Precor EFX 731 Elliptical Review, Pros, Cons, & Comparison

Precor EFX 731 Overview

The situation of the modern era is that many people can abandon traditional gyms thanks to new forms of at-home exercise equipment. Whether it’s rowing machines, treadmills, spin bikes or even just traditional dumbbells, people can get fit without needing to leave their home.

One of the popular methods of working out that people are finding these days happens to be the elliptical machine. In particular, Precor have developed a series of ellipticals that allow users to make the most of their workouts. While the 800 series might get all the credit, the 700 series sit right behind and can do the job for less money. That’s why today we are going to look at the Precor EFX 731 elliptical trainer, seeing just how well it holds up under intense examination.

We’re going to look at the various aspects that the EFX 731 offers and see how it does compared to the price. We’ll look at the build of the elliptical, the monitor that it comes with, how it works and compare it all to the price. Once we’ve done that, we’ll break it down into easy-to-read pros and cons and give our final verdict on whether or not you should start looking at it more intensely if you are looking for an elliptical. So with all of that out of the way, let’s hop right into our review of the Precor EFX 731 elliptical cross trainer!

Precor EFX 731 Review And Specs:

Naturally, we should start with the actual specifications of the Precor EFX 731 elliptical. After all, you should know just how much it weighs and how much space it takes up. As for the former element, the weight measures right about 278 lb (126 kg). It does have max user weight of 350 lbs (159 kg), which should work comfortably for the vast majority of users. Even if more weight happens to be added that takes it above that “limit”, it’s not as though the elliptical will just break instantly. That’s just a recommended limit made by the testers of the product.

As for how large the EFX 731 is, it will take up a decent amount of room around the home. It’s dimensions are 80 inches (203 cm) long, 28 inches (71 cm) wide and 69 inches (175 cm) tall. With the Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) installed, that height raises up to 81 inches (206 cm). There is no folding capability like you might find on some other machines, so this will stay as large as you get it. The EFX 731 can be moved thanks to the transportation wheels on the front of it, but generally speaking you won’t be taking it with you for road trips or anything.

The equipment of the EFX 731 is self-powered, so you won’t have any real need for plugs and the like. However, with the PVS installed, you will need to have it plugged into a nearby outlet. For international countries that use a 240 VAC, the EFX 731 is adaptable to those. For those in the United States and Canada that use the 120 VAC, there are also versions that can work with those.

Precor EFX 731 Elliptical Monitor

The P31 a basic but pleasant monitor that does a whole host of different features can make any elliptical that much better. Fortunately, the Precor EFX 731 has a monitor that should suit most people. There are plenty of customization options that seem to come standard with all Precor monitors. One of these is the ability to switch the language of the elliptical. There are 8 different languages available, including English, Russian, Japanese, and Italian. As for the statistics that are displayed, you have the option of viewing them in either U.S standard or metric measurements.

Speaking of those statistics that can be measured in either way, there is a nice little variety available with the EFX 731. There are about 16 different statistics that can be measured. The resistance (which comes in 20 different levels), the distance, calories, average speed and about 12 others can be displayed to show you just how well you are doing during the workout. Even if you don’t particularly care about your calories per minute or such statistics, it’s still nice to offer those options.

There are also a series of workouts that are available through the monitor in addition to the manual mode that you would expect. Specifically, there are 8 others preset programs. Hill climbing, cross country, intervals and others are all available. There’s even a heart rate mode, which you can monitor through either the sensors on the fixed handlebars or a chest strap. Overall, the monitor is quite a full package, even if it is smaller than some of the other versions in the 700 series.

Precor EFX 731 Stride and Incline

One of the important factors with modern ellipticals is the ability to change stride length and the inclines of the machine itself. Precor’s 800 series has this down, with variables for each factor. However, there’s less great news in regards to the 700 series. The Precor EFX 731 home elliptical has a fixed stride of 22.5 inches (57 cm). This means that there’s no adjustment at all. So you had better feel natural at this stride length, otherwise you might be feeling uncomfortable during the workouts.

Similarly, the incline of the EFX 731 is fixed at a 20-degree angle. This isn’t quite as big a deal, as adjustable incline is often a feature that you will only find on the cream of the crop in regards to elliptical machines. Yes, it’s still unfortunate that you cannot adjust it to work on getting those different muscle groups more fit, but it isn’t going to destroy all use that the EFX 731 offers.

The EFX 731 also does not have any sort of the Precor Converging CrossRamp technology. This means that the tech implemented in the 800 series that makes the movements more akin to walking is not here. If we hadn’t told you about it/it wasn’t present in the 800 series, you likely wouldn’t notice it’s absence. However, with that knowledge in mind, it is rather unfortunate that the feature is gone here.

Precor EFX 731 Handlebar and Pedals

Considering these are what you’ll be holding onto and standing on while using the Precor EFX 731 elliptical, it seems only natural that we should look at the handlebars and pedals. First up, the handlebars. There are two sets of handlebars. The first is the one that we mentioned earlier in the monitor section, sitting close to the console and with heart rate sensors on it. The second is a pair of moving arms on the outside that will allow you to get some upper body workouts in alongside the movements of your lower body.

The pedals of the EFX731 are just as helpful in making sure that you have a quality workout. The pair are inherently oversized in order to accommodate feet of all sizes. Specifically, their dimensions sit right at 16 inches (40.6 cm) long and 8 inches (20.3 cm) wide. They are made of polypropylene in order to be cleaned in an easier and faster manner. When the pedals are at their lowest point, they are about 8 inches (20 cm) off the floor.

The moving arms are the definite bonus of the EFX 731. You get the added benefit of getting upper body workouts alongside the lower body ones. The heart rate monitors on the stationary handlebars are also a plus. Meanwhile, the pedals should do quite well for just about anyone with feet in a pretty wide range.

EFX 731 Assembly and Accessories

The assembly process might be the most painstaking part for a great many people. Fortunately, that process shouldn’t be anywhere near as annoying for the Precor EFX 731 cross trainer. But why is this? It is all due to the manual that comes with the package. It gives precise instructions on how to assemble the elliptical, even for those who are somewhat less than experienced at such matters. We’re sure many people will be quite glad for this, as nobody wants to spend more time assembling their elliptical than using it.

As for the accessories that come with the EFX 731, we’ve got not a whole lot of news. There’s a little holder underneath the stationary handlebars that can hold a phone or a water bottle for hydration. That’s about it in terms of the accessories that come with the EFX 731. If you were hoping for more, then there’s little else to speak of. If you think about it, the holder is better designed to hold any accessories you have rather than being an accessory itself.

While the assembly process is most certainly going to be good news to a lot of people, the accessories (or lack thereof) will not be. However, one should not place too much value on these features, as they are normally used to make up for lesser core features. Fortunately, the core features of the EFX 731 are well made, so there’s no need to make up for them with bonus features.

Price, Warranty and Shipping

As for the amount of money that the Precor EFX 731 elliptical trainer costs, it is a rather pretty penny. The default price is $5,795, which is quite a bit for many people. Especially for a piece of exercise equipment. It is a great piece of equipment, mind you. But that does not take away the fact that it is an expensive one.

The warranty that comes with the EFX 731 is one of the prime examples of what a warranty for one of these pieces of equipment should be. You get a lifetime warranty on the frame of the elliptical, a 10 year warranty on the parts and wear items, a 3 year warranty on the console and a 1 year warranty on the labour. It’s really one of the best warranties we could’ve asked for on such a piece of gear. You will find zero complaints from us about it.

The shipping process should not take that long, so long as there’s no sort of global event that might impact shipping lanes. It comes in one large package, which measures out to be 85 inches (216 cm) long, 29 inches (78 cm) wide and 28 inches (71 cm) tall. It also weighs a hefty 354 lbs (160 kg).

Precor EFX 731 Elliptical Pros:

  • Magnificent Monitor: Even if the monitor is a bit smaller than some people would like, the amount of options it offers can be great for all users. Customization and statistics are everywhere, just making a great piece of equipment.
  • Fantastic Warranty: With the warranty that comes with the EFX 731, you’ll be sure to have the machine for years. Even if something breaks, it’ll get replaced on the double.
  • Workout Variety: With the preset workouts, you’ve got a nice choice of workouts to pick from. In addition to the manual mode, you’re sure to get a nice fitness boost here.

Precor EFX 731 elliptical Cons:

  • The Price: It is an expensive piece of equipment, which makes sense for the quality it offers. However, not many people can just drop nearly $6000 on such gear.
  • Fixed Incline, Stride Length and No CrossRamp Tech: While the workouts do offer you some variation, if the EFX 731 had these elements you would have nearly limitless options for the workouts. The CrossRamp technology is particularly missed, as it takes away a certain natural feel that comes on the 800 series.

Final Verdict

The Precor EFX 731 elliptical trainer, while being the “lowest” in the 700 series ranks (after the EFX 781 and EFX 761), offers the best value in what you are getting. Yes, it has certain weaknesses like the fixed stride lengths and lack of CrossRamp technology. However, the quality that it does come with makes sure that almost every bit of your money you put towards it is used efficiently. If you do decide to invest in this elliptical, you’ll be reaping the benefits from it for a long, long time.

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