Aviron Rowing Machine Review | Is it Worth it?

  • Aviron Rowing Machine Review and Comparison with similar rowers that we tried in the last couple of years.

Rowing machines and fitness equipment in general have come a long way, haven’t they? It seems like just a few years ago all rowing machines were the same: black steel frames with the same feel and rowing mechanics. But over the past couple of years the fitness equipment industry has grown exponentially right before our eyes. Rowing machine brands like Hydrow, WaterRower, and Echelon have seamlessly integrated technology into our daily workouts.

Enter Aviron, a company that is determined to create the perfect workout equipment for the working man and woman. Do you only have a few minutes each day to enjoy some exercise? The Aviron Rower focuses on HIIT exercises to get the most out of your small window of freedom. I’ve been reviewing rowing machines for several years now and have tried dozens of different brands and models. Here are my thoughts on what makes Aviron rowing machine stand out from the competition!

Aviron Rower Comparison

Aviron rowing machine review
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Aviron is a nice rower but not my first choice because it’s too expensive compared to RW900 and Echelon. That said, I like the programs that come with the machine.
Folding frame, light weight, combination of air and magnetic resistance to additional intensity.
Louder than Hydrow, and really expensive.
Not Foldable
Hydrow Rower Review
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Hydrow is a good option if you don’t mind the extra weight and the bulkiness. Also, there is no built-in programs so you would need to subscribe to enjoy the screen.
Extremely quiet magnetic resistance, the most durable option of all here three rowing machines in this comparison.
Heavy weight rower and not foldable.
good value
NordicTrack RW900 Rower Review
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There are 50 pre-programs and has everything the Aviron has, so I would say, it’s a better rower. Plus, you don’t necessarily need an iFit subscription to use the monitor.
Folding frame, light weight, combination of air and magnetic resistance plus the most affordable among the three here.
Louder than Hydrow and quality is not great.
good value
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Compared to Aviron, Echelon is a better option, I think. It has resistance controls on the grips and it is around $1000 less expensive than Aviron rower. So, yes, a good alternative.
Folding frame, light weight, combination of air-magnetic resistance, controls on the handlebars and affordable price.
Louder than Hydrow and not as durable.

Aviron Rowing Experience

The most important part of a rowing machine is how it feels when you are actually rowing! Aviron provides a smooth feel when you row and the seamless dual resistance system provides 16 levels of both magnetic and air resistance. I am usually a little weary of air resistance rowers, but the turbine for the Aviron was surprisingly quiet, and wasn’t at all disruptive.

The seat was comfortable, which is important for a good rowing experience. Now, it wasn’t the most comfortable I have been on a high end rowing machine, but I didn’t have much fatigue or soreness in my glutes during an intense workout. The frame was stable, which is always important, as the steel and aluminum body didn’t show any instability during workouts.

One of the best parts about the Aviron experience in my mind was that the resistance reached over 100 lbs. This means that you can also use the rowing handles to do other workouts like bicep curls and tricep extensions. It truly is a total body workout! The frame is also sturdy enough to be a bench for doing other exercises like dips and lunges as well. Aviron wasn’t kidding around when it said it would provide users with a total workout in a small amount of time!

Aviron Rower Dimensions

As with most rowing machines, the Aviron will take up some significant real estate in your home. The exact measurements are 97” L x 21” W x 43” H. This means that when the Aviron rowing machine is in use, you’ll need at least eight feet of space. Luckily, Aviron has also included a foldable frame which allows you to store the Aviron rowing machine away if you need that space back. The folded dimensions of the Aviron rower are 54” L x 21” W x 62” H.

The weight of the machine is only 97 lbs, which is surprisingly light compared to other machines. In terms of the capacity of the machine, it can hold up to a maximum weight capacity of 397 lbs and a suggested maximum user height of 6’7”. Compared to the rowing machine market, these are quite high, which means that the Aviron rowing machine is great for users of all shapes and sizes.

Aviron Technology

Here is where Aviron really shines! Its technology package is unique in my opinion and does an excellent job of keeping users engaged in the workout. Using the Aviron’s 22” Full HD touch screen monitor, users can engage in a variety of different games and programs. Here are the different options users have with the Aviron rowing machine:

Virtual Rowing

Row through some of the world’s most exotic destinations right on the Aviron monitor. The beautiful HD monitor provides a crystal clear video of rowing through some of the world’s most famous oceans, lakes, and rivers.

Aviron Gaming

As a lifelong gamer I was thrilled that Aviron was including some rowing-related games for users to play. You can blast the zombies, outrun wolves, or engage in a variety of different arcade games.

Pros vs Joes

You can compete against other Aviron users or even professional athletes and Olympians to really hone your rowing skills!

Coached Programs

You can engage in beginner to expert programs with Aviron trainer Austin Hendrickson, who takes you through rowing, strength training, and other fitness exercises.

Power Play

Combining the power of Aviron gaming with the community of Aviron users. You can compete against your friends or play alongside them as you earn points along the way.

Aviron Price

On the Aviron website, the rowing machine starts at a price of $2,199. The company offers free shipping for its rowers and will cover all the taxes as well. Aviron also offers financing through Affirm, which means the payments can be broken down on a monthly basis. Aviron provides a 30-day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the rower, as well as a 2-year warranty on the craftsmanship and a ten-year warranty on the frame. Remember, if you want to take part in Aviron’s vast interactive ecosystem, you’ll also need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $29 per month.

Aviron Rowing Machine Features

Aviron Rowing Machine Dimensions97” L x 21” W x 43” H
Aviron Rowing Machine Folded Dimensions54” L x 21” W x 62” H
Aviron Rowing Machine Weight97 lbs
Aviron Rowing Machine Maximum User Weight Capacity397 lbs
Aviron Rowing Machine Maximum User Height Capacity6’7”
Resistance TypeAir and Magnetic
Resistance Levels16 levels resistance
Weight of ResistanceUp to 100 lbs
Aviron Rowing Machine Price$2,199
Aviron Rowing Machine ShippingFree, taxes paid by Aviron
Aviron Rowing Machine Subscription Fee$29 per month
Aviron Rowing Machine Warranty2-years for parts, 10-years for frame
9Expert Score
Aviron Rowing Machine

Like I said, the Aviron rowing machine stands out from its competition. Not only does it offer a full suite of technology options that are nearly unparalleled on any other rower, but it also provides a smooth and stable workout as well. The Aviron rowing machine is a high quality rower with technology that can keep you occupied and motivated to work out. If you are looking for a high-end connected rowing machine, then I highly suggest the Aviron Rowing Machine as a premium model that fits all of your fitness needs. That said, our editor might have a different opinion on that. So, I suggest you scroll up and check out his comparison chat.

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