Octane Fitness Zero Runner 8000 Review (ZR8000 Updated in 2021)

Octane ZR8000 Overview

Octane ZR8000 Overview

You will be hard-pressed to find a commercial-grade workout machine like the Octane fitness zero runner ZR 8000 cross-trainer. The ZR 8000 is unlike any other cardio or strength training equipment you’ve ever seen ─ it prioritizes zero to no impact mobility, which dispels pressure from impact-prone joints. Remarkably, the machine incorporates KNEE and HIP joints, just like humans. Hence, the runner adapts naturally to the human gait and posture ─ Incredible is the word you are looking for!

The Octane fitness zero runner series has sparked the fitness industry’s widespread interest and attention for their leading-edge design and functional capability. They emulate the workings of a treadmill and an elliptical without the affiliated impact. This revolutionary impact-free construction has earned Octane fitness massive recognition and awards, including the IF design and the SGB inventor of the year awards. The octane zero runner series consists of four models; the ZR7 and ZR8, which are home or home gym-specific, and the ZR7000 and ZR8000 models, which are explicitly designed for commercial use. The runners have similar features and unique specifications that unite and set them apart.

The ZR-8000 cross trainer is a souped-up version of its “forerunner,” the ZR7000. The inclusion of durable aircraft-grade aluminum legs, lightweight pedals, and an increased resistance range is what places the ZR8000 ahead of the curve. The ZR8000 elliptical cross-trainer is also self-powered and provides a whisper-quiet operation. Additional features include standard and smart console options, 58″ stride length, telemetric heart rate capturing, contoured handlebars, cross-circuit compatibility, front runner pedals, among others. This ZR8000 review reveals all that you need to know about this state-of-the-art exercise machine.

Octane Zero Runner 8000 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Wireless HRMPower Source:Batteries & Plugin
USB Charging Port:
YesDisplay:LCD OR Touch Screen
CenterFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:No
Machine Weight:357 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:69.6"L X 43.2"W X 63.5"HSpeaker:No
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 15-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:No incline, FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:58" AdjustableHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 8 Standard & 12 Smart ConsolesAffordable Alternative:Octane ZR8


The make and feel of the ZR8000 screams “top-notch,” “high-quality “and “sturdy.” Constructed from premium quality and lightweight materials, the ZR8000 can hold its own for a long time to come. The build quality also justifies the 400 Ibs maximum user weight capacity. Considering that people of varying weights and body frames patronize clubs and fitness facilities, you need a weight-versatile runner like the ZR8000 in your corner.

Unlike most elliptical machines and treadmills, height constraints and ceiling clearance are not problems for the ZR8000 and the other three Octane Fitness Zero Runners. The low step-up height, which is just 5.2 inches (13.2 cm ) from the ground, is a breath of fresh air for; individuals of varying height range and rooms with low ceilings. Octane deserves meritorious applause for this brilliant invention. Furthermore, the ZR8000 is as cordless as it gets. The standard console is self-powered (works with batteries), while the smart console requires a plugin.

When it comes to length, the ZR8000 barely competes with most front-drive elliptical trainers that are famous for their space-consuming stretch. It covers a sizeable active footprint of 43.2”× 69.6” (110 × 176 cm) in width and length. However, a clearance of about two feet should be given around the machine for easy access and safety. Though you may rarely move the ZR8000 from its designated spot in your club or fitness facility, the addition of transport wheels is considerate and practical. You are probably wondering if the runner has a foldable frame. Well, it doesn’t.


With two console options, you can exercise the freedom to choose the workout quality of the ZR8000. The ZR8000 offers a standard and smart console, replete with workout programs and features. The standard console sports a multi-panel LCD with integrated capacitive buttons. The console displays essential workout data all at once. These workout metrics include; time, distance, calories burned, pace, stride length, stride height, heart rate percentage, heart rate in beats per minute, and resistance level. The data can be displayed in metrics or English. It is also fortified with eight workout programs and a quick-start feature that sets the runner in motion as soon as the button is pushed.

If you think the standard console is fantastic, you are not wrong. However, the smart console will knock your socks off. The ZR8000 smart console is characterized by a 10” glass capacitive touch screen, workout boosters, customized cross circuit video demonstrations, three-speed console fan for cooling comfort, a USB port, and wireless heart rate compatibility ( ANT + and polar ) for cardiac data. Your clients will be thoroughly entertained as the smart console integrates many entertainment options that encompass internet surfing, web video streamings, and web applications.

The best part about the ZR8000 consoles is the club settings that allow for workout program customization ─ to fit the preferences of a large group of individuals. Also, you can save and exit the settings at any time. They don’t call the ZR8000 cross trainer a club-grade machine for nothing! But surprisingly enough, Octane does not include a cross circuit kit for the cross circuit training, and neither are both consoles compatible with the Octane fitness app. Now, this is a tad disappointing. Nonetheless, the available features maximize and improve workout performance.


All features and design considered, the ZR8000’s user-defined 58” stride length takes the cake. Due to the stride design and pedal configuration, the ZR8000 lives up to its name as a free motion trainer. The stride is built without a belt and deck to facilitate an open and flexible motion of the hamstrings, glutes, and body joints. Running with a moving belt takes the fun out of the activity; it is nowhere near running outdoors (without impact) as the exerciser’s frame takes on the belt’s form. Plus, it restricts glutes and hamstring activity.

As opposed to a fixed elliptical path, the dynamic stride length allows exercisers to move forward and backward without exerting strain on the joints. The extensive length of up to 58″ (147 cm) allows exercises of varying heights to benefit from a full range of motion. Users can begin with a walk and transition to a jog or run, all within the 58” stride length. The dual stride technology is also noteworthy. This smart console feature keeps track of your left and right strides so you can correct your posture, improve your running efficiency, and get the most out of your workout.

The ZR8000 elliptical cross trainer offers 15 resistance levels for greater workout intensity. The runner does not come with a traditional flywheel-operated resistance system; thus, the resistance is adjusted manually. A stride control adjustment lever located just beneath the console controls the tension level of the runner. Moving the lever upwards and downwards increases and decreases the resistance ─ as the case may apply. The lowest resistance (1) is reached when the lever is set at the “─” label, while the highest resistance (15) is achieved at the uppermost region of the adjuster. The ZR8000 console displays the current resistance level so that exercisers can keep tabs on workout intensity.


A practical upper body workout is achievable with the ZR8000 handlebars. This Octane fitness cross-trainer is equipped with moving and static handlebars. This gives exercises the option to pedal with their arms when their legs reach their limit. While the moving handlebars are fitted with a contoured grip for a natural grip and arm comfort, the handles lack a multi-grip design; that enhances upper body workouts. Otherwise, the handlebars are as fantastic as they come.

Digital contact heart rate sensors that measure heart rate data are attached to the stationary handlebars to promote and strengthen cardio training. For best results, the pulse grip sensors can be used simultaneously with the ANT+ / polar telemetric function on the console. It can also be used individually to measure pulse rate; by gripping and making contact with the handlebar’s sensors. The handlebars are also set at a reasonable distance from the pedals, so it is easily within reach.

One of the perks of the ZR8000 cross-trainer is its set of lightweight yet durable pedals. The pedals are mounted on a rubberized surface to ensure foot stability. The legs are composed of aircraft-grade aluminum that is sturdy and stable enough to support the runner’s 400 Ibs maximum user weight capacity. To reinforce the stability and durability, the pedals incorporate industrial –quality stainless steel and ball bearings. The 1.5” (3.81 cm) narrow Q-factor is another feature to look forward to.


The Octane ZR8000 elliptical cross trainer comes with a couple of accessories: two water bottle holders, a phone holder, a tablet/reading rack, and a personal viewing system (PVS). Considering that adequate hydration is crucial to exercise, the water bottle holders come in handy. Your clients can fill their bottles with water or other drinks and place them inside the holders when they workout. Exercisers can watch a ton of workout videos, listen to music, or stream a bunch of entertainment channels via their phone, tablet, or the PVS.

By placing phones and other electronics in the phone holder, users can simultaneously enjoy hands-free entertainment and security. For the bibliophiles or students, the reading rack is an indispensable accessory. If you crave more entertainment options, Octane provides an optional personal entertainment screen for the ZR8000. The 15.6″ LG TV is fitted with an intuitive interface, easy-to-control buttons, and vast tuning capabilities. The screen is compatible with IPTV and pro: Idiom. Also, it can be paired with both the smart and standard consoles.

The upright parts of the ZR8000 are assembled before shipping, leaving you with a couple of parts to fix. You have to assemble the rear leg stabilizers, the left and right moving arms, the side shroud covers, the frame crossbar, the console, and the PVS (if purchased). The assembly may take up to an hour on average, depending on “handyman skills.” And OctaneOctane doesn’t leave you to your own devices; they include a step-by-step instruction manual with illustrations to guide the setup. Tools needed for the assembly include 17 mm wrench (2), 6 mm hex wrench (provided), 4mm hex wrench (provided), 8mm socket bit tool (provided), Ratchet wrench, #2 Phillips screwdriver, #1 Phillips screwdriver and wire cutting pliers.


The ZR8000 cross trainer offers a limited commercial warranty. The runner’s frame is warranted for a lifetime, the parts including the personal viewing system (if installed) for three years and labor for a year. The warranty is rendered valid from the original date of purchase by the original owner. However, this only applies if the warranty is registered. But not to worry; the Octane warranty registration process is as easy as pie.

You can register the product warranty by completing and returning to Octane Fitness the warranty registration card ─ that comes with the box. But if that isn’t convenient, you can register online via Octane’s website www.octanefitness.com. Note that the warranty is not transferable; that is, you cannot pass on the warranty to another person or fitness enterprise. If you have any questions concerning the warranty, you can send an email to the Octane customer support department via customerservice@octane fitness.com or place a call to 800-726-9662; you are sure to get a prompt response.

Dollar for dollar, the ZR8000 comes with a steep price tag. It is only natural that its premium features will beget a heavy price. The ZR8000 sells for $8,399 with the standard console and $9,698 with the smart console. That’s a whopping $1,299 price difference between the two consoles! Whether you are willing to pay a thousand dollars (and some more) for a smart console boils down to the strength of your budget and personal preference. For what it’s worth, the value you get is worth the extra cost. Once you have completed the transaction, the ZR8000 will be shipped to your location for a quote. You should know that Octane fitness only ships to locations within the 50 states of the US. But worldwide shipping would have been excellent, right? And lest we forget to warn you, the ZR8000 is a reasonably heavy machine, so once it reaches you or your fitness club─ all hands have to be on deck for its assembly.


  • The rock-solid frame construction can support a staggering maximum user weight capacity of up to 400 Ibs.
  • The inclusion of adjustable stabilizers with rubberized caps makes the ZR8000 safe and stable to use
  • The extensive 58″ stride length can comfortably serve different exercisers.
  • The free-impact design is suitable for individuals who suffer from injuries and other ailments that cannot withstand impact-prone exercises.
  • The ZR8000 features eye-catching aesthetics that add a decorative element to your space.
  • It has a low step-up height, so users can easily mount the machine without losing their balance.
  • It can easily fit into rooms with low ceilings without posing any inconvenience.
  • Buyers are offered two console choices with a panoply of workout programs.
  • The ZR8000 smart console offers customizable and result-oriented programs.
  • The consoles integrate club settings to suit the workout environment of a fitness facility or club.
  • Movable and static handlebars encourage productive upper body workouts.
  • Digital contact heart rate sensors are incorporated into the stationary handlebars to support heart rate statistics.
  • The consoles are compatible with digital wireless heart rate transmission; ANT+ and Polar.
  • Offers a broad range of resistance with self-directed tension settings to monitor workout intensity
  • Several accessories such as water bottle holders, a phone holder, a reading rack, and PVS are included for ultra-convenience.
  • Because of the near-silent operation, using the ZR8000 attracts minimal distraction,
  • It is relatively easy to put together.


  • While the ZR8000 is packed with various entertainment options, its apparent lack of a sound system is questionable.
  • For a runner that prioritizes cross-circuit training, the absence of a cross-circuit kit makes this feature less than perfect.


No questions asked the Octane fitness ZR8000 elliptical cross trainer is among the world’s top cardio and strength training machines. With its unique ergonomics, the ZR8000 gives users a full-body experience without impacting the joints. No doubt, it is the ideal choice for injury and recovery therapy. And it is not skill-selective; newbies and advanced users can use the ZR8000 runner without any qualms. The high resistance settings can cater to high-intensity exercises, although some professionals might find it lacking. Regardless of body build, the ZR8000 can sustain a maximum weight load of 400Ibs, making it suitable for heavy and lightweight users alike. Truth-be-told, the ZR8000 cross-trainer is quite pricey (but definitely not over-priced). However, the wide range of benefits that comes with using the runner befits the asking price. But all fingers are not equal; therefore, this deluxe runner is not for everyone. A cheaper alternative will be its sister-runner, the ZR7000, which is a few dollars short of the ZR8000. The console is another factor to consider when it comes to budget considerations. If you don’t mind a basic console, it’d be wise to save a pretty penny and buy the standard console, but if you have club members whose exercise routine or preferences borders on the quality of workout programs, it is best to buy the smart console. On the whole, the ZR8000 is an all-round amazing machine.

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