Octane Fitness Standing Elliptical Q47 Review (Updated in 2021)

Octane Q47 Overview

Octane fitness wears the badge for “innovation” and “functionality” when it comes to manufacturing the best standing ellipticals. The reputable and multiple award-winning brand has an impressive line-up of technology-driven standing elliptical machines to their name. Leading the pack of three is Octane’s premier Q47 elliptical trainer that precedes the succeeding Q37 and Q35 ellipticals. While the Q47 elliptical bears many similarities with the 35 and 37 models, it is a step or two above with a distinct smart stride technology and a programmed adjustable stride length that extends up to 26 inches. Coupled with other advanced features, the Q47 is a crowd-pleaser among the standing elliptical series.

The multiple best-buy award-winning home elliptical provides a smooth, natural feel with a realistic stride path that adjusts from 18-26 inches. The Q47 cross trainer also provides a pleasing platter of workout variation that targets the muscles in the lower and upper body. This function is enhanced by the superior ergonomics that takes its lead from detailed human biomechanics. Needless to say, the Q47 elliptical cross trainer gives room for natural body movements while staying true to comfort.

Depending on console options, there are two models of this elliptical wonder to choose from. These are; the Q47x and the Q47 xi. The former comes with a traditional LCD display monitor, among other features, while the latter is furnished with more advanced features that include a multi-color smart light, Smartlink, Bluetooth compatibility, and a fan, to mention but a few. The Q47 elliptical machine is also equipped with tablet and water bottle holders, cross-training anchor points, mom mode safety, and a ton of other amazing amenities. This Q47 review seeks to lay bare the Q47 elliptical from top to bottom – tag along for an “elliptical reveal” of a lifetime!

Octane Q47 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
PulsePower Source:AC Adapter
USB Charging Port:
NoDisplay:Standard & Smart Options
FrontFlywheel Weight:N/A
Parts 3-Year 1 -Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:290Folding:No
Dimensions:72"L X 33"W X 31"HSpeaker:No
Max user weight:300 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 20 Magnetic LevelsMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:No incline, FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:18″ to 26″ PoweredHandlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 10 WorkoutsVerdict:Good Value


The Q47 elliptical machine is quite large. Its footprint is estimated to be; 72 ” (L) and 33.5″ (W) (183 × 85 cm), and when being used, it takes up an active area of 84″ (L) × 37.5 ” (W) (213 × 95 cm). Taking this into consideration, you will need to apportion a considerable floor area of at least 8″ × 4″ for the elliptical. Like with most Octane ellipticals, the Q47 has a low-profile structure; the step-up/on height is only 5″ (12.7 cm), and it can be easily mounted from a rear position.

And because the stride system is customizable, the user height specification extends to various height range. This makes the Q47 the perfect elliptical for multiple users (for different members of the family or for different housemates). Additionally, it supports a decent maximum user weight capacity of up to 300 Ibs that may or may not suffice for heavy users.

Rooms with standard ceiling heights of 8-9 feet will easily accommodate the Q47 elliptical. The low-profile design ensures that even the tallest person can use this machine in a low ceiling room without having to “watch their head.” Judging by the low step-on height, it wouldn’t be presumptuous to suggest —you can use this machine in limited ceiling conditions, like in a basement with 7-foot ceiling. You might also want to know that this elliptical requires a power circuit to work. It is also no near foldable, but it has porting wheels that facilitate easy transportation.


With the Q47 elliptical trainer, you have two console choices to cater to your workout requirements. The Q47X model is equipped with a large display screen with a single-colored smartlight feedback that gives an account of your workout performance statistics such as time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate. On the flip side, it does not support telemetry; you will have to make contact with the pulse sensors on the handlebar to get a pulse reading. Additionally, it offers 10-built in work out applications, namely; manual, random, stride interval, dual-direction, beginner, distance goal, calorie goal, cross circuit time, and cross-circuit free. All of these programs add a dose of variety and a sprinkle of fun to your workout.

If the features on the Q47x is not to your taste, then the Q47 xi should appeal to you. As an upgraded version, it has a lot to offer; to begin with, it offers better readability with a multi-color smartlight and 74 workout programs (14 on the console). And that isn’t all; this multi-functional console seamlessly connects to Octane’s Smartlink fitness app to provide more workout programs that run into the hundreds. You can also personalize these programs over a 30,60, or 90 day-goal plan—to complement your needs.

One incredible feature on the Smartlink app is the cross-circuit training that offers more than 225 exercises and 35 workout plans that is specific to different muscle groups. In a nutshell, the Smartlink app acts as your personal virtue trainer to drive fitness success. In addition to these, the Q47xi has an integrated 3-speed fan to remedy heat, a free polar chest strap for digital polar and ANT+ compatible heart rate wireless transmission, and Bluetooth (4.0) compatibility across several devices. On both consoles, specialized workout boosters, X mode, arm blaster, and glute kicker are made available to further zero in on specific muscles and to ramp up workout sessions.


The Q47 elliptical machine’s top-selling feature has got to be its adjustable stride length that effortlessly delivers a natural motion. Suffice it to say that using this elliptical is equivalent to walking, running, or jogging in real-life conditions. Particularly appealing is its ability to automatically adjust stride length as you progress —you don’t have to pause or step off the machine to adjust the stride. The Q47 stride length ranges from 18″-26″ inches (46 – 66 cm) to provide a comfortable custom “fit” – that is, different individuals can easily use the machine without size challenge. By clicking on the stride up/down arrow buttons on the console or on the left moving handlebar, you can control the stride length in 1/2 increments. When the Q47 cross trainer extends to its full 26 inches, it simulates a natural running motion. The only drawback is that it lacks an incline —which isn’t a top priority.

The smart stride system mimics natural human motions like walking, jogging, and running by measuring each move while simultaneously adjusting stride length to match the user’s pace. You can also make optimum use of the available stride length programs such as PowerWalk, Dual Direction, Stride interval, and StrideBurst; they work to create variations in stride length and resistance so you can capitalize on cross-training. Don’t know your stride length? Worry no more. It has a unique stride length program based on Hip indexing Pivot (HIP) number that helps users in figuring out their stride length.

The Q47 elliptical trainer runs off a silent belt – drive motorized magnetic resistance— with a perimeter weighted flywheel for the smoothest and most consistent pedaling. It also offers 20 console-controlled resistance levels that range from easy to difficult to suit different user skills. The initial levels make for light resistance and an easy workout, while the latter levels, from 17-20 might leave you drenched in sweat. As a safety measure, Octane equipped the Q47 elliptical with a mom mode feature that automatically increases the resistance when the machine is not in use to dissuade children from using the machine.


With a set of stationary and converging handlebars, exercising on the Q47 elliptical is a pleasurable experience. Nothing beats the Q47 ‘s unique multi-grip handlebars with converging motion (as opposed to straight) for effective heart rate workouts — They are the ultimate definition of comfort, effectiveness, and customization. They are as comfortable as can be and are built to fit every exerciser with either short or long arms.

The moving handlebars make room for different grip positions; you can target different muscle groups in your chest, arms, and back by switching your grip. Integrated with pulse grip sensors, they provide on-demand heart rate monitoring and adjustable resistance. The stationary handles, on the other hand, are basic; they do not have grip sensors. With the Q47xi model, you also have the digital wireless heart rate transmission option alongside the grip sensors.

The pedal configuration is also unique; it is not your typical traditional pedal; the pedal arm and frame are unified. Furthermore, they are just 1.8 inches apart, which translates to a narrow spacing that makes for proper body alignment. The Q47 pedals are constructed with heavy-duty PVC with a one-of-a-kind soft-grip pedal design that delivers optimum traction and stability. They are oversized and can easily accommodate a wide range of athletic shoes and sizes. Lastly, The Q47 pedal arm features a dual-wheel track with sealed ball bearings for smooth traction and increased durability.


Machine accessories contribute to overall workout comfortability and ease of use, and the Q47 elliptical machine leverages on this important factor. It comes with several handy accessories that maximize performance quality. These include; tablet shelf, accessory tray, three power bands, and a set of stationary foot platforms. The powerbands, which attach to several anchor points across the machine, enhance workouts that focus on the arms, biceps, and shoulders. The set consists of two yellow, red, and blue bands that depict light, mid-range, and heavy resistance, respectively.

The Q47x and The Q47xi consoles both carry a tablet shelf with different placement options to hold mobile devices, tablets, magazines, and books for entertainment. The Q47x model has two placement options; read and surf, while the more advanced Q47xi model has an additional watch option alongside the read and surf options. The stationary pedals can be affixed to the frame or the rear base of the machine. With the additional pedals, you can utilize the handlebars or bands without using your legs.

The Q47 assembly is as easy as pie. This is because the bulk of the machine arrives pre-assembled; all the central parts are already attached and covered. You only need to fix the console mast, the moving arms, and the pedal levers. And with the detailed and straightforward manual, you will walk through the process in a heartbeat. Also, you will mostly need #2 Phillip screwdrivers and a 17 mm wrench for the assembly.


The Q47x model sells for $4599 while the Q47Xi model is retailed at $5099, that’s just a five hundred dollars gap for better quality. In all truthfulness, this is fair. So, if you are a huge fan of consoles with extensive tracking and workout abilities, you are only $500 away from the Q47xi. Quite frankly, you should opt for the smart console even if you don’t care so much about workout videos or programs — it will boost your workouts and challenge you to be better. Plus, paying $500 more is fairly reasonable.

Octane is quite confident that the Q47 home elliptical will stand the test of time — the limited consumer warranty that covers the frame for a lifetime, parts (excluding powerbands) for five years, and labor for a year lends weight to this confidence. This warranty is designated for home use, and it is guided by specific terms and conditions that are stipulated in the warranty manual. First things first, you need to register the Octane Q47 elliptical trainer for the warranty to count.

You are sure to find an enclosed warranty registration card in the box. You are to complete and return this card to octane fitness so your warranty can be activated. Alternatively, you can register via the Octane website on www.octanefitness.com. You can also transfer this warranty to just about anyone as long as you complete and submit the Octane fitness warranty transfer card.

The warranty transfer card is readily available on the Octane website, or you can put a call across to Octane’s customer support center at 888.OCTANE 4, Extension 1 for further inquiry. Bear in mind that the warranty has a one-time transfer limit. Also, both warranty types do not cover commercial settings. The Q47 elliptical can be shipped to your location within the confines of the USA at an additional cost. The frame and parts come in a box while the console and accompanying parts are delivered in a separate box. Weighing about 132kg, the Q47 is fairly heavy on arrival, and you might need a hand to set it up.


  • It is a super sturdy machine with a substantial 300 Ibs weight limit
  • It sports an elegant, eye-catching but professional design
  • Features a smart stride system with an electronically adjustable stride length between 18″-26″ for custom fit and comfort
  • It is perfect for low-ceiling rooms
  • Available in two models (Q47 x and Q47xi) based on console selection (2 console options)
  • Consoles have backlights that enhance visibility and readability
  • The Q47xi has an In-built three-speed console fan for refreshing coolness
  • Offers a broad selection of workout programs and boosters for improved performance
  • The Multi-grip converging handlebars permit a diverse range of arm motion
  • Allows for resistance and stride adjustments
  • Offers next to accurate heart rate measurements for cardio exercises with integrated pulse grip sensors and wireless heart rate transmission (on the Q47xi model)
  • Provides 20 eddy current resistance levels that range from easy to difficult
  • It is equipped with a perimeter weighted flywheel for a smooth, balanced, and consistent traction
  • The quiet magnetic operation makes it ideal for residential settings
  • Prioritizes children safety with the mom mode feature
  • Tablet/accessory shelf with different placement options is included
  • Additional foot platforms and powerbands (for arm workouts) are provided
  • Has an impressive warranty plan that speaks volumes about its durability


  • The lack thereof of incline might be a deal-breaker for some people
  • Not wallet-friendly as It is on the pricey side
  • Based on footprint measurements, it may take up a sizeable amount of space


Fitness experts and consumers alike have lavished praises on the Octane Fitness Q47 elliptical trainer — as a machine that fully supports muscle activity in relation to its generous adjustable stride. If you want to run, jog or walk without leaving your comfort zone — the Q47 cross trainer is undoubtedly the machine for you. Backed by a broad range of smart electronics and workout programs, its strength and body training options are limitless. What more, the extensive resistance range is a treat for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts. However, the maximum weight capacity of 300 Ibs and the 290 Ibs weight begs the question, is it really the machine for heavy users? Nonetheless, this is one durable and sturdy machine that justifies its rather high price. And one more thing, a touch screen would have been a nice addition considering the price tag, but the multiple tablet placement options make this hard to fault. But if you want to save some money while enjoying an identical value, the Q37 elliptical is a considerable alternative at $2899 or $3399 (for the upgraded version). But here is the catch — you might have to compromise on some hard-to-miss features of the remarkable workout machine.

Octane Home Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
Octane ZR8Octane Fitness ZR8 Overview300 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only39 Standard58'' Self-Adjusting4-Level MagneticNo
Octane ZR7Octane Zero Runner 7 Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only36 Standard58'' Self-Adjusting3-Level MagneticNo
Octane Q47Octane-Q47-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles10 Standard | 14 Smart18''-26" Powered20 levelsNo
Octane Q37Octane-Q37-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles8 Standard | 14 Smart20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane Q35Octane-Q35-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only8 Standard20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane MTXOctane-MTX-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only6 Standard14'' Fixed10 levelsNo
Octane XR6Octane-XR6-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles6 Standard16'' Fixed20 levelsNo

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