Octane Fitness XR6000 Recumbent Elliptical Review (Updated in 2021)

Octane XR6000 Overview

Revolutionary, powerful, and competent are the adjectives that define the Octane XR6000 recumbent elliptical machine. The XR6000 cross trainer is the premier elliptical from Octane’s recumbent elliptical series, which is made up of; XR6000, XR6000s, and XR650. Coming from an acclaimed company known for its innovative and technical flair, the XR6000 exceeds all expectations; it is everything an elliptical machine should be and more. It is exclusively designed for seated, zero-impact workouts aimed at minimizing stress on the back. This superior quality elliptical machine yields better results than a standard recumbent bike or a traditional recumbent elliptical machine. By optimizing Octane’s exclusive power stroke technology, the XR6000 permits extensive leg extension burns about 23% more calories, and engages the muscles 3x better than a typical recumbent bike.

The premium seated exercise machine boasts a panoply of features that re-invent cardio and strength training. For one, the mechanical adaptation poses zero to minimal risk on the joints, making it safe for individuals with back pain or injury. It is safe to say that the XR6000 elliptical is a breath of fresh air for people who long to use an elliptical machine but are inhibited by the standing framework. And it is not only beneficial to trainees, but it is also advantageous to fitness centers and their owners. With Octane’s asset management provision on the auspices of EcoFit Networks, club owners can lay their hands on valuable data to analyze and ensure the proper placement of the trainer, implement maximum usage, and exercise preventive maintenance, which discounts service needs and costs.

A significant upgrade from the XR650 elliptical, the XR6000 trainer offers a choice of two consoles. Both consoles are chock-full of advanced programs that enhance both upper and lower body training. Some of these outstanding programs include Leg Press, Chest Press, Push Arms, Pull Arms, and X-mode. Notably, the XR6000 smart touch screen console is compatible with Octane’s highly talked about Cross Circuit training, which merges cardio and strength training (on and off the trainer). The XR6000 seat design is another prominent feature, offering 20 seat height positions and five tilt positions for a custom fit. Other features of interest include converging path and multi-grip handlebars with fingertip controls, a device, water bottle holder, stationary footpegs, a 3-speed cooling fan, and transport wheels. This XR6000 review tells you everything you need to know about the top-tier recumbent elliptical machine.

Octane XR6000 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Wireless HRM Power Source:Batteries & Plugin
USB Charging Port:
YesDisplay:LED OR Touch Screen
FrontFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:No
Machine Weight:320 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:72"L X 39"WSpeaker:No
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:Yes
Resistance: 30-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Seat:AdjustableBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:N/AHandlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 14 Standard & 18 Smart ConsolesVerdict:Good Value Recumbent Elliptical


The XR6000 elliptical trainer sports an aesthetically pleasing design founded on a super sturdy frame. It has a 400 pounds (181 kg) maximum user weight specification, which is sufficient for a recumbent elliptical trainer. It is an elegant beauty shrouded in a significant amount of thick steel and a couple of ABS parts; this lends weight to its durability and stability, so the specified maximum weight limit is not far from the truth. Due to the massive incorporation of steel, the XR6000 elliptical is a bit on the heavy side.

It weighs a solid 320Ibs (145 kg). However, the thoughtful addition of transport wheels minimizes the relocation burden. You can easily transport the trainer from site to site with minimal stress. When it comes to space compatibility, the XR6000 elliptical trainer is relatively space-efficient. When assembled, it consumes an estimated footprint of about 39 inches in width and 72 inches in length (99 × 183 cm). Space-wise, it is quite convenient for a club or gym setting.

With a step-through frame and a handlebar pivot point, the XR6000 elliptical offers practical and hassle-free open access; users can conveniently mount and dismount the machine without any difficulty. The oversized platform offers additional support by providing a stable foundation. The XR6000 works with either batteries or sockets. The standard console is self-powered, while the smart console works with power connectivity.


Nothing compares to an elliptical machine that offers two console options. The XR6000 elliptical trainer gives prospective buyers the free will to choose either a standard or a smart console. The XR6000 smart console integrates a 10-inch touch screen console that works with a power source. It is equipped with premium features such as video streaming, video coaching, web browsing, etc. The XR6000 standard console, on the other hand, features a large LED display, is self-powered, and has fewer features. Both consoles give users timely updates on workout statistics, including time, calories, speed, distance, heart rate, and resistance level. They also offer digital and telemetric heart rate monitoring (Polar and ANT+)

The smart console features 18 workout programs, while the standard console offers 14 programs to keep users motivated and challenged. The primary workout programs on the XR6000 trainer are; Manual, Random, Interval, constant watts, Hill. Calories Goal, Distance goal, Fat burn, Heart-rate interval, Constant Mets, 30:30 interval, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). Unique workout boosters, X-mode, Leg Press, and chest press add more challenge and variety to workouts. This set of boosters are the perfect recipe for HIIT training ─ they ‘mix and match” cross-training with bursts of interval training.

The X-mode booster stimulates “random intervals,” the Leg press booster amps up the challenge with a “ difficult interval.” In contrast, the chest Press interval provides “focused intervals” that target and condition the muscles in the arms, shoulder, and chest. The smart console also offers the added benefit of a virtual fitness instructor in the form of Cross Circuit. The cross circuit program provides tons of cardio exercises coupled with strength training activities through comprehensive video coaching. Both consoles can be equipped with a supplementary Personal Viewing Screen and a 900 MHz audio transmitter. A USB charging port for mobile device charging and a replaceable headphone jack is also featured on both consoles.


The XR6000 elliptical machine’s defining feature sets it apart from other seated exercise machines is its peerless power stroke technology promotes an extensive elliptical path with forwarding and backward strokes. This unique configuration works to challenge more muscles, leading to a results-driven workout with more significant calorie depletion. The XR6000 is reported to burn up to 23% more calories and activates 3× more muscles than a traditional recumbent bike.

Reports state that XR6000 users exhibit an estimated 343% in glute activity, expend up to 22% more mechanical power, and burn 23% more calories than people who use ellipticals from other brands. Based on these findings, the XR6000 recumbent elliptical is genuinely a remarkable cardio exercise machine. Owing to the cutting edge stroke technology, exercisers can fully extend their legs to find the position that best suits them.

Speaking of resistance, the XR6000 recumbent elliptical adopts an eddy current resistance system with integrated controls. With 30 console-controlled resistance levels, users are sure to find the tension that works for them, be it easy, moderate, or difficult. The resistance is regulated via the console or through onboard programs that auto-adjust the tension level. To change the resistance level, look for the level icon on the console and press the (+) button to increase the resistance and the (-) button to decrease the resistance.


Workouts on the XR6000 elliptical trainer are as ergonomically-inclined as they are productive. This is all thanks to the extensive and precise adjustability. The XR6000 seat is properly upholstered and oversized to ensure optimum sitting comfort. You could sit on the chair for long hours with barely any discomfort. The seat is positioned at a 45-degree angle so that the torso and the hips can benefit from a greater range of motion with minimal stress on the lower back. Furthermore, the seat offers about 50 different height adjustments and five tilt positions, making it size-friendly for all body sizes.

The XR6000 Multi-grip and converging path handlebars are something of a delight. Exercisers can alternate different grip and hand positions to suit specific exercise conditions. And besides, using the same grip position can tend to be tedious and exhausting. Plus, this arrangement makes for better upper-body training. You can choose to use the handlebars solo without pedaling. The one-time lock-out handlebar is also worth praises. Also, digital contact heart rate sensors are incorporated into the handlebars for seamless heart rate monitoring.

Oversized pedals with a soft grip texture are one of the many perks of the XR6000 elliptical trainer. The XR6000 offers different foot placements for user comfort and convenience. Users can capitalize on the pedal adjustability to work for specific muscle groups when pedaling in forwarding and backward motions. The pedals also come with stationary foot pegs that allow users to disengage from the pedals and focus solely on upper-body exercises.


The XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer is stocked with several accessories to make workouts enjoyable and more comfortable. With the handy water bottle holders, exercisers can stay hydrated and refreshed without stepping off the machine. A device holder is also attached to the trainer so users can securely shelf their phones and other electronic devices without worrying about safety. The holder also allows users to concentrate on navigating the handlebars while watching their favorite workout entertainment or coaching videos on their tablet/phone.

The tablet/reading rack also comes in handy; users can simultaneously work out and read. Optional foot straps are also included for pedaling convenience. You can also purchase a premium 15.6 inches touch screen LG TV to widen your entertainment options. The high-quality TV offers a user-friendly interface, easy-to-control buttons, and broad tuning capabilities (including compatibility with IPTV and Pro: Idiom). It can be paired with both the standard and the smart console. A 900 MHz wireless receiver is also added as an optional entertainment accessory. Additional accessories include a replaceable headphone jack for music lovers and audio entertainment and a USB charging port for mobile device charging.

The XR6000 elliptical trainer comes with a well-illustrated instruction manual for its assembly. This manual guides users on how to set-up the trainer without issues. While the base is assembled before shipping, you have to fix some parts yourself. These include the console mast, the left and right arm pivot covers ( small and large), the foot pedals, the left, and right moving handlebars, the seat back, the side steps, the footrest, and the accessory tray. You also have to assemble the console separately and attach it to the base. And of course, you need a couple of tools for the set-up. These include a 5mm and a 6mm hex wrench, which is included in the hardware pack, a #2Phillips screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver, a 13mm and 17mm wrench, and a rubber mallet (optional). Considering that the trainer and some of its parts are quite heavy, you should engage more hands for the assembly.


Octane Fitness offers a limited commercial warranty for the XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer. The stipulated warranty covers the frame for ten years, parts for three years, and a year for labor. The replaceable audio jack gets 90 days. For a trainer of this caliber, the three-year warranty for the parts is primitive at best. The warranty is activated from the original date of purchase to the expiry period. However, there is a prerequisite; the warranty must be registered for activation to take place. But don’t fret; registration simply entails filling and returning to Octane Fitness the enclosed warranty registration card that comes with the product. As an alternative, you can register the product warranty on Octane’s official website at www.octanefitness.com.

As a general rule of thumb, Octane Fitness (the XR600’s manufacturer) should be consulted before the parts’ expiry date. You can check all parts and components’ expiry date via the website on the warranty registration page. to keep the machine running efficiently, it is highly advised to replace ailing parts as soon as they show signs of “distress.”.” Should you want to replace any of its parts or service the machine, call the commercial dealer where you purchased the product from or Octane’s customer service department on 888.OCTANE4.ext 1; submit your name and address and the product’s serial numbers (each product has two serial numbers). Refer to the operation’ manual to retrieve the serial numbers of the XR6000 trainer. For further questions or inquiries, consult Octane’s customer support unit on the number mentioned above or 800-726-9662. You can also reach out to them via mail at customerservice@octanefitness.com.

The price for the XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer is not stated on the Octane website; instead, shoppers are asked to request a quote. This paves room for bidding and negotiation. However, it sells for about $5000 tops on the market. Price may vary depending on the retail outlet and location you are purchasing from. Generally, it costs less when sold with a standard console and higher when sold with a smart console. Add-on accessories such as the PVS and audio transmitter also attract additional charges. While the recumbent elliptical is quite expensive, it gives an unbeatable value for the steep price tag. Shipping rates, policy, and time are dependent on the commercial dealer, but the original manufacturer (Octane Fitness) has a standard shipping policy. To begin with, they only ship to locations that traverse the 50 states within the United States. Also, same-day delivery is not promised, and shipping comes at a price. Shoppers are directed to call the Octane customer service department to request a shipping quote.


  • The unique power stroke technology allows for better muscle engagement and faster calorie burn.
  • The seat offers different adjustable positions to accommodate varying body sizes.
  • The thirty resistance levels are ideal for users of all competency levels.
  • Handlebars offer alternating grip positions to suit different exercises and for ultra-comfort
  • Supports wireless and contact heart rate monitoring for optimum cardio training
  • The rock-solid and stable frame can accommodate a 400 pounds maximum weight capacity.
  • Consoles offer a broad selection of performance-driven workout programs.
  • Performance-enhancing workout boosters and advanced programs optimize cardio and strength training.
  • Features an easy-to-access walk-through design; exercisers can step on and off the machine in an instant.
  • Pedals are oversized and smooth-sailing; it minimizes pressure on the lower body.
  • Optional stationary footpegs make for easier upper-body training.
  • It is the perfect exercise machine for individuals who cannot use a standing elliptical machine.
  • Includes convenient accessories such as a phone holder, water bottle holder, replaceable headphone jack, USB charging port, and a reading rack
  • Equips an add-on personal viewing screen (PVS) and a 900 MHz audio wireless receiver


  • At 320 pounds, it is considerably heavy and may be hard to move for some individuals, though transport wheels are included to lessen the weight burden.
  • Comes with a steep price tag that is nowhere near affordable


For individuals seeking a worthy alternative to standing elliptical machines, the XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer is a more than perfect choice. It is an extremely comfortable luxury trainer designed to boost cardio and strength training. Users within the 400 pounds weight range are assured of an excellent and made-to-fit workout routine with the XR6000 trainer. With 30 distinct resistance levels, exercisers of all skill levels can get a kick out of the machine; it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, an intermediate, or an elite user; this recumbent trainer will blow your mind and kick your muscles hard. Every fitness facility needs a trainer like this, no kidding! However, the expensive price tag may be a deterrent. If the price is a stumbling block, you can buy the Octane XR650 recumbent elliptical, a near but lesser replica of the XR6000 trainer. On the whole, the Octane XR6000 recumbent elliptical trainer is worth a try!

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