Sole Fitness E55 Elliptical Review (Updated in 2021)

Sole E55 Overview

If you’re looking for a compact elliptical for your home gym, the Sole Fitness E55 elliptical might be the one for you. The E55 is the fourth model on the Sole E Series and it’s made for people who are looking for a small, yet powerful exercise equipment. As opposed to the E98 or the E95, which are huge machines packed with features, the E55 strips it down a bit and it provides the features you need the most. It offers users high-quality performance components and enough technological features to help you stay entertained and motivated.

The E55 features a 20-pound flywheel, which is below average for an elliptical at this price but still provides a smooth workout experience. This model doesn’t stray from the essence of the Sole Fitness ellipticals, so it’s designed ergonomically and it has some of the best performance components that are well-known. They don’t only make sure you have all the features you need to enjoy challenging workouts, they also care about your comfort and entertainment.

This elliptical provides many different accessories, such as cooling fans, a water bottle holder, a tablet holder, speakers, and so much more. But what makes it truly valuable is features such as 20 incline levels, a 20-inch natural stride, and 20 levels of silent magnetic resistance, to mention a few. Not to mention it has an amazing warranty, as it’s common with Sole ellipticals. Overall, the E55 provides a ton of value for the price and it’s an investment worth making.

Sole E55 Elliptical Machine Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Chest StrapPower Source:AC Adapter
USB Charging Port:
5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:214 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:71"L X 27"W X 71"HSpeaker:Yes
Max user weight:375 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 20-Level Electromagnetic Media Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:Powered 0-20°Bottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:Fixed 20"Handlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 10Verdict:Great Value Under $1500

Sole E55 Specifications

The Sole E55 has a maximum user weight capacity of 375 pounds, which is a little less than other ellipticals on the E Series, but it’s still great. It accommodates users of average to tall heights, so small users won’t find much comfort in this elliptical. The stride goes up to 20 inches, which is quite average, so that’s something to keep in mind. This Sole elliptical is a great choice for beginners and intermediate-level users, so it’s perfect for household use.

The dimensions of the Sole E55 are as follows: 71 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 64 inches high. This makes it the most compact elliptical on the E Series, so it’s perfect for people who don’t have much space to play with and can’t accommodate the larger, heavier ellipticals on the series. It’s important to note the E55 is not foldable, but it does feature two transport wheels, so it’s easy to move around. Plus, it’s not too big or too heavy, so you definitely won’t have an issue finding the right spot for it.

The ceiling height requirement for the E55 is the same as usually recommended, so the ceiling should be at least 2 inches taller than your height. This way, you can comfortably enjoy the incline the E55 has to offer and have more confident workouts. Overall, the Sole E55 is a perfect addition to your home gym, particularly if you don’t have much room. It’s small enough, but still very powerful and full of great features.

Sole E55 Monitor

The Sole E55 comes with a 9-inch LCD default display screen, which is completely adjustable so users can enjoy the best viewing angle depending on their height. Bluetooth connectivity is available, so you’ll also be able to use your tablet or smartphone as a control center with the help of the Sole Fitness App. This app is compatible with Apple and Android, and it allows you to set up your workouts and collect data you can save or export. But not only that, you’ll be able to use other fitness apps as well, such as MyFitnessPal, iHealth, Record, Mapmyrun, among others.

This monitor doesn’t only display your time, distance, speed, calories, pulse, RPM, watts, and incline, it also provides 10 different workout programs. These workout programs include hill, cardio, fat burn, interval, strength, heart rate, manual, and two custom workout programs, which you can set up in any way you like. You can set up 2 user profiles and save your custom workouts that way.

The Sole Fitness E55 also has a USB charging port and it’s compatible with the iPod. Heart rate monitoring is also available with a wireless chest strap that’s included and contact pulse sensors located in the handlebars. The console is super easy to use, so beginners won’t have an issue getting the hang of it, and it provides all the information and capabilities you need. You’ll be able to set up your workouts, keep track of your data, and use that data to determine your fitness goals.

Sole E55 Stride and Incline

The stride and incline are two of the best and most important features of the Sole Fitness E55 elliptical. The E55 features a stride length of up to 20 inches, which feels very natural and much better than competitors that come with shorter strides (16″-18″). This, coupled with the 20-pound flywheel, makes for a great elliptical for beginners and intermediate-level users. More advanced athletes won’t get much out of this elliptical and they’ll be better with the Sole E95, E95S, or E98 elliptical.

The incline of the E55 offers 20 levels up to 20 degrees and it’s automated, making it very effective for targeting muscles. This elliptical offers 20 elliptical paths, which is amazing, and the controls are built right into the handlebars so you can adjust the incline very easily. With this elliptical, you get a cardio trainer and a muscle toner at the same time. Not to mention it’s easy on the joints, so you’ll be able to reach your fitness goals without risk of injury or aches and pains.

The stride length on the E55 is quite average and it accommodates the natural stride of the user, and the power incline makes it possible for trainers to target their muscles effectively. These two features are what make the E55 so effective when it comes to helping you reach your goals and Sole Fitness is very consistent with them. All the ellipticals on the E Series have an average or above average stride and incline so users can make the most of the machine. This machine is definitely not for advanced users, but everybody else will be very happy with it!

Sole E55 Handlebar and Pedals

The handlebars and pedals on the Sole E55 are amazing and they add to the overall power and comfort this elliptical has to offer. The multi-grip handlebars allow you to enjoy different grip positions so you can target your upper body muscles however you see fit. Vary your grip and you’ll be able to target arms, shoulder, chest, and back. What this means is you’ll benefit from a full-body workout with the E55. The handlebars also feature the resistance and incline level controls. The E55 also comes with stationary handlebars, which contain the pulse sensors.

The pedals on the E55 are designed with the assistance of a physical therapist, so they’re not only comfortable, they reduce the strain on your joints. These pedals are large, at 15 inches, and they have a 2-degree inward slope, which reduces discomfort on the feet and ankles. The resting position of the pedals can also be adjusted to your comfort.

Plus, the footpads can be adjusted to the incline or decline position you desire, which reduces strain on your toes and Achilles tendon. The Sole E55 makes sure your handlebars and pedals are fully adjustable, which makes your experience a lot more comfortable. This elliptical is a low-impact machine and you’ll be able to reach your goals without any suffering or discomfort. Overall, users will be very happy with these features, as they will allow them to find comfort and target muscles at the same time.

Sole E55 Accessories and Assembly

One of the best things about the Sole Fitness E55 is that it’s not just packed with features that will allow you to reach your fitness goals, it’s also packed with useful accessories. For one, it comes with an integrated and secure tablet holder that’s adjustable so you can get a good view of your entertainment no matter your height. The tablet holder is placed right above the console, so you’ll be able to keep track of your stats and still enjoy your favorite show or even read a magazine or a book.

It also has integrated Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy your music. To keep you as comfortable as possible, the Sole E55 features personal cooling fans and a water bottle holder so you can keep yourself hydrated during your workouts. These are all the accessories you need to have a good time and keep your motivation high.

The Sole E55 assembly process is straightforward thanks to the detailed manual they provide. However, it will take you a couple of hours so you need to take your time. The only issue with the instructions is that they break the entire process into 4 steps, but each of those steps includes 8 other steps. Another issue is that the illustrations are separate from the instructions, which is why you need to take your time. It will also help you have an extra set of hands and eyes. There are assembly videos on the Sole Fitness website and on YouTube as well, so that’s a plus. And all the tools you need to put the elliptical together are included!

Sole E55 Warranty, Price, and Shipping

The Sole E55 provides the wonderful Sole Fitness warranty, which is super complete. It comes with a lifetime coverage for the frame, 5 years for parts and electronics, and 2 years for labor. You can contact their customer service pretty easily by calling at 1 866 789 7653 and they’re available from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. You can also email them at where they’re available 24/7. They’re happy to help and offer great assistance.

At the moment, the Sole E55 is on sale on the Sole Fitness website and it’s available for $1,499.99. They also offer free shipping, which is something we all enjoy, and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee if there are any issues with the machine. The package will have a shipping weight of 214 pounds, so you may need help bringing it in. As it happens with most ellipticals, it will require assembly, so it will come in pieces.

Overall, the Sole E55 is a great option for the money and it provides a ton of value in one place. If you’re looking for a long-lasting compact machine with a great warranty, this is the one for you. The price is quite affordable for, and they offer free shipping, so it’s a great deal in general.

Sole E55 Pros and Cons

  • Super light and compact with 20-pound flywheel
  • Great warranty and 20 silent electromagnetic resistance levels
  • 20-inch natural stride length should fit most trainees
  • 20 Powered incline levels for better cross trainer workout
  • 10 Workout programs including 2 heart rate control programs
  • Compatible with wireless chest strap and includes one
  • 9-inch backlit LCD display for easy visibility in low-light
  • Bluetooth connection and Bluetooth audio speakers
  • Integrated tablet holder, adjustable to your height
  • USB charging port, water bottle holder, and cooling fans
  • Fitness app compatibility for workout data tracking
  • Accessory tray and iPod compatibility
  • Amazing customer support and multi-grip handlebars
  • Pulse sensor integrated in the handlebars
  • Large pedals with a 2-degree inward slope
  • Durable structure and 375 pound weight capacity
  • No new workouts can be downloaded
  • Fixed stride not suitable for small users
  • The speakers are not great quality
  • Flywheel is a bit light for this price range
  • Assembly can be confusing

Final Verdict on the Sole E55

The Sole Fitness E55 elliptical is a great option for the price if you’re looking for a super compact and light, yet powerful and effective exercise machine. You’ll be able to enjoy both cardio and strength training, a full-body workout, and it’s easy on your joints. It has great components, great features, and great accessories! Overall, it provides a tone of value for the price.

Sole Fitness Ellipticals' Comparison Chart
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Sole Fitness E95Sole E95 ReviewGreat ValueCheck on Amazon400 Lbs10.1"27 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E35Sole E35 ReviewGreat ValueCheck on Amazon374 Lbs7.5"25 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E55Sole E55 Elliptical ReviewGood ValueCheck on Amazon374 Lbs9.0"20 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts5-Year Parts | 2-Year LaborEnabled
Sole Fitness E25Sole E25 Elliptical ReviewGood ValueCheck on Amazon350 Lbs6.5"20 Lbs20" FixedPowered 0-30°10 Built-in Workouts3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborEnabled

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