Joroto M35 Magnetic Rowing Machine Review

While rowing purists will try to convince you that nothing quite beats the sound and feel of water resistance rowing machines, there is an argument to be made that nothing beats how smooth and silent magnetic rowers are in comparison. If you are looking to add a piece of home fitness equipment to your gym, let us present to you the Joroto indoor MR35 magnetic rower. The MR35 magnetic rower is a stylish and surprisingly affordable offering from a leading name in the home fitness machine industry. The innovative design for the fully aluminum frame will certainly catch your eye, while also providing stability and strength at a fraction of the weight of other machines. The Joroto M35 rower can sustain a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs, which gives it an advantage over the well known NordicTrack RW line of magnetic rowers, which can only hold a maximum of 250 lbs. The MR35 comes with Joroto’s trademark silver and black color scheme, which gives the machine a striking esthetic that fits well with any style of home decor. Unfortunately, for those who live in a smaller apartment or basement, the frame of the Joroto MR35 is not foldable, so vertical storage is the only option, which isn’t always ideal in smaller spaces.

Storage is one issue, but when the Joroto MR35 is actually in use, it is a reasonably compact machine that has a smaller footprint than most other magnetic rowers. The dimensions of the MR35 are 71” L x 21” W x 36” H, which means you only really need to make room for about six feet to ensure safe use of the rower. Other magnetic rowers like the ShareVgo SRM1000 which is 82.25” in length or the NordicTrack RW200 which is 85” long, will require at least another foot of free space, which makes the Joroto MR35 ideal for apartments. One thing to note about the ShareVgo model is that it also comes with a foldable frame, which means storage is even easier compared to non-foldable machines like the Joroto MR35. Not only is the aluminum frame strong, but it makes the machine much lighter than those that are made from steel. The Joroto MR35 weighs in at a featherlight 62 lbs, which is half the weight of the models in the NordicTrack RW line of indoor magnetic rowers. Users shouldn’t be surprised that the MR35 is so light, as magnetic rowers do not have the built in water tank or turbine that water and air resistance rowers need.

The Joroto MR35 comes with an impressive ten levels of magnetic resistance that can be manually adjusted using the tension control knob. The aluminum magnetic flywheel utilizes Joroto’s no-touch magnetic resistance technology, which ensures that your workout will be smooth and silent, making it ideal for at home use. The tension control knob is an excellent feature, especially for new rowers who do not have the experience to go by feel with a water resistance flywheel. Water resistance rowers are generally categorized as variable resistance machines, which means that users are unable to adjust the resistance without changing the levels of the water in the tank. In terms of its peers, the Joroto MR35 beats out the ShareVgo SRM1000 which only has eight levels of magnetic resistance.

One area that the Joroto MR35 comes up short is in terms of its connected technology options, because there are none. The model comes with a small digital monitor that can be used to track the count, time, total count, and calories burned, it pales in comparison to other machines that are equipped with Bluetooth and smartphone integration. In contrast, the ShareVgo SRM1000 comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a dedicated ShareVgo smartphone fitness app, that allows you to digitally keep track of your workout progress. Taking a couple more steps up, I would also recommend a machine like the Women’s Health/Men’s Health Bluetooth magnetic rower, which also comes with a variety of technology options including a connected smartphone app as well.

Assembly of the Joroto MR35 magnetic rower is simple and straightforward, and should take the average person about 45 minutes to complete. Joroto does offer some videos of assembly as well, in case the instructions included are not clear enough. Make sure you have someone to help move the machine around once you are done assembling it, and even though it comes with built-in transport wheels, it is always easier when you have some assistance. Shipping is free within the Continental U.S. from the American warehouse and within Canada from the Canadian warehouse, according to the official Joroto site. You can also buy Joroto machines on Amazon, which some people prefer since it is easier to track and shipping is usually much faster.

The Joroto MR35 is priced as an entry level indoor magnetic rower which simply adds to its appeal as a solid addition to your home gym. At just over $400, the Joroto MR35 is an excellent first rowing machine for those who are looking to burn some calories and get their cardio back. One interesting thing to note is that the Joroto site and Amazon do not have any mention of a warranty aside from a note that says 12-month parts exchange. Some users say you can apply for a warranty through the mail with the company, but neither situation seems ideal for users, especially when the website says that spare or replacement parts may need to be shipped from China.

Joroto M35 Magnetic Rower Pros

  • Excellent price point for a quality machine
  • Lightweight and compact makes it ideal for smaller spaces
  • Sleek style and patented Joroto black and silver color scheme
  • Silent magnetic flywheel 
  • 10 levels of manually adjustable magnetic resistance
  • Ergonomic seat cushion
  • Cell phone and cup holders
  • Adjustable non-slip pedals
  • Built-in transport wheels
  • Headache-free return, fast and free delivery from Amazon store
  • Easy assembly

Joroto M35 Magnetic Rower Cons

  • No technology or Bluetooth connection
  • Basic LCD monitor without backlit
  • The warranty information is unclear
  • No smartphone integration
  • Non foldable frame makes storage a chore
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Joroto M35 Magnetic Rowing Machine

If all you are in the market for is a compact magnetic rowing machine that is quiet and provides a high quality workout, then the Joroto MR35 is an excellent choice. Not every machine comes with connected technology and while this may come as a surprise to some of you, not everyone needs it either. Even though I am a fan of technology, I can appreciate when a home fitness machine is just a great value from a trusted brand name like Joroto. If you are looking for added connectivity and integration, expect to pay up to prices more than double that of the MR35. I do recommend the Women’s Health/Men’s Health Bluetooth magnetic rower if you can take a step up in price, but if that seems extravagant, the Joroto MR35 will give you everything you need from an indoor rowing machine at an incredibly friendly price.

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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