ProForm HIIT Machines Comparisons

Have you ever heard of HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training? It is a new type of workout that is gaining popularity in the fitness world and usually, you need to attend a HIIT class or go to a gym to experience it. Well, not anymore! ProForm introduces another line of highly-rated home fitness equipment with its Carbon HIIT line of home elliptical machines.

The ProForm Carbon HIIT fitness machines provide users with a total HIIT experience without ever leaving their homes. Sometimes a stationary bike or a normal elliptical machine just won’t cut it, and for those of us who enjoy a high-intensity workout regimen, the Carbon HIIT machines are the perfect piece of equipment to start our home gym with.

In this article, we will compare the two models that ProForm has on the market: the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 and the ProForm Pro HIIT H14. This comparison will help you formulate an idea of which ProForm HIIT machine is right for you as we compare the technical specifications, the monitors, the stride and incline, the handlebars and pedals, the accessories and assembly of the machine, and of course, the warranty, price, and shipping. Read on now to learn about ProForm’s home HIIT fitness machines!

ProForm High-Intensity Interval Trainers Compared

ProForm HIIT Machines Comparison
ProForm HIIT 14ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro-reviewWith built-in controls on the handlebars14” Smart HD Touchscreen26 Resistance Levels with Silent Magnetic Resistance3430 Lbs
ProForm HIIT 7ProForm-Carbon-HIIT-H7-ReviewWithout built-in controls on the handlebars7” Smart HD Touchscreen24 Resistance Levels with Silent Magnetic Resistance3230 Lbs

ProForm HIIT Technical Specifications:

Right off the bat, one of the best features of the ProForm Carbon and Pro HIIT machines is that they have a very small and compact footprint. With a unique and innovative space-saving design, the ProForm Carbon and ProForm Pro HIIT machines are ideal for apartments or when extra space is an issue. The dimensions of the two models are nearly identical at roughly 29″ W x 52″ L x 66″ H, so the ProForm HIIT machines take up nearly half the space of a standard elliptical.

The actual weight of the ProForm HIIT machines are higher at 225 lbs, due mostly in part to the 30 lb inertia-enhanced flywheel that comes standard on each model. With the sturdy base and well-constructed solid steel frame, the manufacturer’s suggested maximum weight capacity is an impressive 325 lbs for each model. The impressive 30-lb flywheel is nearly double the size of ProForm’s standard home elliptical machines, and allows for 24 and 26 levels of Silent Magnetic Resistance respectively.

The increased levels of resistance only help to amplify the intensity of the ProForm HIIT workouts, and are perfect for users who love to challenge themselves. Toggle through the levels of resistance with ease with ProForm’s simple to use fast gear ratio technology. Fans of HIIT workout types will instantly realize just how intense the ProForm HIIT workouts can get!

ProForm HIIT Machines Specs Comparison
ProForm HIIT 14ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro-review325 lbs225 lbs29.25" W x 52" L x 66.7" H24 Resistance Levels with Silent Magnetic Resistance
ProForm HIIT 7ProForm-Carbon-HIIT-H7-Review325 lbs225 lbs29.25" W x 52" L x 66.7" H24 Resistance Levels with Silent Magnetic Resistance

ProForm HIIT Machines Monitors:

The monitor is where the ProForm HIIT trainers really set themselves apart, especially when used in conjunction with the iFit virtual workout app. The ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 comes equipped with a 7” Smart HD Touchscreen monitor and the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 boasts a 14” Smart HD Touchscreen monitor, making these two of ProForm’s most technologically advanced machines.

Both models come with full Bluetooth connectivity, meaning you can sync and integrate your smartphone or tablet directly into your workout. This is ideal for being entertained as you workout, following along with the iFit virtual classes, and keeping track of your workouts with any number of integrated fitness apps. The consoles also come with 2” Bluetooth speakers that you can play your music out of, or if you so wish, you can plug your headphones into the auxiliary port.

We mentioned the iFit subscription workout app that you can use with the ProForm HIIT fitness trainers. For the Carbon HIIT H7, ProForm has included a 3-year iFit family membership at no cost, and a 1-year iFit family membership with the Pro HIIT H14. These are an incredible value when included with the machine, and can truly elevate your HIIT workout experience!

ProForm HIIT Machines Monitors Comparison
ProForm HIIT 14ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro-review14” Smart HD TouchscreenYesAudio Auxiliary Port with Dual 2” Bluetooth Speakers3-year family iFit membership
ProForm HIIT 7ProForm-Carbon-HIIT-H7-Review7” Smart HD TouchscreenYesAudio Auxiliary Port with Dual 2” Bluetooth Speakers1-year family iFit membership

ProForm HIIT Stride and Incline:

This is where the ProForm HIIT trainers stand out from the industry standard home elliptical machines as they do not have your typical stride or incline path. Instead of the classic elliptical motion, the ProForm HIIT trainers actually act more like stair stepping machines that give you a more focussed and higher intensity experience.

The ProForm HIIT trainers come equipped with two shorter stride paths: a 10” vertical stride and a 5” horizontal stride. These concentrated stride paths provide users with a short burst motion that is indicative of a HIIT training method, and works to burn more calories and build strength in a shorter time interval.

So since there are no vertical handlebars like on typical elliptical trainers, what do the ProForm HIIT trainers provide? Users can combine their vertical stride path with powerful, upper-body punching motions which gives you a full body workout that is dynamic all in a single movement. After a few sets of these, you will quickly see it puts the intensity in HIIT.

ProForm HIIT Machines Incline Comparison
ProForm HIIT 14ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro-review5” Horizontal10” Vertical HeightFixed stride and InclineWith cooling fan
ProForm HIIT 7ProForm-Carbon-HIIT-H7-Review5” Horizontal10” Vertical HeightFixed stride and InclineWith cooling fan

ProForm HIIT Handlebars and Pedals:

The handlebars on the ProForm HIIT trainers are completely different from what you would find on a typical elliptical machine. Because of the unique motions that come with a HIIT workout, the vertical handlebars have been replaced with short handles with which you can create the quick, boxing punches, rather than the long full motion swings. These high intensity movements are what set the HIIT style of working out apart from the regular constant stepping motion of a normal elliptical.

The second set of handlebars are the same set that come equipped with every ProForm elliptical machine, and are located directly beneath the monitor. Here, you will find ProForm’s patented EKG Pulse Grip Heart Rate Sensors where users can track their pulse and heart rate in real-time as they exercise.

The ProForm HIIT Carbon and Pro trainers come with oversized and cushioned pedals that provide stability and comfort for users. Considering how intense some of the HIIT workouts can get, the pedals provide ample support for users to ensure their safety and protection. The pedals move smoothly in a stepping motion and users can enjoy the low-impact workout experience that ProForm ellipticals are known to have, reducing the stress on your joints and back.

ProForm HIIT Machines Pedals Comparison
ProForm HIIT 14ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro-reviewVolume and Resistance controls on the handlebarsMoving and StationaryMulti-gripOversized and CushionedFixed pedals and handlebars
ProForm HIIT 7ProForm-Carbon-HIIT-H7-ReviewNo controls on the handlebarsMoving and StationaryMulti-gripOversized and CushionedFixed pedals and handlebars

ProForm HIIT Accessories and Assembly:

The ProForm HIIT trainers are premium machines so you know ProForm has included all of the bells and whistles with these models. Both the Carbon HIIT H7 and the Pro HIIT H14 come fully loaded with a CoolAire workout fan that comes in handy during these intense HIIT workouts. ProForm has also included a nice water bottle holder, as well as some very convenient front-mounted transport wheels that come in handy when trying to move the hefty machines around your house.

When it comes to assembling the ProForm HIIT trainers, it is a similar experience to most home fitness machines. With a standard toolbox and clear instruction guide, it becomes a fairly straightforward job for one person, but is much easier with two. Judging from standard reviews on websites such as Amazon, assembly should take between one and two hours, which is typical for home fitness machines and ellipticals.

ProForm HIIT Price, Warranty, and Shipping

This is where some casual users may shy away from the ProForm HIIT trainers as they do come with a higher price tag than ProForm’s other elliptical machines. The Carbon HIIT H7 will run you just over $1,400 and the Pro HIIT H14 will cost you $1,699. Since both models do come with a subscription to iFit, it does cut down on some of the recurring monthly costs, but the price range may still be too high for some people. ProForm does offer the same financing plan that it does for its other home fitness machines, so people who cannot afford the cost up front, can spread the cost over multiple months.

The warranty that ProForm provides for the Carbon HIIT H7 and the Pro HIIT H14 are some of the best it offers, and is identical for both models. ProForm gives a 10-year warranty on the frame, a 2-year warranty on the parts, and a 1-year warranty on the labor. This aligns with the other premium fitness machines that ProForm has in its product line, and gives users plenty of peace of mind in the quality of their ProForm HIIT Trainers.

As well, ProForm offers its standard free shipping for the Carbon HIIT H7 and the Pro HIIT H14, if you are within the continental United States. For other regions, users will need to check the shipping details for their specific country as ProForm also has websites for Canada, the United Kingdom, France, and Australia. As always, you can also purchase the ProForm HIIT trainers from other fitness websites like Amazon, and their own shipping costs and times would apply.

ProForm HIIT Machines Prices and Warranties Comparison
ProForm HIIT 14ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro-review$1,69910-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year LaborTablet holder includedBox weight 230 lbsL x W x H 50 x 33 x 19 inches
ProForm HIIT 7ProForm-Carbon-HIIT-H7-Review$1,40010-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, & 1-Year LaborTablet holder includedBox weight 230 lbsL x W x H 50 x 33 x 19 inches

Why Are ProForm HIIT Trainers Are Right For You?

Are you in search of a workout that has a higher intensity so that you can add muscle and burn calories faster than a traditional elliptical? You need to check out the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 and ProForm PRO HIIT H14 today, because these two machines have forever changed the way we think about working out from home.

Designed with space-saving and explosive workouts in mind, the ProForm HIIT trainers can fit easily into any room in your house, and provide you with a HIIT experience that rivals being in a live class at your gym. Connect it to the iFit fitness app, which each machine comes with a subscription to included in the price, and truly elevate your workout experience to the next level by joining in virtual classes with users all over the world.

There really isn’t another line of home fitness machines that can match the intensity and calorie burning abilities of the ProForm HIIT trainers. So if you are seeking out a true HIIT experience from the comfort of your own home, look no further than the top of the line ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 and ProForm Pro HIIT H14 for all of your HIIT fitness needs.

Final Verdict on the ProForm HIIT Trainers:

There are only two models to choose from, but both ProForm HIIT trainers come fully equipped to change the way you workout from home. While the ProForm Pro HIIT H14 comes with an incredible 14” Smart HD Touchscreen that can seem like you have your own television built into the machine, the value of the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 simply cannot be matched. Not only does it come with a 3-year family iFit membership included in the price, but it matches the Pro HIIT H14 in performance and functionality. The only real difference is the size of the screen, but for nearly $300 cheaper and a longer iFit subscription included, the ProForm Carbon HIIT H7 is a high-end machine with a ton of value as well.

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