ProForm Endurance Ellipticals Comparison

When it comes to quality fitness and gym-related products and equipment, the Proform brand needs no introduction. The company has built a stellar reputation from producing upstanding elliptical machines and other fitness paraphernalia with reasonable price tags. Proform has series of elliptical machines in their assemblage, including the Endurance Ellipticals ─ which is the focal point of attraction in this article.

The Proform 520 E, Proform 720 E, and Proform 920 E make up the Proform Endurance elliptical series. Constructed with their pulley systems in front of the machine, they naturally consume less space than rear-drive elliptical machines. They are also decently priced with options for low, medium, and high budgets. The spec-sheet and performance ability of the Endurance ellipticals is also noteworthy ─ All basic user-expectations and more are met.

Typical of modern elliptical machines, the Endurance collection serves a fantastic array of features, including performance tracking consoles, multiple resistance and incline levels, heart rate monitors, extensive elliptical strides, robust weight capacities, standard warranty, and several comforts and convenience features. But of course, the three endurance ellipticals are alike yet dissimilar. While they belong to the same brand and collection, they meet different user needs and expectations. So if you’d like to weigh your options before clicking the order button, you should read our Proform Endurance Elliptical comparison and review article.



ProForm Endurance Ellipticals Specs Comparison
ProForm Endurance 920 EProForm-Endurance-920-E-Elliptical-Review190-Lbs71” H x 37” x W
68” x L
ProForm Endurance 720 EProForm-Endurance-720-E-Elliptical-Review228-Lbs70” H x 26” x W
68” x L
ProForm Endurance 520 EProForm-Endurance-520-E-Elliptical-Review200-Lbs69” H x 34” x W
68” x L

Nobody wants to buy a flimsy elliptical machine that gives way under their weight; thus; thus, the Proform Endurance ellipticals rank favorably in this regard. From their commercial-quality construction, it is evident that the company committed a ton of thoughts and resources to their making. The base model, Proform 520 E, weighs about 200Ibs and supports a maximum weight capacity of 300Ibs which is quite impressive. The Proform 720 E weighs 228Ibs and can accommodate users that weigh up to 325Ibs. And the top-of-the-line Proform 920 E weighs 190Ibs and also supports a maximum weight capacity of 325Ibs.

The weight of the Endurance ellipticals while on the heavy side adds to the machines’ stability. Moreover, each elliptical is furnished with porting wheels for easy relocation. In terms of size, they are nearly identical with dimensions as follows; the Proform 520 E measures 68.25” in length, 34.4″ in width, and 69.3″ in height. The Proform 720 E elliptical is also 68.25” long but 26” wide and 70.7” high. The Proform 920 E trainer, on the other hand, is 68″ long, 37 inches wide, and 71 inches high. The Proform Endurance ellipticals are not compact machines. You should also note that they are not foldable, so tucking them away for storage is out of the question.

A look at their front-drive system reveals different inertia-enhanced flywheel weights and the same silent magnetic resistance (SMR) system. As we move along the series, the flywheel weight increases; a 15Ibs flywheel places the 520 E elliptical at the bottom of the ladder, the 720 E upgrades to a 20Ibs flywheel, while the 920 E elliptical has the heaviest flywheel of 25Ibs.

Needless to say, the Proform 520 E’s flywheel weight is less than standard. All the same, the flywheel coupled with the SMR delivers smooth strides and resistance alternations. And talking of resistance, the Proform endurance ellipticals also follow the same ascending pattern; the 520 E, as usual, offers the lowest resistance levels (18), the 720 E takes second place with 20 resistance levels, while the Proform 920 E elliptical sits at the top of the hierarchy with 24 resistance levels.


ProForm Endurance Ellipticals Monitors Comparison
ProForm Endurance 920 EProForm-Endurance-920-E-Elliptical-Review7-incheYesYes32iFit
ProForm Endurance 720 EProForm-Endurance-720-E-Elliptical-Review5-incheNoYes24iFit
ProForm Endurance 520 EProForm-Endurance-520-E-Elliptical-Review5-incheNoYes18iFit

Now, this is the feature that truly distinguishes the elite Proform 920E ellipticals from its companions! While the 520 E and 720 E ellipticals sport classic, backlit, 5-inch, LED monitors, the 920 E elliptical integrates a 7-inch full-color, Touchscreen monitor with control buttons. And don’t be discouraged by the older model’s simplistic console design; they do a pretty decent job. For instance, you can adjust the screens’ brightness and contrast to improve readability. You can also change the metric measurement from Kilometers to miles if the latter does not work for you. The buttons are also well-laid and easy to navigate.

Regardless of monitor configurations, all three ellipticals showcase relevant performance metrics, including speed, time, distance, calories, and so on. The superior models also offer wireless telemetry. As you’d expect, there is a ton of workout options to choose from. Again, the number of workout programs increases with the next model in the Endurance series. The Proform 920 E elliptical offers 32 workout programs, the Proform 720 E elliptical provides 24 pre-set workout programs, and the Proform 520 E has 18 workout programs to offer. To augment these workout options is the company’s iFit coach app. Yes, the Proform Endurance ellipticals are iFit and Bluetooth compatible.

You can derive unlimited fitness benefits from iFit, including the option to customize your workout routine, tour the most beautiful places in the world with Google Maps, and train with seasoned fitness instructors from all over the world. You also get bespoke nutrition and lifestyle advice that helps you live a healthy life along with exercise. However, a periodic subscription is needed to unlock the app. If you have the cash to spare, you should consider subscribing, as the app is highly valuable. And even if you don’t obtain an iFit membership, the onboard workout programs are equally up to the task.


ProForm Endurance Ellipticals Stride and Incline Comparison
ProForm Endurance 920 EProForm-Endurance-920-E-Elliptical-Review19-22" Powered0-20 degrees poweredYesWith USB Charging portYes
ProForm Endurance 720 EProForm-Endurance-720-E-Elliptical-Review19" Fixed0-20 degrees poweredYesWith USB Charging portYes
ProForm Endurance 520 EProForm-Endurance-520-E-Elliptical-Review19" Fixed0-20 degrees poweredYesWith USB Charging portNo

It is easy to ignore an elliptical’s stride length when making a purchase, but when you get home and find that it is an inch shorter/longer than your stride, you’d be far from happy. This is why it is important to factor in stride length when buying an elliptical machine. Fortunately, the Proform Endurance ellipticals have extensive stride lengths that are only an inch shy of the average elliptical stride length. The Proform 520 E and 720 E ellipticals have a fixed 19-inch stride length, while the Proform 920 E elliptical has an adjustable 19-22 inches stride length that simultaneously adjusts with the incline ramp.

It was such a surprise to see an incline ramp on the Proform 520 E elliptical! ─ There aren’t that many budget elliptical machine with an incline. The superior ellipticals, expectedly, also have an incline ramp. However, only the 920 E elliptical has a power-adjustable incline, which works collaboratively with the stride. So sorry to burst your bubble, but with the other two ellipticals, you have to get off the machine and manually adjust incline settings.

Making manual incline adjustments isn’t tedious, but what may be tasking is adding iFit workouts to the mix. If you are considering using iFit with the older models, incline adjustment might be a chore. Despite this inconvenience, the incline ramp’s presence is a guarantee for optimum muscle toning and conditioning. The incline allows you to target specific muscle groups that are often overlooked with regular workouts. That said, the Proform Endurance ellipticals allow users to select between 0-20 degrees incline range.


ProForm Endurance Ellipticals Handlebars Comparison
ProForm Endurance 920 EProForm-Endurance-920-E-Elliptical-ReviewWithout controls on the handlebarsMulti-grip handlebarsAdjustableStationary and Moving
ProForm Endurance 720 EProForm-Endurance-720-E-Elliptical-ReviewWithout controls on the handlebarsSingle-grip handlebarsAdjustableStationary and Moving
ProForm Endurance 520 EProForm-Endurance-520-E-Elliptical-ReviewWithout controls on the handlebarsSingle-grip handlebarsNot AdjustableStationary and Moving

It is no surprise that the Proform Endurance ellipticals feature the usual stationary and mobile handlebars. The stationary handlebars house pulse grip sensors that aid and support the 920 E’s and 720 E’S monitor’s telemetric function. This is also the primary mode of tracking for the Proform 520 E elliptical as it lacks wireless heart rate monitoring. Users can place their arms on the static handlebars if they are tired and don’t want to engage them.

The moving handlebars, on the other hand, make for effective upper body engagement. Although they lack adjustability settings, the handles are curved and well-padded for a firm and comfortable grip. They do not have built-in controls for quick incline and resistance adjustments, which would have been a nice touch.

The Proform Endurance Ellipticals also have nice pedals that are made with long-lasting, heavy-duty ABS material. They are also well-cushioned and oversized for improved foot adherence and comfortable fit. Except for the 520 E elliptical, they are adjustable and offer different toe to heel positions for added comfort and custom fit.


ProForm Endurance Ellipticals Accessories and Assembly Comparison
ProForm Endurance 920 EProForm-Endurance-920-E-Elliptical-ReviewTablet holderYesIncludedModerateChest strap includedWith audio port
ProForm Endurance 720 EProForm-Endurance-720-E-Elliptical-ReviewTablet holderYesIncludedModerateChest strap not includedWith audio port
ProForm Endurance 520 EProForm-Endurance-520-E-Elliptical-ReviewTablet holderYesIncludedModerateChest strap not includedWith audio port

We all love elliptical machines that come packed with convenience accessories, and the Proform Endurance ellipticals do not disappoint. For starters, they each have adjustable tablet holders that serve as a home for your device and an entertainment aid. With your device conveniently strapped to the holder, you can connect with the online world or binge-watch series and movies while you exercise. Your tablet also provides easy connectivity to iFit workouts (if subscribed).

The Endurance ellipticals also feature a built-in sound system comprising an audio port that pairs seamlessly with iPod and several MP3 players. So if your workout is getting boring and you need some “vibe,” you can listen to music or a podcast. A USB charging port is also made available, which serves as a charging medium for your mobile device. Each elliptical also has water bottle holders that support optimum workout hydration. Additionally, the upper-level models ( 920 E and 720 E) come with cooling fans. A chest strap device is included as an extra accessory on the Proform 920 E elliptical. Unfortunately, you have to get this separately for the Proform 720 E elliptical.

If you detest complicated assembly processes or aren’t the handy type, you will appreciate the Endurance ellipticals’ straight-to-the-point assembly process. The bulk of the machine (s) is assembled before delivery, which greatly minimizes the task ahead. Parts left to be assembled include the base bars, pedal arms, uprights, stabilizers, mobile handlebars, the console mast, and the console. The majority of the assembly tools are also provided, but you will need a Phillips screwdriver, a rubber mallet, and a set of wrenches that will also come in handy. You will need an extra pair of hands to help with all the “lifting.” The process takes about 2 hours, give and take.


ProForm Endurance Ellipticals Price and Warranties Comparison
ProForm Endurance 920 EProForm-Endurance-920-E-Elliptical-ReviewLifetime Frame, 3-year parts, and 1-year labor$2,395210 lbsL x W x H 61 x 31.5 x 18
ProForm Endurance 720 EProForm-Endurance-720-E-Elliptical-ReviewLifetime Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor$899240 lbsL x W x H 61 x 31.5 x 18
ProForm Endurance 520 EProForm-Endurance-520-E-Elliptical-ReviewLifetime Frame, 1-year parts, and 1-year labor$799220 lbsL x W x H 61 x 31.5 x 18

The quality of the Proform Endurance elliptical machines is highlighted in their warranty. Proform offers lifetime coverage for the machines’ frames and a year for labor. Their parts on the other hand come with different warranty coverage; the Proform 520 E gets year coverage, the 720 E gets two years while the 920 E gets three-year coverage. We couldn’t but notice the huge gap between the warranty coverage for the machines’ frames and their parts and labor. To put it bluntly, the warranty for parts especially could use an extension. On the plus side, customers get a 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows for return in dissatisfaction cases.

Warranty registration, like always, is highly recommended. Not only will you get special services and updates when registered, but you will also get an extended warranty offer if you register within 28 days of purchase. You can register by filling in in the included warranty registration card and returning it to the specified address (on the booklet). Alternatively, you can register online at “ Proform attaches maximum importance to customer service and provides consistent and quick client-to-company contact on their website, Contact any of the departments that are tailored for your specific needs, inquiries, or complaints.

The Proform Endurance ellipticals currently retail on Amazon and other fitness outlets. Price tags may vary according to location and vendor. The Proform 520 E is sold for about $599-$799. You can purchase the 720 E for about $899 and the 920 E for an estimated $2,395. The 920 E elliptical is the most expensive of the Endurance collection, while the 520 E is the most affordable. The 720 E elliptical, in our opinion, presents the better value at a mid-range price point. The 920 E elliptical is an undisputed worthy investment for shoppers who can afford its steep price tag. Shipping like the price is dependent on vendor and location. However, Amazon usually offers free shipping or discounted shipping rates.


The Proform Endurance ellipticals are an excellent choice for many reasons. For one, they offer performance features that are guaranteed to please the average home exerciser and propel them closer to their fitness goals. Granted, they may not have the best features on the market, but they offer enough value at reasonable prices to keep you committed to your fitness routine.

It is not every day you get an incline ramp on a low-cost elliptical like the Proform 520 E elliptical. And neither is it common practice to get premium app subscription options like iFit on ellipticals that aren’t on the upper-end of the spectrum. Not to mention the boatload of comfort amenities like cooling fans, bottle holders, sound systems, and USB ports.

Further to this, their signature SMR system coupled with their belt-drive transmission make for a serene-quite, silky smooth operation with zero maintenance. Your neighbors or roommates wouldn’t have to contend with an annoyingly loud machine, and you’d have the freedom to exercise anytime you want without fear of noise pollution. Plus, if you buy any of the Proform Endurance ellipticals, you can return (within 30 days) and get a refund if it doesn’t meet your requirements. So why don’t you take a chance on the Proform Endurance ellipticals ─ you’ve got nothing to lose!


If you’ve gotten to this point, you should have a clear direction on the Proform Endurance elliptical that mirrors your goals and needs. Notwithstanding, all the three Endurance ellipticals are fantastic picks for your home gym. They are thoughtfully constructed and made to last. Weight capacity and endurance aren’t an issue, too, as they can accommodate people with varying BMIs. They are also suited for beginners and intermediate users and for advanced users who aren’t looking to do serious exercises. You are also sure to get your money’s worth as the spec- sheet translates to reality. On the whole, you should consider giving the Proform Endurance ellipticals a chance.

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