Precor EFX 885 Elliptical Review, Pros, Cons, & Comparison

Precor EFX 885 Review

Precor EFX 885 Overview

Indoor exercise has become one of the best ways to become and stay fit over the past few decades. The variety of equipment available has meant that people can truly help themselves by getting commercial quality gear into their own homes. One of the most popular has been the emergence of ellipticals as a great piece of home equipment, which has led to many companies investing in making their own versions of these machines.

Precor is one of these companies that have invested heavily in their elliptical machines. Particularly their 800 series of machines, which is their most advanced (and expensive) line. That’s why we’ve decided to look at these ellipticals and judge them based on their quality and how much they are worth in regards to their feature-for-price value. In this review, we shall be covering the Precor EFX 885 elliptical machine.

We’ll be taking a look at the various parts of the Precor EFX 885 home elliptical and see just how it holds up, both on its own and in comparison to some of the others in the 800 series. Then we’ll give our final verdict on whether we think this would be a good purchase for anyone looking to get one of these ellipticals for their own home. So with all of that out of the way, let’s get right into our review of the Precor EFX 885 elliptical machine!

Precor EFX 885 Review and Specs:

It seems natural that the first element we examine are the specs of the EFX 885. After all, these are what the elliptical weighs and how much space it takes up. Starting with the former, it is a rather hefty machine, weighing 340 lbs (154 kg). Interestingly enough, the maximum user weight is only 10 lbs (4.5 kg) higher at 350 lbs (159 kg). This is normally not the case, as the max user weight often is significantly higher than the weight of the actual elliptical. However, it is still a sturdy machine and won’t shatter if 360 lbs are put on.

Now for how much space the Precor EFX 885 elliptical trainer takes up. With such weight also comes a rather large build in terms of the dimensions. Specifically it measures to be 80 inches (203 cm) long, 30 inches (76 cm) wide and 67 inches (170 cm) tall. With the Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) added on, that height raises to 82 inches (208 cm). This size cannot be reduced, as the elliptical is not foldable in any sort of way. The EFX 885 can be made to move around thanks to the wheels on the front of the elliptical, but it’s still not exactly what you would call a mobile piece of equipment.

Both the elliptical and the PVS are powered through plugs. These plugs are compatible with the appropriate country. So for those countries that use 240 VAC power cords, they will be able to use those. For those in the United States and Canada that use the 120 VAC power cords, it can also work with these. Overall, you shouldn’t find that power is an issue with EFX 885.

Precor EFX 885 Monitor

The monitor and console that comes with the Precor EFX 885 cross trainer are both some of the best quality that you can find in the field of ellipticals. First off, there’s the customization aspect. If you are a user that doesn’t want English as their primary language on the elliptical, there are a bunch of different options available through the monitor. A total of 11, with Russian, Korean, German and Dutch being just a few of those options. You also have the option of switching between metric and U.S standard measurements while looking at the statistics that the EFX 885 tracks.

But just what are those statistics that can be tracked? There are 16 different ways of tracking your performance during your workouts. Included in these are the total strides, calories, time remaining, average speed and so on. These can all help you make sure that you know just how you are doing during exercise. Additionally, there are 22 different preset workouts already in the monitor, including the manual mode. This way you don’t have to actively seek out what you are doing after a long day. You can just plug and run.

For those who are interested in tracking their heart rate while they work out, there are a few sensors on the stationary handlebars that sit right underneath the main console. Like all of the other ellipticals in the 800 series, the EFX 885 is able to connect to a chest strap if that is how you prefer to keep track of your heart rate. Regardless of what you are looking for, you will not be disappointed with what the monitor of the EFX 885 offers.

Precor 885 Stride and Incline

One of the key elements of an elliptical is the stride length. After all, striding is what people do on these machines, so it’s important that everyone can use it comfortably – regardless of height. The stride length of the Precor EFX 885 elliptical trainer at the minimum incline sits at 21 inches (54 cm). On the flip side, at maximum incline the stride length is 25 inches (63 cm). This should prove plenty of room for a wide range of people, even though it might seem like a small difference between the two.

Incline options are usually only made for the highest quality (and most expensive) ellipticals on the market, and so they make an appearance here. As for the incline on the EFX 885, you’ll find plenty of options here. The lowest incline option is 10 degrees, while the highest is 35 degrees. This technology is given the name “CrossRamp® Technology” and can be controlled through the monitor.

While the incline is controlled through the monitor, that doesn’t mean it’s one of those smart technologies that automatically adapts to your workout in order to change and challenge you. It will automatically change if you choose one of the preset options that seeks to simulate climbing a hill or mountain. The most impressive part about this Converging CrossRamp® tech is how it will allow users to get into their own stride and feel more natural onboard these machines. There’s really nothing else like it out there.

Precor 885 Handlebar and Pedals

There are two sets of handlebars that you need to concern yourself with on the Precor EFX 885 elliptical. As we mentioned earlier, there’s the set of stationary handlebars that sits right beneath the console which has the heart rate sensors installed. This acts as a spot that will not move that you can grip onto if you so need. Then there are the moving arms on either side of you, allowing you to grab onto those and get an upper body workout alongside your lower running.

The pedals of the EFX 885 also act as the high quality element that your feet get to interact with during the workout. The pedals themselves are oversized in order to accommodate for feet of all sizes. Their specific dimensions are 16 inches (40.6 cm) long and 8 inches (20.3 cm) wide. For those who want to make sure their equipment is clean (which we always recommend for maintenance purposes), the pedals are made of polypropylene- making that cleaning process extremely easy.

You’ll find very few issues with the handlebars and pedals of the EFX 885. While some of the other 800 series has only stationary handlebars (making it impossible to get that whole body workout in), you won’t find a similar issue here. The pedals are also a solid addition, allowing people of all feet sizes to hop on and get moving right away. While it is all nice and made of high quality, it isn’t anything particularly noteworthy for the price of the machine (which we will get into further down).

Precor 885 Accessories and Assembly

You won’t find many bonus additions to the EFX 885. It’s not an elliptical full of accessories or little nifty features that are optional. The only optional feature comes in the form of the PVS, while the only real accessory is a little holder underneath the stationary handlebars. This can hold a phone, tablet or even water bottle. This gives additional bonuses in the form of entertainment or hydration during the workout.

As for the assembly process, there have been a couple of conflicting reports. The EFX 885 normally arrives in a large package that weighs even more than the machine itself, sitting at 396 lbs (180 kg). However, some user reviews have claimed that the elliptical arrives preassembled, which seems out of the ordinary. Putting these aside, the normal assembly process should not take very long thanks to the detailed instruction manual that comes in the package.

The accessories are not the lifeblood of the EFX 885 (or really any of the other 800 series). You basically get a water bottle holder and that’s it. The assembly process should be praised for how easy the manual makes it. As for those who claim to have gotten the EFX 885 fully preassembled? Good for them, but they’ve only really saved an hour of their time. They’ve also lost the opportunity to set it up right in the area that they want and have to lug the entire machine around the home.

Warranty, Price, and Shipping

After all of this, you are sure to be wondering how much this quality machine is worth. Here’s where some unfortunate news starts to come in. Unless you are willing to drop a lot of money on the EFX 885 elliptical, you are going to skip it. The normal price sits at a massive $11,300, although it has been known to drop down to about $10,000. This is quite a bit for a piece of exercise equipment. You can pay in increments of $322 a month, but that is still a rather large chunk of most people’s incomes.

The warranties that come with the EFX 885, on the other hand, should be praised to the heavens. If every elliptical came with these guarantees, we’d never complain about warranties again. The Residential Warranty has a lifetime guarantee on the frame, a 10 year warranty on the parts and a 1 year on the labour. The Commercial Warranty has 7 years on the frame, 2 years on the parts and a 1 year on the labour. For those looking to get help from customer service, their phone numbers and email can be found here.

The EFX 885 is shipped in one large package. The dimensions of said package are 85 inches (216 cm) long, 30.75 inches (78 cm) wide and 28.125 inches (71.4 cm) tall. As mentioned, the weight is heavier than the elliptical itself. The time of the shipping should not take too long. Just make sure there’s no global event that might delay or shutdown everything.

Precor 885 Cross Trainer Pros:

  • Customization Options Aplenty: Whether it’s setting the machine to your own language, your preferred measurements, or changing the stride length to match your own, you can immediately feel at home on the EFX 885.
  • Plenty of Exercise Options: A ton of preset workouts and incline options offer a whole host of different options to allow you to keep busy and fit while you use it.
  • Total Workout: The moving arms allow for a full-body workout, which is simply better than a solely lower body one.
  • Great Warranty: If it breaks, Precor will replace it. This will last for a long, long time.

Precor 885 Cross Trainer Cons:

  • Stupid Expensive: Unless you are silly rich, this elliptical will be out of your price range. If you are silly rich, there are still more reasonable offers.
  • Weight Problems: Once the EFX 885 is set up, it isn’t going anywhere quickly. Those with smaller homes might want to look for smaller machines.

Final Verdict

The Precor EFX 885 home trainer is a very good elliptical. It does what you want it to do and offers plenty of customization alongside. It comes with a great warranty and will make sure you get fit. If it didn’t cost more than a great number of cars, then it would be an easy recommendation. As it is, the value for money is rather atrocious, as you could get just as good a deal for a lot less money even looking elsewhere in the 800 series.

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