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Finding the best rowing machine is time-consuming and a difficult decision to make because there are tons of options. Therefore, we decided to make it easy for our readers and broke them down the list to the top 20. So, if you have been looking for the best rowing machines for home use, you landed in the right place. It took us weeks of thorough research on the market to pick and review these top rowers for you. To help you easily navigate through our ultimate guide to the best rowing machine, we have created a table of the content below.

Built to simulate the action of water boat rowing, the rowing machines also known as indoor rowers and ergometers were originally made in the 19th century. Today rowing machines are used by most professional athletes and can be found in health clubs, military bases, hotels, rehabilitation centers, and homes.

This popular exercise equipment can improve your fitness level and cardio health along with helping you to build lean sexy muscles. Having your own rower in the comfort of your home comes with other advantages too. The best rowing machine for home gym will help you save on subscription and provide workout when you can’t manage to go to the gym. Your rower will always be there ready to give you a top-notch cardiovascular workout and help you burn the excess fat around your belly.

Knowing these advantages, you might make the decision to finally buy the best rowing machine. And that’s when it might get a bit difficult and also time-consuming. Because there are so many choices and not all of them are high-quality, durable and solid rowers. Which is why we decided to review and choose the top rowing machines for 2018. Our picks include budget rowers for beginners, affordable rowers for intermediate users and high-end rowing machines for elite rowers. By the end of this rowing machine buying guide, we hope you are able to find the answer to “what is the best rowing machine for home use”.

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BEMH's Top 5 Rowing Machine Picks!

1. Concept2 Model E Air Indoor Rowing Machine

Concept 2 Model E Rowing Machine

Available in two colors, the Concept2 Model E is one of the best rowing machines under $2000 and in our rower buying guide. This indoor rower is capable of providing rowing exercise several hours a day for all fitness levels. So, you don’t need to worry about maintenance if someone else also wants to do a rowing workout. Being the best indoor home rowing machine and constructed by professionals, this rowing machine has an ergonomic design and solid commercial quality construction.

Concept2 Model E indoor rowing machine features adjustable air resistance that allows you to easily change the feel of your strokes. The 10 Levels of resistance available on model E rower can make the workout pretty challenging for anyone. The flywheel on E rower is designed to minimize noise and maximize the smooth feel of your rowing. The nickel plated chain on the Concept 2 model E rower is smooth and requires very little maintenance/oiling.

This Concept2 E rower comes with the backlit PM5 monitor which has wireless connection capability. It can connect to your phone/tablet through Bluetooth and ANT+. The PM5 LCD connectivity allows you to wear a chest strap and receive the feedback of your heart rate on your phone or the rower’s computer. But that’s not all! You can also connect the Concept rower to fitness apps to save your workout and compare every month. Another unique feature of the Concept 2 E rower computer is the internal memory and USB connection port which makes it easy to store your workout.

You can track a wide range of data such as pace, watts, stroke rate, calories, and HR. Model E has transport wheels and a quick-release frame-lock system so you can divide the rower into two pieces for easy storage. Other features include adjustable footrests, ergonomic handle, stable and solid frame, easy assembly (tools included), and 20″ seat height. Featuring extra smooth and near to silent operation, the concept rowing machines are the best rowers on the market. While they are a bit more expensive compared to some other rowers, they will provide your years of the maintenance-free comfortable cardio workout.

2. WaterRower City Go Max Rowing Machine

Cityrow Go Max rowing machine screen

One of the best rowing machines to buy is this handcrafted U.S. made water rowing machine by WaterRower. Featuring water flywheel with two paddles in an enclosed tank of water, the City Go Max Rowing Machine can replicate the smooth real rowing feel. Placed on the top water rowing machine reviews across the web, the WaterRower City Go Max also has a self-regulated resistance.

That means the rower’s mechanism is very simple and it has very few moving parts it requires less maintenance. Resistance gets intense and challenging when you row faster and gets easier when you start rowing slow (similar to concept rowers). So, unlike some rowing machines that have limited resistance levels, the WaterRower provides unlimited resistance force. The operation is quiet, fluid and very smooth compared to cheap rowers on the market. This semi-commercial-quality rowing machine features a recoil belt system combined with durable pulleys which are quieter and requires less maintenance compared to the chain.

The Cit Go Max is constructed with solid black walnut that can absorb vibration and sound better than many other materials. The hand-finished Danish oil used on the frame gives a really nice natural look to this rowing machine and makes it easy to match with your home/gym decoration. Featuring a user-friendly 19.5″ HD performance monitor, you can track your workout intensity, stroke rate, heart rate, duration, distance, and calories. The monitor includes Bluetooth, wifi, and app connectivity. Being one of the best water rowing machines, the monitor is compatible with a wireless heart rate chest strap too.

While considered one of the best rowing machines for home, it lacks in internal memory, but has Bluetooth, and USB connectivity. So, you can save your daily progress for comparison. Unlike the WaterRower Natural model, the WaterRower City Go Max is made with commercial quality. Therefore, it can offer years of headache-free indoor rowing workout for studios, rehabilitation clinics, health clubs and a generation of workout for home gyms. Our other high-quality features of the WaterRower City Max rowing machine include a sturdy frame with 1000 pound weight capacity, comfortable seat and four corner wheels on the rails that increase seat stability. Another reason it’s one of the best rowing machines for the price is the five years on frame, and three years on components warranty.

3. First Degree Fitness Newport AR Water Rower

First-Degree-Fitness-Newport-AR-Rower-Water-Rower-Exercise Machine

Half price of WaterRower machines, yet offering solid exercise, the AR pushed itself to our top indoor rowing machine review. Featuring a solid polycarbonate shell tank with triple-blades stainless steel paddle, the First Degree Fitness AR rowing machine can provide the rowing workout for all fitness levels. The water bases system help to provide a smooth and consistent level of unlimited resistance.

While there is an option for you to manually adjust the resistance, the rower itself can also adjust and control for you. Based on the intensity of your exercise the tension can change from “Feather Light to “Olympic sprint” load levels. The features of this affordable rowing machine don’t end here. Buying the AR top home rowing machine, you get commercial grade frame quality that can take up to 300 pounds of user weight. The ergonomic padded seat with aluminum rails and standard slide-rail inseam make rowing very smooth comfortable for different height users.

First Degree Water Rower AR also has the non-slip sweat resistance handlebar that makes the long duration performance workout easier. The power coated high-quality steel frame with the standard base size keeps the rower steady during an intense workout. This best-rated rowing machine for home use is not foldable but you can store it standing which takes very little floor space. To move the rower from one corner to another, it’s pretty easy due to the integrated transport wheels.

AR First Degree Rower has a non-backlit LCD but the feedback is displayed clearly and big so you shouldn’t have any problem following your progress. On the monitor, you can track the time, distance, split time, strokes, calories, watts, and heart rate. It also has the USB port so you can save your daily cardiovascular workout. With adjustable foot pedals and adjustable velcro straps, all feet sizes fit and stay firm in place during the rowing workout. Featuring FDF’s patented twin tank with variable fluid resistance technology we highly recommend this best value rowing machine for home use. Click here to read the full review

4. Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rower

Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor SF-RW5515 Review

If you want to find out which is one of the best rowing machines under $300, here is your answer. The SF-RW5515 by Sunny Health & Fitness is one of the best budget magnetic rowing machines that can provide a very quiet workout compared to air and water resistance rowers. This consistent resistance system through each stroke provides the smoothest feel that can hardly be found on any budget rowing ergometer.

SF-RW5515 foldable rowing machine has pivoting adjustable footplates to accommodate all members of your family with different feet sizes. The pivoting system follows the nature of your movement and reduces the pressure on your ankles. The adjustable velcro straps are also wide and keep the feet in place while you are burning calories during a high-intensity workout. Design and foldability of the SF-RW5515 make it the best compact rowing machine in its price range.

The cushioned seat allows you to get your heart rate up comfortably so you probably wouldn’t even need to buy seat cover. Sunny SF-RW5515 has double coated frame with built-in foot levelers and transport wheels. It won’t rock even if your floor is not perfectly leveled because you can adjust the base. The foam grip handlebars are non-slip which offer a good deal of comfort while enduring long rides. As far as the rower machine computer goes, the SF-RW5515 has a very basic monitor that provides you with time, count, and calories. The LCD is not comparable with a Concept rowing machine or other high-end rowers.

And if LCD is an important factor, you might have to extend your budget and choose another one from our rowing machine reviews. Bottom line is that Sunny Health and Fitness SF-RW5515, which is the best rowing machine to buy if you are on a budget is one of our favorites. While many believe it’s the best rowing machine for beginners only, hundreds of buyers’ reviews on Amazon prove otherwise. Maintenance schedule with the directions is also included with the SF-RW5515 Sunny rowing machine.

5. Stamina ATS Air Resistance Rowing Machine


Looking up to see what type of rowing machine is best for under $500? One of your best choices is the Stamina ATS Air Rower. It may not be the best rowing machine for Crossfit but for sure the Stamina air rower offers the physical and physiological benefits of rowing. Providing low impact aerobic and cardiovascular exercise, ATS air rower has dynamic-wind resistance. It’s the same resistance type used on Concept2 rowers and can provide pretty smooth rowing strokes.

The resistance follows your lead and amps up the level based on the intensity of your workout. The faster you row, the harder it gets and vice versa. The fan also helps to keep you cool and fresh during the workout. Stamina ATS air rowing machine has non-slip pivoting footplates and wide adjustable velcro straps. They can fit all user size feet and keep them tight in place throughout the workout, not to mention the pivoting system eliminates the stress on your ankle remarkably.

Another great feature is the foldable frame that makes storage simple and convenient for apartment use. With a comfortable padded sliding seat, you will not feel sore after long rowing routines without the need for seat cushion either. But what really makes the Stamina rowing machine unique is the angled seat rails that can really help to build your lower body muscles. This declined frame design also helps to add more resistance so the workout gets more intense and challenging.

Stamina 1403 Air can support up 250-pound while rower weighs only 45-lb and has transport wheels which make it very easy to move the machine from one place to another in the house for storage. The multi-function monitor doesn’t have wireless connectivity for chest strap but allows you to track your speed, distance, time and calories burned. Bottom line is that using 80% of body skeleton muscles leaving no impact on your body it would make an excellent affordable cardio machine for home exercise.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Rowing Machine

Types Of Resistance

While the majority of best home rowing machines have a similar design, they might come with different features and it’s easily noticeable if you compare rowing machines. One of these features is the resistance which comes in at least 5 types.

Magnetic resistance rowers The quietest but has a limited resistance which doesn’t adjust to your stroke rate. Professional indoor rowers find it boring compared to air or water rowing machines. They are not dynamically adjustable (don’t change resistance based on how hard or slow you row). There is a certain number of resistance that you choose to exercise with. Note: Magnetic resistance are divided in two parts; “manually adjustable” and “electronically adjustable”. Manually adjustable magnetic rowers have a knob somewhere on the frame while electronically adjustable rowers have buttons on the screen or even on the handle. The best of the two is the “electronically adjustable magnetic resistance” because this is the one that comes with preset programs and blue-backlit LCD. 

Water resistance rowing machines Water rowers offer a real-life rowing experience, as they emulate actual rowing. They provide unlimited adjustable resistance system that responds to each row. But they are the second loudest after air-rowers. They also require changing water and extra cleaning/maintenance). The resistance on water rowers adjust dynamically but also depends on how much water you add to the tank. They usually have a minimum of 10 litters and maximum of 20 litters. Note: Often the best water rowers have a knob on top of the tank to allow manual resistance adjustment to give the user additional control over the feel of the exercise.

Air resistance rowers the Unlimited adjustable resistance that helps create a dynamic response with each row. Meaning the resistance automatically adjusts to your stroke rate, just like water rowers. They also have less moving parts and low maintenance. But they are the loudest among all indoor rowing machines. There are two types of air rowers; dynamically adjustable or dynamically + manually adjustable (similar to Concept 2 rowers). Obviously, the best of the two is the one that give you more control (dynamic + manually adjustable).

Hydraulic resistance rowers (Hydraulic resistance is the second quietest after magnetic and they are the cheapest type of indoor rowers. But they often develop an annoying squeak and the resistance level doesn’t automatically change base on your stroke rate)

Air-Magnetic resistance rowers Combines the advantages of both resistance types. Meaning the fan provides the air resistance and helps create a dynamic response with each row while the magnetic tension allows for manual adjustment and for a quieter, smoother operation during workout. In this case, most of the times you have two resistance systems; dynamic air and adjustable magnetic.

The quietest rowing machines feature magnetic resistance while many other cardio rowing machines come with non-magnetic tension. None of the resistance types mentioned above are as quiet as magnetic. So, when choosing the best home rowing machine, we suggest you look for magnetic rowers if you don’t like the extra sound.

However, if you don’t mind a bit of noise, we suggest you look for water rowers or air rower as they offer both the physical and physiological benefits of rowing. Unlike magnetic, they offer unlimited resistance so any fitness levels can get a challenging rowing workout. Note that the amount of resistance is the factor that dictates whether you can do strength and cardio workout on the same rower or not.

While some rowing machines are designed only cardio workout with less resistance, the best rowing machines provide sufficient resistance for both, the strength and cardio workouts. Note! If you find discount rowing machines that have water resistance, make sure it allows you to change resistance at the turn of a dial. Because some rowing machine requires you to manually add water to change resistance and it’s not really convenient during exercise.

Frame Materials

There are four major types of materials used for indoor rowing machines’ frames. The most durable and lightweight is the aluminium. The second from the top is the real natural wood which is rare to find these days. The third type is the compressed wood (95% of the water rowers are made of compressed wood) and last but not least is the steel frames which is what you find on most home rowing machines.

Slide rail materials and length

Best rowing machine for home usually has an aluminum beam which is lightweight and more durable. The best rowing machine also has longer rails that accommodate tall, average and short users while some cheap rowing machines don’t allow taller users to extend fully for a proper rowing workout.

Reach and Foldability

How far forward you can go is an important factor. Some rowing machine rails don’t allow you to go all the way forward while the best at home rowing machine allows you to properly bend your kneel when sliding forward. Also known as collapsible rowing machine and easy storage rowing machine, they are the best type of rowing machine for home use if you don’t have too much space and need to store the machine after each use. These compact rowing machines are also good for office use. We included some of the best folding rowing machines in this rower buying guide.

Drive mechanism

Unlike indoor cycles, featuring a chain or belt is not a huge factor in rowing machines as long as it’s durable. As a matter of fact, the best rowing machine in this review feature chain-drive while some have a belt/strap. Note that if you buy a cheap rowing machine with chain drive from non-reputable brands, it’s possible that the chain links freeze and break often. Not to mention the tension system that retracts the handle might also keep loosening.

Foot plates

When buying rowing exercise machine one fo the feature to pay attention to is the foot holder. The best indoor rowing machine should include a large foot plate and adjustable straps. Some of them also have pivoting plates to reduce the pressure on your ankle.

Chest strap connectivity

To be able to measure your heart rate and to make sure you stay within a particular heart rate range, wireless heart rate connection capability is important. Majority or rowers don’t have pulse sensors, unlike elliptical machines and other cardio fitness equipment that have pulse sensors on the handle. So, if you want to see the feedback of your heart rate because your doctor advised you to exercise within a heart rate limit, look for the best-rated rowing machine with HR strap connection. In this review of rowing machines, some rowers have this feature included.

Rowing machine computer

Best rowing machine for the money usually includes an easy to read backlit LCD computer to allow you to see your workout progress. There at least three types of rowing displays/LCDs; Multicolor Backlit LCD: Rowers with this type of computer allow you to easily track your rowing workout in low-light condition. Black and White LCD: Rowing machines with this type of computer don’t let you see your rowing exercise stats in low-light condition. In general workout, feedback is not as easy to read. Some of the best budget rowing machine equipment feature non-backlit/black&white display. Programmable LCD: Looking for the best rowing machine reviews, perhaps you have seen some top rowers feature backlit LCD with wireless connection capabilities. These computers have preset programs to help you achieve your fitness goals easier. Top rowing machines featuring programmable computer allow you to also create your own programs and save them on the rower.

Transport wheels and floor protector

Best portable rowing machine comes with durable transport wheels for easy transportation inside the house and non-skid floor protectors. These rowing machine features are usually available on all rowers but still worth making sure they are included.

Rower price and quality

Like most pieces of exercise equipment, rowing machine prices vary from $100 to $3000. The same goes for quality, depending on how much you are willing to spend the materials used on the parts vary widely. Best value rowing machine would cost anywhere from $800 and up while cheaper rowing machines cost much less. Some third-party retailers might sell rowers expensive while Amazon rowing machines usually retail for the best price on the market.


When you are looking for the best rowing machines for home, one of the most important factors is the noise. Because you don’t want to bother your partner or neighbors in the morning or evening during your indoor rowing exercise. Too much noise would bother you as well because you wouldn’t be able to watch a movie or listen to music. So, look for the best-rated home rowing machine that has a quiet glide system, durable pollies with smooth and quiet magnetic resistance. Our rowing machine buying guide includes quiet rowing machines for home use.

Rowing machine handle

Top rated rowing machines feature good quality hand grips to prevent ruining your hands. So, your hands can get the best out of the workout as well. But that’s not all, some of the best rowing machines to buy also have wireless resistance adjustment control on the grips. They allow you to change the resistance without stopping your rowing exercise. It’s something to consider when looking for the best buy rowing machine.

Comfortable rower seat

Rowing machine seat featuring soft cushion and non-slip surface provides comfort for your bottom. So, you can do extended rowing rides without the need for a seat cover.

User weight capacity

When you are looking for the best exercise rowing machine, make sure the max user weight can accommodate you and other people who might use the machine. The best rowing machine for home should support at least 250 pounds of user weight.

App connection capability

Wireless Bluetooth connection capability has become a very important aspect of indoor exercise equipment. This feature allows you to share your progress with your friends on social media, save your daily workout on the fitness apps, compete with other rowers online, and take rowing classes in real time. Best rowing machine for home use includes wireless connection capability.


Decent warranty indicates how much the company trusts the quality of its products. This important factor also gives you peace of mind when you are spending hundreds of Dollars. Top cardio rowing machine carries at least 2 years on parts and 5 years on frame warranty.


Free and fast shipping can help you save money when buying the best rowing machines in the US or anywhere else. Rowers reviewed in out rowing machine buying guide include free and safe shipping provided by Amazon.

Storage and Floor-space

You want to make sure you have enough floor space for your new fat-burning best friend. So, do check your available floor and compare it with the dimensions of your best choice rowing machine. Don’t worry if you need to store the rower after each use because the best compact rowing machines feature a folding frame. They are the top rowing machines for an apartment that can take as little as 2 square feet of your room when not in use.


Rowing machine assembly is pretty easy compared to other indoor cardio machines. The tools for assembly of the rowing machine is also usually included with the purchase. However, we recommend you to keep your tools handy as well. We don’t recommend you to buy a rowing machine assembly unless you are not good with tools.

Indoor Rowing Exercise Benefits

On multiple occasions, we came across exercisers wanting to know what is the rowing machine good for and what do rowing machines do. Here you will find the answers to these questions along with detailed benefits of the indoor rowing machine.

Calories burned on the rowing machine

One of the main benefits of rowing machine is the number of calories you can burn with it. Rowing machine weight loss workout allows you to strengthen your cardiovascular health and burn up to 1200 calories per hour depending on your fitness level. This is considerably more than what you can burn on an upright or recumbent bike. Rowing is also a great form of cardio workout which means it helps to lose weight and get lean muscles.

Total body workout

1000+ calories burnt on rowing machine is possible because it’s similar to outdoor rowing workout and engages all the muscles during the workout. Some of the muscles worked on rowing machine are core, quads, hamstrings, glutes, back, arms, shoulders, and heart. And if you are wondering would rowing machine work abs, the answer is yes. Rowing machine exercises engage abs constantly, more than indoor cycles, ellipticals, and treadmill workout.

High-intensity workout

Best rowing machines allow you to perform high-intensity interval workout also known as spring interval training in a short time. Therefore, you can burn more fat, improve heart condition, and increase your metabolism.

Low-impact exercise

One of the advantages of rowing machine compared to some other cardio fitness equipment is the low-impact workout. It’s easy on your joints if used with best rowing techniques. Therefore, senior members of your family can also benefit the rowing machine muscle workout. And to buy a rowing machine is a good alternative to running for many users.

Rowing Machine is easy to use

Regardless of the type and cost of a rowing machine, they are all easy to use for men and women. Having an adjustable resistance makes it suitable for beginner and intermediate users. You don’t need an instructor to teach you how to use a rowing machine effectively which is why it’s an excellent piece of equipment for home workout.

Rowing Clothing and Accessories

Rowing Exercise Shoes

One of the factors to maintain a correct rowing machine form is to have a pair of fit shoes for rowing, preferably breathable. While there are specific boat rowing shoes, for indoor rowing exercise there aren’t any specific shoes. The best shoes for a rowing machine can be running and regular gym shoes.

Rowing Exercise Gloves

Indoor rowing workout can cause painful blisters. Anti-slip and durable silicon, material rowing gloves can prevent you from losing your grip when rowing on your concept 2 rowing machine. Along for indoor rowing, you can also use them for CrossFit, gym training, weightlifting, kayaking, etc. If you already have cuts and blisters, we suggest you get the home rowing tape. It heals your cuts and protects blisters.

Rowing handle cover

An accessory to consider for rowing machine for best cardio is a set of handle covers. These grips are placed over the top of your rower’s handle providing a shock absorbing cushion. The best commercial rowing machine equipment usually comes with a well-design soft cushion handle so you don’t need this but the cheap rowing machines might need a soft cover.

Indoor rowing apps

If you buy a home rowing machine that features App connectivity, you may want to join the following rowing exercise apps to get online classes, compete, and track your workout. The ErgStick/Float, Concept 2 Venue Race Application, and LiveRowing Apss are free to download and use with your home rowing machine.

Rowing machine seat cushion

To comfortably do rowing machine exercise at home is important and the factor to maximum comfort is the seat of the rower. While our rowing machine reviews include some top-of-the-line rowers with comfortable seats, there are some budget rowers that require an addition rowing seat cushion. The Cover for rowing machine will not cost you much but will provide you a great deal of comfort.

Rower Machine Mat

We suggest you consider buying a rowing machine equipment mat. Because even the best rowing machine can scratch your floor and also because the mat provides a smooth base for your rower so it doesn’t wobble. The mat can prolongs the life of your equipment by preventing floor and carpet dust from entering belts and mechanical parts.

Rowing machine workout

When your Amazon rowing machine arrives, you are going to need some rowing machine tips and workouts that would teach you the best way to use the rowing machine. And most users wouldn’t need an instructor or specific class to learn this. Because there are many videos on Youtube that teach you the best technique for a rowing machine. You may look up the following terms for the best result on Google: “Best rowing workout” “How to properly use a rowing machine” “Correct form for rowing machine” and “Row indoor”. You can also purchase DVDs of the best rowing machine workout for weight loss on Amazon for as little as $10.

Rowing machine upkeep

After enjoying a cardio exercise and gaining the benefits of rowing machine workout, you will need to wipe off the sweat and also lubricate the machine. Not only the excessive sweat can ruin the color and appearance of your home rowing machines, but it can also cause damage to the gliding system of your rower. Therefore, after buying the best rowing machine for weight loss, we advise you to buy a towel, disinfectant spray, and a lubricant bottle.

Best Rowing Machine Brands

In this part of the best rowing machine reviews, we will help you find out what is the best rowing machine brands. So, if you have been wondering which rowing machine is best, this part should help you. Note that we already added the 10 best rowing machines for home use and this part is aiming to help you discover more about these fitness equipment brands before buying rowing machines.

Concept2 Rowing Machines

concept2 model e review

Started in 1976 with composite racing oars and in 1981 creating the Concept2 indoor rower, this brand is probably the most popular and has the best selling rowing machines worldwide. Currently, Concept 2 is manufacturing oars, indoor rowers, SkiErg and BikeErgs. What sets concept 2 rowing machines apart are the wireless connection monitors, silent operation, sturdy frame, and parts.

Concept rowing machines include 6 models, the A, B, C, D, E, and Dynamic. While the Concept 2 model A, B and C productions have ended, the Concept 2 Model D, E and Dynamic are being manufactured to this day. Among the current 3 Concept2 rowing machines, the E is the most expensive and advanced model. It has hundreds of highly rated consumer reviews that prove it’s worth it the price tag it comes with.

This cardio fitness equipment best are available on many third-party retailers but the best price concept 2 rowing machine we have found is what Amazon offers. You can find the Concept 2 model D rowing machine best price on Amazon which is less than $1000 and the Concept 2 model E rowing machine best price is below $1200.

Water Rower Rowing Machines

waterrower club with s4 monitor seat

For nearly 30 years this U.S. based fitness equipment company has been creating innovative water-resistance rowing machines. Made completely inside the U.S. the WaterRower is the brand who makes the best rowing machine with water resistant feature.

Their workout equipment is known among fitness enthusiasts all around the world due to their high-quality, unmatched feel, and beautiful designs.

Currently, WaterRower is manufacturing 10 different rowing machines for clubs and homes and our favorite is the M1 HiRise rowing machine. While they are expensive, these rowing machines are all high-quality and can make a perfect CrossFit rowing machine.

NordicTrack Rowing Machine

Nordictrack ellipticals

Founded in 1975, Nordictrack rowing machines are some of our favorite on the market. While they are a bit pricey, they feature high-quality components and frame.

This leading fitness industry brand manufactures a few models of each exercise machine with high standards. There are three models of Nordictrack magnetic-resistance rowers designed for commercial and home use.

The RW500 rower retails for less than $900 while the RW900 rowing machine retails for $1500 and boast tens of top rowing machine consumer reviews. Buying rowing machine from Nordictrack you also receive lifetime frame warranty and 3 years on the part warranty.

Sunny Rowing Machine

sunny health and fitness rowing machines for home

Perhaps the most affordable ergonomic rowing machines are by Sunny Health and Fitness. Sunny has been providing good quality fitness equipment in an unbeatable price range for years.

In addition to spin bikes, recumbents, and ellipticals, Sunny has 23 different models of rowing machines. They include magnetic and water rowing machines under $500 and all the way to $1500. The most popular Sunny Health and Fitness rowing machine is the SF-RW5515 magnetic rowing machine.

It boasts nearly 1000 buyers’ reviews and has been chosen for Amazon’s Choice Category. It’s one of the cheapest rowing machines under $200 but if you can’t afford it, look for SF-RW1205. It’s a fold up rowing machine that retails for less than $90.

Stamina Rowing Machines

stamina rowing machines reviews

Found in 1987, Stamina has the best rowing machines for home for individuals who can’t afford a Concept2. This fitness equipment manufacturer has been mentioned pretty much in every rowing machine review for years and they make some of the best air rowers under $500.

Along with 25 different models of the commercial rowing machine and home gym rowing machine, Stamina makes many other top-rated exercise machines.

Some of the very popular Stamina products are the Aero-pilates, steppers, striders, exercise bikes, and rowing machines. The Glider 1060 is their cheapest rowing machine while the DT Pro rower is their most expensive products. They also manufacture two in one recumbent bike and rower machines.

First Degree Rowers

First Degree rowers review

For the last 20 years, First Degree Fitness has been innovating high-end water resistance top-rated rowing machines. First Degree Fitness rowers use the variable fluid resistance technology that delivers fitness simulations that are aligned with real-life passions. FDR has been featured on countless rowing machine reviews due to their high-quality rowing machines.

Today, First Degree’s club and home rowing machines go beyond the basic and regular rowers. They have at least 4 lines of top home water rowing machines under $1000 and $2000. Each line/series include multiple cutting-edge rowing machines for home and gyms.

Their rower machines include the Evolution rowers for seniors, Azul rowers for recreational rowing enthusiasts, Horizontal rowers for home gyms, and Vortex rowers with smart technology. When choosing a rowing machine from First Degree rowers, you get free shipping and an easy to follow Brochure.

Tunturi Rowing Machines

tunturi rowing machine

Since 1969 Tunturi has been one of the leading cardio exercise equipment brands that offer innovative exercise machines. The company is popular for the cycles in Scandinavia and in the last few years made a reputation for itself in the U.S. for strength and cardio workout machines.

They manufacture cardio machines such as recumbent bikes, sprinter bikes, treadmills, cross trainers, and some of the best home rowing machines for affordable prices.

But that’s not all, in addition to Tunturi rowing machines, this brand offers good quality home gyms, smith machines, power towers, weight bench, flat benches, core trainers and pulley stations. There are currently 7 Tunturi rowers and most of them feature magnetic resistance which makes them silent and good for home use.

Kettler Rowing Machines

kettler home exercise rowing machine

With over 60 years of experience manufacturing fitness equipment, the Kettler is a leading brand in the outdoor and indoor exercise machines.

Featuring German engineering, Kettler rowing machines are some of the sturdiest on the market. Currently, they have 7 rowers, the high-end Coach S, Coach M, Stocker Rower, Kadett, Axos, Favorit, and Coach E.

Their rowing machine prices vary from $400 to $1500. And any of them would make a good rowing machine at home. However, if you are going to spend $1000+, we would recommend rowing machines exercise by Concept2. Kettler is well-known for ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength training machines, and spin bikes.

LifeSpan Rowing Machines

lifespan folding rower

Introduced in 2001, Life-Span has made a good reputation for its treadmill desks and bike desks in addition to it’s RW100 indoor rower.

The folding rowing machine by LifeSpan fitness equipment brand has received loads of good feedback from many indoor rowers.

It’s one of Amazon’s rowing machines that has been a best seller for a long time. The LifeSpan rower RW1000 has also occupied a place in many best rowing machine reviews.

Marcy Rowing Machines


Perfect for aerobic and anaerobic exercise, Marcy rowing machines are very much affordable. While the company has many cardio exercise bike, strength, and home gyms, they only have two rowers under $1000.

The air resistance NA-6050RE and the magnetic rower NS-4050. There are also few other top-rated brands that build magnetic rowing machines with large LCD display. They include Cybex, Bowflex, Avita, Body fit, and GoPlus rowing machines.

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Best Rowing Machine Reviews and Comparisons

In my 20 years of experience with indoor rowing machines, I've come across some exceptional options worth highlighting in these best rowing machine reviews. One standout is the CityRow Go Max, my personal favorite water rowing machine. It delivers an immersive experience with its natural water sound, simulating the sensation of rowing on water. The added bonus of a 19.5 HD screen enhances the overall workout experience, providing engaging visuals to keep you motivated and entertained. Another remarkable choice is the Concept 2 Model E, which stands out as my preferred air rowing machine. Its Bluetooth-enabled screen allows for seamless connectivity, enabling you to track your progress and access training programs easily. Unbeatable quality sets the Concept 2 Model E apart, ensuring durability and longevity for years of reliable use. When it comes to magnetic rowing machines, the Echelon model has truly impressed me. With state-of-the-art technology and 22" HD touchscreen, it offers near-silent operation, allowing for distraction-free workouts. The Echelon magnetic rowing machine combines comfort and quietness, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable rowing experience. What sets these indoor rowing machines apart is their exceptional comfort and sturdy construction. They have been designed with user comfort in mind, providing ergonomically designed seats, handlebars, and footrests to support proper form and reduce strain on the body. The sturdy build of these rowing machines ensures stability, allowing for intense workouts without compromising safety. Overall the CityRow Go Max, Concept 2 Model E, and Echelon rowing machine represent the epitome of excellence in indoor rowing. From the natural vooshing sound and impressive screen of the CityRow Go Max to the Bluetooth connectivity and unbeatable quality of the Concept 2 Model E, and the near-silent operation of the Echelon magnetic rowing machine, each of these options provides a unique and satisfying rowing experience. With their focus on comfort, sturdiness, and performance, these rowing machines will undoubtedly enhance your indoor rowing workouts for years to come.

  • Different resistance to choose from
  • Affordable prices
  • Full body workout
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Take up to 7 feet floor space
  • Not easily foldable
  • Not good for bad knees
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