Octane Fitness Zero Runner 7000 Review (ZR7000 Updated in 2021)

Octane ZR7000 Overview

Octane ZR7000 Overview

The Octane fitness zero runner ZR7000 cross-training machine is by no means an average workout machine. This beast of a machine is an exception to the rule, blending a stair climber’s properties, a treadmill, and an elliptical machine in one. The highlight of the ZR7000 is its zero to no impact configuration, aimed at exerting little to no strain on the joints while replicating real human biomechanics.

The ZR7000 zero runner is the commercial-grade near-replica of Octane’s widely acclaimed ZR7 machine. The innovative fitness company has four award-winning and cutting-edge runners to its name. These are the home use ZR7 and ZR8 runners and their commercial versions for gym and studio use; the ZR7000 and ZR8000, respectively. Specially designed to simulate a natural walking, jogging, and running motion without the additional impact, the ZR7000 elliptical cross trainer delivers a workout experience like no other.

This fantastic runner is loaded with features that target a satisfactory user experience; It has an extensive and flexible stride length of up to 58″, a dual console choice, a delightful array of workout programs, and cross circuit compatibility, to name but a few. While the ZR7000 cross trainer is an incredible machine in the word’s real sense, it sports a couple of flaws. The absence of performance grips, Bluetooth connectivity, and Octane’s smart link compatibility is a hard pill to swallow. And while the ZR8000 has more durable aluminum legs, the ZR7000 features PVC legs. However, when it comes to functionality and ease of use, this runner is hard to beat—tag along as we dismantle this runner “part by part” in this ZR7000 review.

Octane Zero Runner 7000 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Wireless HRMPower Source:Batteries & Plugin
USB Charging Port:
YesDisplay:LCD OR Touch Screen
CenterFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:No
Machine Weight:344 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:69.6"L X 43.2"W X 62.5"HSpeaker:No
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 10-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:No incline, FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:58" AdjustableHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 8 Standard & 12 Smart ConsolesAffordable Alternative:Octane ZR7


The ZR7000 elliptical cross strainer’s beauty is its large-scale maximum user weight capacity of 400 Ibs, making it weight-friendly for different gym members and clients. It comes as no surprise that the ZR7000 runner is sturdily constructed with precise attention to details being a commercial machine. It features a heavy-duty steel frame that incorporates a couple of heavy-duty PVC fixtures, the covers, and the pedals. This lends credence to its superior stability and durability.

The ZR7000 covers a footprint of about 43.2” × 69.6” (110 × 176cm), which is quite large if we are honest, but then it is still smaller than a treadmill. One remarkable feature of all Octanes’ Zero Runners is the low-step up height, and the ZR7000 runner is no different. This means your clients can mount the runner with ease without accidents. The low step-up height also gives a low ceiling clearance; that is, it can conveniently fit into rooms with low ceilings.

If you expect a cordless operation, the ZR7000 will not disappoint you as it runs on batteries. So yes, no unsightly wires or whatnot. Although it is a reasonably heavy machine, it is furnished with transport wheels to make relocation easier. On the flip side, the ZR7000 is not foldable. But this shouldn’t be an issue if it is being used in a commercial fitness facility.


You can tell if an exercise machine is worth it’s salt by looking at its monitor. Going by this, we took a good look at the ZR7000 runner and came to this conclusion ─ it is worth a ton of salt and a sprinkle of sugar. The fact that it comes with two console options is mind-blowing enough. You can either choose the standard console or the more advanced smart console.

The standard console offers eight juicy workout programs on an integrated LCD. The console also supplies essential workout data: time, calories, distance, pace, stride length, stride height, heart rate percentage, and heart rate in beats per minute. Also included is a quick start button to get your clients started as soon as they step on the runner. As a bonus, A C-SAFE input for intra-club networking is also included. And have we talked about the wireless ANT+ and polar connectivity for heart rate statistics? The ZR7000 is, no doubt, a smart exercise machine.

If the standard console is a bit “bland” for your liking or not to the taste of your clientele, the ZR7000 smart console can fill in the gaps. With a 10.1 “ touch screen capacity, USB charging port, a 3-speed fan, and 12 pre-set and advanced workout programs ─ it should meet you or your clienteles’ satisfaction. Add cross-circuit training, wifi connectivity, and club settings to the mix, and we have a winner. And as if we are not mesmerized enough, Octane includes a personal viewing system (PVS) and a wireless 900 MHz audio transmission, so your clients can enjoy maximum entertainment as they workout.


TheThe ZR7000 elliptical cross trainer’s top-selling feature is undeniably its flexible range of motion ─ which is all thanks to its dynamic stride length of 58”, which is a long shot from what other elliptical machines offer.

The stride is deliberately free of a belt and all of that intrusive “stuff” giving individuals the absolute freedom to dictate their stride and pace. Plus, this feature eliminates the impact on the joints and the feet for a pain-free exercise. And because the stride length is extensive, short and tall users alike can use the runner comfortably. Also, the ZR7000 smart console is equipped with stride tracing technology. Hence, users can keep tabs on and improve their stride health.

With ten adjustable resistance levels, a full-body experience is assured. You can decrease or increase tension levels depending on how fast or how slow you want to run .Resistance can be adjusted by moving the adjustment lever positioned below the console. Navigating the lever marked as “─” downwards will set the resistance at 1, while placing it upwards increases the resistance as you move.


The ZR7000 elliptical cross trainer is furnished with two sets of handlebars; standard moving handlebars and one-time lockout handlebars (stationary handlebars). Compared to most Octane elliptical machines, the ZR7000 elliptical cross trainer handlebars do not feature performance or multi-grip designs. This is a minus for this fantastic exercise machine, you will agree.

On the bright side, the non-moving handlebars are equipped with digital contact heart rate sensors that can work in tandem with the wireless ANT+ and polar heart rate transmission to provide accurate heart rate data. Holding onto the handlebars places your heart rate data at your fingertips. The handles are also rubber-coated to ensure a comfortable grip.

Pedal-wise, this runner is a top-scorer; the ZR7000 features oversized and slip-resistant pedals. They are also made with rubber and rigid plastic for optimum comfort. The pedal configuration is the star of the show. The 1.5 “narrow spacing between the pedals, the low step-up height, and the smooth surface lays the foundation for authentic zero impact workouts. Pedaling on the ZR7000 equates to walking, jogging, or running on a silky-soft surface. This makes the runner a perfect choice for individuals with injuries and those on recovery training.


When it comes to accessories, the Octane ZR7000 elliptical cross trainer is reasonably covered. Two water bottle holders are included to combat thirst and for refreshment. Users can store and keep their favorite drinks and beverages inside the bottle holders. Furthermore, a media shelf for holding phones and other electronics is attached to the console for convenience and security reasons. As such, your club members or patrons can secure their smart devices and watch exercise videos while they use the runner.

Octane recognizes the value of workout entertainment and provides an optional Personal Viewing System for the ZR7000 runner. The entertainment setup gives access to several TV channels that connects to the runner. And if you have clients who respond better to auditory stimulation (music in particular), the wireless 900MHz audio transmitter accessory is better suited for the job than speakers. On the downside, the ZR7000 does not come with resistance bands nor anchor points for cross circuit training.

The ZR7000 assembly isn’t exactly a walk in the park, but it is easy to figure out. The instruction manual is well-detailed and easy-to-follow. While the bulk of the base comes pre-assembled, you have to fix the base legs, moving arms, top hoops, top caps, and the console (either standard or smart). For conciseness and precision, separate assembly instructions are provided for the frame and the console. You also have to install the PVS and the 900 MHz audio transmitters as well. Thankfully, instruction manuals are provided for this too. Tools needed for the setup include; two 17 mm wrench, 6 mm hex wrench (included), 4 mm hex wrench (included), 8 mm socket bit tool (included), Ratchet wrench, and a #2 Phillips screwdriver. For the PVS and 900 MHz assemblies, the tools required are; #2 Phillips screwdriver, #1 Phillips screwdriver, and wire cutting pliers. Needless to say, you will need an extra pair of hands for the overall set up.


Fitness retail outlets sell the Octane ZR7000 at different price points between $7000- $8000 tops. However, the Octane website offers a request for quotation (RFQ) for the runner. That is, the actual price is not stated to allow buyers to negotiate or bid. You can place a call to Octane fitness on 800-726-9662 to request a quote. Judging by the price range, it is safe to say that the ZR7000 runner is an expensive exercise machine that may not be accessible for all. However, considering the inestimable value it offers, the pricing can be said to be reasonable and justified.

Warranty provides a form of insurance against unforeseen future occurrences, and this is why it is a necessity. Concerning this, the Octane ZR7000 comes somewhat “insured.” Octane offers a limited commercial warranty for the ZR7000 covering a lifetime for the frame, three years for parts (including PVS), and a year for labor. Octane declares the ZR7000 defect and damage-free in both quality and materials at the production and purchases time. And as long as the warranty is registered, it is considered valid and effective from the original date and day of purchase.

Registration is quite simple; it entails completing and submitting the enclosed warranty registration card to Octane fitness. Upon unboxing the ZR7000, you will find a warranty registration card. Simply, fill the details therein and return the card to Octane fitness. Alternatively, you can register the ZR7000 warranty on the Octane website at www.octanefitness.com. For further questions or inquiries regarding the warranty, you can contact the octane customer support center at 888.OCTANE4, ext 1. The ZR7000 is shipped to different locations within the United States for a quote. Shipping time may vary based on location and the shipping medium used. Upon arrival, the box weight and dimensions are 417 Ibs and 70” × 45” × 31” respectively. Suffice to say that the ZR7000 needs more than a pair of hands for dislodgement and assembly.


  • The runner features heavy-duty construction that can support users up to 400 Ibs.
  • The zero-impact design makes it suitable for people with specific exercise-inhibiting injuries.
  • The dynamic and extensive stride length offers a complete and flexible range of motion.
  • The ZR7000 offers two console choices to meet different user and exercise requirements.
  • It comes with a Personal viewing system ( PVS) and a 900 MHz audio transmitter to facilitate workout entertainment.
  • The Pedals are large, slip-resistant, and well-articulated, providing a real non-impact exercise platform for exercisers.
  • The smart console is packed with a potpourri of workout options and features for improved performance.
  • The ZR7000 console allows users to monitor their stride length and height for positive-oriented workout results.
  • It runs smoothly and quietly, thereby eradicating noise pollution and inconvenience.
  • Two sets of handlebars are incorporated to ease and simplify upper arm movements.
  • Pulse grip sensors are integrated into the stationary handlebars for accurate cardiac measurements.
  • It is telemetric; provides wireless heart rate transmission with the aid of an HR device.
  • Two water bottle holders and a tablet/reading rack is included for user and exercise convenience.
  • The ZR7000 is relatively easy to assemble; It is a tad complicated, but a detailed instruction manual is provided to simplify the process.
  • It is the ideal choice for club and fitness facility owners as it requires little to no maintenance, thereby reducing utility costs.


  • It is nowhere near budget-friendly, so if you are looking for an affordable runner machine, you might want to check other options.
  • The absence of Bluetooth and smart link app compatibility is disappointing for an exercise machine within this price range.
  • Cross circuit bands, anchor points, and a polar chest strap are also missing.


The Octane ZR7000 elliptical cross trainer is an innovative gem that every fitness facility deserves to own. The features and workout options are built to provide complete satisfaction and high-performance yields. Whether your clients are beginners, intermediates, or elites, the ZR7000 promises to meet their different fitness needs. But bear in mind that the “unique motion” may present a bit of a learning curve for some of your clients. Further to this, the ZR7000 is super sturdy and stable enough that even your most massive or big-boned patrons can use it conveniently without complaints. In this vein, lightweight users will also find it to their liking.

Speaking of value for money, it will be fair to say that the ZR7000 is a worthy investment that will yield great returns for your club, business, or fitness facility. However, it is not so affordable. This places people with a limited budget at a disadvantage. If your account cannot accommodate the luxuries of the ZR7000, you can consider buying a used or refurbished version on commercial sites like eBay and Craiglist. And of course, you have to ascertain the quality by checking out the shocks and other parts of the machine before closing the deal. Why a “used one” , you may ask? Well, other commercial-grade runner alternatives from brands like Precor, Nordic, and Cybex are equally expensive. But if your pockets are deep enough and you fancy better features (especially better durability), the ZR8000 is a fantastic choice. So which will it be? The decision is yours to make!!!

Octane Fitness Zero Runners Comparison
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Octane ZR7000Octane-Zero-Runner-7000-ReviewCommercialCheck on AmazonYes (Smart Console)Standard & Smart Options8, Standard | 12, Smart58'' Self-Adjusting10-Level MagneticNo
Octane ZR8000Octane-Zero-Runner-8000-ReviewCommercialCheck on AmazonYes (Smart Console)Standard & Smart Options8, Standard | 12, Smart58'' Self-Adjusting15-Level MagneticNo

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