Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine Review

The first thing you will notice when you see the Mutisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine is how large of a frame it has. Similar to the popular Concept 2 model D of air rower, the Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine utilizes an open style frame with an ergonomic design that has the seat and rail only 14” off the ground. The frame itself is made of solid steel and has the capacity to hold a maximum user weight of 500 lbs! This puts the Murtisol in a class of its own in terms of frame strength and weight capacity. I have written in my reviews before about how much I like foldable frame rowers for people who live in smaller spaces. Well, Murtisol goes one step further. The frame for its Air Resistance Rowing Machine can actually come apart if it needs to without using any tools. The frame is still foldable, but when separated, the two pieces only take up an area of 3.2 square feet, making it ideal for those who have limited space to store such a large machine.

That’s another thing, the Murtisol Air Resistance Rower has a fairly extraordinary footprint in terms of the indoor rower market. Its exact dimensions are a whopping 98.4” L x 14.6” W x 44.5” H, making it easily one of the longest rowing machines in the industry. If you find that the Murtisol is just too long for your home, I suggest checking out the Stamina Air Rower 1403 which is nearly two feet shorter than the Murtisol. Another benefit of the Murtisol Air Rower? The entire thing only weighs about 70 lbs when it is fully assembled! This puts it amongst the strongest and lightweight frames you can find on any indoor rowing machine.

When it comes to resistance air turbine machines are known as dynamic forms of resistance, which basically means you create your own resistance the harder you row. The Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine also comes with ten levels of adjustable resistance using the damper on the turbine, which means you are able to manually choose how difficult your workout can be. That’s a great feature, but before you do go out and purchase the air resistance machine, you should probably know that air turbines can get fairly loud. It’s essentially just a giant fan that will gain speed and noise the harder you row. Want something a bit quieter? I highly recommend a high-end magnetic rower like the NordicTrack RW900, which is smooth and silent, and comes with all of the latest technology.

Speaking of technology, Murtisol actually does a pretty good job of including the Bluetooth connectivity for the monitor. This allows users to integrate your smartphone, both Android and iOS, to keep track of your workouts and progress. Simply scan the QR code on the back of the monitor and your phone will automatically download the app. The non-backlit monitor itself is nothing special, allowing you to keep track of the standard stats like time, distance, strokes, strokes per minute, and calories burned. You can track your pulse, but the heart rate monitor is not included in the packaging, nor are the batteries to operate the monitor. While you can integrate your smartphone or tablet with the monitor, you cannot cast or play any entertainment options on this screen.

Assembly has received mixed reviews on sites like Amazon, so make sure you allocate a few extra minutes to trying to figure out the construction. With such a large framed machine, it probably helps to have another person there to help move it once you have managed to build it. Maintenance for air resistance rowers is fairly straightforward, so just keep it clean and make sure that dust does not accumulate inside of the turbine. As far as shipping goes, the Murtisol Air Resistance Rower is currently not listed on the Murtisol website, so I suggest just heading over to Amazon where shipping is easy and should be able to get to you within a couple of days.

All that’s left to discuss is the price and if you’re on a budget, the Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine may not be for you. Starting at $1,399.99, the Murtisol Air Rower is definitely priced to be a premium machine, even if its features fall short of some of the top-end models on the market. Another negative factor for the Murtisol Air Resistance Rower is that the warranty information is non-existent aside from the Murtisol website that says it will offer returns for up to 90 days if there is a defect. Ideally, I prefer to use companies that back their products with strong warranties, like the 5-year warranty provided by Concept 2.

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Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine

All in all, the Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine gives you an incredible rowing experience on a high quality product. The added Bluetooth integration is a nice feature, although it is strictly to track your workout progress. The adjustable resistance levels are also welcome, as is the foldable frame that even disassembles if necessary. But at the end of the day you have to ask yourself if the Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine is worth the steep price tag. What puts it above other air resistance rowers? When I compare it to other models, it is difficult for me to justify such a high price ($1000), especially when you can get a Concept 2 Model D or a NordicTrack RW500 Air-magnetic rower for a similar price. The Murtisol Air Resistance Rower is a great machine, but look elsewhere for a better value!

Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine Pros
  • High user weight capacity of 500 lbs
  • Bluetooth integration with smartphone to track your progress
  • Solid steel frame with ergonomic design
  • Standard Comfortable seat
  • Foldable frame that can even be taken apart if needed
  • Lightweight frame only weighs 70 lbs
  • 10 levels of adjustable resistance
  • Low maintenance for the rower
  • Fitness monitor can be adjusted to different angles
  • Transport wheels for easy mobility
Murtisol Air Resistance Rowing Machine Cons
  • High-end price tag for a middle of the road machine
  • No batteries included for the monitor
  • No heart strap included
  • Turbine can be louder than a magnetic resistance machine
  • The monitor is quite basic without backlit
  • Non existent warranty information
  • Long frame may not fit in all homes

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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