Octane Fitness Zero Runner 7 Review (ZR7 Updated in 2021)

Octane ZR7 Overview

To say the Octane Fitness Zero Runner 7 (ZR7) is a supremely smart and unprecedented machine is to state the obvious. Octane fitness launched the Zero Runner series with the ZR7, which was later succeeded by the ZR8 model. The astounding features on the Zero Runner attracted widespread critical acclaim, which culminated into an award for the manufacturers; In 2016, during its inaugural innovators of the year awards; Sporting Goods business (SGB) conferred the “inventor of the year” title to the octane fitness brand in honor of its unparalleled Zero Runner exercise machines.

The Octane ZR7 replicates a true to life running and climbing motion without associated impact and injury. It provides a convenient yet highly effective training platform for runners and joggers. It is particularly a “wish come true” for fitness enthusiasts with injuries or certain ailments that impede outdoor running, jogging, or stair climbing. The cutting-edge design unifies the knees and the joints to create a motion that is synonymous with running or jogging outdoors.

Ultimately, the Zero Runner 7 is an intelligent machine that tracks gait and other essential workout statistics via an easy-to-read console and Smartlink connectivity — It is also Bluetooth compatible. The ZR7’s unique independent pedals provide incredible flexibility and freedom of movement. More so, you will be innately pleased with the wireless heart rate transmission function. Throw in the whisper-quiet, cordless operation — and you are sure to fall head over heels in love with the Zero Runner 7. The only thing missing are aircraft-grade aluminum legs, lightweight pedals, and 3 sets of grips — which is featured on the ZR8 model. Notwithstanding, the Zero Runner 7 is one brilliant machine, and this review is a testament to this fact.

Octane ZR7 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Wireless HRM Power Source:4 AA Batteries
USB Charging Port:
CenterFlywheel Weight:N/A
5-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:195 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:63"L X 35"W X 59"HSpeaker:No
Max user weight:300 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 3-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:No incline, FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:Up To 58" AdjustableHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 36 ProgramsBetter Alternative:Octane ZR7000


The Zero Runner 7 is engineered with high-quality materials and tough mechanics — it is made up of 80% steel and a few PVC parts. The heavy-duty PVC coated legs of the ZR7 can support a staggering maximum user weight capacity of up to 300 Ibs. And it is super easy to mount; the pedals are positioned 7 inches (approximately) from the ground, so you can easily step on the runner without losing your footing.

The ZR7 low step-up height of 5.2 ” (13.2cm) makes it more suitable for rooms or spaces with low ceilings. Tell you what – if you have a petite frame, you may be able to use this runner in a room with a very low ceiling. Additionally, the ZR7 is self-powered and runs on four AA batteries (included in the box), which means intrusive wired plugs or cords don’t get in your way when exercising or during set up.

With a substantial 195 Ibs weight and dimensions 63″ L × 38″ W × 59 ” H, the ZR7 is quite heavy, but the integrated transport wheels at the front base make mobility and relocation a piece of cake — you can move the runner from room to room without any hassle. On the flip side, the octane Zero Runner 7 is not foldable for either storage or transportation — this may come across as disappointing, but the compact size more than makes up for this little inconvenience; the ZR7’s footprint measures 38″ in width and 63″ in length, which is a little smaller than that of an average home treadmill. So yes, it won’t consume or take up too much space in your home.


An exercise machine that allows you to keep tabs on your workout performance is an absolute joy to work out with, and the ZR7 does not disappoint in this regard. For starters, it is equipped with both Polar (5 kHz coded and non-coded) and ANT + wireless technology, and when it comes to heart rate monitors, we all know polar is the real deal. On the downside, Octane does not include a Polar HR chest strap for the ZR7 but does so for the ZR8 model — tempted to call this unfair, but then it comes with the heavy price tag, so no complaints there.

Moving on to the console itself, the ZR7 features a fairly advanced multi-panel LCD display monitor that gives a summary of essential workout metrics; time, speed, distance, speed, heart rate, average heart rate, stride length, pace, and calories burned. By gripping the built-in sensors on the stationary handlebar, your heart rate will be at your disposal but if you prefer telemetrics, feel free to strap on your polar chest strap with confidence. For calorie readings, you need to input your weight first to get near-accurate results —with your weight data in hand; the console is better equipped to calculate your calories than an average monitor.

The ZR7 console offers 36 built-in programs that span across endurance (14), toning (12), and recovery (10) options. Four of these programs are on the console while the remainder are featured on the Smartlink app – the ZR7 syncs to the Octane smart link app, which allows you to develop personalized workout programs tailored to your fitness needs or goals. The app also features a truckload of training videos and pre-set programs. Furthermore, it also allows for Bluetooth (4.0) connectivity. Where gait and posture are concerned, The ZR7 console provides a gait analysis feature to promote good posture; bear in mind that you will get a stern warning when you begin to “slump” and “slack.”


The octane Zero Runner 7 is more a “glider” than an “elliptical,” and the adjustable 58″ stride length is enough proof. While most ellipticals feature an average fixed stride length of 18″-22″ inches, the ZR7 supports a maximum adjustable stride length of 58 ” — talk about raising the bar. A stretchable stride length makes for a better posture, fit and comfortability; exercising on a machine that restricts leg mobility is an invitation to potential hip and knee injury. Plus, you will be literally” “killing your back” when you maintain a workout posture that is far from upright.

Fortunately, the ZR7 ‘s adjustable stride length solves this problem. Although a user’s height is what naturally determines the right stride length and fit, the adjustable stride length (from 0 – 58″ inches) gives more than enough room for adaptability; no matter how tall you are, you should be able to find the right “fit” without feeling cramped, overstretched, or off-balance. The ZR7 comes with three resistance levels that are manually adjustable — it has no automated buttons or programs for resistance settings. Instead, it is equipped with stride control adjusters whose only function is to help you find the right pedal tension that is specific to your fitness needs.

That being said, you will find the stride control adjusters on each of the main upright legs of the Zero Runner 7 with the following settings; “- ” neutral, and “+” If you feel the resistance is limited at any point in time when using the runner, simply set the dual adjusters to the “-” sign. But if you want a stronger resistance or an uphill running replica, select the “+” sign on each of the legs. It is important to note that the two levers have to be in the same position so that a smooth and even motion can be achieved. For even better resistance, Octane includes a set of effective resistance bands and seven anchor/connecting points across the machine. The fusion of the Zero Runner and the resistance bands gives rise to cardio and strength training options – Now this is one feature that rivals gym machines!


The Octane Zero Runnner 7 features two sets of handlebars; mobile and stationary. The ZR7 ‘s mobile handlebar is furnished with a multi-grip design and rubber handles for a firm and comfortable grip. The good thing is, the handles are conveniently positioned from the pedals; they are not farther from the pedals so you can enjoy a comfortable grip and arm position during exercise. However, petite users may have to contend with a high grip that is too close to their chest — but this “little problem” isn’t exactly a “problem” as it may not affect performance quality. Furthermore, the mobile arms are as flexible as can be; they are not restricted and will continue to move as long as the pedals are moving.

The stationary handlebar sports a semi-cycle like design with integrated stainless-steel pulse sensors. This means that if you grip the handlebar, the console will automatically read your pulse (although it can still read your pulse if you use a wireless HR transmitter). For the most accurate heart rate measurement, it is recommended that you grab onto the handlebar while using a chest strap. Also, the mobile handlebar is well-suited for upper and lower body workouts, while the stationary handlebar focuses primarily on lower body workouts. However, the ZR7 lacks performance grips, which are present on its sister-runner, the ZR8.

The most remarkable feature of the ZR7 is its pedal and leg articulations. The ZR7 pedals are large, non-slip, and made of rubber. They also have foot cages that provide extra foot stability during exercise. The Q-factor or space between the ZR7 pedals is narrow — it is about 2.0″ (5. 1 cm), to be exact. This narrow configuration translates to better feet-on-pedal positioning, which equals minimal pressure on the knees and ankles. To put it simply, the zero-impact nature of the ZR7 is largely attributed to the pedals. And does it allow for reverse pedaling? You bet it does.


The ZR7 comes complete with several handy accessories. For one, the large tablet /reading rack on the ZR7 is the next best thing since “phone holders.” You can catch up with your favorite books or novels while using the runner— simply place your book, phone, or tablet in the provided reading rack. And not only does the ZR7 allow you to read and workout, but it also provides a comfortable position for this leisurely activity. The rack is positioned in such a way that your head /eyes are at equilibrium with the rack. You also don’t need to break stride to get some reading done as the rack holds your book or tablet in place so you can focus on gripping the handles. A water bottle holder is also included because hydration is a key fitness requirement.

Two other notable accessories include three pairs of elastic (resistance) bands with handgrips and a PowerBlock stand. You can attach the bands to the aforementioned anchor points to perform several arm exercises. The bands are earmarked for different resistance levels; the yellow pair are for light resistance, the blue is solely for mid-range resistance, and the blue bands denote heavy resistance — this detailed distinction honestly makes life easy. The power block stand consists of two weight stands that can be affixed to each side of the machine to provide support for dumbbells or other hand weights.

The Octane Zero Runner 7 assembly is a fairly difficult task that is easy to execute—confused much? Don’t be. The upright arms, pedals, and resistance adjusters come pre-assembled, and you only need to attach the base leg stabilizers, the fixed and stationary handlebars, the step-up base caps, and the console. This may sound like a lot of “attachment,” but the straightforward and easy-to-follow instruction manual simplifies the process. In fact, the set up shouldn’t take more than an hour on average. A 5/6 mm hex that is required for the assembly is provided, but you will also need two Phillips screwdrivers and a pair of 13/17 mm wrench. Considering the massive 227 Ibs weight of the box, the ZR7 parts are pretty heavy, and you may need an extra pair of hands to help you put it together. And it’d be wise to set it up at the point of use.


As at the time of this Octane Zero Runner 7 review, the price of the ZR7 is valued at $3, 299 and it comes with a generous limited consumer /home use warranty; Octane Fitness offers an unbeatable lifetime warranty for the frame, 5 years for the parts (excluding the detachable powerbands) and 1 year for labor. The warranty is activated from the original date of purchase. The manufacturers also declare that the ZR7 is built to maintain optimum condition without defects in materials or workmanship for the specified warranty period.

To gain access to this warranty, you must register your purchase (the ZR7) with Octane Fitness. You can register by completing and returning the enclosed warranty registration card (included in the box) to Octane Fitness. If this is too much trouble, you can alternatively register via the Octane website at www.octanefitness.com. To strengthen the spirit of generosity, Octane fitness provides a warranty transfer option for its customers– you can transfer your warranty to someone else (whom you have given the ZR7 to or bought for).

To transfer your warranty, you will simply be required to fill a warranty transfer card. You can get the transfer card on the Octane website, or you can call the customer service on 888. OCTANE4 or 800-726-9662 for the necessary details. For further inquiry you can email customer support via customerservice@octanefitness.com. Shipping wise, the ZR7 is delivered to you at an extra cost. Octane does not guarantee same day shipping but provides estimated days that range from 7-10, 5-10, and 2-4 business days based on priority and urgency. Also, they mostly ship to Alaska and Hawaii. Currently, Octane does not ship beyond the 50 states in the U.S.


  • The heavy-duty construction ensures unparalleled stability
  • The pedal configuration allows for zero-impact exercises
  • The minimal joint pressure orientation makes it a valuable machine for recovery training
  • The dynamic stride length extends to 58 inches for a comfortable and objective stride “fit”
  • The resistance is adjustable with three distinct settings for ease of use
  • The console is Smartlink and Bluetooth compatible, which allows for extensive workout tracking and functions
  • It also offers telemetric and contact-grip pulse readings for effective and result-driven cardiovascular training
  • It provides both movable and static handlebars to support both upper and lower body workouts.
  • Pulse sensors are incorporated into the static handlebars for seamless pulse reading transmission (to the console)
  • The pedals are large and are equipped with foot guards for maximum stability and safety
  • Comes with bonus accessories; tablet/reading rack, water bottle holder, resistance bands, and power stand
  • The cordless operation ensures a quiet workout session that is convenient for the user and other inhabitants that may live with or around the user
  • It is relatively easy to assemble and requires little to no maintenance
  • It is self-powered; you don’t need to plug to a power source to use
  • And finally, the warranty is nothing short of considerate and generous


  • The Zero Runner 7’s running motion takes time to get used to — it might be initially difficult to maintain the movement pattern from one session to another.
  • The resistance is not automated, and the manual knobs are located at the back of the machine, which means you have to stop your workout every time you need to adjust.
  • Several users have issued complaints about the ZR7 console, which is apparently limited and fall short of expectations considering the hefty price tag.


As far as this ZR7 review is concerned, the Octane Zero Runner 7 is more delightful than disappointing. The 3-in – 1 function; as an elliptical, a treadmill, and a stair climber is equal parts revolutionary and immensely beneficial. It is the perfect machine for beginners, and it is also ideal for professionals – although an advanced fitness aficionado may find the resistance limited and a tad dissatisfactory. With a sturdy and long-lasting heavy-duty frame, the ZR7 can support an estimated user weight of 300 Ibs; this means heavy-weight individuals can conveniently use the machine without restriction. Although the ZR7 provides good value for money, it is not without its faults; the console, for instance, can do better, and the manually operated resistance may not be everybody’s cup of tea. That being said, if you want a machine that bears semblance to the Zero Runner seven but with a better functioning monitor, you might want to beam your searchlights on the Octane Fitness Zero Runner 8, but this will attract extra charges (about $1000 more). If an automated resistance is what you are after, the Nordic track free stride FS7i machine can be your alternative motion machine at a lower price (about $1999). But if you are willing to go all out and splurge on a “hard-to-beat” runner alternative, the Precor Adaptive Motion Trainer (valued at about $8895) is a good place to start. Ultimately, the ball is in your court!!

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