SNODE Water Rowing Machine Review

SNODE Rower Overview

There is nothing quite like the sloshing of water inside of the tank that makes you feel like you are out on the open waters rowing an actual boat. This is exactly why home rowing machines are so popular amongst rowing fans. The SNODE home water rower provides exactly this experience, combined with a compact design and a brand name that is trusted across the home fitness machine industry. SNODE’s water rowing machine is constructed from solid steel and is strong enough to support a maximum suggested weight capacity of a very impressive 331 lbs. The sleek, black coated steel design goes with any sort of furniture you may have so you don’t have to worry about it clashing with your decor. As is consistent across the home water rowing machine industry, the SNODE water rower does not come with a foldable frame, so users do have to somewhat awkwardly stand the machine up against the wall when it is not in use. One good thing about SNODE’s design is that their home water rower can be stored completely vertically at a 90 degree angle.

Like with most home rowing machines, the SNODE home water rower has a fairly substantial footprint that will require you to clear out some room in your house. The machine has dimensions that measure out to be 79” L x 36” H x 20” W, so you can see that the design is somewhat more compact than other home water rowers on the market. The exact weight of the SNODE water rower isn’t listed but the shipping weight is 84 lbs so you can reasonably expect the machine itself to weigh slightly less than that. As can be expected, a full tank of water will always add additional weight to the machine, so unlike magnetic or air resistance rowers, the weight of a water rower machine can vary. Don’t worry if it starts to get heavy though as SNODE has installed some handy transport wheels that help make moving the home rowing machine easy for anyone!

The SNODE home water rower comes with an innovative 16-fan blade water resistance system that creates a smooth and steady rowing experience. Every stroke powers every blade through the water in the tank, and users are able to control the resistance levels by emptying or adding more water. Unfortunately this does mean that there is no quick way to manually change the resistance levels in the middle of a workout, so some users may find this tedious. Maintenance for the SNODE home water rower is quite minimal, and all users may need to do is add in a cleaning tablet to the tank, and change the water every few months. No water rowing machine is going to be as quiet as a magnetic resistance rower, and the same can definitely be said for the SNODE home water rower. The water in the tank is the only noise this model makes, so do not worry about bothering neighbors or family members.

While the SNODE home water rower does come with an LCD monitor, it definitely has its limitations in the technology department. The LCD display is basic and only provides standard readouts to the user like time, calories, speed, distance, and heart rate. The monitor does come with a tablet or smartphone holder, which helps users to enjoy some entertainment or follow along with a training class on the downloadable FitShow app, which can be connected via Bluetooth. Other than that the SNODE home water rower does not come with any WiFi connectivity, nor any USB ports to charge your devices. SNODE does include a handy motorized water pump, that makes refilling the water tank a manageable task!

The assembly of the SNODE home water rower is simple and straightforward and the average person can complete it within about 30-60 minutes. Any tools or instructions are included with the SNODE home water rower, which comes in one large box as opposed to two like other home water rowing machines. SNODE is another brand that sells primarily through Amazon so like Mr. Captain rower and Mr. Right rower, SNODE does not actually have a dedicated website to shop through or research their products on, although SNODE does have official Facebook and Pinterest pages. Check with Amazon shipping guidelines to see if the SNODE can be shipped to you!

Perhaps the best thing that the SNODE home water rowing machine has going for it is its rock bottom price tag! The model retails for about $450 on Amazon, and is definitely in the entry-level category of home water rowing machines that is so attractive to users. You may not be getting a top of the line connected home fitness machine, but it is hard to go wrong with a home rower from a trusted fitness brand like SNODE at this bargain bin price. The warranty that SNODE provides is actually somewhat vague, as it states that it provides a 12 month warranty to replace any parts or frame. This is a relatively weak warranty when comparing it to the rest of the home fitness machine industry, but most people will overlook that to go for the cheaper price tag.

SNODE Water Rowing Machine Pros

  • Excellent value at this price tag
  • Solid steel frame keeps users stable
  • Great maximum weight capacity of 331 lbs
  • 16-fan resistance system helps users feel the water with every stroke
  • Convenient transport wheels
  • Ergonomic seat cushion
  • Fully adjustable foot pedals
  • Smartphone or tablet holder can connect to FitShow app
  • Free motorized water pump included

SNODE Water Rowing Machine Cons

  • Vague warranty
  • No dedicated website for research or customer support
  • No manual resistance adjustment
  • Frame is not foldable
  • No backlit on the monitor and No USB charging port
  • Limited technology even with Bluetooth connection

Final Verdict

If you are looking at the SNODE water rowing machine then you are most likely shopping in the entry-level home rower market. These models can reasonably be expected to have limited technology, as well as crucial deficiencies like the lack of a manual resistance adjustment. The SNODE home water rower does provide users with a decent rowing experience with a sturdy, well-built frame, and even FitShow app integration via smartphone or tablet. There really is no major downside at this price tag, although for about $200 more, users can get the Mr. Captain home water rower which overall is a more robust water rowing experience!

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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