Reviewing The CityRow Go Max Rowing Machine

The CITYROW GO Max is one of the latest interactive workout machines that I’ve used recently. The machine is the perfect blend of a traditional rowing machine and a Peloton. Where some fitness freaks have found rowing machines to be boring, the CITYROW GO Max has been designed to make indoor rowing more interesting than ever. I can speak from personal experience that this machine is nothing if not interesting!

With this interactive rowing machine, I have enjoyed online sessions along with my own up-to-the-minute performance data during my workout. The machine comes with computer graphics that make this innovative rower both interesting and challenging.

In this review post, I will talk about the technicalities of this machine, but first, let’s focus on the design and the hardware of the CITYROW GO Max machine. This innovative rowing machine has been designed by WaterRower in the USA. I speak from experience when I say that the knowledge and expertise which has gone into creating this machine is evident in its quality.

If, like me, you’re not a DIY-minded person, don’t panic! You will be delighted to hear that the CITYROW arrives completely assembled. With this, you need not give any extra effort to construct the rowing machine of your own and find if there is any screw missing!

The CITYROW GO Max makes use of a water tank to provide you with resistance. You just need to pull on the handle of the machine to spin the paddles. Want to increase resistance with CITYROW? Pull the handle harder or increase the level of water in the tank for greater resistance.

You might have come across different myths surrounding water rowing machines. The most common one is that without regular clearance of water, it might become green in color, which is not strictly true. All I had to do to keep the water clear, just drop a chlorine tablet in the water tank and the water will remain fine for at least 4 months.

While rowing with the CITYROW GO Max, I was delighted to hear a wonderful ‘whoosh’ sound, which is a very impressive feature of this water machine. The sound it makes is quieter than normal air-resistance machines, but a little more turbulent than magnetic rowers. If you’re not comfortable with the sound the machine makes, consider water or magnetic rowing machines over the air rowing machines. However, the sound took me right back to my on-water days and reminded me of being in the boat again.

With this innovative machine, you can row comfortably, especially during longer workout sessions. The CITYROW comes with a comfortable seat that slides easily up and down the rail. The machine also has padded handles that sit pleasantly on your palms. You can even place your feet firmly on its comfortable footrests. I found that even after long sessions, there was little to no discomfort and I could stand up afterwards without the usual aches and pains that come as part and parcel of a lot of rowing machines.

The CITYROW GO Max is a very elegant rowing machine that comes with a sophisticated look. The machine is made of Americal Ash wood and has an aluminum finished body that comes with a black powder coating. Thus, if you are concerned about the environment, the CITYROW makes the perfect rowing machine for you. I found that it really added to the vibe in my living room, where it was situated.

The Software (Workouts)

Cityrow Go Max rowing machine screen

Now that I have reviewed the hardware of the machine in detail, let’s jump into the software part of it. As I mentioned earlier, it is an innovative rowing machine for interactive workouts. The CITYROW GO Max comes with an adjustable 19.5″ color touchscreen. Another feature that makes it eccentric is its sweat-resistant feature. If you’re anything like me, this is of huge importance! If you prefer music for intensive workouts, its two 20-watt speakers will provide you with some truly kickass music.

The CITYROW GO Max allows you to practice a wide range of exercises at home including HIIT, strength, endurance, and so on. You can even practice off-rower exercises like stretches and Yoga with this amazing rowing machine to improve your flexibility. My flexibility is terrible, so this is a feature that I got a load of use out of. The machine also comes with Peloton and thus, allows you to have live trainer-led sessions. So, with this, your trainer can guide you remotely on techniques to lose weight, gain muscles and increase your fitness level to a great extent. With CITYROW, you can even follow and connect with trainers on Twitter and Instagram for better tips and techniques. I am a bit of a social media junkie so this feature came in very useful for me!

The rowing machine comes with in-build software that stores your workout performances so that you can compare, track and improve your workouts over time. Similar to Nike’s running app, it also provides you with badges for your personal achievements. CITYROW comes with a search feature that allows you to find out sessions according to the duration of the sessions and the set of muscles that needs to be trained.

With this innovative rowing machine, you get access to weekly updates on new workouts. This makes a great feature for those who need more variations for further progress!


The CITYROW GO MAX is one of the hi-tech rowing machines of this age. Its features like live instructions, large touchscreen, convenience, performance tracking, and so on make it an interesting and effective indoor workout machine. With it, those boring machines are the things of the past. So, if you are looking for a compelling yet cost-effective indoor rowing machine, go for it!


  • Hi-tech workout software
  • Workout screens
  • Convenient to use
  • Search facility for a variety of workouts
  • High-quality color touchscreen
  • Workout metrics to record your progress
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Easy storage after usage
  • Quality design and finish
  • Water-resistant rower
  • Quality Speakers
  • Live instructions from trainers
  • Access to a wide range of workouts
  • Available pre-assembled


  • Some rowers are comfortable with air and magnetic resistance
  • $29 a month subscription
  • You will need to change water from time to time and keep the tank clean.

Technical specification:

  • Water resistance
  • 375 lbs user weight
  • 83.5″ x 22.5″ x 45″ of dimension
  • 112 lbs weight of the machine
  • 5-years warranty on frame, 3-years on body parts, and 1-year on the tablet.

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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