Octane Fitness Standing Elliptical Pro 310 Review (Updated in 2021)

Octane Pro 310 Overview

Octane Pro310 Overview

Only a few elliptical machines can beat Octane Fitness’ standing commercial-grade elliptical machines. This series of Octane elliptical machines present distinctive and highly competent features. Standing sturdy on this list is the premier Pro 310 elliptical trainer. This impressive elliptical trainer debuted as Octane’s first standing, commercial-quality elliptical trainer. It is structured to deliver ultra-durable performance; hence, it can withstand prolonged use without the slightest hint of wear and tear. The Pro 310 elliptical machine prides itself on quality, durability, low-maintenance, ease of ownership, and efficiency ─ Just like all Octane Fitness elliptical machines.

The Pro310 trainer provides 12 fantastic and customizable workout programs that are equal parts challenging and invigorating. It also offers goal-oriented programs such as 350 calories and half marathon, designed to meet user goals and preferences. Octane’s popular workout boosters are also made available to ramp up performance intensity and keep users glued to the elliptical. Constructed with human biomechanics in mind, the Pro 310 is furnished with Octane’s proprietary multi-grip and converging path handlebars that fully engage the upper body while offering diverse hand positions for comfort and variety. The Pro310 elliptical trainer is s easy to own and maintain, what with the compact footprint that spares precious floor space, low step-up height, and easy access construction ─ that permits entry from the side or the rear.

But with advantages come disadvantages; compared to the other elliptical trainers in the Octane standing commercial elliptical series ( Lateral X, XT-one, XT4700, XT3700, and Pro3700 classic), the Pro310 trainer comes across as “run-of-the-mill.” State-of-the-art features that progressively surfaced on the posterior elliptical trainers are expectedly absent on the antecedent Pro310 elliptical machine. Some of these deprivations are the absence of; an adjustable stride, Octane’s smart stride technology, covered track and rollers, transport wheels, fingertip controls on handlebars, water bottle holder, and USB charging port. It is also incompatible with Octane’s SmartLink app and ANT+ wireless heart rate transmission. The same token has fewer resistance levels, a lesser maximum weight limit, and a warranty. Given that it paved room for developing the succeeding elliptical machines, its shortfalls can be excused. Moreover, it gets the job done. Take time out and read this enlightening Pro310 elliptical review ─ Promises to be worth your while!

Octane Pro 310 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and ANT+ HRMPower Source:AC Adapter
USB Charging Port:
NoDisplay:LED (not touch)
FrontFlywheel Weight:N/A
2-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:260 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:65"L X 31"WSpeaker:No
Max user weight:300 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 20-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:No incline, FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:20.5" FixedHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 12, Standard ConsoleVerdict:Good Value Elliptical


In contrast to most premium high-end elliptical machines, the 300 pounds (136 kg) maximum weight capacity of the Pr0310 elliptical trainer is “average.” For a commercial-grade elliptical, a 400 pounds (or above) maximum limit would have sufficed. Be that as it may, the sturdy engineering and tested durability can sustain a heavy work burden and load capacity as long as it falls within the 300 pounds weight limit. If you have members whose weight or BMI transcends the weight specification, they are better off with another elliptical machine that can comfortably support their body weight.

With its space-efficient design, you can place the Pro310 elliptical trainer anywhere in your fitness facility. The footprint is a lot smaller than that of its sister-ellipticals. Its estimated footprint is 31” (W) × 65″ (L) (79 × 165 cm), while in a live area, the footprint expands to 34 inches in width and 76 inches in length (87 × 193 cm). So if you have limited floor space, the Pro310 elliptical machine is an ideal choice. As a safety precaution, Octane advises a 24 inches spacing between units (If you have more than one unit of the trainer).

Further to this, it requires minimal overhead space; this is all thanks to the low step-up height that is about 5 inches from the ground. As such, it is suitable for tall and short users alike. The Pro 310 requires a power source to work. It comes with cable connectors that have to be connected to sockets. However, the wiring isn’t messy or intrusive. At 260 pounds (136 kg), it weighs lesser than its sibling-elliptical machines, but it has no transport wheels to facilitate easy relocation on the flip side. Also, it does not integrate a folding design.


As opposed to a dual-console choice, the Pro310 trainer is sold with a single standard console. The Pro310 console is minimalistic in appearance and easy to operate. It includes a workout profile matrix and a multi-functional LED window that provides all the necessary details required to kick start and maintain multiple workout sessions. Users can quickly start a workout session by pushing the quick-start button; this sets the trainer on a manual mode at resistance level 1 and the calorie readout on 150 pounds, age 40.

The console provides the essential workout metrics required for greater performance output. It shows time elapsed, distance traveled, speed, total calories, calories burned per hour, time spent in a target heart zone, heart rate, heart rate percentage, target heart rate, and level. Users can also personalize the console profile and workout by inputting their desired age, weight, program, time, and resistance level. The Pro310 console is also programmed with 12 body-challenging and workout-enhancing programs that include heart rate controlled-programs, resistance programs, calorie-goal programs, and Octane’s trademark workout boosters.

The workout boosters, Armblaster, X-mode, and Glutekicker, incorporate cross-training to work different parts of the body prompted by specific commands. They get the heart pumping and the muscles working like never before. Another unique workout program on the Pro310 console is the 30:30 interval program. It is an innovative program that is exclusive to Octane elliptical machines. It is designed to challenge and motivate exercisers of all skill levels. The console also supports wireless heart rate transmission via a polar compatible (coded or non-coded) transmitter.


Octane Fitness elliptical machines are best known for their trailblazing zero-impact motion. This speaks true of the Pro310 elliptical machine. The Pro310 elliptical path is engineered to replicate real walking, jogging, and running movements. The stride design, a fixed 20.5 inches, takes its cue from precise human biomechanics for ultra-comfort.

Due to the low-impact configuration, stress is minimized on the joints, eradicating unhealthy pressure on the lower back and hips. The only drawback is the lack of adjustability. The stride is fixed and cannot be adjusted to suit different strides; thus, some users might find the stride uncomfortable or inconvenient for their leg length or pace.

The Pro310 has 20 distinct resistance levels, which is fewer than the 30 resistance levels offered by its fellow standing elliptical machines. Nonetheless, resistance can provide a decent level of challenge. The resistance is easy at level 1 and reaches its peak difficulty at level 20. The manual and quick start programs allow users to control the resistance level as they deem fit. The level can be controlled from the “Level (+) and (-)” buttons on the console. Also, interval programs, including 30:30 and custom interval, allows for resistance control at specific intervals.


Octane’s signature multi-grip and converging path handlebars are featured on the Pro310 elliptical trainer. This specialized handlebar articulation boosts upper-body motion by simulating the arms’ movement when a person walks, jogs, or runs. The converging handlebars are engineered to move slightly with forwarding strokes and diverge an inch with rear strokes. This paves room for optimum upper-body comfort and a more extended range of motion. The converging design fits different exercises with different arm lengths, from short to slender to long.

The Pro310 multi-grip handlebars offer users the ability to alternate different hand positions on-the-fly. In so doing, they can hone in on positions that conveniently support different paces and directions. Digital contact heart rate sensors are installed on the stationary handlebars to promote heart rate measurement. For best results, grasp both handlebars in such a way that the sensors are in direct contact with your palm. Make sure your grip is firm, and your hand is steady. The handlebar sensors can work in tandem with a polar chest strap to enhance heart rate reading.

The pedal design is also ergonomic, comfortable, and safe. The 1.8 inch spacing between the pedals minimizes strain on the lower-body and reduces the risk of injury. Combined with the low step-up height and ease of access, exercisers with mobility limiting injuries will be pleased to use the Pro310 trainer. However, the pedals are not mounted on covered tack and rollers, which might have helped its durability and stability. Notwithstanding, they seem durable and stable at first glance.


It is common knowledge that accessories amplify workout convenience for increased performance output. That being said, the Pro310 elliptical trainer comes with a couple of accessories, including a phone holder and a tablet/reading rack. You can choose to buy an optional Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) and a 900 wireless audio receiver to broaden entertainment options. The PVS is an optional TV with crisp image quality and a bevy of entertainment channels that pairs with the standard console. The audio receiver is also a workout entertainment device that is compatible with several channels.

A phone holder is affixed to the console so exercisers can keep their valuables in its secure pockets when they workout. This feature is also useful for hands-free usage of mobile devices and other portable electronics. Thanks to the tablet/reading rack, users can catch up with their favorite authors and books or read for upcoming exams when exercising. However, Octane somehow “forgot” to attach a water bottle holder to the machine. To say this is a little disappointing is to state the obvious. While a water bottle holder might be inconsequential, stepping off the machine every now and then to get water is inconvenient at best.

Assembling the Pro310 is not rocket science; it is relatively easy to assemble. First, you need to install and adjust the left and right moving handlebars. Next, you will attach the mast and the console to the base of the Pro310 trainer 9 (the console is assembled separately in line with the directives in the included instruction manual). Once you have completed this step, fix the access panel and the handlebar covers, followed by the shrouds and the mast boot. Finally, adjust and lock the levelers, and voila… your deluxe Pro310 trainer is ready to be used. To make the process easier and faster, engage an additional pair of hands.


The Octane Pro310 comes with a limited commercial warranty covering a lifetime for frame, two years for parts, and a year for labor ─ for a commercial-grade luxury machine, this warranty is a ‘tad unsatisfactory”. The warranty covers the original owner of the product and cannot be transferred to another individual or fitness center. While Octane Fitness conveys confidence about the quality and condition of the Pro310 elliptical trainer from production to delivery, they make provisions to address defects that may arise. However, this is ruled by specific requirements; You must retain the proof of purchase (sales receipt) of the product, operate and maintain the Pro310 as specified in the operations manual, and notify the Octane Customer Support Service department of the defect within ten days of discovery.

Depending on the type of defect, you may be directed to return the defective part for replacement or asked to bring in the machine (as a whole) for repair. Furthermore, it remains the company’s right to determine if the entire machine will be replaced or not. Another “clause” in the Pr0310 warranty contract is the warranty registration. Octane Fitness maintains that the warranty must be registered before it can be considered valid and effective. Therefore, a warranty registration card is included in the product box for registration purposes. Aside from the registration card, the Octane website, www.octanefitness.com, also makes provision for warranty registration. You can choose any registration method that is convenient for you. If you have questions or issues with regard to the warranty or its registration, you can speak to an Octane customer specialist on 800-726-9662 or send an email to customerservice@octanefitness.com.

The Pro310 is the cheapest of all Octanes’ standing commercial elliptical machines; this comes as no surprise, considering it has the least features. The Pro310 price varies from one retail dealer to another. The estimated price point is about 3,199 dollars. This is super affordable, you will agree. If you want to buy directly from the Octane website, you will have to request a quote as the actual price is not stated. You can call the customer support unit (toll-free) on 800-726-9662 to ask for a quote. Additional accessories such as the personal viewing screen and the 900 MHz wireless receiver will cost you some more dollars. Bear in mind that you also have to buy a wireless chest strap device separately (if you need one). Octane ships the Pr0310 for a quote to locations within the 50 states of the U.S. Shipping time and rate varies from place to place.


  • It provides a one-of-a-kind natural movement that maximizes comfort and safety.
  • Features a close pedal spacing for correct body posture during exercise
  • Low step-up height with easy access is ideal for all users, including trainees with an injury.
  • Comes with a simplistic LED display that supplies vital workout data for performance efficacy
  • It is compatible with wireless Polar heart rate transmission.
  • Offers a bunch of performance-boosting workout programs and resistance levels
  • Features unprecedented multi-grip and converging path handlebars with adjustable positions; to optimize upper-body training and comfort.
  • Elliptical path replicates real walking, running, and jogging motions.
  • The console integrates convenient shelves for phones and other electronic devices.
  • Includes a tablet/reading rack for reading convenience
  • It is super affordable.


  • The stride is fixed and un-adjustable
  • It lacks a water bottle holder and a USB charging port.
  • It has a limited warranty and maximum weight capacity.
  • Compared to other elliptical machines, programs and resistance levels are also limited.


The Octane Pro310 is one of the top-grade elliptical machines to grace the fitness market. It is a power-house machine that is designed with state-of-the-art technology to boost performance. As far as ergonomics are concerned, the Pro310 scores plus points. Fitted with customized workout programs, including Octane’s legendary fitness boosters, users will be drawn to this elliptical like a magnet. However, the 300 pounds maximum weight capacity may not be ideal for heavy users. With minimal resistance levels, the Pro310 elliptical trainer might be more practical for beginners who are working their way to the top of the “skill level.” Another drawback is the limited warranty, which is inferior to the warranty provided by other upmarket elliptical machines. Regardless of its apparent limitations, the Pro310 is an awe-inspiring machine loaded with premium features that deliver exceptional workout efficiency and ergonomics. But if you prefer an elliptical machine with the same characteristics but with better features, the Pro3700 classic trainer is a good alternative. It has a better warranty, more resistance levels and programs, a longer stride length, and many other features. Because better quality comes at a high price, be prepared to spend some more dollars, about two thousand dollars (tops) to be exact. All-in-all, the Pro310 elliptical machine is an impressive club-grade exercise machine that merges quality and affordability.

Octane Commercial Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
Octane ZR8000Octane-Zero-Runner-8000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options58'' Self-AdjustingFixed8, Standard | 12, Smart15 Levels, Magnetic
Octane ZR7000Octane-Zero-Runner-7000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options58'' Self-AdjustingFixed8, Standard | 12, Smart10 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT-OneOctane-Standing-Elliptical-XT1-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options20''-28'' PoweredAdjustable17, Standard | 21, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT4700Octane-Standing-Elliptical-XT4700-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options20''-28'' PoweredFixed16, Standard | 20, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT3700Octane-XT3700-elliptical-review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options24'' FixedFixed13, Standard | 13, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane Pro3700COctane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro3700C-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20'' FixedFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane Pro310Octane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro310-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20.5'' FixedFixed12, Standard Console20 Levels, Magnetic
Octane LX8000Octane-Lateral-LX-8000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsS-To-S AdjustableFixed15, Standard | 15, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR6000Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR6000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsN/AFixed14, Standard | 18, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR650Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR650-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console OnlyN/AFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic

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