8 Best Rowing Machines in the United States 2023

Get a Full Body Low-Impact workout With the Best Rowing Machines in the United States

Rowing can be a game-changer of physical fitness. Utilizing several different muscle groups, the rowing workout is great for both upper and lower body exercises. Of course, coming with these workouts are often the benefits of weight loss and more toned muscles. However, not everyone can have their own rowboat or be on a rowing team.

The next best thing is an at-home rowing machine in the US! We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 rowing machines in the United States based on a variety of factors. Of course, the cost must be considered when looking at these rowing machines in the United States of America. Some are obviously going to be more expensive, but for the number of features those indoor home rowers bring, that cost needs to be viewed with a critical eye.

Another of the aspects that we have examined are the noise levels that the machine makes. Nobody likes loud, grinding noises to be going on while they workout- especially not while in their own home. The storage capacity of these U.S. rowing machines must also be looked at, as some of them can be quite large. Storing home rowing machines in the US in an upright position is the most common way of putting them away, but that does not mean it is the best or only one.

The weight capacity and comfort levels also have to be examined when buying the best-rated rowing machines for home in the US. Weight levels determine how accessible the indoor rowers are to a variety of users, while comfort levels fulfill a similar purpose. Finally, just about all of the following quality rowing machines in the US come with some sort of system in order to measure the statistics of the workout in progress. We examined how effective these monitors are at their jobs and whether or not they provide any other bonus features.

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Best Rowing Machines in the United States Comparison Chart

Best Rowing Machines in the United States Compared & Reviewed
NordicTrack RW900 Indoor Rower W/ Magnetic ResistanceDistance, calories, strokes, splits, watts, and heart rate250 LbsWiFiYes26 Electromagnetic resistance levels
Hydrow The Live Indoor Reality Rower W/ HD MonitorDistance, calories, strokes, splits, and heart rate250 LbsWiFiNoElectromagnetic drag mechanism
WaterRower Gronk M1 Home Rower – Hi-RiseDistance, calories, strokes, splits, watts, and heart rate700 LbsN/ANo & can't be stored standingSelf-Adjusting
Water Resistance
Concept2 Model D Indoor Rowing Machine with PM5 MonitorDistance, calories, strokes, splits, watts, and heart rate500 LbsBluetooth & ANT+Yes10-Level
Air Resistance
WaterRower Club Rowing Machine w/ S4 Monitor & Hi RiseDistance, calories, strokes, splits, watts, and heart rate1000 LbsN/ANo, but can be stored standingSelf-Adjusting
Water Resistance
JOROTO Magnetic Home Exercise Rower Rowing MachineScan, count, time, total count, calories250 LbsN/ANo, but can be stored standing10-Level Manual
Magnetic Resistance
Echanfit Indoor Exercise Water Rowing MachineDistance, calories, strokes, splits, watt, and heart rate300 LbsN/ANo, but can be stored standingSelf-Adjusting
Water Resistance
Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing MachineScan, count, time, total count, calories250 LbsN/AYes8-Level Manual
Magnetic Resistance

Sayed’s Three Choices in the U.S.

Our team members have already picked the best at-home rowing machines and listed them down below in this top rowing machine reviews in the US. But because new home rower machines in the United States become available daily, I created this part to frequently update and bring the best of each model.

In the editor’s choice section, I pick the best of magnetic resistance, water resistance, and the best of air rowing machines to buy in the US. For this month I picked the Concept 2 Model D (air resistance), WaterRower Club (water resistance), and Hydrow (magnetic resistance) top-rated rowers.

Based on tens of criteria and resistance type, I believe these are the best rowing machines to buy in the United States. They are durable, portable, low-maintenance, high-tech, and come with good warranties. If you think I should choose another home gym rowing machine in the US for the “editor’s choice”, please get in touch with us via the comment section below or send us a direct email.

Air Resistance Choice
Concept2 brand
Concept 2 E
Read the Review
Water Resistance Choice
WaterRower Gronk M1 Water Rowing Machine
WaterRower Gronk M1
Read the Review
Magnetic Resistance Choice
Hydrow rower
Hydrow Live
Read the Review

Overview of Best Rowing Machines in the US:

NordicTrack RW900 Indoor Rowing Machine

NordicTrack RW900 Rower Review

The Nordic Track RW900 Rower is our top pick for a silent magnetic rowing machine in the US. With this rower comes an interactive personal trainer powered by iFit; 1 year iFit membership gives access to on demand, interactive trainer led global and studio workout programs. The rower also comes with a 22 inch smart display, an ergonomic molded seat and Bluetooth compatible speakers for those looking to play music while they row.

With 26 levels of resistance available, this rowing machine for home gym is truly ready for any and all customized workouts. Anyone from beginner rowers to hardcore athletes will be able to appreciate the variation in the workouts offered through this system. The RW900 quality rowing machine also allows it to fold up after your workout, with wheels allowing for easy transportation from room to room.

With the added bonus of not being particularly loud when in use, this makes the RW900 one of the best home rowing machines in America. The regular cost of this rower is $1,999. A 250 lb weight capacity on this rower means that most people should be able to make full use of this one of the best home rowing machines to buy in the US.

  • The Pros:
    An extremely advanced quality rowing machine with almost every bit of technology you could wish for included in the package. Really, this thing looks like it would fit right into an episode of Black Mirror (at least the near future bits, not the horror parts). All the while it does it’s job as a good home rowing machine for both the upper and lower body. The fact that it has all of these advanced features while being a reliable rowing machine on its own means that this is our top pick for the best rowing machines in the US.
  • The Cons:
    The downside of having all this fancy technology is that it does tend to be more prone to breaking. Reports of the 22 inch screen not capturing data during rowing exercise sessions, dropping connection from home networks, and failed software updates mean that the more advanced functions of the rower can seem determined to not let you access them.

Hydrow The Live Indoor Reality Rower

Hydrow Rower Review

Another state-of-the-art magnetic rowing machine with plenty of technology to keep you up to date with the latest and greatest rowing programs out there. The Hyrdow rowing machine allows for more rowing with top-class athletes and instructors on its 22 inch HD display and high-quality speakers. One of the bonus features that this display and connection deliver is the ability to connect you directly with your Hydrow Athletes, teammates, and other rowers on the leaderboard.

This gives an added level of competition that you can benefit from. Another positive that the technology brings is the ability of the computer-controlled electromagnetic resistance that allows you to switch from the feeling of a single scull, an eight-person boat or a traditional rowing machine with just the swipe of your finger.

With an electromagnetic drag mechanism in place, the rower brings a smooth and quiet experience to the fore. In terms of maintenance, the Hydrow Rower needs a $38 a month charge for the user to access all of the live broadcasts and past rowing sessions. The rower itself is also rather heavy, and without the ability to be folded up like some of the other rowers on this list, it just misses out on being the best rowing machine in the US.

  • The Pros:
    The smooth nature of the Hydrow Rower most certainly means it is one of the best ergonomic rowers in the US. The technological capabilities of the Hydrow Rower are where this machine really excels. With a variety of features that make an ordinary workout session into something more is what really propels this rowing machine into second place on our list of best home rowing machines in the US.
  • The Cons:
    The lack of maneuverability is a bit of a downer on the Hydrow. It comes in at a weight of 145 lbs, and without the capability to fold and move, once a place is found for the set-up of the rower, it isn’t moving from that spot. Again, with such a technologically focused rower, it might be wise to keep in mind the possible technological dilemmas that might pop up and take away some of the features.

WaterRower Gronk M1 Home Rower – Hi-Rise

WaterRower Gronk M1 Water Rowing Machine

The WaterRower Gronk M1 – Hi Rise – Limited Edition comes from Gronk Fitness; a fitness company set up by the New England’s Patriots player Rob Gronkowski. Built for both commercial and residential use with a durable aluminum construction, the Gronk M1 indoor rowing machine actually delivers a rather smooth and peaceful rowing experience with its WaterFlywheel technology.

The Gronk M1 rowing machine for home exercise, like the man it was named after, is a sizable beast. Unfortunately, this beast does not fold up into anything smaller. While not having the extensive technological capabilities of some of the other rowers in the top 5, the Gronk M1 is most certainly built to get the job done. Built with a maximum user weight of 700 lbs, you could fit multiple people onto this rower and it would still work (though we still can’t recommend that strategy as a workout method).

The M1 doesn’t lack all forms of technology, of course. It does have a Series 4 Performance monitor, allowing you to keep track of the basic stats of the workout. Reps per minute, force of the pull, calories burnt, etc. Nothing fancy, but all helpful information while working out. In terms of maintenance for the machine, it really doesn’t require almost any at all. Just a purification tablet to the water in the wheel every six months, which is provided free of charge.

  • The Pros:
    The Gronk M1 does what it is supposed to do extremely well. Focused on exercising as much muscle in the body as possible with as few hiccups as possible. Durable, smooth, quiet, and low maintenance makes this one of the best water rowing machines.
  • The Cons:
    If you’re looking for a technologically advanced and futuristic rower, you will want to look elsewhere. The most high-tech piece you can get with this machine is an optional heart rate monitor. The computer that it does have seems to have some problems working over long periods of time, however, the rower itself does not share this problem.

Concept2 Model D Rowing Machine with PM5 Monitor

Concept2 brand

The Concept2 rowing machines are the best selling indoor rowing machines in the world. And there is most certainly a reason for it. The Model D comes with Concept2’s signature PM5 Performance Monitor, which displays and keeps extensive data about the workout. This PM5 monitor has Bluetooth wireless connectivity, allowing it to connect to many heart rate belts, fitness devices and apps.

The Model D air rowing machine in the US is also designed in such a way as to prioritize comfort for the user. The flywheel is designed in such a way that you can adjust it in order to get just that “right feel” while rowing. The Model D must also be praised for its smooth and subtle build. With a 14 inch height, a quiet noise level while working out, adjustable footrests, ergonomic handles and an ability to be separated into 2 pieces for storage, it really is quite a convenient piece to own.

But don’t be fooled; this rower can hold up to 500 lbs and can certainly give you the full body workout you are looking for. As for maintenance, the only upkeep that is needed is a little bit of oil to the chain every 40 hours of use, and a pair of D-cell batteries to keep the PM5 monitor running.

  • The Pros:
    One of the top quality rowers in the US, the Model D exists as a cheaper and more conventional rower than many others. With a normal price of $900, the Model D really does serve just about every need that you could want. The PM5 does its job to keep track of your workouts and the convenience of the rower being able to break into 2 pieces for storage really makes it one of the most adaptable at home rowing machines.
  • The Cons:
    While the PM5 does it’s job as a display for the workout statistics, the display feels a bit outdated. Certainly not like the sleek and futuristic designs like the RW900 or the Hydrow Rower. Of course, this is a bit nitpicky, but you would expect a bit better from a modern home rower. Another minor gripe with the Model D is that the seat can sometimes be somewhat uncomfortable. Again, minor gripe, but for a machine that you can spend upwards of 60 minutes on, the seat should be comfortable.

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine with S4 Monitor

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine

Looking for something a bit different than the regular, sleek design? Well, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is here for just that purpose. The immediate standout feature is the handcrafted, solid ash wood that is stained in an attractive rose and black two-tone. It really gives a rural taste to the usual style of rowers.

With water in the drum, it only adds to the country style that the Club Rowing Machine is oozing with. The water makes some sound, but there’s something relaxing about the churn of the water next to the wood. However, the technology is not totally lacking from this rower. It comes with a S4 Monitor in order to keep track of the statistics for the workout session.

The S4 isn’t the most advanced technology, so you won’t find any Bluetooth connectivity here. Being made from wood, this does mean that the rower is not foldable or really maneuverable in any real way. It can be stored upright, but that’s about it. One of the aspects that might require some adaptation is the fact that you have to row at a pace that matches the machine. Compared with rowers that use other methods of shock absorption, the Club Rowing Machine feels different to the more conventional water rowing machines under $1000.

  • The Pros:
    One of the most unique home rowers in the US with the wooden pieces giving a natural feel to every element of the rower. The combination of natural wooden structure and water sound gives a brilliant atmosphere and makes you feel as though you are rowing down a river.
  • The Cons:
    With the emphasis on the wooden elements of the rower, this does take away from some of the more convenient features. As mentioned, the S4 Monitor system certainly isn’t something you would find in Star Trek, and even then you might find that it tends to break. The footstraps also seem to be a common source of complaints, as they aren’t very adjustable or comfortable for long rides.

JOROTO Magnetic Home Exercise Rowing Machine

Joroto MR35 magnetic rowing machine review

One of the cheapest rowers on the market in the US, the JOROTO Magnetic Rower does not sacrifice large amounts of quality on account of the price. Designed with a solid aluminum flywheel, aluminum slide rail, and magnetic resistance, which will make the workout quieter and smoother. It is certainly one of the best magnetic rowers in the US.

While the rower does not have the ability to be folded like others, while standing up for storage, it does take up a surprisingly small space. Just like other rowers on this list, the JOROTO Magnetic rower comes with a digital monitor to track the time, count, total count, and calories data while also having a phone holder so that you can keep entertained while rowing.

Another example of ergonomic seats providing a comfortable experience for the user, this rower most certainly tried to make sure that you are feeling good while you workout. In terms of some of the more technical aspects, it holds a max weight of 250 lbs, which is lower than some of the other rowers on this list of the best rowing machines in the US. It also needs very little maintenance. Just keep an eye on the slide rail and other moving parts for any possible mishaps or breaks.

  • The Pros:
    For the extremely cheap price, you certainly get what is needed from the JOROTO Magnetic Rower. Comfortable ergonomic seats, a relatively small storage space, and the systems in place for you to make whatever workout you’re going for a good one. Easy assemblage, not too high of noise levels, and having an OK variety of tension levels.
  • The Cons:
    The unfortunate thing about this rower is that it doesn’t specialize in any particular area. The tensions levels don’t go high enough for those seeking intense workouts. The row grip cna also seem somewhat uncomfortable, which is rather unfortunate when that is the main part of the exercise. The digital monitor, while it does the job of tracking certain data points, doesn’t allow for more advanced features like Bluetooth connection.

Echanfit Indoor Exercise Water Rowing Machine


Another of the rowers that use water resistance as its method to get you in the best shape possible, the Echanfit Water Rowing Machine is still one of our top-rated rowers under $500. With a large LCD monitor that tracks the following fitness: time, strokers-per-minute, distance, strokes, and calories burned. The most interesting part about this monitor is that it offers a man versus machine race mode in an effort to make the workouts more exciting.

Unfortunately, this monitor does not have any sort of Bluetooth or wireless connectivity capability. The rowing machine can be stored in an upright fashion, however the water contained in the container should be less than ⅔ of the total amount, otherwise it will spill out of the hole in the container. With a peculiar weight limit of 300 lbs, the rowing machine should be mostly fine without much maintenance.

Batteries are needed for the monitor. The actual seat and grip of the rower are both very comfortable both being ergonomically padded. Adjustable footplates also means that you have some wiggle room when it comes to getting the most comfortable position to workout. The noise level is surprisingly high, which might be a turn off for some people. It doesn’t take too much away from the experience, but it should be noted nonetheless.

  • The Pros:
    The price must certainly be mentioned as a pro. With an average price of $421, it is quite the option if you are looking for a rowing machine on a budget. Another pro is the assembly process. It really is not a hard rower to assemble. Clear instructions and a simple assembly process means that it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to an hour to make.
  • The Cons:
    As mentioned, the rowing machine can get surprisingly loud. The seat seems to make more noise than one would expect. Another unfortunate part is that the display is pretty simple in design. Outside of the race feature against the machine, it doesn’t really offer anything new or advanced. The resistance levels also seem to be somewhat limited. Similar to the JOROTO Rowing Machine, they all are extremely similar, which makes upping the levels seem less rewarding.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Rowing Machine


Rounding out our list of the best home rowing machines in the US is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RW5515 Magnetic Rowing Machine. The SF-RW5515 provides a solid Probably the most simple looking rower on this list, it does provide more than meets the eye. An LCD screen displays the time, count, calories, and total count of the workout, while a convenient scan mode allows you to choose to have these features continuously repeated.

This is the limit of the screen unfortunately, so there will be no Bluetooth connectivity here. The SF-RW5515 is extremely quiet though, which is rather nice. So even without any video player attached you will still be able to be entertained while you workout. The 44 inch long rail does not allow for any folding, but does hold a weight of 250 lbs. Wheels give it an additional layer of maneuverability.

With 8 levels of resistance, the SF-RW5515 does allow for a solid progression of workouts. No need to be a bodybuilder for the highest level, which makes it nice and convenient for a large amount of users. The machine is also quite comfortable, with a wide padded seat, adjustable foot pedals and a comfortable handlebar. A nice surprise is also that the machine itself is rather quiet. Looking at the machine one might picture loud, gym-esque rowers that you could hear from three blocks away. Fortunately that is not the case. The cost is also a bargain for the amount of features that come alongside it. With a regular price of $458, this puts the SF-RW5515 on the lower end of the list in terms of cost.

  • The Pros:
    The price is lower than many of the other rowing machines on this list. The assembly is also tantalizingly easy, with as little as 5 steps and you’ve got a complete machine. The footplates are also wide enough to give many shapes and sizes of feet all the room that is needed.
  • The Cons:
    The screen really isn’t reliable for anything except for elapsed time and stroke count. The amount of calories burned is wildly underrepresented, so you might want to figure out some other way of keeping track of your workout data. This is almost fortunate, as the positioning of the screen makes it hard to actually read what is on it while you are working out, since you would have to stop and lean in to actually make out the words and numbers on the screen. The position of the handles can also lead to some poor form while rowing. This is important to keep in mind and to adjust for, as poor form can lead to sore muscles and unnecessary pain.

top home rowers reviews in the US

FAQ – The Best Indoor Rowers for Home in the US

What is the most durable ergonomic rowing machine?

Concept 2 Model E vs Concept 2 Model D

There are many sturdy and durable good rowing machines and we have listed many of them this US exercise rower reviews but the most durable ones are; Concept 2 and Water Rower Gronk M1. Currently, the world’s elite rowers use these best rowing machines for home and club workouts. The answer question for UK and Canada residents, we have separately reviewed the best rowing machines in the UK and the best rowing machines in Canada.

What is the most quiet rowing machine in the US?

Hydrow rower

Air and water rowers do create a bit of noise which can be annoying for some users. But all the magnetic home rowers offer near to silent home rowing exercise. One, in particular, that is very quiet is the NordicTrack RW900 rowing machine in the US.

What is the best home rowing machines in the US?

best rowing machines in the United States

The answer to this question mainly depends on what you want from a home rowing machine. If you want a high-tech monitor with a silent rowing workout, your best bet is to buy a magnetic rower such as RW900. But if you want the natural sound of water and don’t mind a bit of noise or high-tech screen, we suggest you consider a WaterRower rowing machine listed in this buying guide. We included the best rowing machine for the price in the US by WaterRower (Club rower).

What’s the best water rowing machine to buy in the US?

WaterRower Gronk M1 Water Rowing Machine

We believe the WaterRower Gronk M1 is the best water rowing machine in the US as it supports 700+lb user weight and comes with a unique durability. It is with no doubt the best rowing machine in the US if you prefer water resistance.

What exactly is Indoor Rowing?

rowing machine slider

Indoor Rowing is one of many fantastic exercises to take the fitness industry by storm. It connects users with the exhilarating and refreshing feeling of rowing outdoors on the water. Many fitness enthusiasts have taken a fond liking for sports, which leads to the question why? − Why has this sport stolen the hearts of many? What makes it special? The answer is embedded in this article! So read on. Indoor rowing is an exercise performed on a rowing machine. There are at least three types of rowing machines; water rowers, air rowers, and magnetic rowers. More or less, they all replicate the motion of rowing on water which leads to a host of health benefits. The exercise has attracted widespread patronage over the years, threatening to dethrone indoor cycling as the most performed indoor exercise. One of the hallmarks of the sport is its remarkable ability to torch a significant number of calories. Using an indoor rower, a person weighing 155 pounds can burn up to 600 calories in an hour.

How Many Calories Does a Rowing Machine Burn?


Per statistics from Harvard Health; a 125-pound individual can burn up to 255 calories in a 30-minute intensive rowing session. A 155-pound individual can torch about 316 calories while a 185-pound individual is expected to burn about 377 calories. Given the statistics, indoor rowing is considered an effective, high-calorie burning workout, which is one of the attributes that makes it a special form of exercise.

How is it Different from Rowing on Water?

best rowing machines in Canada

For one, indoor rowing isn’t the same as rowing outdoors against strong wind and waves. However, it gives users a sense of the great outdoors by connecting with nature. Where inclement weather and boat traffic are two of several challenges affecting outdoor rowing, indoor rowing eliminates both. To think that the rowing machine perfectly emulates rowing strokes without the hurdles associated with outdoor rowing is a core advantage in itself. What’s more, you work the same muscles as you would when rowing outdoors. And some expert rowers believe that indoor rowing is more effective than its counterpart because you don’t have to deal with distracting elements like bad weather and overwhelming boat traffic.

Is Indoor Rowing as Effective as Touted?

Yes, indoor rowing is just as effective as outdoor rowing. The sport is pleasantly sufficient as an exercise and a hobby. Let’s take a detailed look at some reasons why Indoor rowing stands out from the crowd.

8 Reasons why Indoor Rowing is Special

1. It Offers a Full-body and Calorie-Burning Workout

Full-body exercise

As far as full-body workouts go, indoor rowing comes highly recommended. Provided it is executed correctly, the machine simultaneously works the legs, arms, back, and core. Each rowing stroke uses 84 percent of muscle mass, which improves endurance and strengthens and tones the muscles.

The American Fitness Professionals Association reports that rowing comprises 65 to 75 percent leg work and 25 to 35 percent upper body engagement. It primarily targets the muscles concentrated in the upper back, arms, oblique, Pecs, and abdomen. Beyond this, it strengthens the leg muscles including the calves, glutes, and quadriceps.

2. Minimizes Risk of Injury

rowing exercise improves Joint health and flexibility

Here is another reason why indoor rowing is a crowd-pleaser. It places minimal pressure on the joints while burning a ton of calories. With rowing, you have full control of your pace and movement. Along with its low-impact design, it is an ideal exercise for active recovery.

Also, it encourages a full range of motion which aids joint lubrication and mobility. So if you have an injury and are looking to adopt cardio training, indoor rowing makes a solid choice. You can actively exercise without aggravating your existing injuries or exposing your joints to a new injuries. Indoor is also recommended for individuals with poor vision or suffering from blindness.

3. Improves Heart Health


A great cardio exercise, indoor rowing strengthens the cardiovascular system, comprising the heart, blood vessels, and blood. The cardio system is tasked with transporting nutrients and oxygen all-round the body and rowing helps enhance this function.

Considering that rowing demands intense effort, it forces the heart to work extra hard in transporting blood and nutrients to the body. As a result, it improves cardiovascular strength. People suffering from cardiovascular issues can include indoor rowing to their exercise regime to improve their heart health.

4. Relieves Stress and Improves Focus


Indoor rowing is linked to several meditative benefits. It helps alleviate stress levels in the body and strengthens concentration as you power through each stroke. Their meditative effects come from the serenity of moving water combined with the rowing machine’s rhythmic motion.

These qualities beautifully come together to relax your mind and infuse your body with a general sense of calm. Its meditative quality is as pleasurable as it is motivational – encouraging users to take stroke after stroke until they attain their fitness goal.

5. Engages Several Muscles

indoor rowing exercise benefits

It is easy to overuse your quads and neglect other muscles while performing cycling or running workouts, but rowing is an exception. The rowing motion specifically works the posterior muscles including the back, arms, and hamstrings – so you don’t work more muscles in favor of others.

Further to this, it is suitable for exercisers of all competency levels as it presents a minimal learning curve. Ultimately, you can use the exercise to target several muscle groups, tailored to your goals. And you don’t have to be an expert to do this!

6. Saves Time, Space, and Money

best folding rowing machines

Using lower perceived exertion levels than most aerobic exercises, the activity consumes far less time. While most workout machines boast exceptional calorie consumption rates, they demand laborious effort and extended time lengths. However, indoor rowing is superior in the sense that it evenly distributes work burden over several muscle groups, so users can use lower perceived exertion levels to burn a ton of calories in no time.

Unlike other exercise machines that weigh a ton and are massively sized, indoor rowing machines are as compact as can be. They are considerably lightweight and can be transported effortlessly. Most models also feature foldable and stand-up designs that make it easy to stow away for storage and conserve space. Further to this, indoor rowing machines are relatively inexpensive compared to other fitness machines, espeically compared to good elliptical trainers.

7. It is less Severe on the Muscles

low impact exercise

If sore muscles are the bane of your exercise, then say hello to indoor rowing! Indoor rowing helps raise your heart rate several times in a week without causing major discomfort to your muscles. This is because rowing leverages concentric muscle movement rather than eccentric like other exercises.

The concentric motion refers to muscle activation that triggers tension in the muscle as it shortens while eccentric movement causes the muscles to lengthen as more tension is applied. Hence, concentric motions don’t make your muscles as sore as eccentric motions!

Bonus Reason – You Won’t Slack Off

While you can turn down the resistance on an indoor cycling bike and commit the barest effort, you can’t do the same on a rowing machine! Yes, once you begin to slack off, the machine will grind to a stop. This is because a rower has no momentum, so you have to put in the “work”. Therefor if you are looking for a serious-minded exercise machine to challenge yourself, get a rowing machine!

How to Effectively Use the Rowing Machine

best rowing techniques

As earlier stated, you don’t have to be a professional to use an indoor rowing machine, there are a few easy to learn rowing technique which I explained in another article on the site. First things first, you need to pay maximum attention to your form or posture when rowing. It is not uncommon to experience low back pain from rowing, and this is mostly due to the wrong posture. Neglecting to use the abdominal muscles when performing strokes, invariably leads to low back pain. Failure to use the abdominal muscles forces the lower spine to compensate for the loss, which causes pain in the back.

Additionally, don’t push your legs forward and lean back at the same time. For best results, perform each motion separately; first off, push your legs forward, then lean back and then pull your arms back toward your body. Another important tip is to stop rowing when you are tired. Don’t try to overexert yourself in hopes of reaching your goal quickly. Most importantly, don’t engage in a strenuous rowing session after exhausting your arms from another intense exercise. It is also a bad idea to perform laborious activities like high-load weightlifting before doing high-intensity exercises on a rowing machine.

rowing machines and rowing exercise

Indoor rowing makes the perfect crossfit workout as well as standard cardio workout for exercisers of all fitness levels looking to burn calories and build muscle. The machine features an impressive list of benefits that makes it one-of-a-kind. Compared to popular fitness machines like the exercise bikes and treadmills, it uses lower perceived exertion levels to eliminate a host of calories within record time. It is also more compact and reasonably priced, so you don’t have the break the bank to afford one.

A highly-meditative exercise, it has a calming effect on the body and mind. And the heart isn’t left out too, as it works to strengthen the blood-pumping muscle. All things considered, indoor rowing is a special form of exercise that rightfully deserves its glowing recognition!


There you have it. Our list of the top 8 rowing machines in the US. Depending on what you are looking for, this list should give you an idea of what kind of rowing machine you should be looking for to put in your home. Whether you are looking for some high-tech, advanced rowers that can play all your favorite Netflix shows and other videos while you work out or simply looking for a cheaper rowing machine that gives you nothing more than a comfortable way to strengthen the muscles, these should allow you to find your ideal quality rowing machine in the United States.

You also have a variety of choices in looking for what type of rowing machine you want in the USA. Air rowing machines, water rowing machines, magnetic rowing machines, air-mag rowing machines, and ergonomic rowers in the United States all give you the options to pick and choose how you want your rowing experience to feel. Either way, make sure to take some of the elements that we have covered in this list into mind when looking for your next rowing machine in the United States of America.

Cost is obviously always a concern, and with some of the home rowers costing upwards of $2,000, it might be worth investing in a cheaper rowing machine if you are unsure of how much use it will get. Comfort is also a big aspect for many home rowing machines in the US, as it is one of the elements controllable from the maker’s point of view. If you are looking for a full-body workout machine that really has a variety of features and options for anyone and everyone, consider buying one of the top rowing machines in the US today.

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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