Precor EFX 833 Elliptical Review, Pros, Cons, & Comparison

Precor EFX 833 Review

Precor EFX 833 Overview

Ellipticals are one of the pieces of exercise equipment that are growing in popularity the more people invest in home exercise machines. And why shouldn’t they? They allow you to go through the motions of running without needing to leave the house. Many also offer different challenge modes, workout programs and resistance settings to bring some variety to exercise that might otherwise become stale.

That’s where the fine people of Precor come in. They have designed a series of Precor ellipticals in order to allow people to make the most of their elliptical adventures. Some of their best attempts come in the form of their 800 series of elliptical machines. Included in this series is the Precor EFX 833 elliptical, the subject of our review today. This slick looking blue, black and gray machine is one of the top efforts in the 800 series thanks to the variety of features it comes with.

Unlike it’s comrade, the Precor EFX 835, the EFX 833 (we promise not to use these two names close together that often due to the confusion it might cause) is more designed for lower body workouts. This is partially due to the design, with the 833 putting the flywheel in the rear, rather than the front. Despite this difference, there are many shared aspects that add a high level of quality that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere. However, that quality does come at a price. So with all of that out of the way, let’s ride right into our review of the Precor EFX 833 elliptical machine!

Precor EFX 833 Review and Specs:

First up, we are just going to go over the specifications of the Precor EFX 833 crosstrainer. It’s good to know exactly what this machine can do at a basic level. We’ll start with the weight capacity. The EFX 833 can hold approximately 350 lbs (159 kg). You should note that this doesn’t mean that the EFX 833 will break under 10 lbs of weight over the “limit”. It’s just the tested max weight that it optimally can handle. Meanwhile, the elliptical itself weighs 340 lbs (154 kg). Clearly, it is a chunky piece of gear. Thankfully it can be moved with transportation wheels on the front of the elliptical.

The dimensions are also important. If it’s as large as it is heavy, it might sink a ship. It is 80 inches (203 cm) long, 30 inches (76 cm) wide and 67 inches (170 cm) tall. However, that height can rise up to 82 inches (208 cm) with the Personal Viewing System (PVS) added on top. You can’t fold the EFX 833, so there’s no real chance of reducing the amount of space it takes up. Fortunately, unless you are living in a place with an extremely low roof, you should be cleared vertically.

Once again, similar to the EFX 835, this machine is self-powered. That means you don’t have to worry about any batteries or such. Precor do say that there is optional powering available if you wish to have the displays on even with long periods of non-use, though we’re not really sure why you would do that if you aren’t a gym.

Precor EFX 833 Monitor

The monitor of the Precor EFX 833 elliptical machine is once again quite similar to the one available on the 835. There are about 12 different workout modes, including the manual mode. The EFX 833 also provides the option of having 7 different languages on the screen, including Russian, English, German and French. You’ll also be able to see which muscles are being worked out on the “Muscle Monitor” view that comes with the view. The incline of the elliptical can be tracked by the CrossRamp® technology, allowing you to keep track of what sort of challenge you’ll be facing. The statistics that are displayed on the screen can also be shown in either metric or U.S. standard measurements.

Speaking of those statistics, the monitor on the EFX 833 will show plenty of them. There are about 19 different statistics that are able to be shown on the monitor, including a Complete Profile summary of your workout. This allows you to keep track of the statistics in your workouts on a slightly longer scale. In general, this monitor gives a good idea on just how you are doing at the time of the workout.

For those who want to track their heart rate, there are systems in place to make that process rather easy. There are sensors on the handlebars that will allow you to track it. The elliptical is also capable of using telemetry with a chest strap if you have one of those. Unfortunately, there’s no SmartRate technology, so it won’t be doing this automatically.

EFX 833 Stride and Incline

The stride length is an important metric to determine, considering how different it can be between individual people. Once more, the specs are identical to the 835. At the minimum incline (which is 10 degrees), the stride length is 21 inches (54 cm). At maximum incline (35 degrees), the stride length is 25 inches (63 cm). You control these stride length settings through the monitor by setting it at the desired incline. Then you can get on your way.

The incline system used by the Precor EFX 833 home elliptical is called the “CrossRamp® Technology”. There are 20 different settings, allowing you to put forth a challenge to your various muscle groups. Although with this machine, it is more focused on the lower body compared to it’s comrade in the 835. Despite this more focused nature, it still allows for people to get a pretty solid variety of tests through the inclines.

Thanks to the variety of preset programs in the monitor that we mentioned before, there are some options that you can set the incline to in order to adjust it automatically. Specifically, the “Hill Climb” program should allow you to simulate the resistance of going up and down a hill, adjusting the resistance appropriately. While there might not be some AI automatically detecting the best and most natural stride for you, the Converging CrossRamp® technology allows you to do that yourself. Considering this is the only type of system like this available, we most certainly have to praise Precor for this.

Handlebar and Pedals

The handlebars of the Precor EFX 833 cross trainer are fixed. That means you won’t be moving them back and forth like many people picture when they think of an elliptical. While some might not be a fan of this, it shouldn’t discourage you too much. These are solid handlebars that have heart rate sensors built into them, so you really can’t have too many complaints.

As for the pedals of the EFX 833, you should find that they are quite accessible to a wide variety of people. Their dimensions sit right at 16 inches long (40.6 cm) and 8 inches wide (20.3 cm). That should certainly be long and wide enough for feet of all sizes. Thanks to the polypropylene material that they are made of, they should be extremely easy to clean for any user who thinks they might be too dirty.

It’s rather hard to find any issues with the handlebars or pedals of the EFX 833. As we said, some might not be a fan of the immobile handlebars, but that is pretty much the only possible complaint, and that’s a subjective choice. For an elliptical of this price (which we’ll get into further down) and quality, you really can’t go wrong here.

Accessories and Assembly

You won’t find a whole lot of bonus accessories that come with the EFX 833. The only one available is a little accessory holder that sits right underneath the handlebars and on the front frame of the elliptical. It can hold a cell phone, tablet or water bottle, allowing you to fulfill a variety of different needs during your workout session. Other than this, there really aren’t any sort of additional or optional features that people would normally consider accessories.

Because this is such a hefty machine (see the weight in the specs), you might expect the assembly process to be long and painful. And it would be quite a pain if it didn’t come with a manual that gives a rather clear picture of how you should put it together. Thanks to this, it shouldn’t take that much longer than an hour unless you aren’t particularly handy. Multiple people can help in order to shorten the process.

Neither the accessories or the assembly process should take too much of your time or focus away from the main features of the EFX 833. The pocket is nice and allows you to keep hydrated during the longer workouts. And the assembly is not going to be too big of a deal.

Warranty, Price, and Shipping

Now we’re getting to the part that most people would be concerned about while reading this review: how much does this well-built EFX 833 elliptical cost? Well, it’s a rather pricey machine. It sits at a base price of $6,845, which is rather large compared to a lot of other machines. In fact, it’s a lot of money to drop on anything. You do have the option of paying for it in monthly installments, even getting as low as $221 a month, but that just stretches the total price over a longer period.

The warranty that comes with the EFX 833 elliptical machine is one of the best on the market. They know how to guarantee their product. The Residential Warranty has a lifetime guarantee on the frame, a 10 year warranty on the parts and a 1 year warranty on the labour. For anyone checking out a Commercial Warranty, it has 7 years on the frame, 2 years on the parts and 1 year on the labour. You can see more on their customer service at this site.

The Precor EFX 833 cross trainer is shipped in one, large package. The dimensions of said package measure out to 85 inches (216 cm) long, 30.75 inches (78 cm) wide and 28.125 inches (71.4 cm) tall. It’s even heavier than the elliptical itself, weighing 396 lbs (180 kg). Shipping shouldn’t take too long, just as long as there’s no global pandemic- oh wait.

Precor EFX 833 Elliptical Pros

  • Prime Lower Body Workouts: Because of the rear drive and immobile handlebars of the Precor EFX 833 elliptical, it’s well suited to a variety of lower body workouts. You can really feel a difference when using this machine.
  • Quality Monitor: Whether it is examining the various statistics that can be displayed or using one of the many preset programs, you’ve got a very good monitor attached to this elliptical.
  • Generous Warranty: Nowadays, it’s kinda hard to find companies willing to put a warranty that guarantees the quality of their product. Precor has done exactly that, making sure that you’ll have a product that can last even if a piece breaks.
  • Customization and Options: The EFX 833 can adjust to just about anyone. You have plenty of workout options available, in addition to the manual workout mode. Then you have various language options.
  • Then there’s the incline adjustments. Then there are the 20 different levels of resistance that you can pick between. You can just change so much and still maintain a quality experience.

Precor EFX 833 Elliptical Cons

  • Extremely Heavy: In case you couldn’t tell, this isn’t an elliptical that you can move around willy-nilly. Once it’s in position, it’s likely to stay there. The wheels help somewhat with this, but don’t totally offset it.
  • Extremely Pricey: This one speaks for itself. Nearly $7,000 is a lot of money, especially to invest in a piece of exercise equipment.

Final Verdict

The Precor EFX 833 is one of the best ellipticals in the 800 series. Yes, it weighs a boatload and costs about as much. However, it offers so much more. There’s plenty of customization available, both in the monitor and the actual exercising you do. If you are looking for a machine that is well designed to make your lower body a piece of steel. It would be extremely hard not to recommend the EFX 833 cross-trainer.

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