Octane Fitness Standing Elliptical Q37 Review (Updated in 2021)

Octane Q37 Overview

Say hello to yet another high-end home elliptical trainer from a renowned brand. The Octane fitness Q37 elliptical machine is a force to be reckoned with. It is an interesting assortment of innovation and quality that blends to provide a workout like no other. Since its advent, it hasn’t ceased to “wow” the fitness realm and has dutifully earned its reputation as Octane’s top-selling standing elliptical. Even renowned world celebrity, Oprah Winfrey has attested to its superior qualities — in 2012, the Q37 elliptical cross trainer made it to the list of “Oprah’s favorite things.” It has also received recognition from several consumer publications, including the “best fitness award” from a health magazine.

Being the second in line from Octane’s standing elliptical series, it offers basically the same value as its counterparts, the Q47, and the Q35 models, with few dissimilarities. For one, its predecessor, the Q47 elliptical trainer, is a cut above the rest with a smart stride technology and multiple adjustment features. Conversely, the Q37 is one step ahead of the Q35 in terms of handlebar configuration— it is equipped with multi-grip converging path handlebars as opposed to the straight handlebars on the Q35 model. Besides this, the two ellipticals are basically the same.

The Q37 may be built for home use, but it rivals gym machines with regard to construction and serviceability. The durable elliptical trainer presents a narrow pedal spacing for optimum foot comfort, a biotechnical fixed stride, a multi-resistance range, and a panoply of customizable workout programs. On top of that, prospective buyers are presented with two console options for good measure. Each console is programmed with a different number of preset programs and features with one being compatible with Octane’s legendary Smartlink app and cross circuit training. Read our Q37 elliptical machine review to get better acquainted with this exceptional machine.

Octane Q37 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Chest Strap Power Source:AC Adapter
USB Charging Port:
NoDisplay:Standard & Smart Options
FrontFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:220 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:65"L X 30"W X 31"HSpeaker:No
Max user weight:300 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 20-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:No Incline, FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:20.5 FixedHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 8Verdict:Good Value Under $2500


Like many elliptical machines, the Q37 elliptical cross trainer can support an estimated maximum user weight capacity of 300 Ibs (136 kg). We have the durable pedal construction to thank for this; the pedal arms and pedals merge to form a unit that is sturdy and stable enough to accommodate heavy users. The mostly steel construction of the frame also takes credit for this. All-in-all, the Q37 elliptical has a “fair enough” maximum user weight limit.

With a fully assembled dimensions of 65.5″ L × 30″ W (166 ×76 cm), it is safe to say that the Q37 home elliptical is quite bulky. Add the optional pedals and accessories, and the dimensions expand to 76.5″ L × 34″ W (194 × 86 cm). Given these dimensions, be prepared to assign a designated location of at least 7″ × 4 ” inches for this elliptical. While this isn’t exactly the definition of ” compact,” it is practicable. And one more thing, The Q47 is anything but foldable — you can’t fold this machine to conserve storage space. Furthermore, it is not self-powered as it runs on electricity.

On the bright side, the Q37 elliptical Q37 scores bonus points for step-on height. This is because it features a low-profile design with a pedal step-up height that is only 4 inches (10 cm) above the ground — this is much lower than that of most elliptical machines. However, Octane recommends a minimum ceiling height that is 8 inches above the tallest user for this elliptical machine. Be that as it may, the Q37 cross trainer is more than perfect for low ceiling rooms. To wrap – up, Octane was considerate enough to include transport wheels for this fairly heavy home elliptical.


Depending on your budget or preference, you have a choice between a standard or smart console when buying the Q37 elliptical cross trainer. The Q37 model with a standard console is referred to as Q37x, while the one with a smart console is called Q37 xi. The Q37x has a pretty basic but functional large display screen. It has eight pre-installed workout programs and can assess the user’s heart rate via the touch sensors on the handlebar. It also has a one-color smart light feature that displays your target heart zone and tells you when to gear up for the next interval.

The Q37xi, on the other hand, has a more advanced console with better features. It is loaded with an assortment of workout programs (72 in all) and provides access to more via Octane’s smart link app. The 72 programs are the summation of 12 weight loss, 18 feel better, 12 tone up, and 30 athletic performance programs. It is further equipped with a multi-color smart light feedback center and digital heart rate wireless transmission that is polar and ANT + compatible — for seamless heart rate tracking. A free polar chest strap is included to save you some extra money.

The Smartlink app has little to no learning curve — it is easy to use, and you can personalize workout programs to suit your fitness goals for 30, 60, or 90 days. And of course, it has the cross-circuit workout exercise videos that maximize strength and interval training. Additionally, it allows you to connect to Bluetooth (4.0). This is super cool, you will agree. However, the Q37xi is not compatible with other applications. Both consoles feature a MOM mode safety feature — which de-activates the console buttons to restrict pedal movement making it impossible for children to use the trainer. It is also equipped with Octane’s signature workout boosters, X-Mode, GluteKicker, and Armblaster for unparalleled training variety.


For a high-end elliptical machine of this range, one would expect an incline system and an adjustable stride. But sorry to burst your bubble, the Q37 elliptical has no incline, and the stride is fixed at a total length of 20.5″ (52 cm). Nonetheless, the stride length can accommodate people that are as tall as 6’5 ” (196 cm). But shorter users (5.0″ and below) might sing a different tune — they may find the elliptical path a bit too long. However, the Q37’s pedal positioning and size make this less of a challenge. You can project your feet closer or farther from the front to achieve a more stable and comfortable stride.

Most users have commended the unbelievably realistic fluid motion and the amazing ergonomics of the Q37 home elliptical. This is largely due to the stride engineering that is based on exact human biomechanics. In layman’s terms, this machine is designed to mimic natural human motor skills so the body can work out in tandem with the stride motion, thereby placing minimal impact on the joints (they call this a low-impact machine for a reason). And the end result? Users derive a natural, pain-free, and extremely comfortable forward and backward motion.

Resistance-wise, the Q37 elliptical machine adopts a motorized magnetic resistance system that works with a power connection. Basically, if you don’t connect the elliptical to a power circuit, there is no way the resistance or the machine itself will work. The Q37 offers 20 levels of resistance that can be adjusted through the console. The resistance is tailored to suit different users, whether beginners, those on recovery training, or those looking to break a sweat. The first five levels are befitting for novice users and for rehabilitation training, while levels 17-20 offer a challenging workout.


Octane’s converging path handlebars are unprecedented, and the Q37 elliptical is one of their machines that has this innovative feature. Converging means the handlebars mimics the natural swinging and walking motion of the arms. This converging design ensures a smooth arm motion that eliminates unwanted stress on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. It also provides an extensive range of arm motion, so you can effectively exercise your upper body.

The mobile or converging arms also feature a multi-grip articulation to allow for different arm positions. The grips are upholstered with high-density foam for ultra-comfort. The Q37 elliptical trainer also has foam-padded stationary handlebars with digital contact heart rate sensors for heart rate tracking. When you grip the sensors, the monitor displays your heart rate. For maximum effect, you can use your polar chest strap when gripping the handles.

Another distinctive ergonomic feature of the Q37 elliptical machine is the soft grip pedals with a 1.8″ (4.5 cm) Q-factor (the space between the pedals). At 1.8″, the space between the pedals is a lot narrower compared to other machines. In light of this, you are better able to position your feet naturally, which in turn helps to alleviate pressure from your knees and ankles when you pedal. This is especially beneficial for people who tend to suffer from hip and knee discomfort when using a machine with a wide pedal Q-factor. The pedals are also oversized and can accommodate different feet sizes. An extra pair of stationery foot pedals are included for additional comfort.


The Q37 home elliptical boasts several easy-to-use accessories. For starters, a set of stationary foot platforms is included in the package for optimum foot stability and comfort. The pedals, which are designed to be attached to the rear base of the machine, allow you to use the moving arms with zero input from your legs. And like with all Octane ellipticals, the Q37 features a double-wheel-track design that ensures safety and durability – the wheels are shrouded with a shield and will not easily disengage from the tracks and break.

Also, the consoles (Q37x and Q37xi) of the trainer are integrated with a tablet and water bottle holder for proper hydration and entertainment. The Q37 x console has two placement positions for the tablet; read and surf, whereas the Q37 xi console, has three placement options; read, surf, and watch. You can connect your tablet to the Smartlink app to access the various training programs, or you can read while you run. Lastly, a set of resistance bands that attach to the base anchor points on the machine is included — they serve to boost cross-circuit training.

Setting up the Q37 home elliptical is relatively easy. The bulk of the machine arrives pre-assembled — the pedals, drive, and resistance components are already affixed to the frame. So only the console mast, the console, the arms, and the top covers of the drive need to be assembled. This is made easy by the step-by-step instruction manual. All you have to do is follow the precise instructions and voila, your Q37 elliptical trainer is ready for use. Unfortunately, the tools needed for the assembly, an adjustable wrench, and a Phillips screwdriver are not included.


Octane Fitness offers a limited consumer/ home use warranty for the Q37 elliptical cross trainer. To be specific, they offer a lifetime warranty for the parts, three years for the frame, and a year for labor. Octane warrants the Q37 elliptical free of all defects in craftsmanship and materials for the specified warranty period. The warranty is also considered active from the original date of purchase on the condition that it is registered.

To register your warranty, you will need to fill and submit (to Octane Fitness) the enclosed warranty registration card; the card is included in the product box. Likewise, you can access the registration card on the Octane website at www.octanefitness.com. And the icing on the cake? You can easily transfer this warranty to a friend, family member, or anyone you deem fit. Simply complete Octane’s warranty transfer card that is also available on Octane’s website, and it is a done deal. If you experience any issues, you can call Octane’s customer service at 888. OCTANE 4, Extension 1. You should note that the transferable warranty is limited to consumer use, plus it is a one-time offer.

The Q37x is sold for $2899 while the xi comes in at $3399. The pricing evidently points to “expensive,” and for 500 dollars more, you can get a smarter console with more training programs and features — how very convenient! And because the best things are usually not cheap, it can be said that the price is justified. Octane fitness ships the Q37 elliptical across locations within the US, with Alaska and Hawaii being the prime locations. And yes, shipping comes with a quote. The Q37 elliptical arrives in a pretty heavy box that weighs about 256 Ibs, and when assembled, the machine weighs 220 Ibs. This being said, two people are recommended for its unloading.


  • It is constructed with heavy-duty steel for sturdiness and durability
  • There are two console options to choose from
  • It offers an impressive array of workout programs for maximum performance output
  • 72 workout programs are available on the Q35xi model, while eight are featured on the Q37x model. Additional three booster programs are also available.
  • Offers fitness goal tracking data for time, distance, and calories
  • Provides advanced heart rate tracking
  • Converging path handlebars with multi-grips allow for a longer range of arm motion
  • Heart rate sensors are integrated into the stationary handlebars
  • Flywheel provides an extremely smooth and consistent pedaling motion
  • The machine provides 20 adjustable resistance settings for beginners and professional users alike.
  • Pedals are well-constructed and oversized for maximum comfort and stability
  • Features a pedal and console disabling function to ensure children safety
  • Includes several optional accessories such as extra footrests, resistance bands, tablet, and water bottle holder
  • Comes with a good warranty plan


  • It has no incline or ramp to modify the elliptical pathway
  • It is quite expensive
  • The stride is fixed and cannot be adjusted


When it comes to unmatched full-body training at all skill levels (beginner, intermediate or advanced), the Octane fitness Q37 home elliptical ranks high. The unique ergonomic construction is the answer to result-driven and comfortable workouts. It is specially designed to cater to all body parts without exerting pressure on sensitive body joints. The narrow pedal configuration is another ergonomic feature that stands out — not every elliptical considers people that are prone to knee and hip strain. Although it lacks an incline, the 20.5 ” stride, optional foot pedals, and resistance bands somewhat fill the gaps. The machine’s resistance settings and programs make it the ideal choice for strength training, cardio workouts, stamina development, muscle toning, and weight loss. And having the option to select your own console is more than enough convenience. The heavy-duty steel construction accounts for its durability, and the warranty provides good immunity against potential defects or problems. Weighing 220 Ibs, it offers a decent 300 Ibs maximum weight capacity — this could be better, though. And the big question is, does this machine justify its steep price tag? All things considered, it certainly does, but taller or shorter people might want to explore other options – the fixed non-adjustable stride might not serve their needs. A better option will be the Octane fitness Q47 elliptical; this has a longer stride that is also adjustable. However, it is about $1000 more expensive. On the whole, the Q37 elliptical cross trainer is an exercise machine that’s totally worth every penny; it assures real value for your investment.

Octane Home Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
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Octane ZR7Octane Zero Runner 7 Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only36 Standard58'' Self-Adjusting3-Level MagneticNo
Octane Q47Octane-Q47-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles10 Standard | 14 Smart18''-26" Powered20 levelsNo
Octane Q37Octane-Q37-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles8 Standard | 14 Smart20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane Q35Octane-Q35-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only8 Standard20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane MTXOctane-MTX-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only6 Standard14'' Fixed10 levelsNo
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