Precor EFX 665 Elliptical Review, Pros, Cons, & Comparison

Precor EFX 665 Review

Precor EFX 665 Overview

In order to get fit, people take different paths to their goal. Whether it is rowing, lifting, running or another of the nearly endless ways of getting your body to the place you want it, it’s important that the equipment used (if any) is quality. That’s normally where public gyms come into the picture.

However, with the pandemic, many people have been forced to take their workouts home. Thus, at-home workout equipment has burst onto the scene with some key figures. Precor in particular have come out with some of the equipment that many people could desire for their own homes. Specifically, their (numerous) lines of ellipticals that allow people to stay fit even without access to the public gyms.

That’s where we come in. We’re going to look at one of their ellipticals from the 600 series today; the Precor EFX 665 elliptical cross trainer. We’re going to examine just what sort of elements makes up this elliptical and see how they match up to the final price tag attached to the machine. Then we’re going to give our opinion on if we think that the EFX 665 does the job in regards to how much it costs. Once that’s done, it is in your hands to decide whether or not to purchase the elliptical. So with all of that out of the way, let’s hop into our review of the Precor EFX 665 elliptical machine!

Precor EFX 665 Review and Specs:

How an elliptical looks and how much it weighs can turn off many people before they ever even step foot on it. Thus, it’s important to look at just what sort of specs are available here. The Precor EFX 665 elliptical trainer is a fairly heavy machine, weighing 312 lb (142 kg). It’s maximum weight limit isn’t that much higher, sitting at 350 lbs (159 kg). This is somewhat interesting, as normally the maximum weight limit of machines is significantly larger than their actual weight. Fortunately, the max weight limit isn’t a hard one, so 353 lbs won’t make it all crumble instantly.

As for the actual size of the machine, it takes up a decent amount of space. It’s dimensions are 82 inches (208 cm) long, 30 inches (76 cm) wide and 72 in (183 cm). This isn’t the largest machine you’ll ever see, but the EFX 665 will most certainly take up a decent amount of space in most people’s homes.

The Precor EFX 665 elliptical is powered through outlets that are customized according to your country. So for countries outside of the U.S and Canada that use 240 VAC, they shall be made to work with those. Within the former two countries that work with 120 VAC, that shall be accommodated for as well. In somewhat of a random branch-off, we’d also just like to mention how nice this machine looks. The glossy metallic silver mixed with the black pearl tones of the panels and wheel just make for an extremely modern piece of exercise technology.

Precor EFX 665 Monitor

The monitor that comes with the Precor EFX 665 elliptical is the P62 touchscreen console (not the P82 that you get with the EFX 685). You’ll find that this monitor does a pretty good job in what it seeks to do, a trait that it shares with many other Precor elliptical monitors. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that it can be customized to a great extent. It has 18 different language options, allowing for many different users to view it in their own language. This could be Iberian Portuguese, Dutch, Korean, Turkish and so on. For even more customization, you have the option to look at the statistics in either metric or U.S standard measurements. The combination of these two elements means that it really makes the elliptical feel like your own.

Then there are the statistics that you can track with it. You’ll have the option of 19 different statistics to see and help you track just how you are doing during your exercising. These can be as simple as the resistance level that you are on or as specific as the stride per minute that you are averaging. Regardless of what you pick, these can help you really get a handle on your progression as a healthy elliptical user.

Finally, there are the elements already preinstalled on the monitor in order to help you get started with your fitness. There are 27 different workout modes available, including the basic manual one. Such workouts can include mountain climbing, hill climbing, a 5K, fitness tests and so on. Even if you don’t use half of these, you’ll have plenty of variety in the workouts for years to come. For those skipping around and looking for summaries – this is a pretty darn good monitor.

EFX 665 Stride and Incline

The stride and incline are another pair of important elements that make up any elliptical machine, and those on the Precor EFX 665 cross trainer are certainly no different. Fortunately, the EFX 665 has the same sort of CrossRamp® that is used in a more advanced way with the 800 series. This allows for the user to have a more natural stride and adjust it to the way they walk normally. However, this is only true in regards to the incline on the EFX 665. While there are 20 different settings for the incline, you can adjust all the way between the lowest incline of 10 degrees and the highest of 35 degrees.

The stride length of the EFX 665 is adjustable, though not quite to the extent that those in the 800 series are. While this is unfortunate, the fact that they are still changeable puts them ahead of many other competitors. You just get more options in how you can move comfortably on board this elliptical. Not perfect, but also not bad like the 700 series (which are stationary).

Normally we are full of praise for the CrossRamp® technology and adjustments that can be made in these Precor ellipticals. And we still are, at least for the ability to change the inclines of the pedals and the stride length. However, the fact that they lack a similar ability to the 800 series is unfortunate.

EFX 665 Handlebar and Pedals

Considering that the handlebars and pedals are what you’ll be physically interacting with the most, we thought it important that they be comfortable and work as intended. There’s good news here, as they both do their jobs well. The handlebars are a definite plus, as they are one of the best kinds – the type that moves. Moving handlebars are inherently better than stationary ones because they allow you to get an upper body workout alongside the lower body one. However, there’s also a stationary pair that sit right underneath the monitor and have heart rate sensors on them for even more workout data.

The pedals should be able to fit a whole host of different people without any sort of issue at all. They measure to be around 16 inches (40.6 cm) long and 8 inches (20.3 cm) wide. Unless you have feet the size of Mickey Mouse, you should be fine. If you wish to clean the pedals after a workout, the polypropylene material that they are made of should let you do so rather easily as well.

There’s very little to complain about with the handlebars and pedals of the Precor EFX 665 elliptical. They all do an excellent job at what they are supposed to do, while also delivering just a little bit more benefit than what they had to (moving handlebars and easy-to-clean pedals). Very nice indeed.

EFX 665 Assembly and Accessories

In terms of the assembly process for the Precor EFX 665 home elliptical, you should find that it won’t be a pain in the neck like so many other personal machines are. Even if you are not particularly handy or skilled as putting things together, the manual that comes with the EFX 665 is detailed enough to the point where it shouldn’t take a long time at all.

While Precor aren’t known for installing accessories on these machines, the EFX 665 actually has a bit more than you would otherwise expect to find. There’s the usual compartment that sits underneath the console that can hold a phone, tablet or water bottle. However, there’s also a mobile device charger and for those in the U.S, they get a reading rack as well.

The biggest surprise with the EFX 665 is that it actually has some additional accessories compared to other ellipticals. Normally the core features are all there are and you don’t need any bonuses. Admittedly, a smooth assembly process is definitely a bonus that we can all be happy with. And we’re most certainly not going to complain about more features being included with this elliptical.

Price, Warranty and Shipping

When it comes to the price of the Precor ellipticals, this is always the part when it becomes hard to defend them. The price of the Precor EFX 665 elliptical machine sits right at $8,095. While this isn’t as absurd as some of their other ellipticals, this is still a heck of a lot of money to be dropping on a piece of exercise equipment. You can pay it in increments as small as $261 a month, but that is still a pretty good chunk of money. Even those who have an abundance of money to throw all over the place, it still seems like there are a lot of other places that money could go.

Part of this evaluation, we’re assuming, comes from the guarantees that come with the EFX 665. Fortunately, it’s hard to protest against these warranties, as we’re always on the side of backing up the products businesses are selling. The EFX 665 has a lifetime warranty on the frame, a 10 year warranty on the parts and wear items, a 3 year warranty on the console and a 1 year warranty on the labour. All combined, this is a good guarantee package. It’s nice to see a company put it’s word behind the product.

The shipping process should not take too terribly long. Maybe a week, depending on your location and the service that you use. Also take into account global events that may or may not disrupt life as we know it for the majority of a year or more. You know, just hypothetical things.

Precor EFX 665 Cross Trainer Pros:

  • Fantastic Monitor: The 10” P62 monitor is the highlight of the EFX 665. It has so many different customization and workout options that it alone could keep you entertained and fit for a long time. We’re not sure how much of the cost is attributed to it, but we’re pretty sure that’s worth it for this.
  • Firm Warranty: Precor have put their mouth where their money is in terms of backing up their gear. Such warranties should be praised to the heavens so that everyone can copy them.
  • More Accessories Than Normal: The fact that we can praise the accessories on this elliptical is a bit abnormal, but certainly not unwelcome. A reading rack (for the US) and charging port for phones are nice benefits.

Precor EFX 665 Cross Trainer Cons:

  • High Price To Pay: This one is pretty straightforward. The EFX 665 will cost a lot of money. You had better be sure you can both afford this elliptical and want this elliptical. Otherwise, it would be a lot of needless expense.

Final Verdict

It’s hard to recommend the Precor EFX 665 elliptical. While it has a quality monitor and more accessories than those machines in higher series, the sheer cost and lack of stride length adjustment just seems like a bit too much to give a guaranteed “Yes, go buy” status on it. Which is unfortunate, as it really is a good machine. Unless you happen to be desperate for such a piece of equipment and have a spare $8,000 laying around, in which case we are fully willing to recommend it. We’re just not sure how many people fulfill those prerequisites.

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