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Reviewed and Compared By BEMH Indoor Rowing Team • Updated: April 14, 2021

Water Rower Club rowing machine in Ash Wood with the S4 monitor is one of the best water resistance rowing machines. This handcrafted WaterRower rowing machine is fully made in the U.S. Featuring 38″ max user inseam, 1000 pounds capacity, durable and solid ash construction finished with black stain and danish oil, the Water Club rowing machine is unique in the absorption of sound and vibration.

Designed for commercial use, the Water Rower Club rowing machine can offer hours of indoor rowing daily. With water flywheel system, this portable rower rowing machine replicates the real rowing feel which is way more enjoyable than what you get on generic and cheap indoor rowers.

The Club rowing machine with the monitor is made by the world’s best water rower brand “WaterRower” so you can only expect the top-notch quality. As far as the rowing machine benefits go, you will gain the physical and physiological benefits of rowing with the WaterRower Club rowing machine. The sound of the water makes it feels like rowing in the actual water.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Overview:

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Review

WaterRower Club rowing machine with S4 monitor has over 200 highly-rated real buyers reviews which prove it’s one of the best rowing machines for the money in the US.

The perfect alternative to rowing machine with air resistance for athletes who prefer the water sound over air sound. Unlike some other water resistance rowers, the Club S4 has offer resistant adjustment to accommodate all fitness levels. This Club rowing machine has the Series 4 Performance which offers loads of useful workout data for you throughout the exercise.

As far as the storage goes, the Club S4 doesn’t take much space and can be stored vertically after use. For more details make sure to read our WaterRower Club rowing machine review fully.

Resistance and Drive

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine Resistance

While many might think the Water Rower Club rowing machine doesn’t have adjustable resistance, they are wrong. The fitness Club rowing machine allows you to adjust your resistance in two different methods. It simulates the actual rowing where the resistance varies by the speed of the boat and the force applied.

So the harder you row, the more resistance you get. It’s called self-regulating resistance provided by the water tank and flywheel. Your other option is to add more water inside the tank which is not ideal during the workout and it makes more sense to simply pull harder.

There are multiple lines on the tank with explanations to help you better understand the resistance and the level of water you need. The two paddles “water flywheel” in the tank of water provide a smooth and relatively quiet resistance so the rest of the family can rest when you feel like rowing. It has a very simple mechanism without the motor/fan or wearing parts which leads to years of a maintenance-free workout.

To keep the water clean, there are Chlorine tablets included with the purchase to use every six months. But you can also change the water if you want, there is also a manual water pump to help you add and remove the water. Make sure to read the manual to see how much water in the WaterRower you need to add. But what is really nice about this system is the non-jerky feel and the unlimited resistance.

The stronger and faster you are, the S4 flywheel rowing machine will offer you more tension. The recoil belt and pullies are some of the most durable in the market. WaterRower Club with S4 monitor pullies and belt don’t require oiling and last long but it’s good to inspect them from time to time.

S4 Performance Monitor

Water Rower Club Monitor

WaterRower S4 monitor allows you to track your distance in meters, miles, and km, time, calories burnt, and stroke rate and the number of strokes taken. The S4 monitor provides you with a real-time Watts reading. Rowing machine watts/intensity is an important feedback during a workout, especially for the Peak workouts.

The S4 is capable of showing your intensity in six ways. Mile per second, Mph, 500 meter split time, 2-kilometer split time, calory per hour and watts. Using the Unit button on the monitor you can choose which one of these intensity types to be displayed during the workout. Water Rower Club rowing machine doesn’t have the Bluetooth connection and it’s not an interactive rowing machine. But it receives your heart rate from the Polar chest straps.

The S4 rower rowing machine monitor has the workout program button that allows you to set a program using distance or time. If you are ready in the correct rowing machine form and want to do 1000 meter rowing or 30 minutes rowing exercise, the monitor allows you to do so. but that’s not all. The WaterRower series 4 monitor also allows you to set up to 9 intervals. You can also store your desired workouts but you can’t track your progress and you need to manually write them down at the end of each workout.

Wireless Connectivity:
You can track your heart rate through WaterRower S4 heart rate monitor wirelessly but as far as the wireless connection goes, that’s it. WaterRower heart rate monitor/strap is not included so you need to buy a Polar belt separately if you don’t have one.

If you want a rowing machine with games and capability of connecting with indoor rowing apps, we suggest you buy Concept2 Model E. Keep in mind that C2 has air-resistance and it’s not a rowing machine with water tank. There is a new S4 monitor upgrade that allows you to connect your computer with the monitor using a USB converter. Then you can exercise on Apps such as We-Row, WaterCoach Fit, and NetAthlon.

Club WaterRower Frame

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

The S4 water rowing machine is not a fold up rowing machine, it also can’t be separated into half like Concept2 Model D. But the Water Rower Club S4 rowing machine storage shouldn’t be an issue for those with small floor space.

Because after your cardio rowing machine workout you can lift up the rower from the back and store it upright. This way it takes very little space and stays out of the way when it’s not being used.

The frame of this handcrafted rower is made of Ash wood which is incredibly durable. Featuring hand finished Danish oil and urethane definitely add to the durability in all environments including humidity. Last but not least, the WaterRower Club has a manufacturer recommended maximum weight capacity of 1000 pounds which is extremely unique.

Designed for Gym use, everyone can enjoy the WaterRower S4 cardio rowing machine benefits regardless of weight and fitness level. Read about other parts down below in the Club WaterRower rowing machine reviews.

Handlebar and Seat

waterrower-club-s4-monitor seat

The WaterRower Club has an ergonomically shaped handle which is different and is bigger than the C2. It’s not a round shape handlebar like most conventional rowers but has more of an oval shape. It fits behind the fingers comfortably and can prevent the painful blisters. So, it makes your daily rowing machine workout more enjoyable. The seat on this rowing machine unit has four well-made corner wheels that increase seat stability. But what is nice about the seat is the height of it, it’s not leveled with the footrests.

When seated your feet are in a bit of a decline position so it’s similar to boat rowing which adds more intensity so you would also a get rowing machine toning workout. The top of the seat stands about 12″ above the ground which is perfect for most users including those with little balance.

The seat is molded and comfortable so you probably also wouldn’t need the seat cover if you buy this rowing machine. If you do decide to use a rowing machine seat cushion for extra comfort, we recommend the Skwoosh Row Pad Seat Cushion. They fit on the water rower machine seat and some users believe the gel pad can make a huge difference.

WaterRower Club Footrests

WaterRower Club Flywheel

Doing the Club S4 rowing machine workouts, there is little to no impact on your lower body joints. The footrests are designed with the correct angle and perfect distance between foot so there is no pressure on your ankles.

There is about 5″ distance between the footrests of the WaterRower Club S4 which is convenient for most users. Footrests are up and down adjustable to accommodate users with small and large feet. The two top strap covers are adjustable and wide to cover your shoes and keep them secured in place during rowing workout.

Mentioned in the best commercial rowing machine reviews, the Water Rower Club S4 footrest are truly comfortable as long as you wear shoes and don’t row bare feet.

Shipping and Assembly

WaterRower Club Rowing Machines

Club S4 is another Amazon rowing machine that has prompt and free shipping included with the purchase. Not only you get the rowing machine with free shipping but also receive the Allen key assembly tool. This top rowing machine for home weighs about 85″ with the 2 boxes that it comes with.

As far as the assembly goes, following the WaterRower Club rowing machine instructions, you should be able to put this rower together in less than 50 minutes.

You don’t need extra tools or technicians to help you assemble the WaterRower indoor rowing machine. There is a WaterRower assembly instruction in 3D on YouTube that will show you step by step how to assemble your Water Rower Club rowing machine.

Along with the Allen wrench, you will also receive two WaterRower chlorine tablets. They are to be used every 6 months to keep the water free of algae. Don’t use bleach to clean the water!

Maintenance and Warranty

Water Rower Club rowing machine parts are solid and maintenance free. This commercial rowing machine doesn’t have a chain to require oiling etc. You need to look after the rowing machine water and that should be all but it it doesn’t hurt to use the Allen wrench every 6 months and see if the bolts are tight.

You might need to tighten the Water Rower Club bungee cord sometimes and we suggest you check the Club S4 rowing machine manual for it. The Club S4 ergonomic rowing machine by WaterRower has one year warranty which is extendable to three warranty if you registered this best rowing machine home use within the first year after purchase.

Being a U.S based and owned company they offer good support. If you need to send the Water Rower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor for impairment, you will have to pay for one way shipping and they send it back to you at their expense. 

Note! If you keep the Water Rower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor where your toddler can access, it’s good to use a bungee to secure the seat. To prevent accidents and also to keep the dust off the rower, you can use a rowing machine cover.

Water Rower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor Accessories

Buying the Club rowing machine you will receive the basic and important parts that you need with the rower. However, there are few accessories that care really help you enjoy your indoor rowing workout. Down below is the accessories you may want to consider with your Water Rower Club Rowing Machine S4.

  • Chest Strap
    Water Rower club rower is compatible with Polar wireless chest belts to help you track your heart rate feedback.
  • Indoor Rowing Gloves
    Depending on the nature of your day job and the level of fitness, your hands might get blisters after intense rowing workouts. A good pair of rowing gloves can absorb sweat and prevent blisters from the rowing machine.
  • Equipment mat for the rowing machine
    Not only the equipment man can keep your floor clean from sweat and scratches. It can also provide a smooth base for your machine which ultimately makes your workout smoother. Buy the mat considering the Water Rower Rowing machine dimensions.
  • Rowing Workout Clothing
    To make sure your clothes don’t get caught during exercise, we recommend you to use tight clothing for indoor rowing workout. MTB shorts with padding can be more convenient for some users.
  • Rowing Machine Seat Cushion
    If the Water Rower Club rowing Machine seat is hard for you, consider adding a rowing machine memory foam seat cushion for extra comfort.
  • Rowing Machine cover
    To keep your Water Rower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor away from the scratches, wet, dust, and dirt, we suggest you get a rowing machine cover.


  • The natural feel of water rowing
  • Polar chest strap connectivity
  • Made in the U.S.
  • Easy to store after use
  • Adjustable water resistance system
  • Durable commercial quality frame and parts
  • Ergonomic handlebars and footrests
  • Comfortable and ergonomic seat
  • Low-profile for those with less balance
  • Good warranty
  • 38″ Max user inseam and 1000 pound weight capacity
  • Allows you to create up to 9 intervals
  • Stores your customized programs


  • The LCD Monitor is not Backlit.
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine – Specs:

84L x 24W

My Final Verdict

Club rower is the real water rowing machine that has everything you would expect from a good water rower. Buying this or any other WaterRower rowing machines, you will be pleased with how quiet and smooth the exercise is. Not to mention the sound is way less than air-resistance rowers and way more pleasant.

You can watch TV while rowing having to turn up the volume too loud. Water Rower Club indoor rowing machine comes with 3 years of warranty that covers all parts and 5 years for the fame so you don’t have to worry if the tank leaks or the strap break which is unlikely.

Water Rower support is based in the US and they are pretty helpful and fast in solving the customer issues. Just make sure to register your rower after the purchase to extend the warranty.

Mentioned in many best water rowing machine reviews, the Club rower with S4 performance monitor is completely handcrafted in the U.S. using the US labor and materials. The wood is harvested from replenishable forests which makes the user feel good because it’s environmentally friendly.

The quality of this natural rowing machine is proven by 1000 pound user weight capacity. If you interested in joining apps online, you can get the WaterRower S4 monitor upgrade which enables you to workout with other users in real time.

Another good feature is the parts availability. Some cheap companies bring their products in and after sometimes they are off the market. But reputable brands such as the WaterRower will always provide you with the parts and supports. We would recommend the Club rowing machine water rower to anyone who wants to do home rowing machine workout and invest in their health.

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