ProForm Elliptical Reviews and Comparisons

Proform elliptical reviews

If you’re looking for a new elliptical, ProForm ellipticals are a great option to consider. They’re a great brand and they offer a lot of options for users, so you’ll have a ton of options to choose from. ProForm elliptical machines are full of features, sturdy, they’re affordable, and they will allow you to reach your fitness goals.

To help you take your pick, today we will take a look at all the ProForm Fitness ellipticals available on the market. We’ll provide reviews for each so you can have all the information you need and we’ll also learn a little bit about the brand. Without further ado, let’s get started!

ProForm Fitness Background

ProForm is most known for their treadmills because, in the beginning, they truly revolutionized the treadmill industry with their SpaceSaver model. They’ve expanded since then and they offer a variety of ProForm exercise equipment so users can have a great home gym. They’re all about innovation and quality, and they take advantage of cutting-edge technology, electronics, cushioning, and more, to create truly high-quality machines.

ProForm was acquired by ICON in 1999 and they’ve turned it into a premium line of home exercise equipment. ICON one of the innovation leaders in the industry and it was founded in 1977 by Scott Watterson and Gary Stevenson. Their mission from the beginning has been to create state-of-the-art equipment and what’s what they’ve been doing.

Every year they innovate and bring something new to the market. So, it’s no surprise ICON holds almost 223 issued patents and 107 pending patents. Their pioneering technology has been recognized by users all over the world and they’ve gained a great reputation. People know that ICON and the brands they own, including ProForm, are trustworthy and deliver high-quality, effective exercise equipment.

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Comparison Table of ProForm Ellipticals

Carbon E7325 LBS7" TouchCheck on Amazon19''50 Programs22 Level1-20
Carbon EL300 LBS5'' Not touchCheck on Amazon19''N/A18 Levels0-20
Carbon EX325 LBS6" Not touchCheck on Amazon19''42 Programs20 Levels0-20
Endurance 920 E325 LBS7'' TouchCheck on Amazon19''32 Programs24 Levels0-20
Endurance 720 E325 LBS5'' Not touchCheck on Amazon19''24 Programs20 Levels0-20
Endurance 520 E300 LBS5'' Not touchCheck on Amazon19''18 Programs18 Levels0-20
Pro 16.9350 LBS10'' TouchCheck on Amazon20''35 Programs26 Levels0-20
Pro 12.9357 LBS7'' TouchCheck on Amazon20''35 Programs26 Levels0-20
Pro 9.9350 LBS6'' Not touchCheck on Amazon21''32 Programs24 Levels0-10
895 CSE325 LBS7'' TouchCheck on Amazon18''35 Programs24 Levels0-10
695 CSE300 LBSLED DisplayCheck on Amazon18" Fixed24 Programs20 Levels0-10° Powered
495 CSE275 LBSLED DisplayCheck on Amazon18" Fixed18 Programs18 LevelsNone
Hybrid Trainer350 LBSLED DisplayCheck on Amazon15''16 Programs16 LevelsN/A
Hybrid Trainer Pro350 LBSLED DisplayCheck on Amazon17''20 Programs20 LevelsN/A
Carbon HIIT H14350 LBS14'' TouchCheck on Amazon5'' Fixed34 Programs26 Levels10" Fixed
Carbon HIIT H7325 LBS7'' TouchCheck on Amazon5'' Fixed32 Programs24 Levels10" Fixed

Overview of ProForm’s Elliptical Series

Table of Contents

Like I said earlier, ProForm offers a great deal of options when it comes to ellipticals. ProForm ellipticals are separated into 4 different series: Endurance Series, Pro Series, CSE Series, and Hybrid Series. Each series provides a variety of high-quality ellipticals packed with features that will allow you to go further into your fitness journey. So, let’s take a look at each one!

Endurance Series

520 E


The ProForm 520 E is one of the most inexpensive ellipticals you can find on the market from one of the biggest household names in the industry. It’s packed with impressive features and it’s perfect for low-impact workouts. The 520 E features a 19-inch power-adjustable stride, a manual incline of up to 20 degrees, a 15-pound flywheel, adjustable, cushioned and oversized pedals, a 5-inch LCD display, a tablet holder, and it’s also iFit enabled.

This elliptical will allow you to target muscles differently thanks to the incline. You’ll be able to train your lower body and also increase your metabolic rate. With the iFit subscription, you will also have access to unlimited workouts, simulated routes, and much more. But if you don’t want to purchase the subscription, the 520 E features 18 present workouts you can take advantage of.

Overall, this is a great entry-level elliptical at a highly affordable price for the value it provides. It’s packed with features, it provides variety, and it’s comfortable as well. Just keep in mind this elliptical is not built for long-term or super intense workouts.

720 E


The ProForm 720 E is another affordable option. It’s a front-drive elliptical and it’s a big step-up from entry-level ellipticals. It features a 19-inch stride, a 20-pound flywheel resistance system with 20 resistance levels, it’s iFit enabled, it auto-adjusts its slope by up to 20 degrees, and it provides 24 standard preset workouts you can take advantage of to reach your fitness goals. 

This elliptical is perfect for beginner and intermediate users and it provides a natural, comfortable fit for adults. It allows you to engage your upper-body thanks to the moving handlebars as well as your lower-body, and it’s a low-impact machine. It features adjustable and cushioned pedals for your comfort, as well as a fan, a water bottle holder, and the option to connect your tablet so you can entertain yourself and access your fitness apps and more.

It also has transport wheels, so this elliptical will be easy to move around. Overall, the 720 E provides a ton of value for the price and it’s a better option than the 520 E if you’re a more advanced user!

920 E


Last but not least on the Endurance Series, we have the ProForm 920 E, which is the more expensive model. Even so, it’s quite affordable and it’s packed with better features than the last two ellipticals on the series. It comes with an 18 to 22-inch stride, a 25-pound flywheel, for smooth workouts and strength training, incline up to 20 degrees, 32 workout apps, and it’s also iFit enabled.

The iFit subscription will allow you to enjoy customized coaching and many different workouts on the 7-inch screen. But it’s not a must, because the 32 workout apps still offer a ton of variety. This elliptical also features 24 digital resistance levels, multi-position handlebars, a tablet holder, a sound system that’s compatible with your smartphone, a two-speed fan, a water bottle holder, and transport wheels.

It’s worth noting that the warranty is only 3-years for parts and electronics, which is below average. Overall, the 920 E is a great option for more advanced users who want to challenge themselves. It’s packed with features, affordable, sturdy, and quite comfortable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ProForm Endurance Series

The ProForm Endurance Series offers an option for everyone. You have t he 520 E, which is for beginners, the 720 E, which is for beginners and intermediate level users, and the 920 E, which is for intermediate and more advanced users. Each elliptical offers all the features you need to reach your goals, enjoy full-body workouts, and challenge yourself. They allow for strength-training and calorie burning, not to mention they allow you to engage your muscles differently.

They’re all iFit enabled as well. So even if they provide multiple workout program options, you will be able to expand your repertoire with more customized workouts. All you need to do is subscribe if you want to!

As for drawbacks, it’s important to note that the warranty is below average and some users report quality control issues. However, the ProForm Endurance ellipticals are a great option to consider. They’re some of the most affordable yet high-quality ellipticals on the market and they provide everything you need. Plus, they’re portable and complete with accessories such as water bottle holders, tablet holders, and some of them even have fans and speakers.

Pro Series

Pro 9.9


First up in the Pro Series is the ProForm Pro 9.9, the perfect elliptical for shared home gyms. It’s an affordable, premium cardio trainer and it’s the entry-level option of the series, but it’s still powerful and packed with enough features that advanced users will also be able to take advantage of it. This elliptical is not only great for cardio, it also allows you to sculpt the entire body while still being gentle on the joints and ligaments.

The Pro 9.9 features an 18 to 21-inch stride range, a 28-pound flywheel, 24 resistance levels, a 0 to 20 degree incline for targeted muscle toning, multi-position handlebars that will allow you to engage your upper body, 32 preset workout programs, a 6-inch LCD display, transport wheels, it’s also iFit enabled, and has a great warranty. You get lifetime for the frame, 3 years for parts, and one year for labor.

Overall, the Pro 9.9 is a great machine and it’s perfect if you have more than user under one roof. It’s customizable, has a heavy drive, wireless monitoring, and many other incredible features that will allow everyone to reach their fitness goals.

Pro 12.9


The ProForm Pro 12.9 is a step up from the previous model and it’s a mid-range elliptical that’s affordable and loaded with features that are adjustable and high-performance. It’s also a sturdy and durable machine, thanks to its commercial-grade steel construction. It features a 32-pound inertia-enhanced flywheel, cushioned and multi-position pedals, a 0 to 20 degree incline that will allow you to target different muscle groups, and 26 levels of resistance.

When you make use of the resistance and incline at the same time, you will be able to target different muscle groups and challenge yourself so you can reach your fitness goals. The Pro 12.9 also features GripPulse heart rate sensors as well as hands-free heart rate monitoring.

The 7-inch touchscreen is another great feature and it provides access to 35 workout programs, so you have a ton of variety to choose from, and it’s also iFit enabled. There’s also a sound system, a tablet holder, a water bottle holder, and a 6-year warranty for parts and 3-year warranty for labor. Overall, it’s a great option to consider!

Pro 16.9


Last but not least on the Pro Series, we have ProForm Pro 16.9, a top of the line front-drive elliptical that’s the perfect combination of technology and performance. The model is compact and it features transport wheels so you’ll have no issue finding a sport for it at home. It features a 32-pound effective-inertia flywheel, a 20-inch power adjustable stride, a 0 to 20 degree incline ramp, and 26 digital resistance levels so you can challenge yourself.

This is a sturdy machine, with a commercial-grade steel construction, so you will be able to rely on it for a long time. It also features oversized, cushioned and adjustable pedals, and multi-grip handlebars that allow you to engage your upper body as well as your lower body.

This elliptical is also designed with Silent Magnetic Technology, meaning it’s smooth and quiet. It comes with a 10-inch full-color touchscreen display, it’s iFit enabled, and it provides 35 present workout programs for you to choose from. There’s also a water bottle holder, a tablet holder, a fan, and a EKG grip pulse with a wireless chest strap.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ProForm Pro Series

The ProForm Pro Series is definitely a more sturdy, long-lasting series of ellipticals. They’re still affordable, but they’re definitely an investment, considering they will last you for a long time. The ellipticals on this series offer all the features you may need and they all feature heavy flywheels, a bunch of different workout options, and they allow you to engage your entire body while still being gentle on your joints.

The Pro Series ellipticals also offer additional features such as fans, speakers, water bottle holders, tablet holders, and more. Plus, the display on each one is great and it will allow you to keep track of your workouts and improvements.

On the downside, we have to say the warranty is not consistent and it’s below average for some of the Pro Series ellipticals. However, this is still a high-quality elliptical series that provides options perfect for the entire family. These designs are also rather compact and they’re portable, so it will be easy for you to find the perfect place for it at home.

CSE Series

495 CSE

ProForm Smart Strider 495

The first elliptical on the CSE Series is the ProForm 495 CSE, which is a lightweight elliptical that promotes full-body workouts. This is perfect for beginners since it’s an entry-level machine. It features an 18-inch stride, which is perfect for people with a short gait but not great for tall people. It also features a 13-pound flywheel, 18 preset workout programs, oversized pedals, and soft-grip handlebars. It’s iFit enabled so you can have access to more workout options if you subscribe. 

As you can imagine, because the flywheel is so light, this won’t be the smoothest elliptical and it will be noticeable for people who carry more weight. It’s compatible with smartphones, features a tablet holder, a water bottle holder, speakers, grip heart rate sensors, and transport wheels.

The 495 CSE is an entry-level machine perfect for smaller people, for whom the elliptical will feel very natural and comfortable. It’s definitely not for taller people or heavier people. It’s important to note there’s no incline, no fan, no wireless hear rate receiver, and the warranty is rather short. Overall, this is an inexpensive, light duty elliptical that will be perfect for some users, but not all.

695 CSE

ProForm Smart Strider 695 CSE Review

Next, we have the ProForm 695 CSE and it’s another affordable option from this brand that provides many different features. Packed with an 18-inch elliptical path, 20 silent magnetic resistance levels, multi-position handlebars, an 18-pound flywheel, power incline to up to 10%, and much more. The 695 CSE promotes better bone density, faster metabolism, lean muscle definition, and cardio, so it’s a great deal.

If you want to enjoy quick results, the 24 quick-start workout programs will allow you to do exactly that. The console on this elliptical also features speakers that are compatible with your smartphone and there’s also a tablet holder so you can enjoy your entertainment during your workouts. This elliptical is also iFit enabled, so if you get a subscription you will be able to enjoy even more workout options.

This elliptical also features cushioned and oversized pedals, cushioned hand-grips, soft-grip upper-body arms, a fan, a water bottle holder, and it’s also foldable. The warranty offers lifetime coverage for the frame, 2 years for parts, and 1 year for labor. On the downside, it doesn’t have a wireless hear rate receiver. But overall, this is a complete option.

895 CSE


Last but not least on the CSE Series, we have the ProForm 895 CSE, an elliptical that’s perfect for beginners and intermediate-level users alike. This is a bit more expensive than the other options on the series, but it’s packed with better features in return. It’s a rear-drive elliptical that offers 24 personal training workouts that emphasize on performance and weight loss or weight maintenance.

The 895 CSE features 24 resistance levels, an incline from 0 to 10 perfect, a 7-inch full-color touchscreen, a wireless chest strap, it’s also iFit enabled, and it comes with a cooling fan, a water bottle holder, cushioned pedals and hand-grips, and more. Overall, this elliptical provides everything you need and it’s super comfortable.

There are 32 workout programs to enjoy, but you’ll be able to access so much more than that if you decide to purchase an iFit subscription. The 18-inch stride is perfect for small users, and tall users can take advantage of it to target the thighs. There are 24 resistance levels, which will allow you to challenge yourself during your workouts. It’s foldable, but quite large, and the warranty is pretty good.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ProForm CSE Series

The ProForm CSE Series offers great elliptical options for beginners, intermediate, and advanced users as well. I would say these ellipticals are a lot more friendly for small users and they’re packed with features. They all have different levels of resistance which makes for a challenge, many workout programs, they’re iFit enabled, and they also come with additional features for comfort and entertainment.

The warranty on these ellipticals is also great and overall they’re worth your consideration. Each elliptical is slightly better than the other, which gives you a wide range of options to think about. They’re affordable even if the 895 CSE is more expensive and they’re compact, expect for the 895 CSE, which will take up quite some room. In general, this series features powerful ellipticals that you should consider no matter your fitness level. 

Hybrid Series

Basic Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Elliptical

The ProForm Basic Hybrid Trainer is one of the best ellipticals for people on a budget. It’s an incredibly versatile machine that can transform from an elliptical to a recumbent bike with just a simple adjustments. In other words, this elliptical offers the best of both worlds.  It features a 13-pound flywheel, 16 levels of resistance, it’s iFit and Bluetooth enabled, an LCD display, a tablet holder, and more.

The Basic Hybrid Trainer is a customizable machine. It features oversized adjustable pedals, adjustable seat, and an adjustable console so you can keep an eye on your workout data and enjoy your entertainment or iFit workouts a lot more comfortably. You will be able to enjoy 16 workout programs and the 16 levels of resistance will allow you to challenge yourself.

The only drawback is that the display is small. However, this is hardly a deal-breaker for most users, especially considering you get a tablet holder. The warranty is also limited, but it provides lifetime for the frame, 5 years for the frame and 90 days for parts and labor. Overall, the Basic Hybrid Trainer is affordable and versatile!

Hybrid Trainer Pro


And last but not least for the Hybrid Series and for today, we have the ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro. It has many of the features of the Basic Hybrid Trainer, but it’s slightly better. It features a 15-pound flywheel, 20 resistance levels, a 17-inch stride, 20 workout programs, cushioned pedals, an LCD display, EKG Grip Pulse, a tablet holder, it’s iFit enabled, and more.

The Hybrid Trainer Pro is perfect for users who want the best of both worlds because it’s a 2-in-1 model that allows you to have an elliptical and a recumbent bike as well. It comes with preset workouts, but if you purchase the iFit subscription you’ll have access to more training options.

This elliptical also features speakers, it’s iPod compatible, and it promotes a full-body workout. You will be able to enjoy long and full movement so you can push yourself further, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your heart rate, and it will allow you to reach your fitness goals while still taking care of your joints. Overall, it’s a great option to consider.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the ProForm Hybrid Series

The ProForm Hybrid Series offers a couple of ellipticals that are super versatile and quite decent. They’re a bit on the lighter side when it comes to flywheels, which can be a drawback for some users. However, these ellipticals are packed with features that will allow you to make the most of them.

They offer many resistance levels, they’re both 2-in-1 models so you’ll be able to enjoy an elliptical and a recumbent bike with just a few adjustments, it provides many workout programs and it has additional features for added comfort and entertainment as well. They’re also not expensive, which is great if you’re on a budget. One of the major drawbacks is that warranty for parts and labor is not great, offering only 90 days, which is way below average.

ProForm Advantages

ProForm offers many advantages as a brand. They make high-quality exercise products and their ellipticals are some of the best on the market. They feature touchscreen consoles for the most part, decent resistance levels, they’re adjustable, allow you to target different muscle groups at once, and more. Each one of the ProForm ellipticals offers a ton of value for an affordable price, so they’re definitely worth your time.

ProForm Disadvantages

One of the drawbacks of ProForm ellipticals is that iFit subscription is required to access super engaging workouts and quality control can be inconsistent. Warranty is also below average, which is definitely something to keep in mind.

The Final Verdict

ProForm ellipticals are incredible and they’re not only meant for training, but also for entertaining. They offer different types of models and each one is packed with features that will help you reach your fitness goals! So, don’t hesitate to consider each one carefully so you can find the perfect fit for you.

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