Octane Fitness Standing Elliptical Pro 3700C Review (Updated in 2021)

Octane Pro 3700 Overview

Octane Pro 3700 Classic Overview

Recognized as a foremost elliptical company, Octane Fitness presented a lasting and gratifying solution to impact-associated training; and the Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer is one of its many zero-impact machines. Known as the premier elliptical among Octane’s third-generation elliptical machines, the Pro3700 classic has earned its virtue as a timeless and phenomenal exercise machine. The Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer is the first club-quality elliptical to feature Octane’s record-breaking converging path handlebars, which are specially designed to deliver the most ergonomically comfortable workouts. Coupled with Octane’s trademark multi-grip handlebars, the Pr03700 classic redefines upper body training. From the production workshop to the fitness floor, the Pr03700 classic trainer is exposed to complete reliability and quality testing so club owners can bet on its near-perfect performance and ease of ownership.

Additionally, the company tests its products in busy health clubs to guarantee its faultless reaction to wear and tear that is often brought about by constant use. That being said, the Pro3700 classic trainer is a through and through club-worthy elliptical machine. Be that as it may, the Pro3700 classic elliptical machine has its shortcomings. Compared to its succeeding sibling ellipticals; the XT3700, XT4700, XT-one and the Lateral X elliptical machines, the Pro3700 classic falls short. For one, it is devoid of an adjustable stride, smart stride technology, and Octane’s Smartlink compatibility. It also lacks fingertip controls (on the handlebars) and a water bottle holder. To top it all, it comes with a single console choice, whereas the aforementioned elliptical trainers are sold with a dual-console choice. Nevertheless, it is a step above its preceding elliptical, the Pro310 elliptical machine.

The Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer is furnished with distinct features that optimize comfort, safety, accessibility, durability and usability. It is equipped with a 24 inches stride length, a low step-up platform, QuadLink drive pedal spacing, covered track and rollers, digital contact heart rate sensors (on stationary handlebars), wireless heart rate readability (Polar only), a standard LCD console with 20 pre-set workout programs, reading rack, transport wheels, 30 resistance levels, fitness boosters, to mention but a few. Here is an in-depth review of the Pro3700 classic trainer for your reading and buying pleasure!

Octane Pro 3700 Classic Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and ANT+ Polar HRMPower Source:Self-Powered
USB Charging Port:
NoDisplay:LED (not touch)
FrontFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:320 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:69"L X 31"WSpeaker:No
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 30-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:No incline, FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:20" FixedHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 20 Standard ConsoleVerdict:Good Value Elliptical


Built based on the highest quality standards, the Pro3700 classic can support users of all sizes without causing damage to the user or its mechanical parts. Featuring body-protecting ergonomics doused in a steel frame, ball-bearing linkage system and a few PVC parts, the Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer can accommodate a whopping 400 pounds maximum user weight limit. Add the zero-impact configuration to the mix and your club members and clients will sing its praises forever.

Standing at 31 inches in width and 69 inches in length (79 × 175cm), the Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer is relatively large, but it saves some valuable floor space in the club. It occupies an active footprint of about 34 inches in width and 83 inches in length (86 × 210 cm). It is also easy for users of different height range to access the elliptical trainer from the rear; the low step-up platform simplifies the mounting and dismounting of the elliptical ─ by facilitating quick access to the foot pedals. Users can also lean on the stationary handlebars when getting on and off the machine. The Pro3700 classic sure makes exercising easy!

Save some money on your power bill and embrace the Pro3700’s cordless mechanism. The machine is self-powered, that is, it switches on with the aid of batteries instead of a power source. As such, it is energy-efficient. What more, you don’t have to deal with unsightly cords. While it is a reasonably heavy machine at 320 pounds (145 kg), the transport wheels make it easy to manoeuvre the elliptical from one spot to another. By using the wheels, you will be handling just a chunk of the overall weight. However, it has no carrying handle, and neither does it fold to save space.


Unlike its counterparts, the Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer offers just a standard console. This is limiting to an extent as the alternative smart console provides an advanced assortment of programs and features. Nonetheless, the Pro3700 classic’s standard console still gets the job done. Users can get the large LED console started in an instant by pressing the quick-start button. You can either use the console in a manual mode or key into the 20 onboard programs.

The LED screen displays valuable workout information that aid exercise execution such as; time spent, calories burned, target heart rate zone, distance covered, speed, heart rate, and resistance level. The console features integrated buttons that activate programmed workout options and other performance specifics. The 20 pre-set programs circles some of the following programs; resistance programs; manual, random, interval, custom interval, Hill and 10k. Heart rate controlled programs; heart rate fat burn, cardio, heart rate interval, heart rate custom interval, heart rate Hill, Heart rate speed interval and New leaf custom.

Advanced programs such as cross-circuit group and solo, 30:30 intervals, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Constant Watts, Constant METs and Navy PRT are also included. In addition to these, the Pr03700 classic trainer incorporates fitness boosters that target specific muscles in the arms, glutes and the triceps. These boosters are known as X-mode, Armblaster and Glutekicker. The console is also compatible with wireless telemetry, but only with the Polar model. And don’t expect a USB charging port!


The Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer has a stride length of 24 inches which is suitable for all users except shorter trainees. Shorter users might find the stride length a little too long for comfort. Also, the stride is not power-adjustable, which means it cannot be automatically adjusted to suit stride preference. There is also the lack of an inclined deck to simulate uphill running or motion.

However, users can find comfort in the zero-impact ergonomics which delivers a smooth, friction-free and injury-friendly flow. Despite the absence of an auto-adjustable stride and an incline, users with physical disabilities and without can immensely benefit from this adaptation. Because the stride is not power-adjustable, the Pro3700 classic does not integrate Octane’s patented stride technology ─ which adjusts the stride length and monitors users’ stride performance for improved workout output.

When it comes to resistance, the Pro3700 classic has a remarkable tension range. It offers 30 distinct resistance levels where level 1 is the easiest, and level 30 is the most challenging. The manual program and quick start give users absolute control over the resistance. The Pro3700 interval programs on the console (interval, custom interval and 30:30) allow users to control the resistance level for specific intervals. The resistance level for all programs except the goal programs is represented by rows of LEDs on the matrix display. For heart-rate based programs, the machine decreases and increases the resistance according to the user’s pace ─ and keeps the user’s heart rate within the targeted heart rate zone.


The handlebar and pedal ergonomics are one of the most outstanding features of the Pro3700 classic elliptical trainer. The adjustable multi-grip handlebars give room for targeted upper body training. Users can easily switch grip positions to exercise hard-to-reach muscles of the arms, back and chest. The handlebars are also made to fit every exerciser comfortably. Furthermore, the converging path handlebars mimic the natural movement of the arms when in a walking or running position to deliver exceptional arm and hand comfort.

To support and enhance cardio exercises, digital contact heart rate sensors are integrated into the stationary handlebars of the Pro3700 classic elliptical machine. When a user’s hand connects with the sensors, it transmits his or her pulse reading to the console, which displays the data on the screen. Users can simultaneously grab the handlebars while using a polar chest strap to get accurate heart-rate data. However, the Pro3700 classic elliptical machine does not incorporate fingertip controls on the handlebars, which might have been a convenient addition for controlling the resistance level.

Nothing beats an elliptical trainer with a narrow Q-factor, which is exhibited by the Pro3700 classic trainer. The Pro3700 classic’s pedals are just 1.8 inches apart from each other. This spacing helps to limit stress on the lower back by adequately balancing the head and the toes. So users can make the most of their exercise without the slightest pain. Octane also includes optional side step platforms that ease getting on and off the pedals.


The Octane Pro3700 classic trainer is fairly accessorized. The console features a handy device shelf where users can safely secure their phones and mobile devices. This ensures maximum security as well as convenience; users can enjoy their favourite entertainment while working out without having to hold their phones. Octane believes exercise and reading can go hand in hand; hence they made room for a reading rack on the Pr03700 console. You can slot your tablet or book into the shelf and read while you exercise ─ convenience can’t be better than this.

Not satisfied with the standard console? The optional Personal Viewing Screen is the perfect add-on alternative. The well-thought-out TV with user-friendly controls banishes workout-induced boredom and welcomes seamless entertainment. A 900 MHz wireless TV receiver is also included to sprinkle extra flakes of entertainment. Lastly, you can purchase additional side step platforms that facilitate quick disengagement from the moving pedals during exercise. No doubt, the Pro3700 classic elliptical machine has some delightful accessories. But here is the surprising thing; this luxury elliptical trainer lacks a water bottle holder!

Putting together the Pro3700 classic for use takes some time and some “grit”. The pedal has to be fixed to the 3-pivot link on the base. The left and right moving handlebars, handlebar covers, top covers, access panel, console mast and the console all have to be installed. The add-on accessories also need to be installed (if you happen to buy any). Fortunately, a comprehensive instruction manual is made available to walk you through the process with ease. The primary tools needed for the Pro3700 classic assembly are; a 6mm hex wrench (provided), 17 mm wrench, 17 mm socket and ratchet, #2 Phillips screwdriver and scissors/cutting tool. Considering the weight of the machine and the parts that are to be assembled, you will need more than a pair of hands to set up the machine.


Like all Octanes’ commercial-grade elliptical machines, the Pr03700 classic trainer comes with a limited commercial warranty. All parts of the Pro3700 classic are warranted for three years from the original date of purchase, labour is covered for 365 days from the original date of purchase, and the frame is warranted for a lifetime. The warranty does not cover damages, maintenance or repairs that are incurred either by accident, misuse of the product or through external factors.

The Pro3700 classic warranty has to be registered upon purchase to enable activation. Failure to do so renders the contract ineffective. This is why the product comes with a warranty registration card. Upon finding the card, fill the required details and return the card to Octane Fitness. Conversely, you can register the product warranty on Octane’s official website at www.octanefitness.com. All enquiries or complaints concerning the warranty should be directed to Octane’s customer support department. You can reach the customer support unit on 888.OCTANE, ext. 1 or 800-726-9662. You can also send them a mail via customerservice@octanefitness.com. Rest assured, an immediate response is promised.

You must have been wondering how much the Pro3700 classic sells for. The fact is, there is no definite price for the elliptical on the Octane website, and instead, there is a request for quote (RFQ) tab. This allows prospective buyers to negotiate or bid for the price. However, the estimated price range for the Pro3700 classic elliptical machine falls from $4000-$5000. Price varies from store to store. Also, the extra accessories; PVS, wireless 900MHz, and sidestep platforms come at an additional cost. Octane ships the product to regions within the U.S. for a fee. You can call 800-726-9662 to request for a shipping quote.


  • Converging path handlebars simulate natural upper-body motion which produces a flexible range of motion and aligns the joints safely
  • Multi-grip handlebars optimize arm customization for greater effectiveness.
  • Features a friction-free 24 inches stride length for smooth flow and performance
  • Sports durable track covers and rollers that hampers dust and dirt and provides pedal stability
  • Equipped with an easy-to-use console with integrated buttons and a user-friendly interface
  • Pulse sensors are integrated into the stationary handlebars to support the machine’s telemetric function.
  • The console supports wireless polar chest strap transmission.
  • The self-powered operation guarantees less energy consumption.
  • Tested and trusted; to withstand rigorous training and constant use in a club-facility
  • Accommodates users of up to 400 pounds
  • Provides truly challenging workouts with 30 distinct resistance levels
  • Owing to the zero-gravity construction, it is suitable for recovery and injury-associated training.
  • Boasts a low step-up height for easy access to the machine
  • Has a narrow Q-factor which promotes correct posture and body balance
  • Comes with extra accessories to maximize workout convenience and efficiency


  • The console features are somewhat limited and basic for the price.
  • You may have to pause your workout when thirsty as a water bottle holder is not included.


Fitness experts have endorsed the unique practicality and functionality of Octane ellipticals, and the Pro3700 classic trainer lives up to the “hype”. This one-of-a-kind elliptical trainer yields remarkable results with minimal effort. The Pro3700 classic trainer is a gigantic machine (at 320 pounds and 31” × 69”) that is capable of upholding individuals within a 400 pounds weight range. Lightweight users will also find this machine extraordinarily comfortable and convenient. With a broad range of 30 resistance levels, it can challenge users of different competency levels; beginners, intermediates and professionals. With an exciting medley of customized programs, premium ergonomics, and cutting edge technology, the Pro3700 classic elliptical machine is a worthy investment. But do you get unbeatable value for your money? Yes and no. Yes, because it offers certain features that are highly beneficial and can’t be found on any other machine. No, because it misses some basic features like a water bottle holder that should be found on a machine of its ilk. For another thousand dollars or thereabout, you can land a better elliptical trainer such as the higher-end XT3700 elliptical trainer (from the same company). But if you are not asking for much and can overlook its few flaws, the Pro3700 classic elliptical machine is just as good.

Octane Commercial Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
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Octane ZR7000Octane-Zero-Runner-7000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options58'' Self-AdjustingFixed8, Standard | 12, Smart10 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT-OneOctane-Standing-Elliptical-XT1-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options20''-28'' PoweredAdjustable17, Standard | 21, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT4700Octane-Standing-Elliptical-XT4700-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options20''-28'' PoweredFixed16, Standard | 20, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT3700Octane-XT3700-elliptical-review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options24'' FixedFixed13, Standard | 13, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane Pro3700COctane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro3700C-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20'' FixedFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane Pro310Octane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro310-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20.5'' FixedFixed12, Standard Console20 Levels, Magnetic
Octane LX8000Octane-Lateral-LX-8000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsS-To-S AdjustableFixed15, Standard | 15, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR6000Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR6000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsN/AFixed14, Standard | 18, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR650Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR650-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console OnlyN/AFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic

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