Battife Water Resistance Rowing Machine Review

Battife Water Rower Overview

Looking to add a home water rowing machine to your personal gym? Things you are probably taking into account when looking at a new water rower are price, performance, technology, and esthetics. Let us introduce you to the Battife water resistance rowing machine, a home water rower that checks off all of those boxes and more! The first thing that will stand out about the Battife home water rower is the way it looks: solid red walnut wood with natural grains makes it look like you are stepping inside a real boat. Not only is it easy on the eyes, but the solid wood frame provides a very impressive maximum suggested user weight of 350 lbs and a height limitation of 6’5”, which puts it up there with the best that the home water rowing industry has to offer. The gentle sloshing of the water inside the tank will remind even the most avid rowers of being on the water and the elegant, charming design matches any and all types of home decor. One thing to note is that the solid wood frame does not fold, so storing the Battife home water rower requires you to find a place where you can stand it up vertically. Luckily, Battife has installed some easy to use transport wheels so if you do have to store the rower, moving it around the house is easily managed for just one person.

Like with most non-foldable home exercise rowing machines, the Battife water rower requires a lot of space to operate. The dimensions of the machine measure out to be 82.7” L x 22.4” W x 20” H, so expect to clear out at least an area of seven feet in order to safely use the Battife rowing machine. For such a sturdy rowing machine you may be surprised to hear that the Battife water rower weighs only 60.8 lbs when the water tank is empty. Since the frame is solid wood and is not fortified with steel or iron, the Battife home water rower is lightweight and easy to move around! Once the tank is filled with water though, users can expect this to add some weight to the machine, so it is always best to empty the tank before moving it. If you are thinking that this sounds like a chore, Battife has cleverly included an electric water pump that allows users to fill and empty the water tank in no time at all!

The water-resistance system in the Battife home water rowing machine is simple yet effective and is very similar to its close cousins the Mr. Rudolf, the Mr. Right, and the Mr. Captain water rowing machine. The strong, corrosion resistance flywheel powers through the water in the tank and provides the user with the sensation and sound of rowing through water on a lake or in the ocean. Battife stresses how quiet the water tank is, which is always a positive for people who live in apartments where sound travels through the walls. One downside that is present in all of these types of water rowers is the lack of a way for users to manually adjust the water resistance levels, meaning the machine will provide as much resistance as the user puts into it. This does put a dent in how challenging the workouts can be and they do lack the variance in workout routines that other indoor rowers may have.

The Battife home water rower comes equipped with a Hi-Performance monitor that is Bluetooth compatible. Now before you get too excited, the Bluetooth connectivity works only to log your workouts in the FitShow app on your smartphone, and isn’t intended to be used for any sort of entertainment or music. The LCD monitor itself is straightforward and easy to read, and provides users with the familiar readouts like stroke, intensity, time, distance, and calories burned. At this price point, you are most likely looking at indoor water rowers that do not have the technology that the high-end connected fitness machines have, so a monitor that is relatively basic should not be a deterrence to choosing a rowing machine.

Assembly is remarkably straightforward and Battife provides instructional videos online, as well as a clear and easy to follow manual. For most people it should only take about 45 minutes to fully build, as most of the work comes in attaching the water tank to the frame. This means that as with most home water rowers, the Battife comes delivered in two separate boxes: one for the frame and one for the tank. As with most indoor water resistance rowers, the maintenance is quite minimal. All you really need to do is keep the machine clean and you can use a water purification tablet or just change the water more regularly with the handy electric pump. You can also keep the Battife home water rower safe with the dust cover that it comes with. This cover keeps off harmful UV rays and even protects the wooden frame from being scratched by pets. As with most of its relatives, Battife does not have its own stand alone site, so once again the best place to purchase the home water rower is on Amazon.

Considering you get all of the above features, it may still shock you that the price tag for the Battife home water rowing machine is only $688.00 USD. Compared to other brands which can cost as much as several thousand dollars, the Battife home water rower provides you with everything you need for a great home workout, with an incredibly positive review history on Amazon from satisfied customers. Ordering the Battife home water rower from Amazon is super easy and shipping will always depend on where you live, and how fast Amazon usually delivers to your area. The one downside? Battife’s warranty is very limited and only covers the home rowing machine for one year.

Battife Water Resistance Rowing Machine Pros

  • Incredible price point for a high quality rowing machine
  • Bluetooth connectivity with smartphone integration
  • Solid wood frame is beautiful and sturdy
  • Large, comfortable seat for intense workouts
  • An electric water pump is included
  • Lightweight frame makes it easy to move, especially with the transport wheels
  • High user weight and height capacities
  • Simple assembly
  • Fast shipping from Amazon
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Vertical storage makes it easier to own in smaller living spaces

Battife Water Resistance Rowing Machine Cons

  • No way for users to manually adjust the water resistance
  • Frame is not foldable
  • Hi-Performance LCD Monitor is minimal
  • Battife does not have a website for customer support
  • Minimal warranty on the indoor rowing machine
  • Very little variation in workouts

The Final Verdict

Are you not sold yet? The elegant and beautiful red walnut wood frame is as light as it is strong, and provides users with an authentic boat-rowing experience. The water-resistance system is dynamic and silent, and the high-quality parts like the ergonomically designed seat provides you with a workout that burns a ton of calories and is easy on your joints. The LCD monitor is basic, but it does include Bluetooth connectivity that you can sync with smartphone apps like FitShow to track your workout progress. But perhaps the most attractive part about the Battife indoor water rower is the entry-level price. Sure, you could pay thousands of dollars for a home rowing machine that comes with a huge screen, but chances are you will also be paying hundreds of dollars extra per year on fitness subscriptions on top of that. With the Battife home water rower, you get the performance and quality of a premium rowing machine, all for a bargain bin price!

Sayed Hamed Hosseiny
Sayed Hamed Hosseiny

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