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Reviewed and Compared By BEMH Indoor Rowing Team • Updated: April 14, 2021

They say the best kind of rowing machine are the Concept 2 rowing machines and we agree with them one hundred percent. To buy concept 2 rowing machine means investing in your health for today and decades to come.

Without any doubt, Concept2 rowers are the best air rowing machines that money can buy. After the success of the Model D rower, the company released a new version called Concept2 E rower.

Concept2 Model E air rowing machine with PM5 features improved frame design, glossy paint, Nickel-plated steel, and fully enclosed chain housing. While this indoor rowing machine is a bit more expensive, it has proven to worth every single Dollar, both for home use and commercial use.

This Concept 2 rowing machine review will help you better understand the Concept 2 Model E rower and why it’s our most favorite rower on the market.

After years of indoor rowing and looking for a rowing machine that can best offer the physical and physiological workout or rowers, we are certain that Concept E rowing machine is the best value ergonomic rowing machine not only in the U.S. but worldwide. It’s solid, sturdy, feature rich and has hundreds of real consumer reviews that confirm it’s durability.

Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine Overview

Concept 2 Model E Overview

Commercial grade rowing machine, the Concept2 E model is designed to last years for heavy use in the commercial facilities. That means if you can afford to buy the C2 rowing machine E model for your home gym, your grandkids will probably also be able to use it and gain the rowing machine benefits.

The Concept II rowing machine Model E features the exact same quality of other Concept rower except it has more ergonomic design and durable frame. Featuring air resistance system, the Concept2 model E provides unlimited resistance force.

And that’s one of the reasons the world’s finest athletes prefer this top air rowing machine. Another awesome feature is the wireless connection capability that allows unlimited access to indoor rowing applications.

Not to mention, Concept2 E offers the quietest operation compared to any other Air-resistance rowers in Canada, UK, and the US. There are several other good features that we go through in detail to help you make the best investment for your health. To find out more details and the Concept 2 rowing machine best price, keep reading our E rower review down below. If you have a tight budget, check out the Concept2 Model D.



Unlike the old rowing machines with short frame height, exercise on the concept 2 E rowing machine is easier. You no longer need to reach the floor level to set on the rower, the E rower is designed with 20-inch frame height.

Therefore, you can easily access the seat. Quick on and off the seat feature is useful when you are recovering from accidents and surgeries or struggling with aging. Concept 2 Model E has double powder coat with a glossy finish which makes it nice and extremely durable against wears, scratches, and corrosion.

This sleek and solid rowing machine comes in black or light gray. The materials and construction are sturdy welded steel and can support up to 500 pounds user weight. E model Concept 2 rowing machine frame also has a quick release system that allows for easy foldability in case you don’t have much space for storage.

When assembled the Concept 2 rowing machine dimensions are 8-feet Length and 2-feet Width. It can accommodate users with 36-inch inseam which equals to 6.6 feet tall. So, pretty much all your family members can use the E rower by Concept2. There are also two solid wheels in front of the frame that make portability a breeze.


Concept 2 Model E Flywheel

Despite featuring air resistance system, the Concept 2 indoor rowing machine E model is relatively a quiet rowing machine. The fan/flywheel design prevents the crazy loud noise that you can hear on cheap air rowers.

This home gym rowing machine allows you to change the resistance by adjusting the airflow to the flywheel. But what is really special about Concept2 E model is that you don’t need to manually adjust the resistance every time.

The rower responds to your effort on every stroke. That means the faster you pull, the harder it gets and vice versa so you are in full control of your resistance level.

Model E Concept indoor rowing machine has Nickel Plated chain and enclosed chain housing. The nickel plating requires way less maintenance, oiling and it doesn’t freeze.

So, you don’t have to worry about maintenance issues. the enclosed chain housing prevents the dust from ruining your machine and keeps the chain clean.


Concept2 Model E Performance Monitor - PM5

Concept 2 E Model rowing machine monitor has the best home rower computers in its price range. It’s the PM5 also known as Performance Monitor which is the most advanced computer by Concept 2.

This LCD provides all the feedback that you need to improve performance. On this Ergo Concept 2 rowing machine, you can track your pace, watts, stroke rate/SPM, calories and heart rate (using wireless chest strap).

With this monitor, you have the option to click “Just Row” Mode and start burning calories or set up a variety of workouts. The monitor is self-powered using the energy created on the flywheel during exercise. When you are not rowing, the monitor draws power from 2 D-cell batteries.

Features of the Performance Monitor is not over yet, the E model Concept 2 rowing machine monitor has internal memory to store all the data of daily progress. It also has a USB port so you can connect your portable flash-drive and transfer the data.

This way, you and your partner can save and track your workout stats on separate USBs and compare your progress at the end of the month. The very special feature of the E Model Concept2 monitor is its Bluetooth and ANT+ wireless connectivity.

It allows you to connect your phone/tablet to the rower and to the fitness rowing Apps so you can compete with other rowers online. The Apps also allow to save your progress in your account online or share your progress on social media.

In addition to the Concept2 app, some other compatible apps include the popular and interesting Zwift, the Sufferfest, Simway XC Ski, ROWViGOR, RowPro, LiveRowing, Float, Ergometer Space, BoatCoach, Erg IQ, ErgMate and many more. Some features of these apps are free to use but some are paid.

Seat and Handlebar

Perhaps one of the most ergonomic design and comfortable seats is found on Concept 2 air rowing machine model E. It the right curves and padding to comfortably accommodate male and female users during long indoor rowing exercise routines.

The seat is 20-inch above the ground level which is the same height as a chair. This design makes it easy to get on and off the machine. The seat on Model E Concept2 slides all the way forward to allow for a correct form for rowing machine. So, you can get the most out of your rowing workout.

The selling Concept 2 rowing machine factor is the detailed work and design which can be seen on all the parts. Featuring comfortable ergonomic handle with 10-degree bend allows you to exercise with a natural hand and arm position.

The padding used on the handle prevent blisters. To find out our recommended gloves and the Concept 2 model E rowing machine best price, scroll to the bottom of this E model review.


As we mentioned before the Concept 2 rowing machine accessories/parts feature ergonomic design to accommodate all users. Small or big, the Concept2 model E footrests can be adjusted to fit your feet.

The process of adjusting pedals is pretty quick and easy and wouldn’t require tools. The non-slip surface and the adjustable straps on the footrest ensures your shoes don’t slide forward and reverse.

Shipping and assembly

One of the cheapest Concept 2 rowing machine E model retailers is Amazon. They offer fast free shipping along with the best price Concept 2 rowing machine for the E model. The cost of the rowing machine for the E model is slightly above $1150 when buying from Amazon.

As far as the assembly goes, the Concept2 rowers are easy and straight-forward. You will need to install the front and rear legs along with monitor arms, pickup cable, and the PM5 Performance Monitor.

There are 10 screws to tighten so we are sure even if you are not good with tools, you will still be able to assemble the Concept2 rowing machine Model E. The Concept 2 E Model rowing machine manual and assembly tools are also included to help you along the way.

Maintenance and warranty

Concept 2 Model E and D carry out some of the best warranty among the competitors on the market. When buying Concept2 Model E rowing machine, you receive 5-year of frame replace and repair warranty.

And 2-year warranty on all parts excluding the monitor batteries. However, if you neglect or fail to follow the rower maintenance requirement, the warranty may not cover the damage.

You will need to lubricate the chain after every 50 hours of use and keep the monorail clean. You are recommended to clean the seat rollers/monorails on daily bases to reduce wear and friction.

Accessories to consider

  1. Chest strap
    This heart rate monitor used Bluetooth to connect to your PM5 Concept 2 E rowing machine to display HR feedback.
  2. Gloves
    Rowing gloves can absorb the sweat for a tight grip and also prevent blisters during at-home rowing cardio exercise. You can also use them for weightlifting in the gym.
  3. Phone holder
    You are going to need this in order to have your smartphone while Working out on your Erg machine, Concept2 Rowing Machine smartphone holder can fit most iPhone and iPad.
  4. Equipment Mat
    Exercise equipment can scratch your floor. So, to protect your floor and for a smoother exercise, we suggest purchasing the mat.
  5. LiveRowing Connector
    To connect your device to Concept2 rowing machine monitor without using Bluetooth/ANT+, you will need this cable. It works for IOS devices and PM5 monitors.

Concept2 Rowing Machine Model E – Specs:

Nickel Plated chain
2-D Cell Battries
96L x 24W


With no doubt, the Concept2 model E indoor rowing machine is your best choice on the entire market for under $1500. Following the correct technique for rowing machine, you can use the E model for years with having to deal with technicians or broken parts.

This self-powered rower requires very little maintenance and feature sturdy ergonomic design. Concept 2 E model can provide the physical and the physiological benefits of rowing machines for beginners and elite athletes.

It’s designed with an easy accessible 20-inch tall frame to offer rowing machine workout for all users. including those on rehab and recovery.

Featuring commercial frame/parts, generous warranty, 500 pounds max user weight capacity, and 36-inch max inseam, the Concept2 model E can accommodate all your family members.

It’s also compatible with the Sliding Single which makes it perfect for team boat slide workout. Bottom line is that if you know how to use concept 2 rowing machine correctly, it will last generations. The sleek design will match with any living room, hotel or health club’s decoration.

Concept2 brand
9.5Expert Score
Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine

With no doubt, the Concept2 model E indoor rowing machine is your best choice on the entire market for under $1500. Following the correct technique for rowing machine, you can use the E model for years with having to deal with technicians or broken parts.

  • Chest strap connectivity
  • Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity
  • Enclosed chain housing
  • Nickel Plated chain
  • Compatible with many indoor rowing Apps
  • Adjustable air resistance
  • Durable commercial quality frame and parts
  • Comfortable seat and good warranty
  • Ergonomic handlebars and footrests
  • Designed for ease of getting off and on
  • Compatible with phone holder
  • Loud Noise
  • Not the easiest to fold away
  • Screen is not backlit