Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Review, Pros, Cons, & Comparison

Precor EFX 447 Overview

To get fit, it only makes sense to procure the gear to do so, right? Fortunately, in the modern-day, there are plenty of such options to choose from in order to help you to get to where you want to be. Bikes, rowers, treadmills and ellipticals are all great ways to help the body get into top shape.

With the closure or limiting of gyms thanks to the pandemic, however, access to these machines has become somewhat more limited. However, there is another option. You can seek to purchase some of these machines for yourself, as your own personal gym. Precor makes a variety of these, and we’re looking at their series of ellipticals to see just how good they are at performing at home.

Today we’re going to be looking at the Precor EFX 447 elliptical cross trainer. We’ll see just what it is made of, how it works, and how much it can do for you. Then we’ll compare that to how much it will cost out of your pocket and give our opinion on whether or not you should seriously consider it if you are looking to improve your own arsenal of fitness equipment. So with all of that out of the way, let’s hop into our review of the Precor EFX 447 home elliptical!

Precor EFX 447 Review and Specs:

To make sure that you can fit the elliptical in your home, you probably will want to know how much space it takes up and how heavy it is. Both of which are reasonable requests that we can help with. The weight is simple indeed, as the Precor EFX 447 elliptical trainer weighs about 240 lbs (109 kg). However, the maximum weight that it can hold rises all the way up to 350 lbs (159 kg).

It will also take up a fair bit of room, so you’ll want to plan out just where you are going to put this piece of gear. It’s dimensions are 84 inches (213 cm) long, 31 inches (79 cm) wide and 67 inches (171 cm) tall. So while it might not break every room that it enters into, you still can’t exactly just stick it in your closet once you are done with it (unless you’ve got a fairly large closet). There are a pair of wheels on the rear of the EFX 447 in order to help movement around the home.

The EFX 447 is powered by being plugged into an outlet. For those in the United States and Canada that have 120 VAC outlets, it is compatible with these at 50/60 Hz. We’re not quite sure what they do for international orders, but we know that on upper series machines they adapt it to the 240 VAC used there. But in general, you should find the specifications of the Precor EFX 447 elliptical machine a good fit for most homes.

Precor 447 Elliptical Monitor

One of the best parts about going through the Precor ellipticals is seeing what they can do with the monitors. The Precor EFX 447 elliptical trainer continues this trend by being extremely good. While it doesn’t have the same language customization as some others, it does have the ability to create different User Profiles in order to save your favourite workouts and settings. These profiles also offer the ability to suggest personalized workouts for your own progression. You can also switch between metric and U.S standard for looking at the statistics that are being tracked during the workout.

There are 27 different workout metrics that can be tracked by default. These include basic aspects like the time remaining, total distance or the calories burnt. Then there are more advanced stats like the strides per minute, calories per minute, heart rate and other such metrics. This gives you a nice set of options to choose from, regardless of how much stock you put into tracking these numbers.

Then there are the preset workout programs that come on the Precor EFX 447 elliptical. You have 40 to choose from, with a wide variety in that number. Hill climbing, weight loss, interval training and more all sit nicely alongside the basic manual mode in order to give you choices about how your exercise session will proceed. It really is a brilliant setup that you’ve got at your disposal, and anyone who does decide to acquire this elliptical should look to make full use of it. This is arguably the best part about the EFX 447 and we cannot praise it enough.

Precor 447 Stride and Incline

The stride and incline of an elliptical are two more key elements that you’ll want to make sure that work well and do the appropriate job. Precor uses a specific technology called CrossRamp® in order to facilitate these adjustments. The stride adjustments work as you might expect it to. The more the inclines change (more on that in a moment) the more changes you get in terms of the stride length. This allows you to adjust to try and get a more natural feel to your leg movements.

The incline adjustments on the Precor EFX 447 cross trainer is actually rather nice. There are 20 different levels to adjust to, with a nice range of 25 degrees to pick from. The lowest angle you can get is 15, while the highest sits at 40 degrees. Such variation allows for more changes to the workout and thus more ways to get fit.

You might be lacking the specific/independent stride adjustments that you can find in the 800 series of ellipticals, but the fact that you can still adjust it through the incline means that you can still get the most out of the CrossRamp® system. It’s a good system to have and anyone who uses this elliptical should know about and make use of these features. These settings can be controlled through lever style motion controls on the console, so it’s easy to access during or before the workout. More convenience is always nice, which we’d think is a hard statement to argue when it comes to these things.

Precor 447 Handlebar and Pedals

Considering the handlebars and pedals are what you’ll be interacting with the most on the Precor EFX 447 cross trainer, it only makes sense to review them as separate entities. First up are the handlebars. There are two pairs of these, with the inner pair being stationary and containing the heart rate monitors that we mentioned before in the monitor section. Then there are the outer pair, which can be either stationary or moving. We’d recommend the latter, as they allow you to get a more total workout in rather than just a lower body one in. Then if you need a break, you can just grab onto the stationary pair in the middle.

The pedals, on the other hand, are unremarkable. On most of the Precor ellipticals, they are made of a polypropylene material that makes cleaning much easier. However, it is not specified if these pedals are made of the same. The dimensions of the pedals are also not listed, which is rather strange. We always prefer to have more information rather than less, so this is a strike against Precor in our book.

You’ll find that the handlebars of the Precor EFX 447 elliptical are perfectly fine and should do their job for just about any user out there. The pedals should also do such a job, though we have less information on them to actively praise or criticise their build. So keep that in mind when looking at it. You’d hate to have the elliptical arrive and the pedals be too big or too small for your feet.

EFX 447 Assembly and Accessories

There’s good and bad news when it comes to this part of Precor ellipticals. The good news is that the assembly process is much nicer than it has to be and nicer than a large number of other machines. The bad news is that the accessories that come with the Precor EFX 447 elliptical are not anything to write home about. This probably won’t change your opinion on the elliptical, but you should still keep it in mind when choosing the one you desire.

The assembly process of just about any Precor elliptical is not an issue. They have a rather nice tendency to include a manual that makes the assembly process quite straightforward and simple. Even for those people who wouldn’t normally consider themselves very handy at building things, it shouldn’t take long at all to put this baby together.

In terms of bonus features (also known as accessories), you don’t have a ton of options outside of holders. There’s a water bottle holder that sits right beneath the main console, a holder on each side of that same console (2 total) for phones or remote controls, and a magazine/tablet holder that sits right above the monitor itself. So you’ll have plenty of room to keep entertained while on-board.

Price, Warranty and Shipping

The price is the part that many people often skip to and it is also the part where we almost universally criticize the Precor machines. It is no different here. The Precor EFX 447 elliptical trainer costs a mighty $5,500. While this payment can be done in $177 a month payments, that is still a lot of money to be dropping on a piece of exercise equipment. Used cars can be acquired for less than this amount.

On the flip side, we universally praise Precor for the guarantees that they place on their equipment. While it costs an arm and a leg, they will put their money behind it in warranties. There is a lifetime warranty on the frame, 10 year warranty on the parts and wear items, a 3 year warranty on the console and 1 year warranty on the labour. If something breaks onboard the EFX 447, you’ll be sure to get some help from the makers.

The shipping process is somewhat out of Precors hands, especially at the current moment. It shouldn’t take that much longer than a week, though keep in mind this can be affected by outside elements. Slow mailing time and a global pandemic might make the time of arrival slightly longer.

Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Machine Pros:

  • Quality Monitor: We just can’t stop praising Precor monitors. They just add so much quality of life value to the ellipticals they are on that it would be impossible to overrate them.
  • Adjustable Stride/Incline: These elements allow you to really make yourself at home while working out on the EFX 447. They also add different challenges, once again raising the value.
  • Fantastic Warranty: You’ll feel safe with this elliptical, knowing that it’s covered by such generous guarantees. Even if something breaks, you’ll be able to get a replacement for it (unless it happens over 10 years from when you bought it).

Precor EFX 447 Elliptical Machine Cons:

  • High Price To Pay: This would be an instant buy if not for this one little issue. The price of the EFX 447 is so high that you could get multiple other pieces of equipment for what you would be paying here.
  • Rather Large Size: This one is only sort of a negative. If you’ve got plenty of space at home, no need to worry. However, if your home is a bit cramped, this is a pretty big object to throw into the mix.

Final Verdict

As much as we want to recommend the Precor EFX 447 elliptical machine, it becomes hard to do so at the current price. Unless you have a boatload of money at your disposal and a desperate need for an elliptical, the value for money that you’ll receive here is questionable. Is it a very good elliptical machine that would often be an easy recommendation? Yes. Can we recommend it to the vast majority of people at the current price point? No. If the price drops or you can find a version of it for much less money, you should totally go for it. Otherwise, we suggest looking elsewhere.

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