Echanfit Home Water Rowing Machine

Echanift Rower Overview

Taking care of your health and burning calories isn’t always an affordable endeavor, especially if you are looking to buy a piece of home fitness equipment. Well if you are looking for a nice home water rower and are on a strict budget, let us introduce you to the Echanfit home water rowing machine! Constructed from a solid steel alloy and a durable aluminum rail, the Echanfit home water rower is strong enough to support a maximum user weight capacity of 300 lbs and a suggested maximum inseam of 43.4”. While it doesn’t have the same esthetic appeal as some of the solid wood water rowers on the market, the sleek black design is sure to match the decor and color scheme in any room you put it. The oversized and cushioned seat is an added bonus, and is fitted with a durable, anti-slip material for its cover. One downside to the solid steel frame is that this particular model from Echanfit is not foldable, so storing the home water rower requires you to stand it up vertically. While it does store nicely on its end, a vertically placed home rowing machine can be an eyesore in some smaller living spaces. Echanfit did include transport wheels so that the rowing machine can be moved from room to room without much difficulty.

When in use, the Echanfit does take up quite a bit of room, so be sure to clear away any obstacles that may impede with your rowing workout. The rowing machine’s dimensions are 78” L x 17.3” W x 35.3” H, so as with most indoor water rowers, you will need to accommodate for seven feet of clearance. As far as the Echanfit rowing machine’s weight, it tips the scale at a very reasonable 86.5 lbs with a cumulative shipping weight of 91 lbs. Keep in mind that the 86.5 lbs is without a full water tank, so when it is filled with water, users can expect the machine to weigh closer to 100 lbs altogether. Of course, you are going to want to fill the tank to your desired resistance level, as emptying and refilling the water tank can be a bit of a chore.

Echanfit boasts a water resistance system that gives users the dynamic feel of being inside of a real boat out on the water. The flywheel and fan blade work in harmony inside of the water tank to provide instant tension that can be transferred to the user over six different levels of resistance. The flywheel is smooth and compared to other types of resistance like an air rowing machine, the Echanfit water rower is extremely quiet. The only negative that can be said about the Echanfit water resistance system is that users do not have the ability to manually adjust which resistance level they wish to use. This means that during a workout, the user cannot change the difficulty without removing or adding more water to the tank. Not only does this limit how challenging a workout can be, but it takes time and effort for the user to adjust the water levels between workouts.

Like with most entry-level indoor water rowing machines, the Echanfit comes with a very basic LCD monitor that does not have any WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity. The monitor does provide users with the basic readouts that can be expected like time, distance, strokes, calories, and strokes per minute, but there is no form of integration with a fitness app if you are trying to keep track of your fitness progress. Further to this, a common complaint amongst user reviews is the fact that the LCD monitor has a known issue of completely dying shortly after the users purchase the machine. While Echanfit is more than willing to replace the monitors for users, it does bring up the question of how high quality the parts are on entry-level water rowing machines. The Echanfit home water rower also comes with a built-in device rack where you can install a tablet or smart phone to watch entertainment as you workout.

Once you receive the Echanfit home water rowing machine it is time to assemble it, and luckily this is straightforward and should take the average person only about 30-45 minutes to complete. Echanfit provides a nice clear instruction manual, and all of the parts and tools you need to put the home water rowing machine together. The maintenance for the Echanfit home rower is surprisingly low-touch, as you only really need to pop in a cleaning tablet into the tank once in a while and then change the water completely as well every couple of months. Aside from that, just keep the frame and rail clean and free of dust and grime, and the Echanfit home water rower will continue to perform at a high level. Echanfit does not operate its own website or store, so ordering the indoor rower off Amazon is probably your best bet.

In the end, the most attractive part of the Echanfit indoor water rower is going to be its rock bottom price tag. At just under $400, you cannot ask for much more from an entry-level home water rowing machine, even if some of the features are not as robust as higher-end models in the industry. Sure you don’t get any technology or connectivity, but if all you need is a bare bones home water rower to burn some calroies and get in shape, the Echanfit gives you everything you need. Since the best place to order the Echanfit water rower is from Amazon, shipping is not really ever a concern as orders are easy to track and follow with a Prime membership. One thing that may cause some concern for some users is that Echanfit is fairly vague about its warranty policy. Other than replying to Amazon customer questions with a one-year parts warranty, there isn’t anything else posted about how they will cover the machine if it breaks.

Echanfit Home Water Rowing Machine Pros

  • Incredible low price for a home water rowing machine
  • Solid steel frame with aluminum rail
  • Oversized, cushioned seat
  • Extra detachable device rack for tablets
  • Non-slip padded handlebar
  • Adjustable non-slip pedals with straps
  • Convenient bottle holder
  • Easy to use transport wheels
  • Great maximum user weight and height capacity
  • Simple assembly and fast shipping through Amazon
  • Minimal maintenance for the home water rower

Echanfit Home Water Rowing Machine Cons

  • No manual water resistance level control by user
  • Lack of technology or connectivity to Bluetooth or WiFi
  • Non-foldable frame makes storage a chore
  • The LCD monitor is basic and has a tendency to break
  • Vague warranty details
  • No Echanfit website means customer service may be difficult to contact

Final Verdict on Echanfit Rowing Machine

Users who are interested in purchasing entry-level home fitness machines need to be aware that sometimes the quality of the parts and performance are not up to the standards of even the cheapest home rowing machine. Sure, the Echanfit comes with an attractive price for users who don’t need all of the added technology and features, but that does not necessarily mean that this model of home water rowing machine is ideal for you. At this price level, we recommend taking a look at the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5713 Obsidian Surge water rower instead!

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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