Precor Elliptical Reviews For 2020

Precor Ellipticals

A world leader in terms of diversification and innovations, for over three decades Precor has been striving to make the world of fitness better and life more enjoyable for all levels of athletes. Founded by industrial designer David Smith as Precision Corporation in 1980, a year later, in 1981, they were able to develop the first ergonomically rowing machine (610 Precision Rowing Machine).

Through their responsible approach to business and a full range of innovative fitness products designed by the best engineers and backed by millions of users, they have gained a tremendous amount of fans and a high reputation around the globe.

Precor distinguished themselves as one of the global leaders in the fitness industry providing high-end ellipticals and other fitness equipment to hospitals, hotels, clubs, law enforcement establishments, and homes. Precor distributes around the world in tens of countries.

Precor gym equipment, especially their elliptical machines can be seen in the high-end gyms of every corner of the world. They innovated countless different choices of fitness machines so that any level of the athlete with a sophisticated taste in exercising can find the Precor cross trainer that suits their need. “Fitness made personal” is Precor’s motto.

For the last four decades, they have focused and mastered in ergonomic motion, utilizing proven science and brightest engineering. They have never stopped the process of revolutionizing the new machines toward a better/smarter and lower-impact cardio training. Most Precor ellipticals designed for residential use come with commercial quality so you can combine the Precor gym equipment quality exercise with your home’s comfort.

Innovations in Precor Ellipticals

While Precor has developed much innovative cardio exercise equipment, we will focus on their elliptical machines.

In 1995, Precor introduced the first elliptical cross trainer so that the user could change the ramp and work on different muscle groups. The rear drive elliptical with the patented design was able to better simulate the feeling of walking and running and provided a more natural stride motion.

However, Precor’s innovation endeavor didn’t stop there. In 2007, their engineers developed a very special and unique machine called AMT (Adaptive Motion Trainer). It had the effect of a bomb in the fitness industry and was quickly adopted in health clubs, hospitals, etc. It wasn’t long before they redefined and added more features to the AMTs and in 2012 they made the new models featuring an “open stride” where not only the users could change the stride length, but they were also able to change the height of the steps.

In the same year, they also launched the Preva App bringing the best of the internet content and the option for a wider personalization with engaging workouts and management tools for operators.

In 2016, it was improved also the Precor EFX series ellipticals with the addition of the CONVERGING Cross Ramp. Precor has received so many Best Buy, Design, and Quality awards that we can’t even start mentioning them. With AMTs and the recent release of converging Cross-Ramp ellipticals, Precor proved that their mission is to develop cross trainers with the most natural movement similar to the human body.

There are two main Precor fitness equipment lines:

➽ The Strength product line:
The Strength line manufactures the Selectorized, Plate Loaded, Queenax, Benches & Racks, Multi-stations, and Core&Stretching.
➽ The Cardio product line:
The Cardio line manufactures the AMTs, Ellipticals, Treadmills, Indoor Cycles, Upright/Recumbent Bikes, and Climbers.

There are currently 17 models of Precor elliptical machines:

Light and full commercial quality, the Experience and Assurance are the two series that incorporate the Precor ellipticals currently manufactured: AMTs, EFX Converging CrossRamps, and the EFXs. The oldest models are the EFX with no Converging CrossRamps which will probably be discontinued in the future. However, in the meantime, if you are short on a budget but still looking for a solid gym-quality elliptical, we won’t hesitate to recommend the basic Precor EFX. The beauty of Precor ellipticals is that regardless which models you go with, you will still get the commercial-grade and comfort.

These are the Precor cross-trainer models:

  • 6-AMT  Machines  (AMT 885, 865, 835, 783, 763, 733)
  • 6-EFX Ellipticals with Converging CrossRamps (885, 883, 865, 863, 835, 833)
  • 5-EFX Ellipticals (781, 761, 731, 536i, 532i)

Consoles for Precor Ellipticals

Precor has seven different models of consoles for their elliptical trainers. While three of the consoles are advanced LEDs with no internet/Bluetooth connection, the other four consoles feature 10″ to 15″ touchscreen, interactive workouts.
Note: Most Precor ellipticals are compatible with only one console, unlike for Life Fitness where you have up to four choices of consoles for one elliptical.

➽ 880 Line Touchscreen Console (P82), high-tech
This is the top-of-the-line console to use with a Precor cross trainer as it features interactive workouts capability. Programs range from 9 to 22 depending on which Precor elliptical you are combining with this console. For example, with Converging CrossRamp 885 you get 22 preset programs while you get only 9 programs with AMT 885 elliptical. Precor P82 Console features a 15″ touchscreen 1024 x 768 display resolution, easy-to-use motion controls, Bluetooth (4.0 and 2.0 plus BTLE), NFC, Diagnostic, CSAFE Ready, HDMI 1.4b and WiFi/Ethernet capability. This Precor console also features multiple languages, muscle monitor, iPhone/iPod compatibility and 120 Maximum workout time. The P82 durable console can connect to Preva App, a source of online programs and workouts that allow you to interact with other users and save your progress. It features integrated tuner and supports TVs.

➽ 780 Line Touchscreen Console (P82), high-tech
It’s also a Precor’s top-of-the-line console and features a 15″ screen ergonomically positioned to deliver clear entertainment viewing for the exerciser. With this console, you have 17 built-in workout preset programs on an elliptical CrossRamp and only 12 preset-programs on AMT. So, depending on which one of the mentioned Precor ellipticals you choose, the number of workout programs varies. This console also features multiple languages, 120 minutes maximum workout time, mobile device charger and the ability to set club parameters to limit exercise/pause time. The Precor 780 Line Console features wireless/WiFi connection but we haven’t been able to locate information on whether it has Bluetooth, iPhone/iPod connection capability or not. This console lacks in CSAFE Ready, even though it features integrated tuner and can be connected to TV devices.

➽ 860 Line Touchscreen Console (P62), mid-range
With 22-preset programs and a 10-inch touchscreen display, this is a mid-range Precor display. The P62 Precor console has a screen resolution of 1024 x 600 which provides a decent picture for the users. This console also has an integrated tuner, HDMI port, supports Globa TVs, and can connect to wireless/WiFi, Ethernet, NFC, HDMI, and Bluetooth 4.0. The users can easily interact with the virtual environment (Preva App), share and save progress with other trainees.

➽ 760 Line Touchscreen Console (P62), mid-range
It features 10-inch touchscreen display with an interactive workout/Preva Operating System, 12 workout programs with AMT cross trainers and 17 workout programs with Elliptical CrossRamp machines. The 760 Line console provides a clear viewing experience and internet options often exercisers crave. The users have the ability to set “favorite” selections for the future and customize their workout experience. We can’t locate any information to confirm this console features Bluetooth, but it has WiFi connection capability.

➽ 830 Line Console (P30), advanced LED
The 830 Line Console features an LED display, motion controls, multiple languages, muscle monitor, 21 electronic readouts, it’s CSAFE ready and you can set club parameters to limit exercise time and pause time. It’s one of the LED Precor consoles that focus on the essential fitness stats and can’t interact with the virtual environment or connect to your devices.
Note: It’s compatible with Precor PVS and Entertainment Cap/800 MHz.

➽ 730 Line Console (P30), basic LED
The Precor 730 Line console feature an LED display and doesn’t feature interactive workout and can’t connect to WiFi, wired internet, Bluetooth and your devices either. This means that while using your Precor cross trainer, you can’t track your workout for weekly/monthly comparison. Unlike the 830 Line Console, this doesn’t have the muscle monitor either. Precor 730 Line Console features easy-to-use motion controls, multiple languages, unlimited workout time, and 20 electronic readouts.
Note: It’s compatible with Precor PVS and Entertainment Cap/800 MHz.

➽ Standard Console Basic
This Precor elliptical console is also pretty basic with an LED display. It doesn’t have WiFi/wired or Bluetooth connection capability, so users can’t track their stats on the web or interact with other athletes through the virtual environment. The Standard Console features only 6 workouts, multiple languages, numeric keypad, workout profile. It doesn’t feature easy-to-use motion controls and also doesn’t feature the muscle monitor which can help users target specific muscle groups. One good feature this model has is the workout profile that allows users to save their custom workout on the console. Precor Standard Console features CSAFE Ready and has the ability to set club parameters to limit exercise time.
Note: It’s compatible with Precor PVS and Entertainment Cap/900 MHz.

Precor Entertainment Cap, PVS, and PEP

➽ Precor Entertainment Cap.
Entertainment Cap is a receiver that gets integrating on top of the console. It allows you to access a selection of audio and TV channels including those from a wall or ceiling-mounted displays. There are two models of Entertainment Caps, 800 and 900 MHz. The Entertainment Cap 800 MGz is compatible with consoles 830, 730 and 810 (P30). The Entertainment Cap 900 MHz is compatible with Standard Line Console.
Note: When you purchase a PVS, you will need an Entertainment Cap.

➽ Precor PVS (Personal Viewing System)
This is a 15.6″ TV designed to give the user a more personal experience with complete choice and control.
Note that a separate power connection is required for PVS.

➽ Personal Entertainment Player (PEP)
PEP allows users to upload video content and play music from an iPod or iPhone directly to the PVS on the Precor cardio fitness equipment. Additionally, the PEP accommodates charging of iPod or iPhone devices during workouts.

Note: The PEP, PVS, and EC are only for LED Consoles (830, 730, 810 (P30) and Standard Line)

If the model of Precor elliptical you purchase comes with an LED display, you can add an optional Entertainment Cap, PVS and PEP to have a more personal entertainment experience.
Note: Nor the Entertainment Cap, neither the PVS allows you to connect to the web and track your stats.

Precor AMT Series ellipticals

Adaptive Motion Trainers were initially launched in 2017 and from the same year, it started winning awards from Gold’s Gym Inc, Health Mag, Top Treadmill Award, the annual Nova 7 People’s Choice Award, etc.

Since then, Precor AMT Series line designed and manufactured six different models of AMTs. The last design and functionality update was in 2012 when Precor launched the first AMT with Open Stride to allow the exerciser to change length and height of the stride. There are many elliptical trainers that allow you change the stride length and incline ramp but none of them allows the user to change the height of the stride. AMTs are unique due to offering a low-impact treadmill, elliptical, and stair climbing exercise. The 3-in-1 design is what makes them special. Currently, Precor produces six models of AMTs. Three AMTs have the latest technology (Open Stride) while other three AMTs have adjustable stride without the Open Stride technology. Each one of them comes with different consoles and features.

➽ AMT 885 (880 Line Touchscreen Console/P82), the top-of-the-line model
Precor AMT 885 features 0-36″ stride length, 15″ touchscreen console, interactive workouts, and Open Stride technology.

➽ AMT 865 (860 Line Touchscreen Console/P62), mid-range model
Precor AMT 865 features 0-36″ stride length, 10″ touchscreen console, interactive workouts, and Open Stride technology.

➽ AMT 835 (830 Line Console/P30) Mid-Range Model
Precor AMT 830 cross trainer features 0-36″ stride length, Open Stride technology, and a basic LED Console without wireless connectivity.

➽ AMT 783 (780 Line Touchscreen Console/P82) Entry-Level Model
Precor AMT 783 elliptical features 0-36″ stride length, 15″ touch-screen console, interactive workout but not the Open Stride technology.

➽ AMT 763 (760 Line Touchscreen Console/P62) Entry-Level Model
Precor AMT 763 cross trainer features 0-36″ stride length, 10″-screen console, interactive workout but it doesn’t have the Open Stride technology.

➽ AMT 733 (730 Line Console/P30) Entry-Level Model
Precor AMT 730 elliptical machine features 0-36″ stride length, 6 preset programs, a basic LED console without wireless connectivity.

Strengths of Precor AMTs
Being an Adoptive Motion Trainer is a unique feature that can be found only on Precor elliptical machines. Instead of having to adjust to the machine, the machine adjusts to you. You have freedom of movement rather than following the movement of a machine. If all of a sudden, you decide to do a sprint, you do it and the machine adapts to you. The same goes if you want to do hill climbing or walking.

☞ Open Stride
This feature allows you to go from walking to stair/hill climbing. Open Stride allows you to adjust the height of your steps which is unique and can’t be found on any other elliptical around the world.

☞ Three In One
Precor AMT Open Stride machines offer three different types of exercises and this is one reason why athletes of all levels love it. On a Precor AMT machine, you can do elliptical, treadmill and stepper exercises. Not only it offers three different exercises, if done with Precor AMT, they have less impact than doing it on traditional elliptical, treadmill and stepper machines.

Weaknesses of Precor AMT Machines
Precor AMT machines offer 20 silent resistance levels. However, the resistance is not as strong as on EFX Precor ellipticals. AMT machines can create maximum 375 WATTS/Power while an EFX elliptical can create up to 720 WATTS/Power. This means you can do heavy cardio training with AMTs but you cannot do strength training.

Precor EFX with Converging CrossRamp Ellipticals:

In 2016, Precor redefined the EFX ellipticals adding the first Converging CrossRamp. Not long after, they became super popular among health clubs and elite exercisers.

But what is Converging CrossRamp?

It’s a combination of reliability with a natural converging stride path to mimic your natural walking and running motion. Still not clear? Well, instead of the two ramps going parallel to each other like all the other ellipticals, the converging model has your feet slightly come towards the center at the top of each stride.

There are currently six models of Precor EFX ellipticals with Converging CrossRamp and they all feature the “Active Status Light” to let the owner know if the unit needs maintenance.

➽ EFX 885 with Converging CrossRamp (880 Line Touchscreen Console/P82), top-of-the-line
Precor EFX 885 with Converging CrossRamp features 15″ touch-screen console, interactive workouts, 22 preset-programs, 10-35 degree ramp incline, 21″ to 25″ stride length, iPhone/iPod integration, moving and static handlebars. It’s not self-powered and requires electricity.

➽ EFX 883 with Converging CrossRamp (880 Line Touchscreen Console/P82), mid-range model
Precor EFX 883 with Converging CrossRamp features 15″ touch-screen console, 10 to 35 degree adjustable ramp, 21″ to 25″ stride length, iPhone/iPod integration and 20 preset programs. This model doesn’t have moving handlebars nor interactive workout capability (Bluetooth/WiFi connections). This elliptical is not self-powered and requires electricity.

➽ EFX 865 with Converging CrossRamp (860 Line Touchscreen Console/P62), mid-range model
Precor EFX 865 with Converging CrossRamp features 10″ touchscreen console, interactive workouts, 23 preset programs, 21″ to 25″ stride length, adjustable 10 to 35-degree ramp, mobile device charger, moving and static handlebars. Not mentioned if this model has iPhone/iPod connectivity.

➽ EFX 863 with Converging CrossRamp (860 Line Touchscreen Console/P62), mid-range model
Precor EFX 863 with Converging CrossRamp features 10″ touchscreen console, interactive workouts (WiFi/Ethernet connection), 10 to 35-degree adjustable ramp, 23 preset programs, 21″ to 25″ stride length, moving and static handlebars. Not clear if this model has iPhone/iPod connectivity.
Note: It’s not self-powered and requires electricity.

➽ EFX 835 with Converging CrossRamp (830 Line Console/P30), mid-range model
Precor EFX 865 with Converging CrossRamp features a LED-based display, 21 readouts, CSAFE Ready, muscle monitor, 15 preset programs, 21″ to 25″ stride length, 10 to 35-degree ramp incline, moving and static handlebars. However, it lacks in interactive workouts (WiFi/Ethernet, Bluetooth connections) and in iPhone/iPod connectivity. This elliptical is self-powered.

➽ EFX 833 with Converging CrossRamp (830 Line Console/P30), entry-level model
Precor EFX 833 with Converging CrossRamp features an LED display, 20 readouts, CSAFE Ready, muscle monitor, 10 to 35-degree incline, 21″-25″ stride, and 15 preset programs. However, this model lacks in moving handlebars, iPhone/iPad connection and interactive workouts (Bluetooth/WiFi connections). This Precor elliptical is self-powered.

Strengths of Precor EFX with Converging CrossRamp Ellipticals
☞ Consoles
All the six Precor EXF ellipticals feature either high-end interactive touchscreen or advanced LED consoles.
☞ Active Status Light
All six Precor EFX elliptical machines with Converging Cross Ramp feature the “Active Statue Light” option. This feature makes the gym owners’ job much easier because they don’t have to remove the cover to check the mechanism. It also cost-effective because the light warns you of existing problems before the whole unit breaks.
☞ Converging CrossRamp
This technology can be found in all the Precor EFX elliptical machines.
☞ Self-powered and powered
In the Precor EFX machines, you have the option to choose between self-powered or powered ellipticals. There are two self-powered EFX elliptical machines and four powered EFX cross trainers.
☞ Stride & Incline
Precor EFX cross trainers feature adjustable cross ramp so users of different tastes and height can find the position that fits them best.

Weaknesses of Precor EFX with Converging CrossRamp Ellipticals
☞ Price

Compared to the basic EFX ellipticals, these cross trainer machines are more expensive.

Basic Precor EFX ellipticals

In 1995, Precor unveiled the very first rear-drive elliptical cross trainer that enables you to change the incline ramp. This technology reduced the impact on the lower body while allowing the exercisers to better target the lower body muscle groups. These EFX ellipticals don’t feature the new design, Converging Cross Ramp, and they are cheaper compared to the newer models. Basic Precor EFX ellipticals are five.

➽ EFX 781 (780 Line Touchscreen Console/P82) Best of the EFX Category
Precor elliptical machine EFX 781 features 15″ touchscreen console, and 17 built-in preset programs. While we know that its P82 console features interactive workouts, it’s not clear if with EFX 781 elliptical the wireless connection works. Precor cross trainer 781 features moving and the static handlebars. However, it has a fixed 20 degrees incline and lacks in an adjustable incline ramp. It also has a fixed 22.5″ stride length.

➽ EFX 761 (760 Line Touchscreen Console/P62), mid-range
Cross trainer EFX features 10″ touch display and 17 preset programs. However, it lacks an adjustable incline ramp. This machine has a fixed cross ramp at 20 degrees and 22.5″ fixed stride length.

➽ EFX 731 (730 Line Console/P30), mid-range
This Precor elliptical features a basic LED display and no interactive workout. Precor EFX 731 cross trainer also lacks an adjustable incline ramp and has a cross ramp/incline fixed at 20 degrees. The stride length on this Precor elliptical is fixed at 22.5″.

➽ EFX 536i (Standard Console), mid-range
Precor EFX 536i features an LED Standard Console. It has 15 to 40-degree adjustable incline ramp, 21″ to 25″ stride length, moving and stationary handlebars. Although, it doesn’t have interactive workouts.

➽ EFX 532i (Standard Console) Entry-level
Precor EFX 536i also features an LED Standard Console and six preset programs. It also features an incline ramp that can be adjusted from 15 to 40 degrees, and a 21″ to 25″ stride. However, it doesn’t have the moving handlebars and interactive workouts.

Strengths of Precor EFX ellipticals
☞ Incline
Two ellipticals in the Precor EFX category feature adjustable incline ramp. They can be adjusted from 15 to 40 degrees, which is unique.
☞ Price
Ellipticals in this category are less expensive compared to the EFX with Converging CrossRamp.

Weaknesses of Precor EFX ellipticals
☞ Stride & Incline
Three EFX elliptical trainers feature fixed incline and strides. This means all heights are stuck with the same stride and incline ramp, and users can’t adjust the incline for a better lower-body workout.
☞ Lack of the CrossRamp feature
In 2016, Precor invented this groundbreaking design but none of the five basic EFX ellipticals features the converging cross ramp.

Brand Advantages

➽ Full commercial quality. Precor doesn’t degrade the quality just for the sake of the price. In fact, there is no Precor elliptical that we would recommend for entry and intermediate level athletes but not for elite athletes. All 17 Precor cross trainers mentioned above offer gym quality workout to all levels of athletes.
➽ Trusted. Most high-end clubs such as Gold’s Gym Inc, military facilities such as Grand Forks Air Force Base, hotels such as Hilton Hotels Corporation, hospitals and, more importantly, private homes have been using Precor ellipticals for over three decades.
➽ Incline ramp and stride. Most Precor ellipticals allow you to electronically adjust the incline which also adjusts the stride length. This is a unique feature that you can’t find in the competition.
➽ Handlebars. On the newer models, the moving handlebars are not straight vertical bars. Precor bent and designed the handlebars to make upper body workout more comfortable for all user heights.
➽ Converging CrossRamp. This unique technology made the elliptical motion more natural and stress-free than ever seen before. It also prevents lower body joints issues.
➽ Consoles. Precor provides ellipticals with advanced LED and touchscreen displays. Both the new LED and touch consoles feature audio jack/iPad port. They also feature easy-to-use motion controls for changing resistance and incline ramp.
Note: The old LED consols consoles aren’t iPod compatible.
➽ Inspection and maintenance. With the integration of Active Status Light now you don’t have to wait until your expensive cross trainer is broken. Walk by your elliptical machine and check the light on the back to see if your unit needs maintenance. It’s also easy to service the unit due to featuring toolless easy-to-remove panels.
➽ Easy to Clean. Easy to clean, because all the surfaces are covered with durable materials.
➽ Customer Services. Precor provides the BEST customer services by skilled technicians boasting over 90 percent customer satisfaction.
➽ Peva. It’s a powerful software/app that allows you to reach your goals faster. Sign in, create a customized program, choose a number of calories to burn or the distance to go for a week and start exercising. Preva will keep you on the track to make sure you reach that goal. While doing so, you can also stay connected to the web and browse news feed, watch your favorite TV show, and share the progress rewards with your friends on Facebook.

Brand Disadvantages

➽ Warranty. For commercial grade and the high price of these ellipticals, we were expecting a better warranty policy. Precor offers 7 years frame, 5 years motor, 2 years parts and console, and 1 year for labor. You can also extend the warranty of your elliptical which comes in handy, especially for the gym owners.
➽ Controls. None of the Precor ellipticals feature built-in controls on the handlebars to adjust the resistance and incline ramp.
➽ Size. Precor ellipticals feature rear drive and center drive (AMTs) but neither of them is convenient for people with little space.
➽ Speakers & fan. Precor ellipticals don’t feature built-in speakers or cooling fan. It’s something usually found in even less expensive ellipticals. 
➽ Stride length. To adjust the stride, you need to adjust the incline ramp.

Precor AMT Machines

Precor AMT 885 AMT 885 5-Stars Best Price
Percor AMT 865 AMT 865 4½-Stars Best Price
Precor AMT 835 AMT 835 4½-Stars Best Price
Precor AMT 783 AMT 783 4-Stars Best Price
Precor AMT 763 AMT 763 4-Stars Best Price
Precor AMT 733 AMT 733 4-Stars Best Price

Precor EFX With Converging CrossRamps

Precor Ellipticals EFX 885 EFX 885 5-Stars Best Price
Precor Elliptical EFX 883 EFX 883 4½-Stars Best Price
Precor elliptical EFX 865 EFX 865 4½-Stars Best Price
Precor Ellipticals EFX 863 EFX 863 4½-Stars Best Price
Precor elliptical EFX 835 EFX 835 4½-Stars Best Price
Precor ellipticals EFX 833 EFX 833 4-Stars Best Price

Precor EFX Ellipticals

Precor ellipticals EFX 781 EFX 781 4½-Stars Best Price
Precor ellipticals EFX 761 EFX 761 4-Stars Best Price
Precor ellipticals EFX 731 EFX 731 4-Stars Best Price
Precor ellipticals EFX 536i EFX 536i 4-Stars Best Price
Precor ellipticals EFX 532i EFX 532i 3½-Stars Best Price

Precor Overview

For the last 15 years, the cross trainer landscape has been dominated by Precor’s cutting-edge ellipticals. The AMT machines and EFX with Converging CrossRamp are high-tech gems of design and sophistication mimicking the natural human movement.

With commercial quality, approachable sleek design, comfortable, rear and front-drive mechanism, 300+ lbs unit weight and up to 350 user weight, these Precor ellipticals have been occupying the floors of many important facilities across the globe.

The challenge of producing these masterpieces involves thousands of people in and out of the United States. The result of commissioning studies for years and utilizing the brightest engineering is Precor’s never-ending innovating endeavor. Precor makes sure everyone has the possibility to choose what fits them best.

Do you want to workout out only your core, lower body/buttocks, hamstrings, and calves? Precor offers you ellipticals with fixed ramp and fixed handlebars so you can build that dream backside and calves you were longing for. The same goes if you want to do total body workout, they offer you top-of-the-line ellipticals featuring the latest technology with moving handlebars.

Precor also makes life easier for gym owners and fun for trainees by providing interactive workouts and network connectivity so you can control your machines within your facility. Facility owners no longer have to wait until an expensive part of the drive mechanism breaks to find out there is something wrong. Precor Active Status Light located at the back of the elliptical warns you of any issue.

Bottom line is that Precor knows how to build a high-tech durable elliptical machine that lasts without having you to deal with technicians every day. However, you need to keep in mind that these ellipticals are rear drive and heavy which means they are not convenient to be stored/moved after each use. Therefore, if space is not your issue, Precor cross trainers are well worth it both for commercial and residential use.

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