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by BEMH • Updated: January 30, 2019

Sole E35 elliptical
Sole E35 elliptical machine

Are you a novice or an intermediate trainee looking for a mid-price tech integrated low-impact cardio machine? The Sole E35 elliptical compact and whisper-quiet magnetic resistance updated for 2020 is one of your best options.

The New Sole E35 has better resistant, sound system compatible with MP3, iPod and tablet holder. However, I recommend you not to count on the speakers so much as they aren’t good quality. The new Sole e35 also has the Bluetooth connection to allow you to track your data on the Sole Fitness App. 

According to the Company, Sole E35 pairs up with some of the popular fitness Apps such as MapMyRun and Fitbit. What I mentioned are some of the features missing from the older version of Sole E35 elliptical. So, when you are shopping for this model, make sure you are actually buying the NEW version of Sole E35.  Sole Fitness E35 is one of our top picks for 2018, click the link to see which other ellipticals made it to our top 20 list.

The Sole E35 is a front drive machine which means it takes less space compared to elliptical with the rear drive mechanism. Comparing the functionalities, durable frame, smooth quiet operation and the price, I don’t think there is any other machine that can compete with it on the market (under $2000).

This machine comes with some functionalities that you can find on Life Fitness E5 which is more expensive. I think you would all agree with me that Sole manufactures high-quality mid-price exercise equipment and it’s one of the reasons exercisers prefer Sole machines for home use.

Ratings: ★★★★☆

Sole E35 offers a full body workout with forward and reverse motion, 20-inches natural stride, moving handlebars and more features. What is really unique about the Sole E35 is the cushioned foot pedals with two degrees inward slope designed by physical therapists and Sole engineers. The user can adjust the angles of the pedals to how it’s more comfortable for you.

Sole E35 Overview


You should go for the Sole E35 elliptical if:

  • You want the Sole e35 for home use. Even if there are multiple people who want to do the cardio workout on this elliptical. Unlike many mid-price elliptical trainers, the Sole E35 is durable enough to offer a good cardio workout (not really intense) for more than one person daily.
  • You are a novice or intermediate level athlete. Sole E35 provides the tension, durability, and stability for a good cardio workout for the athletes mentioned above. However, I wouldn’t recommend it for elite exercisers who can afford to go with a better one.
  • You live in a condo or apartment. The Sole e35 cross trainer has a quiet operation if assembled and used properly. As long as from time to time you clean the tracks and wheels with alcohol and lubricate them.

You should NOT go for Sole E35 elliptical if:

  • You think you are saving with this machine while you can afford to go with a better cross trainer. Here is the deal: It’s not as comfortable as your gym equipment. So, if you are like “oh shit I found a 4 start elliptical that costs less than $1800 and can provide gym quality training”, then you are wrong. It doesn’t have the functionality nor provides the comfort of a $3000-$5000 gym cross trainer. For you, I suggest Life-Fitness E3 or even better, the E5. They both provide comfortable rides without having to deal with technicians every day.
  • You are an elite exerciser who does daily intense training. The Sole E35 is one of the Best Elliptical Machine Hut‘s favorite because there is hardly another machine with the same functionalities at this price. However, we don’t believe it’s durable to handle tough training. So, if you an elite athlete, you might actually end up not using the machine due to the lack of comfort or functionalities and keep extending your subscription in the gym. So, In order not to regret and toss away $2000, it’s better to add up some more and go for something that will stay around for few years. As a matter of fact, for elite athletes, I recommend used commercial elliptical machines such as this Precor EFX 835. It costs less than $3000 but will provide the quality you get in the gym because it’s commercial grade.
  • You are a club owner. I don’t think I need to elaborate on this because in the paragraph above you can see that I don’t even recommend Sole E35 for elite athletes.

What is special about Sole E35 elliptical

  • Pedals, the physiotherapists, and Sole engineers developed a solution to solve the problem of having lower body joint pain that you get on most elliptical. What they found was that when using an elliptical you tend to push outward during the power stroke and not just straight back. This causes stress on the outer part of the foot and throws off the natural alignment of the joints. They added a 3-degree inward angle to the foot pads to resolve this issue. This angle helps to ease the overstressing of the ankles, knees, and hips.
  • Foot-pads, the second problem the engineers found was that many people tend to stay up on the ball of their foot during the elliptical motion. The second solution was to make the foot pedal adjustable to the user’s style of pedaling the elliptical. They achieved this by adding an adjustment that allows the exerciser to adjust the angle of the pedal. There are three adjustments on the pedal. The lowest one
    will set the footpads at zero degrees, or flat, at the bottom of the elliptical stroke.
    The second position sets the pedals to five degrees and the top position sets the foot pads to ten degrees.
  • Controls on the handlebars, with Sole E35 you can change the resistance and incline from the hand-grips and the console. This feature makes adjustment easier during the exercise because you don’t have to let go of the hand-grip to reach to the console.

Sole E35 Elliptical Review


With 20 quiet and smooth magnetic resistance, the Sole E35 provides a challenging workout for most athletes. You can adjust the resistance directly from the handlebars. This feature allows you to keep your hands on the handlebars during the workout. On the most elliptical machine, you have to slow down the exercise and reach out to the console for changing resistance.

The resistance level also automatically adjusts based on your heart rate. By wearing a chest strap heart rate monitor or placing your hands on the heart sensor grips, the machine decides which resistance is best and when to change resistance. This feature allows you to stay on target heart rate range and improve the cardiovascular health.

Stride and incline ramp

The sole E35 offers electronically adjustable stride and incline. These features come in more expensive elliptical machines and it’s unique to find them in this price range. You can adjust stride from 20-22 inches to stretch your pedal motion and work on different muscles on your legs. 

The incline ramp is also electronically adjustable, which means you don’t need to get off the machine to change the steep level. You can easily adjust the incline ramp from 0 to 30 degrees by pushing the buttons located on the handles and console.

The power incline allows you to add extra resistance to your workout and further enhance your cardio workout. At high incline and resistance level, you can do strength workout rather than only cardio training.

Note: You can’t adjust the stride length, only. The stride length changes from 20 to 22 inches when you increase the incline ramp. On some machines such as for Life Fitness E5 elliptical, you can adjust the stride, only.

Sole E35 Console

There are two different models of Sole E35. The old model with a non-back-lit display and the new Sole E35 with back-lit easy to read console. On the new Sole E35 console there are few extra functionalities that are missing from the old console.

When buying the Sole E35 elliptical machine from your local stores, look for the new model as it’s more advanced.  The enhanced 7.5-inch LCD displays your workout values big and easy to see, you can also adjust the angle of the console to match your eye line.

On Sole E35 console you can track the following values of your workout:

Sole E35 elliptical

Resistance Level, watts, Incline Ramp, Distance, Strides per Min/speed, Total Strides, Calories per minute and hour, target and Average Heart Rate, time Remaining and Time Elapsed

User profile
The Sole E35 elliptical machine has two User profile. Therefore, two people can save their custom programs and daily workout information on the machine. It’s an excellent feature for those who want to set up custom training and compare the progress of their workout from time to time.

Preset- Programs
The Sole E35 elliptical has 10 preset-programs to chose from. It includes the manual mode, heart programs, weight loss workouts and muscle training. Six standard programs, two custom programs, and two heart rate programs. The exerciser can also customize workout programs and save them on one of the two user profiles.

Heart rate
Wireless and touch heart rate sensors. This Sole elliptical machine is compatible with chest strap and also has pulse sensors on the stationary handlebars.

Bluetooth and App connectivity
This new version of the E35 elliptical machine has built-in Bluetooth that enables you to interact online. You can connect your device to the machine and track your data online, always, everywhere.
After selecting your workout program, through the Sole Fitness app on a mobile device, you can record the fitness stats in the background and share it with MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, and other mobile apps.

Cooling fan and speakers 
This Sole model like pretty much all the new sole machines have both the cooling fan to keep the trainees fresh and the speakers to keep you entertained. You can plug in your MP3 device and listen to music, however, the speakers are not great quality so don’t count on using them.

Pedals and Handlebars of Sole E35

The 15-inch pedals are fully adjustable to accommodate all types of feet and body-shapes. Sole engineers and physiotherapist together found the solution for ankle and hip sores that you might get on most elliptical machines. When pedaling, the exercises bring pressure on the lower body joints by pushing the feet outward.

That’s why the 3 percent inward adjustment helps to keep your ankle and hips aligned.  They also fixed the numb toe issue that you get on many ellipticals after longer periods of exercise. You can adjust the pedal steep from 0 to 10 degrees.

Unlike most elliptical machines with straight vertical wide handlebars, the Sole E35 elliptical has Multi-grip position handles. This might seems not so important however it’s one of the necessary features most high-end elliptical machines lack. The wide and straight moving handlebars don’t offer the needed variety for the trainees and they are also not so comfortable for people with shorter arms.

Sole E35 elliptical provides varieties on the handlebars grips. You can have 5 firm grips on the handlebars. Another great feature is the controls on the moving handlebars. During the workout, you don’t have to take your hands off the grip to change resistance or incline. You can simply adjust them by pushing the buttons located on the grips.

You find this feature usually on more expensive machines. The stationary handlebars also have the pulse sensors for monitoring the heart rate. The size, shape and built-in technology on the grips are unique in this price range.

More information on Sole E35 elliptical machine

Customer Service :
★★★★☆Power Source:AC Adapter
Average Rating:
Machine Weight:215 LbsFolding:NO
Dimensions:83"L X 27"W X 58"HSpeaker:Yes
Max user weight:375 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 20-Level MagneticBidirectional:Yes
Incline Ramp:Yes 0-30°Bottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:20"-22"Media Shelf:Yes
Programs: 10Price:

Flywheel and drive

The Sole 35 elliptical machine has front drive system which means the flywheel and the mechanism are located below the console. The front drive makes this elliptical more compact compared to rear drive, elliptical trainers. So, E35 takes less space which makes it ideal for trainees with smaller houses and apartments. E35 has a 29-Lb flywheel that provides a smooth motion for the exercises.

The operation on Sole e35 is whisper quiet which makes it more apartment friendly. However, if you are an advanced level athlete and exercise harder on the Sole E35, the machine might make extra noise. As a matter of fact we don’t recommend Sole E35 for professional exercisers, instead, we recommend the E98 which is a beast.

What’s included with Sole E35 elliptical

  • A big size water bottle holder
  • Media rack
  • Transport wheels
  • Rear handles for easy portability
  • Cooling fan and speakers
  • Wireless heart rate chest strap

Things you can consider purchasing with Sole Fitness E35 Cross Trainer:

Bottom Line on Sole Fitness E35 Elliptical Machine

The Sole E35 elliptical machine helps you exercise longer and allows you to reach your goals faster. You get a high-intensity workout with low-impact from Sole E35 elliptical. Designed in cooperation with engineers and physiotherapists for the unique ergonomic features.

You can adjust the machine to your size and body form. Wherever possible they made an option to adjust so that you feel more comfortable while using the Sole E35. It’s very quiet and has some good functionalities. Sole E35 requires to be plugged into the electricity and it’s not Self-power.

It means it will add around $150 yearly to your electricity bill. Sole e35 also has four rear wheels on heavy-duty rails to provide a smoother, more stable feel, and reduce side-to-side foot pedal motion. Last but not least, Sole e35 is bidirectional so you can work on different muscles.



  • Electronically adjustable incline ramp
  • Adjustable pedals
  • 20 Magnetic resistance levels
  • 20-22 Inches adjustable stride
  • Multi hand-grip handlebars
  • Built-in controls on the handlebars
  • Bluetooth and App connectivity
  • Long warranty
  • Good value for the money
  • Large Back-lit LCD display
  • Handle for easy portability
  • Speaker and cooling fan
  • Quiet operation
  • Chest strap included


  • It’s not self-powered
  • It’s not durable for very intense training
  • The stride length changes only when you adjust the incline ramp
  • The speakers are not great quality
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