Octane Fitness XR650 Recumbent Elliptical Review

With the Octane XR650 commercial-grade recumbent elliptical trainer, seated workouts are a dream come true. The revolutionary seated elliptical outperforms the vast majority of recumbent bikes and side steppers with an extensive range of motion, greater upper body engagement and exceptional comfort.

Unlike recumbent exercise bikes, treadmills, and steppers, the XR650 elliptical trainer effectively works the entire body, offering an unbeatable total body workout. The unique front runner technology exploits the arms and the legs collaboratively; this delivers maximum calorie expenditure and increases muscle conditioning.

The fact that it synchronizes forward and backward motions for added variety is enough reason to applaud this stately yet efficient recumbent elliptical trainer. Your clients; especially those with debilitating back or postural injuries, will love this elliptical trainer.

In fact, it is specially made for them ─ No more agonizing on a “backbreaking” standing elliptical trainer or missing out on the goodness of a total-body workout because of body-limiting injuries. The XR650 is a knight in shining armour, no questions asked!

Following the design lead of the famous Octane XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer, the XR650 sports a bunch of desirable features albeit not as desirable as it’s sister-elliptical. The XR6000 trainer is superior in terms of advanced features such as converging path and multi-grip handlebars, tablet/reading rack, USB charging port, and fingertip controls on handlebars.

Three-speed console fan, replaceable headphone jack and add on features like a Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) and 900 MHz audio transmitters. Furthermore, it comes with a two-choice console while the XR650 elliptical is sold with just a standard console. Nonetheless, it is an impressive seated elliptical machine with the ability to burn 23% more calories and conditions more muscles as opposed to standard recumbent bikes and some elliptical machines.

The recumbent elliptical machine racks up performance rate with little to no impact on the body joints; the same can’t be said for most elliptical machines. With 16 customized workout programs, users can combine resistance training intervals with cardio exercises for increased workout output.

Among these programs are Octane’s exclusive workout boosters; muscle endurance, leg press and chest press. The seat is fully adjustable and can house users of different heights and sizes. The self-powered console supports both telemetry and digital contact heart rate transmission.

Featuring light but sturdy commercial-grade construction, it can effortlessly support a substantial 400 pounds maximum weight capacity. In a nutshell, there is a lot to the XR650 elliptical machine, and this review uncovers it all!

Octane XR650 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and ANT+ Polar HRM Power Source:Batteries
USB Charging Port:
NoDisplay:LED (not touch)
FrontFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:No
Machine Weight:268 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:71"L X 35"WSpeaker:No
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 30-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Seat:AdjustableBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:N/AHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 20 Standard ConsoleVerdict:Good Value Recumbent Elliptical


The frame construction of the XR560 trainer is equal parts light and sturdy. The components are made up of 80% solid steel and about 20% ABS material (which makes up a greater part of the coverings). The XR650 is every inch a stable machine; the front and the rear sides of the machine features a durable steel stabilizer bar. The rear stabilizer bar is furnished with adjustable levellers for balancing the machine on an uneven surface while the front stabilizers integrate transport wheels for easy relocation. Being a stable and sturdy commercial-grade trainer, the XR650 can support a significant 400 pounds maximum weight capacity.

Another factor that reinforces the XR650’s stability is its weight, which is a solid 268 pounds (122 kg). With its reliable weight and stabilizers, you can rest assured that the trainer won’t lose its footing or throw users off-balance during intense exercises. The XR650’s assembled footprint is given to be; 35″ (W) × 56″ (L) (89 × 181 cm). This means that the trainer needs a workout surface of about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. Based on these dimensions, the recommended ceiling clearance is 7-8 inches taller than your tallest user. Octane Fitness recommends an additional clearance of about 1-2 feet from the rear and sides of the machine to ensure safety and convenience.

Wave goodbye to exercise machines with messy cords and say hello to the self-powered XR650 recumbent elliptical. As opposed to sockets and cords, the XR650 trainer uses good ol’ batteries to get working. Batteries also mean lesser power expenditure! And you would love the walk-through-design that permits easy entry and exit; users can step on and off the trainer without any hassle. But then again, the XR650 is neither a compact nor foldable machine. Also, this powerful elliptical trainer needs more than a little space to function.


No doubt, the XR650 recumbent elliptical is a fantastic exercise machine, but its console tells a different story. The XR650 console maybe a little basic for convenience. Unlike its sister-recumbent elliptical, the XR6000 that features a two console choice with a broad range of spectacular features. On the other hand, the XR650 makes available a single standard console with no extra features. It lacks a 3-speed cooling fan, internet connectivity, USB charging port, a tablet/reading rack and an audio jack. All the same, it has the necessary features for a productive workout.

The XR650 monitor is fitted with a large LED with a 6-segment display matrix that simultaneously shows valuable workout metrics. The monitor keeps track of time spent, target heart rate, speed, distance covered, calories burned, heart rate, heart rate and heart rate interval. It is also equipped with 16 pre-set workout programs including; 6 resistance programs ( manual, random, interval, custom interval, Hill and 10k), 7 heart rate controlled programs ( fat burn, cardio, heart rate interval, custom interval, heart rate hill, heart rate speed interval, and new leaf custom), and 3 advanced programs ( 30:30 interval, constant watts, and constant METs). Also included are the exclusive workout boosters; muscle endurance, leg press and chest press.

The leg press booster targets strength and endurance building and muscle conditioning of the lower body. Chest press, on the other hand, targets strength and endurance building and muscle conditioning of the upper body, while muscle endurance combines the properties of the two boosters. Additionally, the XR650 supports telemetric heart rate tracking; users can monitor their heart rate by strapping a Polar chest strap (does not support ANT+ device). However, exercisers have to buy their chest strap as it is not included with the purchase.


What makes the XR650 elliptical trainer a true masterpiece is its 16-inch power stroke technology. This refers to a forward-thinking innovation that permits optimal stride and leg extension for absolute muscle engagement. The elliptical path angles forward, giving room for increased glute activity resulting in more significant calorie depletion. To be specific, this unique configuration delivers 23% more calorie depletion and activates 3× more muscles than a typical recumbent bike and elliptical machine.

Equipped with a belt-drive system and a whisper-quiet magnetic resistance, users can enjoy serene and noise-free workout sessions. The drive features a heavy-duty Poly V-belt and a perimeter weighted flywheel that is linked to the pedals. And like all other belt-driven systems, it requires zero to no lubrication; thus, it is easy to maintain. And an elliptical that is easy to maintain is a fitness club treasure. Further to this, the resistance system does not tolerate friction, so the risk of “wear and tear” is almost eliminated.

The XR650 trainer offers 30, suitable-for-all, resistance levels. The first five levels are the easiest, delivering a light pedal and arm tension. Contrariwise, levels 25-30 deliver a higher-intensity for users who are predisposed to challenging workouts. That being said, the tension scale suffices exercisers of different skill levels, including those on recovery training. The tension permeates the pedals and the moving handlebars to provide enough challenge and intensity. Users can regulate the resistance via the console where the internal magnetic brake and a servo motor decreases and increases the intensity of the magnetic field.


As the name suggests, the XR650 is a seated elliptical machine with a 4-way adjustable seat. The XR650’s seat is fully and completely adjustable; it can be adjusted upward and backward or forward and backward to attain a custom upper and lower body fit. Simply put, the seat can accommodate a wide range of body curvatures. Ergonomically constructed, the seat is cushioned and contoured to drive a natural, comfortable feeling; users can work out for extended hours without the slightest discomfort.

On alternate sides of the seat is a comfortable, rubberized handlebar with integrated EKG sensors that reads and transmits heart rate data to the monitor. This gadget is highly beneficial for cardio exercises. There are also the moving handlebars with integrated industrial-ball bearing. These are connected to the pedals so users can simultaneously benefit from upper and lower body workouts. Unfortunately, the XR650 is not equipped with Octane’s patented converging path and multi-grip handlebars. Notwithstanding, the simple handlebars are up to the task.

The XR650’s pedals are connected with the moving handlebars so users can either perform upper and lower body workouts separately or simultaneously. Footpegs are fitted beneath the console so you can quickly disengage from the pedals and perform an isolated upper body workout, using the handlebars alone. Plus, you can grip the stationary handlebars rather than the mobile handlebars to work the lower body. The pedals are skid and slip-resistant to prevent accidents. They are also oversized; hence they can fit different athletic shoe sizes.


The Octane XR650 recumbent elliptical trainer is furnished with a couple of accessories including water bottle holders and a media shelf. It comes with not one but two water bottle holders, located on each rear side of the seat. With these, hydration is as easy as reaching for your bottle in the holder. The monitor also integrates a media shelf for placing items such as magazines and tablets; so exercisers can enjoy premium entertainment.

Be that as it may, the XR650 lacks some additional accessories that improve workout quality. These include a tablet/reading rack, a USB charging port for mobile device charging, a replaceable audio jack, and optional PVS and 900 MHz audio transmitter. All of these accessories are featured on the higher-end XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer.

While the bulk of the XR650’s frame is assembled prior to shipping, there are a bunch of parts that need to be assembled upon delivery. You will be required to attach the footrests, the pedals, the seat, the mobile handlebars, the backrests, the stationary handlebars, the console mast and the console. Fortunately, the included detailed instruction manual provides a step-by-step guide that simplifies the process. The overall assembly may take up to two hours on average. Lastly, you’d be better off with an extra pair of hands (or more) to assist with the set-up.


The XR650 trainer offers a limited commercial warranty; the frame is warranted for 10 years, the parts for three years, and labour for a year. The warranty only covers the original owner of the XR650 trainer, and it is not transferable; meaning, you cannot transfer the warranty to another individual or fitness facility. Also, the warranty only covers the commercial application of this product and not otherwise. It is important to note that any defect or damages incurred or contributed by accident, misuse, or external factors will not be liable to the company or the warranty. To activate the warranty, you must register it with the company. Registration involves completing and returning a warranty registration to Octane Fitness. The card is included in the product package.

Octane offers part (s) repair and placement on the condition that the defective part is reported to the customer support unit within 10 days post-discovery. Whether the defective part will be repaired or replaced depends on the damage incurred. You also have to make available the affected part(s) or the entire trainer for damage assessment and repair or replacement (as the case may apply). Octane reserves the right to determine if the entire elliptical trainer will be replaced or not. Should you want to request a repair or replacement, or make inquiries about the warranty, call the Octane customer support department on 800-726-9662 or 888.OCTANE4, ext 1. If emails are your preferred mode of communication, you can mail the customer care unit at customerservice@octanefitness.com.

The base price for the XR650 trainer is about $4399. Prices may differ from one vendor to another. As expected, the trainer is far from affordable and judging by the quality and value it offers; it is well worth the asking price. On the Octane website, the standard price is not stated; instead, shoppers are directed to request a quote for the XR650 elliptical trainer. If you want to buy the XR650 directly from Octane fitness, visit the Octane website and call the customer support unit (800-726-9662) to request for a quote. The XR650 Shipping price and delivery time depend on the commercial dealer you are buying the elliptical trainer from. Reputable vendors like Amazon offer free shipping services, and delivery takes just a few days. Octane Fitness on the other hand ships the XR650 for a quote and shipping window depends on the shipping service you choose; standard ground shipping takes 7-10 business days for Alaska and Hawaii, express shipping takes an estimated 3-5 business days for Alaska and Hawaii while priority express shipping takes 2-4 business days for Alaska and Hawaii also.


  • The sturdy commercial-grade construction can support a maximum user weight capacity of up to 400 pounds (181 kg)
  • It is constructed from durable and stable materials; it is well-balanced and can stand the test of time.
  • Features a unique power stroke technology that elongates stride length and allows for optimal leg extension and increased glute activity
  • Revolutionizes total body workout, allowing users to work the upper and lower body either separately or simultaneously.
  • The recumbent seat is well-cushioned and contoured for maximum sitting comfort and adjusts vertically and horizontally.
  • The pedals are anti-slip and anti-skid. They are also oversized to provide a custom fit for different gym shoes.
  • Offers 30 resistance levels that are suitable for both beginners and advanced users
  • Works with an eddy resistance system with a whisper-quiet belt-driven transmission, thus offering a smooth and silent operation
  • The console provides valuable workout information to improve performance quality.
  • Offers 16 performance-enhancing onboard workout programs
  • Includes Octane’s trademark workout boosters to promote strength training
  • Supports both telemetric and digital contact pulse transmission for effective heart rate monitoring
  • Features pulse sensor integrated handlebars for heart rate tracking.
  • Boasts two water bottle holders and a media shelf for workout convenience


  • The console lacks extra features such as a three-speed cooling fan and internet connectivity.
  • A polar chest strap device is not included.
  • The handlebar design is straight, simple and basic.


Suppose you want an elliptical machine that stands out from the crowd and offers incredible quality and functionality, set your sights on the Octane XR650 elliptical trainer. It is an exceptionally brilliant machine that combines durability, comfort, and serviceability.

Loaded with a broad range of programs and resistance levels, individuals who are new to elliptical training, those learning the ropes and those who are professionals will find the trainer a delight to work out with.

With a durable, stable and sturdy framework, even the heaviest users can comfortably use the machine without issues. The fitness boosters are a bonus for users who thrive on challenging workouts. Offering a low-impact surface on a seated platform, this recumbent elliptical trainer is highly recommended for rehabilitation and recovery training involving the knees, legs and hips.

The XR650 is the most affordable recumbent elliptical trainer among the Octane recumbent elliptical line-up. It has all the essential features needed for a decent-quality workout. But if you crave more variety, you can opt for the more advanced XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer. Either way, you and your clients are poised for a fantastic ride!!!

Octane Commercial Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
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Octane Pro3700COctane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro3700C-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20'' FixedFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic
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Octane XR6000Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR6000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsN/AFixed14, Standard | 18, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR650Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR650-Review400 LBS Check on AmazonNoStandard Console OnlyN/AFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic

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