Hydrow Rower vs Cityrow Go Max Rower

The main differences between the Hydrow rower and Cityrow Go Max rower are the resistance type and frame materials. Hydrow rowing machine has a magnetic resistance and made of aluminium frame while Cityrow Go Max rowing machine has a water resistance system and made of wooden frame. Hydrow is also much quieter than Cityrow rower because of the magnetic resistance technology.

It seems like the bar for connected fitness machines continues to get set higher each year. If you want to check out the top of the industry right now, the Hydrow Rower and the Cityrow Go Max Rower are where you want to look. The Hydrow is sleek, futuristic, and almost doesn’t even seem like a rowing machine.

The team at Hydrow has revolutionized the industry and have created an all in one entertainment and fitness experience. The Cityrow is equally as impressive with a beautiful 19.5” touchscreen and smooth, water resistance that rowing purists love. In my mind, the Hydrow checks all of the boxes and offers a full connected rowing experience! But let’s see what makes the Hydrow and CityRow different from each other.

The Hydrow Rower

If you are ready to take your rowing fitness to another level, it’s time to consider the Hydrow Rower. This high-end, luxury model provides everything you need in an at-home rowing experience. The second you lay eyes on the Hydrow Rower, you’ll understand the hefty price tag and all of the industry buzz. There is a lot to love about the Hydrow Rower, and after reviewing dozens of different rowing machines, I can say without a doubt that it is amongst the best. Here’s why!

Cityrow Go Max Rower

The Cityrow Go Max Rower is a high-tech play on at-home water rowers. Compared to other water rowers, the Go Max Rower is certainly on the higher end of the price range, but that is because it comes equipped with some state of the art technology. The first thing you will notice is the 19.5” touchscreen monitor. The fully wooden frame and water tank are a nice hat-tip to water rowers generally being designed like boats. But the Go Max Rower has a sleek and edgy design to it as well. Is it the best rower I’ve ever used? No, but it certainly holds its own!

Calories Burned

At the end of the day, we are all using a rowing machine to burn calories and get in shape. The Hydrow Rower gives you access to over 3,000 pre-recorded On Demand workout videos so using the machine will always seem fresh. The subscription package also comes with the ability to join a live workout with one of Hydrow’s team of professional athletes. Finally, wind down or just have a relaxing workout with Hydrow’s yoga and pilates program if you don’t feel like rowing. Whatever mood you are in, Hydrow always makes it a fun and challenging way to burn calories for as little as 15 minutes per day.

Calories Burned

Water resistance rowers are popular amongst rowing purists as the feel of the resistance closely mimics rowing through water. It is a great way to burn calories, and Cityrow has added on the technology of the screen so you can follow along with its workout videos. Choose your favorite instructor and choose from a huge library of workouts where new ones are added each week. The Go Max Rower also offers live classes that other companies like Hydrow or Peloton are known for. So if you like the live motivation of a real-time class, Cityrow has you covered as a part of your monthly membership.

Who Can Use the Hydrow Rower?

Well, anyone really! The Hydrow is so easy to use once it is set up that you can be a professional rower or someone that is rowing for the first time. There is a physical height limit of about a 36” inseam for your legs, and a maximum weight capacity of 375 lbs or 170 kg. Obviously it’s not for children to use, but other than that it is a great machine for fitness, injury rehabilitation, and even for seniors to stay in shape and active.

Who Can Use the Cityrow Max?

The Go Max Rower is suitable for all adults although there are some maximum limitations. The inseam tops that of the Hydrow with a 39” maximum inseam length for your legs. The maximum weight capacity sits at 375 lbs or 170 kg, making it suitable for most adults.

Hydrow Rower Comfort

At first, the Hydrow rower can seem daunting, but it is ergonomically designed to provide a natural and comfortable rowing experience. The machine itself is made of sturdy and durable steel so the frame is solid and does not move while you row. I find that rowers that are less stable are also much less comfortable during workouts so this is a huge plus for the Hydrow. The electronic magnetic drag resistance system is silent, efficient and really makes you feel better. Is it more authentic than an actual water resistance rowers? Maybe not. But being one of the best magnetic resistance rowing machines, the Hydrow is silent and smooth and is absolutely tailor-made for at-home rowing workouts.

Cityrow Max Rower Comfort

The Go Max Rower has a fairly standard setup for users: a comfortable, cushioned seat on a slide rail down the length of the frame. From my experience, it certainly wasn’t as comfortable as other rowers, but it was good enough. The frame was stable even though it looks less substantial than other machines. When in use, I didn’t notice any instability or movement which is nice. The water resistance is always great, but if you don’t want the noise of the water splashing, consider a magnetic rower instead! That said, many rowers enjoy the sound that water resistance rowing machines make.

Hydrow Rowing Machine Size and Space

I won’t lie: the Hydrow is a big machine. It’s footprint is 86” long or a little more than seven feet from tip to tip. You’re going to need a large open space to use the Hydrow, so if you are in a shoebox apartment this might not be the machine for you. I mentioned it is sturdy, which also makes the machine heavy. Try to build it and station it without having to move it around, because it can be a chore to lug the 145 lb Hydrow around your house.

Cityrow Go Max Rower Size and Space

The Go Max Rower is a long machine at 85” in length when in use. It is certainly not that appropriate for a studio apartment, especially if you have to store it away after use. It is surprisingly light for a rowing machine, weighing only about 112 lbs with a full tank of water. The Go Max Rower is even lighter obviously once you empty the tank.

Hydrow Rowing Machine Cost

This is going to be the decision point for most people: the Hydrow will cost you. The Hydrow rower itself will cost you $2,295 for just the machine. On top of that, there are Hydrow accessories that you can buy to enhance your workout experience. And don’t forget about the monthly or annual subscription costs. To access Hydrow’s workout videos and live trainers it costs about $38 per month. One good thing is it’s per machine and not per user. So your entire family can use the Hydrow for just $38 per month. Still, it’s an added recurring cost you do need to factor into the price.

Cityrow Go Max Rower Cost

As with most high-tech and cutting edge fitness machines, the Go Max Rower will hit you hard in the wallet. The starting price for the machine is $2,195, although Cityrow often has deals and discounts on the machine. Keep in mind you also have to pay a monthly membership subscription to have access to all of the workout videos. This subscription costs $29 per month. At $10 less than the Hydrow subscription, with a massive library of On Demand videos and access to live classes, Cityrow’s membership costs give you a nice bang for your buck.

Hydrow Support and Warranty

Hydrow does allow you to try out the machine and offers a 14-day trial period if you want to return the rower. You do have to fork over $250 for return shipping if you do need to return it so keep that in mind. There is also a risk-free 30-day first time Hydrow user promotion that offers 30 days instead of the standard fourteen. The warranty is a decent one with five-years for the frame, twelve months for components and electronics, and twelve months for labor.

CityRow Support and Warranty

CityRow prides itself on delivering the machine with full assembly to your home. There is a decent warranty offered with a five-year for the frame, three-years for non-electronic parts, and one-year for the monitor. Remember you do need a little more maintenance with water rowers, like cleaning the water in the tank regularly with tablets, and emptying and refilling the tank every so often as well.

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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