Octane Fitness Max Trainer MTX Review (Updated in 2021)

Octane Max Trainer MTX Overview

Octane MTX Overview

Here is an exercise machine from Octane that is about to become your favorite β€” Octane Fitness Max trainer! In a bid to satisfy the en masse fitness “craving” for High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Octane put their best brains, efforts, and resources into the making of a total-body, cardio machine that will meet and exceed the aforementioned HIIT demands β€” and boy, is this machine a total winner! But apparently, Octane isn’t the first to lay claim to Max trainers as Bowflex has been winning in this sector for quite some time. But while the Bowflex max trainers mostly cater to home gyms, the Octane variant leans towards commercial gyms, health club, fitness facilities, and whatnot.

The Octane fitness Max trainer or MXT machine screams “hybrid” β€” it is an elliptical trainer and stair climber in one machine with combined fan and magnetic resistance. With this trainer, you get about 60% stair-stepping motion, 30% elliptical activity, and 10% teeth-grinding labor. In essence, the Octane MTX simultaneously works your upper body and lower body in a very grueling but profitable fashion. You know what they say β€” no sweet without sweat! So, if you love a challenging workout, you already know which trainer to home in on.

But what makes this machine a true masterpiece is the 14 minutes HITT workout that puts long cardio sessions and the likes to shame. Unlike the wash, rinse, and repeat style of insanity workouts (which also targets a quick but laborious performance), you get to give your best shot to full body ultra-interval training within the space of 14 minutes! As a matter of fact, this machine’s principal mission is to help you burn calories ultra-fast. Capped by a rock-solid construction, self-powered operation, a compact design, progressive resistance, and an intuitive console, you will be reaping the benefits to the fullest. Tell you what, Our Octane MTX review is about to do you a world of good β€” read to know-how!

Octane MTX Review and Details
Heart Rate:
Pulse and Chest StrapPower Source:AC Adapter
USB Charging Port:
VerticalFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:260 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:28"L X 30"W X 47"HSpeaker:No
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 10-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:9" FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Stride Length:14" FixedHandlebars:No Built-in Controls
Programs: 6Better Alternative:Bowflex Max 8


There is a lot to love about the Octane Fitness Max trainer, and the compact, space-economical size is one of them. It is no secret that most traditional elliptical machines have a bulky and space-consuming build, but the MTX elliptical cross trainer stands out from the crowd with a space-friendly footprint; it is only 47″ (199cm) long and 30″ (76 cm) wide, and when fully assembled, it takes up a minimal active area of 30″ Γ— 51″ (76 Γ— 130 cm). When used with cross circuit accessories, the footprint expands to 37″ Γ— 57″ (94 Γ— 145cm). Irrespective of the varying footprint dimensions, it can be used in a small room or in a limited space setting.

While the exact step-up height is not specified, it is quite low. You can access it from the rear and quickly get on and off the machine without any trouble. The fact that the step-on height is low means the ceiling requirement and user height does not ask for too much. The elliptical cross trainer can adapt to low-ceiling rooms. This is good because tall users won’t have to contend with the ceiling when working out. Nonetheless, Octane recommends a minimum of 8″ ceiling clearance. Basically, the MTX should be 8″ higher than the tallest user. The Octane MTX is self-powered; it utilizes 4 AA batteries to function. Hence, you don’t need to have a power source to use this machine.

Although the MTX elliptical trainer is not gargantuan, it is fairly heavy. With all parts in place, it weighs about 260 Ibs. The weight may seem like a turn-off, but it plays an important role in the machine’s general stability. Combined with the durable heavy-duty fabrication, it is sturdy enough to accommodate a maximum weight limit of 400 Ibs (181 kg). In summary, people that weigh up to 400 Ibs can comfortably use this trainer. In spite of its weight, the MTX trainer is easy to move. A set of wheels are integrated into its front base for convenient relocation. By using these wheels, you’d technically be handling just 40-30 % of its overall weight.


Bid complicated consoles with a bunch of confusing buttons goodbye and welcome the simple, convenient, and highly practical MXT console that asks you to “get on and go.” In simple terms, you don’t need to test your programming skills or punch in a number of routine adjustments to get started. The only requirement needed to power the MXT elliptical cross trainer is yourself. Just get on it, press the pedals and instantly start working out. How fantastic!

The MXT console is a transparent LCD beauty with a Calorie meter (recall what we said about burning calories with the speed of alacrity). This in-front-of-your-eyes calorie meter is all the motivation you need to “slay ” those unwelcome calories. It diligently supplies constant feedback on calories burned per minute, motivating you to strive further until each and every calorie meets their waterloo. Be warned; this function is addictive in the true sense of the word. Further to this, you can track time, floors, pace, and total calories so you can make quick adjustments in relation to either steady-state or HIIT routines.

The console also offers 6 workout programs, including the famed 14 minutes HITT interval. With the HIIT, you will get 25-seconds rigorous intervals followed by 80-seconds recovery periods. After you have completed a program, it gives you a report on time spent, maximum RPM, maximum heart rate (when a wireless chest strap is used), total calories, and maximum watts. Also notable is the cross-circuit and maximum circuit programs that offer variety and more challenges. The monitor can also be paired with a wireless heart rate chest strap that is compatible with ANT+. It also features Bluetooth connectivity. Regrettably, Octane left out a wireless chest strap. You have to buy that yourself, not so thoughtful, right?


A stair stepper and an elliptical trainer in one, the MXT trainer expectedly features a virtually vertical elliptical path. It offers a stride motion of approximately 14″ (36 cm) in length and 9″ (23 cm) in height, which brings your thighs and glutes into full “working” focus. Going by the vertical inclination and the liberal height, user height requirement shouldn’t be a cause of concern. It is safe to say that users between 6’8″ – 7″ can conveniently utilize the stride as long as they don’t exceed the indicated maximum weight limit of 400 Ibs.

Beginners? Check! Regular exercisers? Check! Fitness experts? check! β€” the Octane MXT elliptical cross trainer appears to be ticking all the boxes with regard to skill level. And why? All fingers point to the mind-blowing, or is it sweat – generating fan-cum-magnetic resistance. First off, this brilliant exercise machine gives you instantaneous resistance on the basis of your efforts; no adjustments are required whatsoever. The key phrase here is “Progressive resistance,” and the slogan is “get on and go.”

Progressive resistance simply means the machine will give off resistance according to how hard or how slow you are pedaling. This makes it suitable for both beginners and seasoned users alike since the MTX will automatically adapt to the user’s fitness level. The unique fusion of fan and magnetic resistance results in an endless stream of customized workout experience. And because no adjustment is required, different individuals or family members with different proficiency levels can use the trainer to tally with their convenience and needs. The resistance is mostly generated by the high-velocity fan located by the side of the machine, while the brake offers 10 distinct resistance levels that run from light intensity to ” arduous but invigorating ” β€” to satisfy individual users.


Your hands and arms will thank you for using the MXT trainer, no kidding! This is all thanks to the ergonomic handlebars. The Octane MTX is endowed with two sets of handlebars; moving and stationary. The moving handlebars are curved and “dual gripped”; that is, it has two grip positions (low and high) to facilitate different arm placement and posture. The two hand placement options equal personalized comfort and fit for exercisers of all sizes. By the same token, the layout targets the arms, chest, back, and shoulders. As such, your upper body is properly drilled.

Per contra, the stationary handlebars like the name implies, are static (they do not move). They possess short grips and are strategically positioned in front of the console for an easy reach. To foster comfort, both sets of handlebars are rubber-coated. However, you should note that the handlebar grips lack pulse sensors for tracking heart rate. In any case, the MTX console can keep tabs on your pulse by means of a wireless heart rate chest strap device.

The driving force behind the Octane Max trainer is the zero-impact workout. In view of this, it is fitted with a set of pedals that are configured to minimize the impact on the joints. This is largely attributed to the narrow 1.8″ space between the pedals; the pedals are very close together to attain a natural and ultra-comfortable stride. In addition to this, two rails are attached to each pedal to consolidate the four-bar linkage front-drive system, for added stability.


Accessories make workouts a whole lot comfortable, and the MTX elliptical cross trainer makes sure of this. Given that you will be working really hard with this particular trainer, a water bottle holder comes in handy. It is far convenient to grab your favorite beverage or water from the bottle holder on-the-fly than it is to interrupt your exercise to quench your thirst. You can’t help but appreciate this thoughtful integration.

Sometimes we need the motivation to stay committed to certain goals, and exercising is no different. Now, this is where a device holder comes in, but in this case, we are talking about “convenient shelves.” The Octane MTX integrates two practical shelves to hold your phone, tablet, and other electronics. What’s more, you have two placement options at your disposal; read and surf. A cross circuit kit with optional weight blocks is also included to add variety to your exercise routine. And if self-powered machines are not your thing, Octane provides an optional power supply for this model. But bear in mind, this will attract extra charges!

Brace yourself β€” there is a lot to be assembled, and this might take you two hours maximum depending on how “handy” you are and the number of persons setting the MTX trainer up. To start with, the shrouds (front, top, and back), moving and stationary handlebars with covers (left and right), mast boot, the console mast, cup holder, media tray, and the console all have to be attached to the pre-assembled frame. But hey, it isn’t as onerous as it appears as a well-detailed instruction manual is provided to guide you all the way. You will also need a 6mm wrench, a #1 and #2 Phillips screwdriver, and a cutting tool for the assembly. However, only the wrench is provided, the remaining three? β€” “you have to fend for yourself.”


The Octane MTX trainer comes with a limited commercial warranty. This form of warranty is applicable to all Octane’s products sold under commercial settings. This means, buying the MTX trainer for home use or thereof invalidates the warranty. Under the terms of the warranty, the frame is covered for a lifetime, the parts for three years, and labor for a year β€” all valid from the original date of purchase. Octane is confident that this warranty will hold true to its promise for the specified duration. There aren’t many user reviews to support this claim, but judging by the make of the trainer, it will appear that there is a ring of truth to this.

It is also worth noting that this warranty is only authorized or effective when it is registered. With that in mind, a warranty registration card is included in the box. Upon finding the card, you are directed to complete the enclosed details and return to Octane fitness. As an alternative, you can visit Octane’s website at www.octanefitness.com to register the warranty. Also, the warranty is strictly limited to the original owner as it is not transferable. If you should have any further questions, inquiries, or issues relating to the warranty or other concerns, promptly reach out to Octane’s customer support via email or call as follows; customerservice@octanefitness.com, 800-726-9662.

Currently, the Octane MTX elliptical cross trainer sells for $3799. Clearly, this is not within an affordable price bracket, but for the value it offers, the price can be deemed appropriate β€” Octane ships the MTX trainer to online shoppers within the 50 states of the USA. Shipment to Alaska and Hawaii attracts extra cost. You can call Octane’s customer support to get a price estimate for shipping. The frame of the trainer is delivered in a box (parts inclusive) while the console is boxed separately. Considering the weight, it is best to pick a spot ahead of time for the assembly, though the transport wheels make for easy relocation. Ultimately, at least two or more people are recommended for the unloading and assembly.


  • It is well-constructed with meticulous attention to detail
  • A very stable and solid machine that can accommodate a 400 Ibs weight capacity
  • Provides 14 mins HITT interval workout for faster calorie depletion; burns up to 43% more calories
  • Combines magnetic and fan resistance for an extremely smooth and progressive resistance
  • Has 10 levels of instantaneous magnetic resistance
  • No adjustments needed for resistance or to start the trainer
  • The console is simple, straightforward, and easy to navigate
  • Provides two workout modes: manual and customized workouts
  • Provides workout summary during a cool-down phase
  • It is perfect for High interval intensity training (HIIT)
  • Equipped with ergonomic handlebars to maximize comfort and for enhanced upper body training
  • Features a compact footprint, which makes it space-friendly
  • Pedals are large, durable, and shock absorbent
  • Includes a water bottle holder and two media shelves for user-convenience
  • Prioritizes zero to no impact workouts


  • Quite on the pricey side.
  • It is a little complicated to assemble β€” requires two or more people.
  • It does require more knee flexibility to use (not ideal for those on recovery).


The Octane Max trainer is a beautiful yet brilliant exercise machine. It is the go-to trainer for faster calorie burn and for a challenging but exhilarating workout. The peculiar unification of magnetic and wind resistance offers a limitless resistance range and intensity that is adequate for both amateur and veteran exercisers. The 14 mins HIIT interval takes the spotlight for unparalleled calorie depletion; in fact, the manufacturers report that HIIT interval users have greater odds of burning 43% more calories as opposed to using a rower and 20% more calories compared to using a traditional standing elliptical. Built with high-quality and durable materials and precise attention to detail β€” the MTX trainer is more than ideal for heavy users. It can sufficiently support people that weigh over 300 pounds. With respect to “value for money,” this trainer isn’t your typical budget-friendly machine. To put it bluntly, a max trainer like the Bowflex M8 has superior features at a more affordable price ($ 2299). So, if you are looking for a more affordable trainer with good quality into the bargain, you should give the Bowflex model a trial.

Octane Home Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
Octane ZR8Octane Fitness ZR8 Overview300 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only39 Standard58'' Self-Adjusting4-Level MagneticNo
Octane ZR7Octane Zero Runner 7 Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only36 Standard58'' Self-Adjusting3-Level MagneticNo
Octane Q47Octane-Q47-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles10 Standard | 14 Smart18''-26" Powered20 levelsNo
Octane Q37Octane-Q37-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles8 Standard | 14 Smart20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane Q35Octane-Q35-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only8 Standard20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane MTXOctane-MTX-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only6 Standard14'' Fixed10 levelsNo
Octane XR6Octane-XR6-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles6 Standard16'' Fixed20 levelsNo

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