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Reviewed and Compared By BEMH Indoor Rowing Team • Updated: January 20, 2023

Everyone, yourself included, is looking for a great way to get their exercise in. You have goals with your fitness and health that you want to hit in due time, but how are you going to make it happen? In reality, there are a million different ways to get a workout in, and there are also a million different machines and contraptions for doing so.

Whether that goal is weight-related or performance-related, rowing is one of the best forms of exercise. Now, the first thing you might think of is rowing a boat. While this is a great form of physical activity, you may not have direct access to a literal boat or body of water. That’s totally fine!

All you need is a rowing machine in the UK to get back in the game. Rowing machines are built with a handle, seat, cable, and some form of resistance to mimic rowing in actual water. What’s even cooler is that you can literally drop it into your living room or office to hit a workout in the comfort of your home. No longer do you have to go through the routine of packing a bag, driving to the gym, and dealing with all of the other people using what you want. Just open your personal rower up and you’re set to go!

So, what are some indoor rowing exercise benefits? Well, for starters it’s extremely convenient. The rower doesn’t need much time for a warmup and can be started very quickly. A few minutes of low intensity will do just fine. It’s a full body workout as well. The legs, arms, back, hips, all of it are being used while performing a row! In addition, you’re getting two types of workout stimulus here. There is the cardio component from the heavy breathing, as well as the muscular work from the resistance the rower provides. This can all play a role in increasing performance, speed, strength, cardio-respiratory function, weight loss, and muscle gain.

Now, there are multiple options when it comes to water rowers in the UK. Some of them are made with a fan for resistance, some are magnetic, and then others are water-based. We’re going to focus on the water-based rowers in the United Kingdom for this article, specifically in the UK! So, what are the top-rated and most affordable rowing machines in the UK?

In this post, we’re gathered information on various water-resistance rowers that you can use in your home. We’ve included numerous details on these products so that you can best make your decision on what is going to work best for you and your goals! By the end of the article, you’ll be able to choose the best water rowing machine for home use in the UK.

Best Water Rowing Machines in the UK Comparisons

Best water resistance rowing machines in the UK Comparison Chart
Sportstech SPWRX700 RowerBest value at £900LCD Display: Heart rate, speed, calories burned, time, distanceYesWater resistanceBluetooth200kg
Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Rower£150 Overpriced at £1050LCD Display: Heart Rate Monitor, Speed, Distance, TimeYesWater resistanceBluetooth150kg
TOPIOM Wooden Rowing MachineBest value at £750LCD Display: Distance, Calories, Time, Strokes per Min, Strokes, Total StrokesNoWater resistanceBluetooth180kg
Snode WR100 Hydro RowerBest value at £600LCD Display: Time, Strokes per Min, Distance, Calories, Pulse, StrokesNoWater resistanceNo136kg
Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500Best value at £600LCD Display: Distance, Time, 500m Time, Strokes per Min, Calories, HR (w/ strap), Ambient temp (w/ strap)NoWater resistanceNo113kg
Adidas R-21 HOME Water Rowing Machine£100 Overpriced at £750LCD Display: Distance, Calories, Time, StrokesNoWater resistanceNo115kg

Quick Overview of Top Water Rowers in the UK:

Sportstech SPWRX700 Water Rowing Machine – in the UK

 out of stock
as of November 10, 2023 2:29 pm

We’ll start at the top and work our way down the list! The first rower we have is the Sportstech Water Rower which based on many criteria we believe is the best water rowing machine in the UK. This is a dynamic rower which makes the resistance very similar to rowing in actual water. The 3-in-1 chamber system displaces the water and the amount you displace, creates the resistance. Therefore, the harder you pull, the more resistance you get!

This home water resistance rower in the UK also comes with tons of features. For starters it has a really nice design of ash wood on the exterior. This makes it almost feel like a piece of furniture that would fit perfectly in your home. This rower also has an extremely comfortable seat that is designed to avoid any slipping and maximum comfort. As part of the design this rower can also be folded up! Meaning, when you’re done exercising you can fold it up and store it out of your way.

A really cool feature for this rower is that you can project your workout stats and display straight to a monitor or smart television or see them on your smart phone via the smart phone holder. Using the rower’s app service (Kinomap and iConsole+), you can make it feel like you’re at a gym or studio, but from the comfort of your own home.

In addition to projecting your workout using the app this rower comes with, you can also check out your stats on the LCD screen. This screen, and the app, both show your time, distance, speed, stroke count, calories, and heart rate. With all of this information you can effectively navigate your workout to get the best results every time.

Lastly, this rower comes with a sweet starter pack that includes an electric water pump, two chlorine tablets for the water, and a chest strap to keep up with your heart rate.

This is a high-quality home water resistance rower that comes with many different features to help you hit your goals, and it’s priced fairly for the value at £899.00. You’re getting tons of value with this product, and it’ll go a very long way as a staple in your routine.

9Expert Score

This machine is 1.20m x .60m x .70m but remember that it also folds for storage! It weighs 37.3kg and is made of aluminum and real wood. The app Kinomap was also mentioned, it contains video events, coaching, and even a multiplayer mode. The rower sits 113 centimeters high, which isn’t much, but this is due to its folding nature. As far as the maximum weight is considered, it caps out at 200kg. As far as your warranty goes, you have a 30-day return policy with this product!

  • The foldable design makes this a great at-home rower. It comes with multiple features and even a starter pack of goodies to help get you on the right track. This only improves the value for a quality machine. You also receive access to its really awesome application Kinomap that can help improve your experience. Your workout is going to be super convenient and high quality using this particular water resistance rower.
  • It’s a little low to the ground, so if you have trouble with mobility or getting up, this may be hard to use. It is the second highest in cost on our list, but that’s also backed by value. If cost is an issue for you, then this may not be the most affordable option.

Bluefin Fitness Blade Aqua W-1 Rower – in the UK

 out of stock
as of November 10, 2023 2:29 pm

Next on our list is the Bluefin! This machine is just like being on the actual water. It’s also a rower that uses the Kinomap app, making your workouts very dynamic and on a new level! If you’re looking for an indoor rowing machine to fit perfectly into your home, this is the one. It’s stylish, convenient, foldable, high tech, and a great workout!

All of the reviews for this particular rower rave about how smooth it runs. So, you feel natural as you go through the movement patterns for exercise. Nobody wants to hop on a rower and feel like they’re using a cheap machine. No, you want to be able to glide across the “water” like it’s happening in real time. This only makes using the rower more attractive as a workout option.

The structure of the machine is made from a sustainable Ashwood material. This is not only good for the environment but is also extremely sturdy. So, no matter how intense your workouts get, this water rowing machine in the UK is going to hold up time and time again.

What’s also nice about this particular rower is the color and design. It folds up, but almost looks like furniture that would fit nicely in a corner. Therefore, you can have state of the art exercise equipment in your favorite room of the home, without it taking away from your room’s look and feel.

As stated, this machine comes with access to the Kinomap app. This is paired with a fully functioning LCD screen that is going to keep up with all of your stats as you row. This means calories, distance, strokes per minute, and a few others. With all of that information, you can effectively gauge what intensity you want to work at, as well as track your benchmarks for progress.

The Bluefin is also the most expensive on our list but fret not. This is due to it being a very high-quality piece of machinery. It’s sleek, full of features, and honestly looks amazing! Plus, you receive excellent customer support from this company if any issues arise. The value is worth the price in this case!

8Expert Score

The machine is 55cm x 206cm x 52cm when assembled, and folds up to 113cm x 69cm x 52 cm. This makes it very space conscious. With this rower you will also notice that it has a free 12-month warranty. This company is focused on providing that extra mile of service, which goes a long way for the value of this machine. If anything goes wrong with it technically, they’ll fix it for free within those 12 months. While we couldn’t find the exact measurements, this rower sits fairly low to the ground due to the folding abilities. This may be something to keep in mind if you have trouble getting to those lower positions.

  • Extremely smooth experience while rowing. It’s glides really well and holds up even for the most intense workouts. It’s made from a sustainable material called Ashwood that is not only durable, but good for the environment. It can fold up and looks almost like a piece of furniture, meaning it won’t take away from the feel of whatever rooms you store it in. If you have technical issues you get a year-long warranty.
  • It’s the most expensive option on our list, but again is full of value. If cost is a priority for you, then this may not be on your watchlist. Other than that, this rower is the complete package. Note, this mode offers nothing extra than the Sportstech listed top however, it is currently 300 Pounds more expensive which is not justified.

TOPIOM Wooden Rowing Machine – in the UK

 out of stock
as of November 10, 2023 2:29 pm

Seen in many rowing machine reviews in the UK, up next is one of our most durable and affordable water rower machine in the UK! The TOPIOM wooden rower is a solid piece of machinery. It’s also not as expensive as our previous options. Priced at £749.99, this machine contains a bang for its buck. It’s also an at home water rower that will last you a lifetime.

Going over the reviews on this product, they were nothing but outstanding. People were raving about the durability of this machine as well as how quiet it was. Once they had it set up, this machine felt sturdy and well built. It rowed smoothly and was close to silent as you performed the movement. You could hear more heavy breathing over the sound of rower!

In addition, this rower is made from high quality materials. The frame is built from Ashwood and walnut, which are super high quality due to their durability and color. The water tank is actually made from aviation materials, which we know HAVE to be durable. It’s resistant to impact, wear and tear, as well as corrosion. Again, this rower is built to last a lifetime. The quality of the frame boosts the weight capacity of this machine to 397lbs or 180kg! Most rowers aren’t as acceptable to that weight range at this price point. Thus, whatever point you may be starting in your fitness journey, this can be used.

Just like many of the water resistance rowers, it uses displacement. Meaning, the harder you pull, the most resistance you receive. This puts you in full control of how difficult your rowing session is. Maybe you just want to break a little sweat, or possibly wear yourself out; you can be in charge of that decision here.

This rower doesn’t fold up, but it can be stood tall. It has wheels on the front, which make moving it super simple. All you have to do when you want to store it is prop it up on its nose and you’re done. This makes it easy to put it in a corner or even a closet for storage.

Like many of these rowers, you get an LCD display that is going to show you all of the common metrics such as calories, distance, time, and number of strokes. You can use this as a way to gauge progress or control the flow of your workout. The batteries for this display are, however, not included.

If you have multiple people of different sizes using this rower, then this one fits the bill. It has adjustable foot slots that can be formed to whatever foot size. Meaning, kids, spouse, friends, sibling, or roommates can all get a go at the workout.

8Expert Score

The size of this rower is 2.1m x .56m x .51m, but when stood up it barely takes up space. It does connect to Bluetooth and heart rate monitors if applicable, in addition to using an app called Fitshow and Kinomap. As a gift with this purchase, you receive a free water pump to adjust the amount of water in the container. You also receive a 30-day warranty on returns through Amazon with this product!

  • The TOPIOM rower is extremely durable and quiet, which makes it perfect for at home exercise. It’s stylish and stores really well when stood up, meaning that it won’t take away from a living room or office. The materials that are used on this rower are extremely high quality, which means this rower is built to last. Plus, the product is more fairly priced at £749.99.
  • The rower is closer to the ground that some other versions, which could be an issue if getting up or down is tough. The display also requires batteries that are not included with the purchase of the product, which can sometimes be annoying. It is also not foldable so you need more space to store it.

Snode WR100 Hydro Rowing Machine – in the UK

 in stock
as of November 10, 2023 2:29 pm

Featured in most water resistance rowing machine reviews in the UK and fourth on our list is the Snode WR100 Hydro Rower! This particular rower is in the lower price range as well. It’s actually a great budget option for anyone who is looking to get started with something a little cheaper on the cost spectrum.

Even with the lower price point, this product packs a punch. The reviews on this one were awesome! It’s quiet, sturdy, and gets the job done! One of the main praises of this machine was the smoothness of use. It glides really well when being used and allows for a fun and exhilarating workout. This is huge for keeping up consistency of workouts. If you don’t enjoy the feel of your rower, you’re less likely to use it.

Even being a smaller rower, it has a great weight capacity at 300lbs or 136kg. This shows it’s 1) great for multiple sizes and 2) super durable and made with quality materials. Most of the machine is made of a super durable and stable plastic.

The display is LCD, but it does not come with wireless connectivity. It’s a simple and straightforward display that shows you time, SPM, distance, strokes, calories, and your pulse. This is really all you need to get what you need done. There’s something special about a piece of equipment that is solely focused on you getting it done!

The machine is super quiet which makes it perfect for at home use and exercise. You won’t have to wait until everyone is awake to start it up because they won’t hear it while sleeping!

It’s an easy to store at home rower that can be propped up onto its nose but is not foldable. The machine comes in costing £599.00, which is fair for what you’re getting!

7.5Expert Score

The rower is sized at 1.981m x .55m x 1.06m which means that this rower sits higher than most of the other options! As far as your warranty goes, we could only find the standard 30-day return policy through Amazon.

  • The 167 Hydro Rower sits higher than most rowers, which makes it super accessible and easy to get into. The design is minimal which makes it easy to store in home. It’s an extremely durable and quiet machine, making it a perfect home rowing machine.
  • This machine doesn’t come with any type of applications or wireless capability, which is expected at a lower price point. One of the more references cons with this water rowing machine in the UK was the size of the foot pedals. They’re designed to be larger, which many individuals claimed made it harder to stay in the saddle.

Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500 – in the UK

 out of stock
1 used from £362.33
as of November 10, 2023 2:29 pm

Next on our list of best at home water resistance rowers (in the UK) is the Sunny Health & Fitness Obsidian Surge 500. This rower looks awesome! The color scheme of obsidian black along with the red in the water container is spot on. It’s something that makes you want to workout and break a sweat. It’s also a much more affordable rower on our list. This one is priced below £600.00, making it the cheapest rower (so far) on the list! Now, the next question is, does it still hold up in quality?

The Sunny Health & Fitness rower is just like the real thing. It has a water container with 16 hydro blades to help it feel smooth and natural while rowing. It mimics real water rower very well! What’s also nice is that it comes with a sweat resistant handle, meaning if you’re really getting after your workout, it isn’t going to slip. What we also found to be nice about this rower is that it has a higher seat height. The other rowers before this one were closer to the ground, which could pose a problem.

While this rower isn’t connected to any sort of app like the previous ones, it does contain an LCD monitor that tracks things like total time, 500m time, SPM, total strokes, calories, heart rate, and more. The heart rate and temperature will only be monitored if you have a heart rate band, however.

This machine does not fold, it can be stood up on its nose for storage. Making it a very convenient rower for at home exercise. The rower’s color is cool looking, it, however, won’t fit in as much like a piece of furniture.

In regard to the water container, the blades are made of steep. Meaning, they will resist rust and last even through the toughest workouts. This is a nice feature because maintenance won’t be much of a problem. There were a few instances in the reviews of this product where the container had leaked some, but this could be chalked up to an error while putting it together.

7Expert Score

Once put together, this item ends up being 2.03m x .56m x .86m. Again, this is a rower than can be stood up for storage to eliminate some of the space used. We could not find a full warranty policy, but Amazon does give you 30-days to return. Within the reviews for this product, some individuals had trouble with contacting the company regarding the warranty policy. While not rock solid, it is still made of a sturdy aluminum frame. As far as the max weight goes, this rower can only sustain up to 250lbs or 113kg.

  • The Obsidian Surge 500 is a much more affordable machine for your home workouts. It comes with all the awesome features of a more expensive machine, but at a fraction of the cost. The boosted height on the seat is a huge win for you lower back and comfort as well. It rows just like you’re on a real boat with the steel blades it uses. PLUS, it comes with batteries for the LCD screen, so you don’t have to run to the store to grab some.
  • The cons of this machine are on the warranty side of things. While there doesn’t seem to be a ton of problems with this rower, if any were to arise the customer support is difficult to get in touch with.

Adidas R21 HOME Water Rowing Machine – in the UK

 in stock
as of November 10, 2023 2:29 pm

Next, we have another one of the more affordable options on the list. The Adidas is suitable for just that, your home! It’s great for saving space in an apartment or smaller room. When stood up it’s about the height of your average refrigerator. Meaning, you could literally store it next to the fridge!

The machine is made of multiple different materials such as aluminum, iron, plastic, and polycarbonate for the water tank. This makes it a pretty decent rower on the durability side of things. It’s solid black, which gives it a nice, sleep design. This rower is also very minimal in design. Its seat is lower to the floor, has the rowing cable and handle, has adjustable foot pedals, has a decent sized water tank, and a small but nice and backlit LCD monitor. That’s about it!

One special feature on this rower is its noise reduction system. It’s designed to remove the high amounts of noise that can often be associated with rowing machines. Meaning, you could work out in the morning hours without much worry of waking anyone.

As far as your resistance goes, it’s water-based like the other water exercise rowers in the UK. It works with a blade system, making it super dynamic. The more you pull, the more resistance you receive. Thus, you have infinite possibilities on your resistance level.

The LCD display allows for high-definition data a glance as you row. You can check in with your intensity levels and pace through distance tracking, calories, speed, and strokes.

This rower is pretty much in line with its price point. It’s simple and effective, as well as affordable. They aren’t promising you any fancy bells and whistles, but just giving you what you need for a great workout. It costs less than £600.00 – Currently it’s out of stock but should be back soon.

7Expert Score

As far as additional information goes… This rower is 1.975m x .53m x .51m as far as dimensions go. Again, this doesn’t account for the size of it when standing! Your warranty on this machine is in line with the Amazon 30-day return policy. Outside of that you would want to reach out to the actual company for more information regarding this policy. We could not find a weight capacity for this machine.

  • This machine is super simple and gets the job done. It’s made with good parts that allow for a quality rowing experience. It’s not bulky and can fit even in a tiny apartment. What we found to be a huge pro with this machine was the noise reduction system that it has. It’s important that your home equipment is quiet, especially if you have neighbors or people living with you. Plus, it’s affordable!
  • For some, the simplicity of this machine may be a con. If you’re looking for something with more features, this wouldn’t be your best bet. It’s just a plain ole rower. Another con for some, is that this rowing machine with water resistance in the UK is still a little low to the ground. Not as much as some of the earlier listings, but still low. It also mentions nothing about Bluetooth connectivity or wireless use via a smart phone or fitness tracker!

Buyer’s Guide for Picking the Best Water Rowing Machine in the UK

  1. Durability

The machine you choose has got to be durable. You’re going to be putting in some distance and time on this thing, so make sure that you are considering that when buying. Most of the indoor rowing machines with water resistance that we have listed here are super durable. There are a few budget options that fit this, but the more expensive wooden rowers are the most durable options.

  1. Seat Height

When purchasing a rower, you need to be able to access it with ease. If you have trouble getting up and down, then a lower rower may not be a great choice. The foldable, and some of the budget rowers were lower to the ground, which could prove difficult. If you know you may have limitations, then go for one of the rowers with a higher seat.

  1. Console or Screen

If you’re a statistic and number person, you may want a more advanced console. All of the ones we have listed here are LCD displays, but some of them have access to an application or can even be broadcasted onto screens. If you want the best information that is also accurate, then the price goes up significantly. The electronics in them is more advanced, which therefore boosts that price. If you just need to know how long you’ve been on it, then a cheaper option would be perfect. The screen won’t make or break your fitness levels.

  1. Weight Capacity

This is going to influence your purchase due to the fact that you need something that is sturdy. If you are close to that end range of the capacity, then it may cause some limitations. That’s totally fine because there are some super sturdy rowers on this list that will fit heavier capacities. Shop for your needs in this scenario! Also, keep in mind that resistance type is an important factor. Air rowers in the UK are the loudest but the water and magnetic rowers are quieter ones.

  1. Storage

If you’re in a small home, then you need an at home rower that is going to fit your space. You don’t want a rower that’s going to take up most of your room. There are foldable options on this list, and they can fit easily into a corner or closet no problem. The other options can be rolled onto their nose, which massively reduces the space they take up. You should also consider the style if you want to store it out in the open. Some of the wooden rowers look almost like a piece of furniture versus a piece of gym equipment.

Final Verdict

Alright! The verdict is in. Those are the top water resistance rowers that you can find in the UK for home exercise. We’ve provided you with information that can help you make the best decision. It’s awesome that you are taking your fitness and health into your own hands, and now you have some guidance on what the best choice for you will be to make. Now that the direction has been given, you can get started on your own rowing journey!

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