ProForm Pro Elliptical Machines Comparison

Proform, a subsidiary of Icon Health and Fitness, has been manufacturing top-notch elliptical machines for a long time. If elliptical variety had a name, it would be Proform. The new-age fitness company has a vast range of ellipticals topping the market, all of which are categorized into series. They have the Carbon, Pro, Hybrid, and HIIT trainer series. For the sake of this article, we will be taking a comprehensive look at the Pro series, a distinguished line of Proform ellipticals with plenty to offer.

The Proform Pro series has a cache of three brilliant elliptical machines: the base Pro 9.9, the mid-tier SMART Pro 12.9, and the top-tier SMART Pro 16.9 elliptical models. These ellipticals were recently remodeled and polished for added usability and practicality—the Pro series sport front-drive engineering with impressive heavy-duty steel construction that promises decent longevity. Constructed for home use, they offer sufficient goal-reaching features for the average home exerciser. Heavy flywheels, iFit connectivity, multi-incline and resistance levels, adjustable strides and incline, and several comfort amenities are some of the gains that succeed their purchase.

However, these Pro ellipticals are not exactly alike. Just like they have several features in common, they also have their dissimilarities. With so many similar and not-so-similar features to choose from, shoppers may find it challenging to make the best Proform Pro choice of elliptical. Well, this minor “selection” challenge is about to become a thing of the past ─ we’ve compiled and written a detailed Proform Pro elliptical comparisons and review article to help you make the best fitting choice. So if you are considering or haven’t considered buying a Proform Pro elliptical, our comparison article will guide you all the way!



ProForm Pro Ellipticals Specs Comparison
ProForm Pro 16.9ProForm-Pro-16.9-Elliptical-Review289-Lb72.25” H x 25.75” W x 79.75 ” L375 Lbs32 Lbs26-Level
ProForm Pro 12.9ProForm-Pro-12.9-Elliptica-Review289-Lb72.25” H x 25.75” W x 79.75 ” L350 Lbs32 Lbs24-Level
ProForm Pro 9.9ProForm-Pro-9.9-Elliptical-Review289-Lb72.25” H x 25.75” W x 79.75 ” L350 Lbs28 Lbs24-Level

When it comes to buying home elliptical machines, space is a primary concern! Just so you know, the Proform Pro elliptical series are front-drive elliptical machines, which means they are not so kind to space. Plus, they are not equipped with space-saving mechanics such as foldable frames and the like. As such, you need a considerable floor area to house their moderate-sized footprints. The Pro 12.9 has the (slightly) smallest footprint of the trio at 25.7” W × 79.75” D × 66.25” H. The 16.9 and 9.9 models have identical footprint dimensions of 25.75″ W × 79.75″ D × 72.25″ H. From the dimensions provided, it is evident that all three ellipticals possess the same width and length measurements. So technically, there is zero to no difference between the sizes of the Pro Elliptical trainers.

The Proform Pro elliptical trainers, as aforementioned, are built with high-quality, industrial-grade steel frames. This allows them to accommodate user weights that are on the heavy part of the spectrum. The 9.9 and 12.9 ellipticals can support a 350Ibs maximum weight capacity without a hitch, while the advanced 16.9 elliptical trainer supports 25 pounds more of this limit; it has a 375 pounds maximum weight capacity. The pro trainers are quite heavy too, but they all integrate front-mounted transport wheels, which make their weight more bearable and ease their mobility. They all weigh 289Ibs (Product box inclusive).

The weight of an elliptical flywheel tells on its feel and momentum. In this regard, we are pleased to see substantial, inertia-enhanced, weighted flywheels on the Proform Pro elliptical trainers. The Pro 9.9 has a 28Ibs flywheel, which surpasses the 20Ibs industry benchmark for elliptical flywheels. Considering that it is a budget elliptical trainer, we’d say that Proform outdid itself here. Expectedly, the 12.9 and 16.9 models exceed this range by a wide margin. They both feature an impressive 32Ibs flywheel. The Pro ellipticals give users complete control over workout intensity by offering varied resistance levels. The 16.9 has the highest resistance settings at 26 levels, while the 12.9 and 9.9 models offer 24 resistance levels. It is also worth mentioning that they all use Silent Magnetic Resistance (SMR), which reduces noise output to the barest minimum and makes them fit for residential use.


ProForm Pro Ellipticals Monitors Comparison
ProForm Pro 16.9ProForm-Pro-16.9-Elliptical-Review10-inchesTouchScreenBluetooth35iFit, one year included
ProForm Pro 12.9ProForm-Pro-12.9-Elliptica-Review7-inchesTouchScreenBluetooth35iFit, one year included
ProForm Pro 9.9ProForm-Pro-9.9-Elliptical-Review6-inchesLCDBluetooth32iFit, one year included

There is literally nothing to dislike about the Proform Pro ellipticals Monitor. They are beautifully and practically designed to help users make the most out of their workouts. However, there is some variation here; While the 12.9 and 16.9 ellipticals are furnished with Smart High-definition Touchscreen displays (both in different sizes), the 9.9 is fitted with a standard 6” backlit display monitor. The 9.9’s monitor, despite being “average” has a dual-color display with high readability.

The 16.9 has the biggest console size at 10-inches while the 12.9’s monitor measures 7-inches. They both integrate quick-select buttons for incline and resistance. This is as far as the differences go, as they have nearly-identical console programming. The three Pro ellipticals are iFit enabled with a free one-year membership included. iFit is a beehive of personalized workout programs, virtual running with Google Maps and Street View, and online workout coaching with elite trainers from across the globe.

You don’t need to purchase or download iFit separately as it is already programmed into the machines. You only need wireless or internet connectivity to activate your subscription. Outside iFit, the machines also have onboard workout programs. The 9.9 has about 32 programs, while the 12.9 and 16.9 ellipticals offer about 35 pre-set workout programs. These programs are classified into goal, performance, intensity, and manual. Resistance and incline settings automatically change with each program, but the cadence only responds to your pedal speed. Typically, the ellipticals also include workout performance monitoring metrics such as calories, time, distance, speed, etc.


ProForm Pro Ellipticals Incline and Stride Comparison
ProForm Pro 16.9ProForm-Pro-16.9-Elliptical-Review20" Adjusts w/ Ramp 20° Power AdjustableWith USB charging portYes
ProForm Pro 12.9ProForm-Pro-12.9-Elliptica-Review20" Adjusts w/ Ramp 20° Power AdjustableWith USB charging portYes
ProForm Pro 9.9ProForm-Pro-9.9-Elliptical-Review20" Adjusts w/ Ramp 10° Power AdjustableWith USB charging portYes

The Proform Pro ellipticals come with an adjustable elliptical path. This means you can change the stride length at will to complement the height of the user. Adjustability allows for a custom fit, ensuring that multiple individuals can use the elliptical without any hassle. Given that not all ellipticals have this “adjustability” feature, the Pro ellipticals stand out.

The stride length on each elliptical adjusts up to 20-inches, while the minimum length is about 18 inches. Taller users can extend their foot length to around 20-inches, while shorter users can reduce the length to around the 18-inches perimeter for a more comfortable fit. Because the stride length is this long and adjustable, most users can comfortably use the Pro ellipticals without inconvenience.

The incline range on the Pro ellipticals is, in one word ─ Terrific!! You can go all the way to a 20-degree incline. What more, you can adjust the incline with a push of a button. The extensive range combined with the power-adjustability feature enhances targeted muscle toning and conditioning. You can change the incline settings to focus on different muscle groups and simulate challenging uphill motions. Maximum incline settings target the hamstrings and glutes, while the lower conundrum focuses on the quads and calves.


ProForm Pro Ellipticals Pedals and Handlebars Comparison
ProForm Pro 16.9ProForm-Pro-16.9-Elliptical-ReviewNo controls on the handlebarsMulti-gripMoving and stationaryAdjustableYes
ProForm Pro 12.9ProForm-Pro-12.9-Elliptica-ReviewNo controls on the handlebarsMulti-gripMoving and stationaryAdjustableYes
ProForm Pro 9.9ProForm-Pro-9.9-Elliptical-ReviewNo controls on the handlebarsMulti-gripMoving and stationaryAdjustableYes

The Proform Pro ellipticals are outfitted with upper body grips and adjustable pedals to reinforce upper and lower body training. The grips consist of a set of moving and static handlebars. The moving arms permit various grip positions and are soft to the touch.

The static handlebars, like most, have pulse grip sensors that track your heart rate. Maintaining a firm grip on the handles will have your pulse data on display. By alternating between the static and moving arms, you can target various muscle groups in your shoulders, biceps, chest, and core. Suffice it to say that the Pro ellipticals support total body training.

Low-impact and joint-friendly exercises are made possible by the oversized, cushioned, and adjustable pedals on each Pro elliptical. You can set the pedals to about three positions per your foot fit, comfort, and natural gait.


ProForm Pro Ellipticals Assembly and Accessories Comparison
ProForm Pro 16.9ProForm-Pro-16.9-Elliptical-ReviewTablet holderBottle holderIncludedYesHeart rate strap included
ProForm Pro 12.9ProForm-Pro-12.9-Elliptica-ReviewTablet holderBottle holderIncludedYesHeart rate strap included
ProForm Pro 9.9ProForm-Pro-9.9-Elliptical-ReviewTablet holderBottle holderIncludedYesNot included

Comfort and convenience accessories are a big part of the Proform Pro ellipticals. All three ellipticals have a built-in sound system with two Intermix Acoustics speakers compatible with iPod and most MP3 devices. So if you need some inspirational music to spice up your workout, connect your device to the sound system and plug in your headphones. If movies and shows are more your things, the integrated tablet shelf with device grip design will happily serve your leisure pleasure. The holder is fixed to the topmost part of the console, and it is compatible with the majority of available tablets.

And that isn’t all; there is a CoolAire workout fan to keep you cool and refreshed from workout to workout. The fan has two-speed settings, so you can easily regulate the amount of airflow it emits. It is a given that workout hydration is an essential component of productive exercise. Hence, the water bottle holder on the Pro ellipticals is a thoughtful and workout-conscious addition. Aside from the Pro 9.9 elliptical, they also include a chest strap, which is key to the monitors’ telemetric function.

The Pro ellipticals have what Proform calls “Out-of-The-Box” assembly. This denotes a type of assembly where the console uprights fold atop the front-drive system and the base frame, which means the machine(s) are delivered with most of the parts pre-assembled. In other words, the assembly is super easy and time-convenient. You only need to fix the console upright, handles, foot pedals, and the base frame. Also, the steps to be followed are clearly detailed in the included instruction manual. It is also recommended to engage the help of another person to assist with heavy lifting. Although most of the required tools are provided, you will also need a Phillips screwdriver and an adjustable wrench. While the Pro assembly is as easy as pie, Proform also provides an assembly service if you don’t have the time or the effort to spare.


ProForm Pro Ellipticals Prices and Warranties Comparison
ProForm Pro 16.9ProForm-Pro-16.9-Elliptical-Review$1,799 or $100/month10-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year laborL x W x H 77 x 33 x 18 inches295 lbsNo
ProForm Pro 12.9ProForm-Pro-12.9-Elliptica-Review$1,499 or $84/month10-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year laborL x W x H 77 x 33 x 18 inches295 lbsNo
ProForm Pro 9.9ProForm-Pro-9.9-Elliptical-Review$1,299 or $73/month10-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year laborL x W x H 77 x 33 x 18 inches295 lbsNo

The Pro ellipticals are backed by a standard warranty as follows; 10 years for the machine(s) frame, 2 years for the parts, and a year for labor. Overall, the warranty is relatively fair, but the coverage for labor and year could do with some improvement. Warranty extensions may also apply, provided you register the product within 28 days of purchase.

That said, you can register the product online at or fill the warranty registration card included in the product box and send it with your receipt to the address provided on the back cover of the warranty booklet. If you have any questions, doubts, concerns, or inquiries, consult the company’s customer support service by visiting this web address The company also provides a sales number (1-888-742-0128) to field all sales inquiries.

One of the many things we love about the Pro ellipticals is their flexible pricing system; Proform lets users pay in monthly installments. This reduces the financial burden and allows for shopping inclusivity (even shoppers on a budget can buy this machine if they pay in installments). That said, the Pro 9.9 sells for $1,299 with a monthly payment option of $73/ month. The Pro 12.9 is sold for $1,499 with a monthly payment of $84/month. The Pro 16.9 elliptical is valued at a total of $1,799, but you can pay $100/ month. What more, the installment payments are interest-free if completed within 18 months. Proform ships and delivers the Pro ellipticals to customers’ curbsides for free. Given the weight of the machines, it’d be best to enlist some help to dislodge and transport your elliptical to its assigned room.


It is all about the quality and the value they provide! Any fitness expert can vouch for Proform’s products’ quality, and the Pro ellipticals are no different. These ellipticals combine the best features and specifications at a mid-range price, which is rare to find these days. Even the series entry-level model (the 9.9) boasts an impressive 20-degree power incline, an adjustable 20-inch stride length, and a heavy 28-pound flywheel. You can barely find these features on most budget ellipticals.

The Pro-ellipticals are thoughtfully and industrially designed to accommodate the fitness needs of the exerciser who wants to work out from their home. The monitors provide adequate fitness information along with numerous entertainment options. You also get access to Icon’s iFit app, which is synonymous with a luxury fitness aid. Best of all, this app comes free for a year. The ultra-quiet SMR engineering of the machine (s) drive system is also a plus and a bonafide reason to choose the Pro ellipticals for home use.

While the machines may be a tad pricey for budget-conscious individuals, the manufacturing company was considerate enough to let customers pay for the machines in monthly installments. Thus, even if your wallet is tight, you can save up and pay for the Pro elliptical of your choice within a specified time frame. These and more are the reasons why the Proform Pro ellipticals are worth choosing!

9.5Expert Score
Proform Pro Ellipticals, Great Value!

The Proform Pro series of ellipticals are an excellent pick for the home-oriented fitness individual. They have sufficient incline and resistance range to serve amateur and professional users. They also feature a commercial-grade construction that supports substantial maximum user weights. All three ellipticals in the series are very much alike, albeit with few differences. The significant dissimilarities lie between the 9.9 model and the 12.9 /16.9 models. Otherwise, the 12.9 and the 16.9 ellipticals are cut from the same cloth (or is it mechanical parts) with minute differences in their console size and dimensions. An excellent value for money is also guaranteed. We hope you find this guide helpful in choosing the Pro elliptical that complements your needs and goals.

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