals a lot better. The return policy is also great and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee, but you’re expected to return it unused to enjoy this offer. Sole Fitness’ warranty is one of the best on the market for all users, so you won’t have an issue with it at all.

Normally, the Sole E98 Elliptical is $4,799.99, but it’s currently on sale, so you can get it for $2,299.99 which is a great deal for such a long-lasting and complete elliptical. They also give you free shipping, which is something we can all get behind. Overall, the Sole E98 is a great elliptical that’s designed to help many different people get started or continue on their fitness journey. It’s not just a high-quality elliptical, it’s also backed by an amazing warranty and it’s available at a great price. Plus, it will come straight to your door free of charge!

Sole Fitness Ellipticals' Comparison Chart
Sole Fitness E98Sole E98 elliptical reviewTop ValueCheck on Amazon400 Lbs10.1"32 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E95sSole E95s ReviewTop ValueCheck on Amazon400 Lbs10.1"30 Lbs18" to 24" PoweredFixed10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E95Sole E95 ReviewGreat ValueCheck on Amazon400 Lbs10.1"27 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E35Sole E35 ReviewGreat ValueCheck on Amazon374 Lbs7.5"25 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E55Sole E55 Elliptical ReviewGood ValueCheck on Amazon374 Lbs9.0"20 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E25Sole E25 Elliptical ReviewGood ValueCheck on Amazon350 Lbs6.5"20 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborEnabled
9.7Expert Score
Sole E98 Elliptical Machine is Awesome

The Sole E98 Elliptical is truly one of the best ellipticals you can find. It’s a bit pricey, but it provides a ton of value. Long story short, this elliptical provides all the features you need from it to achieve your goals. And it also makes it easy for you to work towards those goals thanks to its ergonomic, comfortable design, and all the entertainment accessories you get. There’s no doubt you will make the most of this machine and so will everyone under your roof!

  • 20-inch stride with articulating pedals for comfortable rides.
  • 32-pound flywheel and 10 workout programs, all custom.
  • It has transportation wheels and handle for easy movement.
  • Sturdy frame high weight capacity up to 400 pounds.
  • 20 Automated incline levels for target leg muscles.
  • Quiet magnetic resistance and forward and reverse pedaling.
  • Great warranties for home use and light commercial gyms.
  • Cooling fans, water bottle holder, and USB charging port.
  • Accessory tray and Bluetooth audio speakers.
  • Touch pulse sensors on the stationary handles and multi-grip moving handlebars.
  • Heart rate control, compatible with wireless pulse (included).
  • Bluetooth connection for the Sole Fitness App and other fitness apps.
  • It has the option to integrate a mobile device as a display for your workouts.
  • 10.1” TFT display and Integrated tablet holder.
  • The stride is fixed at 20 inches (may not be comfortable for shorter users).
  • Not foldable and it’s a big machine, so you’ll need quite some floor space for this beast.
  • Speakers are not super powerful (not a big deal but for the price better quality is expected).
  • New workouts can’t be downloaded so you are stuck the with the same workout.

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