Octane Fitness Lateral LX8000 Review (Updated in 2021)

Octane LX8000 Overview

Octane fitness lateral X (L X 8000) is an inimitable, groundbreaking elliptical machine that has given “variety” a new meaning. While most elliptical machines typically adopt a linear or stair-stepping motion, the LX 8000 permits multiple planes of motion with emphasis on lateral movement. The Lx 8000 cross trainer utilizes a smooth and transitional 3D motion that allows users to alternate between up/down, forward/backward, and side-to-side movements for a full-body experience.

This remarkable lateral motion promotes increased calorie burn, more leg activity, and improved muscle conditioning. To buttress this point, a study conducted by researchers from Minnesota state university found that Lateral X 8000 users experience a 27% increase in calorie depletion and a 30% increase in inner and outer thigh activity upon transitioning from minimum to maximum lateral width adjustments during the course of exercise— some or even most ellipticals can’t boast the same. The bottom line is, you get to hit more muscles than you would on a regular elliptical.

Packed with Octane’s signature workout boosters, the LX 8000 makes everyday workout a challenging and fun-filled experience. Among the array of specialized programs is the 30:30 interval training, cross-circuit, and the exciting martial arts-themed MMA. Plus, the smart and standard console options are “entertainment at its best.” The LX 8000’s superior ergonomic construction is also noteworthy in terms of comfort and adaptability. It is no wonder that the LX 8000 elliptical has garnered several prestigious awards, with the most notable being — the health club industry’s “best elliptical award. ” In actual fact, there is a lot more to the Lateral X elliptical machine, and this LX 800 review unravels it all.

Octane LX8000 Review and Details
Heart Rate:
PulsePower Source:AC Adapter
USB Charging Port:
NoDisplay:Standard & Smart Options
FrontFlywheel Weight:N/A
3-Year Parts | 1-Year LaborCompact:Yes
Machine Weight:380 LbsFolding:No
Dimensions:63"L X 30"W X 42"HSpeaker:No
Max user weight:400 LbsCooling Fan:No
Resistance: 30-Level MagneticMedia Shelf:Yes
Incline Ramp:FixedBottle Holder:Yes
Side-to-Side:AdjustableHandlebars:With Built-in Controls
Programs: 15Affordable Alternative:Bowflex LX5


One endearing quality of the Octane Fitness Lateral X 8000 elliptical trainer is the streamlined, space-conserving, commercial-grade construction. With a compact footprint of 42″ (L) x 63″ (W), it is more than ideal for limited spaces. The portable design is also “good news” for fitness facilities with teeming patrons — they can easily fit several LX8000 ellipticals to accommodate a large number of clients without a large floor area. And because it doesn’t fold, The Lx 8000 integrated transport rollers are an added mobility and space-saving bonus.

The Lx 8000 low step-up height and rear accessibility mean you can easily mount and get off the machine in a heartbeat. This also means it can accommodate varying user heights and low-ceiling architecture. So, you don’t have to worry about how tall you are or if the machine will compete with your roof or not— rest assured, this is a low-profile elliptical that won’t have your head scraping the ceiling.

The Lx 8000 features a self-powered and cordless operation —It uses batteries and does not require to be plugged in. This makes it easy to move from one spot to another without having to deal with bothersome intrusive cords. However, this does not apply to the smart console version, as it needs a power source to function. Very few ellipticals have a user weight capacity beyond 300 Ibs, and the LX 8000 is a game-changer with an impressive weight limit of 400 Ibs (181 kg). No matter your weight, the LX 8000 elliptical cross trainer will suit you just fine.


With two console options; standard and smart, the lateral X 8000 evidently takes workout entertainment and motivation seriously. The Lx 8000 standard console is loaded with 15 pre-set workout programs. It also boasts a variety of features, including a 3-speed console fan for cooling comfort, mobile device charging USB port, digital heart rate sensors, and ANT + and Polar heart rate compatibility. The standard basic display is fairly sufficient, but if you fancy a more advanced console with more entertainment options, then you should opt for the Octane Lateral X smart model. But with better options come a heavier price, and we are talking about $1000 tops — so you may have to decide if this is an overkill (by your standards) or not.

Talking about the lateral X 8000 smart console, it is as advanced as it gets. It possesses all the features of the standard model and more; as opposed to an LED screen, it is equipped with a 10″ touch screen with WIFI compatibility, web applications, internet browser, and Octane’s trademark Cross circuit training. The cross circuit combines cardio and strength intervals for better muscle conditioning, endurance, and calorie depletion. In other words, you will be as fit as a fiddle in no time.

And isn’t it so amazing that— interval training is just a click away from the signature workout boosters namely, X-mode, Quad Power, and Thightoner. These collectively make your workout more intense and challenging by focusing on specific muscle groups. And if all of these do not meet your satisfaction, Octane provides a Personal Viewing Screen (PVS), also known as a 9000Mhz wireless receiver for both consoles. The PVS is a delightful on-screen cocktail of Tv and Movie selections with integrated keypad controls, and the receiver links to BroadcastVision, Cardio Theater, MYE entertainment, and a host of others.


The “mix and match” of the ultra-quiet side-to-side and stepping motions is undoubtedly the hallmark of the LX 8000 trainer. You can effectively build stamina, muscular endurance, and core stability with the LX 8000 l0 lateral width adjustments. You can choose from the 1-10 lateral width option to make your stride as narrow or as wide as you want; 1 is the widest while ten is the narrowest — and this is what versatility feels like! By doing this, you are able to activate leg muscles that are often relegated to the background —thereby increasing calorie burn as you move along.

You may be wondering how to control the stride, but this is actually the easiest. In fact, you have two options; you can either use the handlebar (more on this later) or the console. The LX 8000 console has a key that is solely dedicated to stride control. You can easily locate this button by its unmistakable name tag “lateral width.” Once you’ve identified the button, click on the (+) or (-) signs to increase or decrease the width of the lateral motion. Easy peasy, right?

You can vary workout intensity by taking full advantage of the Lateral X’s extensive 30 resistance levels. If you are one for high-intensity exercises, then this fantastic exercise machine has got you covered. If you prefer to go at a steady pace, you are also covered. Basically, there is a resistance range for everyone. Like with the lateral width, the resistance is also adjustable and can be regulated via the handlebar or the console. A button named “Level” on the console does this job. Again, the (+) and (-) signs hold the key.


The LX 8000 innovative patented MultiGrip and converging path handlebars ensure that your upper body gets a sufficient dose of training. They also provide optimum comfort and customization. The converging path handlebars complement the lateral motion and further replicates a natural motion that is equivalent to moving shoulder joints. It is particularly useful in training the glutes and the core while in a squatting position.

Whether you are gripping onto them loosely or tightly, the multi-grip handlebars provide unparalleled comfort; the unique configuration aims to provide a healthy and ergonomically friendly position for different body frames —be it slim, tall, short, or big-boned. It is also equipped with digital contact heart rate sensors so you can check your heart rate as you work out. For a reliable and accurate heart rate reading, you are to grasp each heart rate grip firmly in such a way that the sensors are in direct contact with your palms.

For the record, the Lx 8000 can also read your heart rate via a wireless chest strap or a polar compatible transmitter. The multi-grip handlebars also feature fingertip control buttons that place stride and resistance controls directly at your fingertips. You can easily adjust stride and resistance settings by making use of the up/ down arrows on the right and left handlebars, respectively. For unrestrained but stable freedom of movement, the LX 8000 is designed with soft grip pedals without straps or buckles.


Phone and water bottle holders are a gym equipment staple, no doubt, and while their inclusion on the Lx 8000 might be expected, it is still worth mentioning. Believe it or not, some high-end ellipticals openly lack this necessary accessory. All things considered; the LX 8000 deserves applause for making this useful feature accessible. In line with this, The Lx 8000 elliptical trainer provides convenient shelves and pockets for your mobile or electronic devices such as phones, tablets, or iPods.

The Lx 8000 tablet/reading rack is oh so convenient and a thoughtful add-on– Who would have thought that reading and working out can be done at the same time! With the LX 8000, you can get in some reading even while your hands are actively engaged with the handlebars. Feeling parched and thirsty? The water bottle holder is just within reach — You don’t have to break stride to get water from the fridge. A cross circuit kit containing mounted weight stands and adjustable PowerBlock weights is also part of the package to provide endless strength training options.

Setting up the Lx 8000 requires some effort. It weighs a ton and may come in two or three boxes. To be frank, unloading and assembly require at least two people, and it is best to set it up at its designated location. The base, stabilizers with covers, handlebars, console mast, and console all need to be assembled. The console parts (front and back) are mostly packaged in a separate box with a #2 Phillip screwdriver and hardware pack. The smart console box additionally comes with a power switch and power supply and cord that may be boxed separately. Tools required (which are included) for the overall assembly include two 13mm wrenches, a 17mm wrench, and a #2 Phillip screwdriver.


Quality begets a hefty price, and the Lateral X 8000 is far from cheap —You wouldn’t expect less from a professional commercial-quality machine. With the standard console version, you get to pay a heavy sum of $7,699. Expectedly, the smart console comes in at an even higher price – $8998, to be precise. Of course, the smart console has more advanced features, hence the price disparity. The console choice doesn’t make a substantial difference in overall workout output. You can get optimum full-body, sweat-breaking, and glute-kicking workout with either of the console options. But if you want an additional boost and more frills, paying $1299 more shouldn’t be a problem.

For such a pricey piece of equipment, you would expect a better warranty that exceeds the 3-year parts and I year labor limited consumer warranty that Octane currently offers for this product. This warranty is effective from the original date of purchase. The Personal Viewing Screen (PVS) is also covered for three years. Octane is confident that the Lateral X will retain its quality and value for the specified warranty period. Also, you should note that the Lx 8000 limited commercial warranty is non-transferable.

The Lx 8000 warranty is only considered valid when the product is registered with Octane Fitness. A warranty registration card is included in the box for this purpose. Once you have unboxed the Lateral X, fill the warranty card, and return to Octane fitness. You can also register through the octane website at www.octanefitness.com. If you have more inquiries, simply call the Octane Fitness Customer service department at 888. OCTANE4, ext 1. Additionally, the lateral X 8000 is shipped to customers for a quote. You can call 800-726-9662 for shipping costs and information.


  • Offers motion versatility and provides plenty of room for adjustments
  • Runs a whisper-quiet operation that won’t attract the displeasure of picky neighbors
  • Comes with two console choices to suit individual needs and preference
  • Has comfortable handlebars and handgrips that are easy to navigate with multi-grip positions
  • Fingertip controls are featured on the handlebar for convenient stride and resistance control
  • The converging path handlebars give you the opportunity to effectively tone your upper body while keeping tabs on your heart rate
  • The standard console version is self-powered; does not need a power source to operate
  • Integrated with an auto quick-start feature for a quick and easy start
  • Offers 30 varying resistant levels for varied workout intensity
  • The console features three-speed cooling fans to keep heat at bay
  • Offers optional Tv and 900 MHZ wireless connection to maximize entertainment options
  • Equipped with customizable and challenging programs that boost exercise and performance
  • Favorable customer feedback statistics — stating its functionality and ease of use
  • Compact design and footprint to conserve space


  • It is quite expensive, but the quality is worth the price
  • The warranty is rather unimpressive for the make and price
  • It is on the heavy side. Hence assembly and unloading might be a chore for one person
  • It is specifically built for commercial use, so the warranty does not cover home use


The Octane fitness Lateral X (LX 8000) elliptical cross trainer is on a league of its own. It surpasses every other elliptical in terms of motion range and adjustability. Having multi-motion options means hard-to-reach muscle groups are easily targeted, hence providing optimum body training. It is also perfect for rehabilitation and stability training because of the low-impact engineering. The handlebar articulation makes for effective thigh, glute, and core training. The fact that one can easily adjust the lateral width to increase resistance and stride without breaking workout flow is especially mind-blowing. The dual-console choice is also notable; you can easily expand your entertainment and program options if the standard console does not meet your requirements. Truth be told, the LX 8000 is a premium quality elliptical that offers the best value for its pricey price tag. It is also fantastic exercise equipment for both beginners and professional users. However, it has a relatively fair learning curve —one may need time to get accustomed to the lateral motion. With an impressive 400 Ibs maximum weight limit, 176 kg weight, and a solid build— it goes without saying that the lateral X 8000 is a durable piece of equipment that is suitable for both slender and heavy individuals. The only ellipticals that come close to the lateral X 8000 at a fraction of the cost is the Bowflex lateral x Lx 3 and Lx 5 elliptical cross-trainers. They are produced by octane’s parent company, Nautilus inc. They are a cheaper alternative to the lateral X 8000; The LX 3 costs about $1,999 while the Lx 5 costs about $2699. However, they have limited features compared to the Lx 8000 ; The Lx 3 has 8 resistance levels while the Lx 5 provides 10 resistance plus the former lacks lateral width adjustment. Be that as it may, they are a great alternative to the Lx 8000 — especially if you are on a budget. But if you have the means for an expensive value-packed, lateral elliptical cross trainer, you should totally check out the lateral x 8000.

Octane Commercial Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
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Octane ZR7000Octane-Zero-Runner-7000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options58'' Self-AdjustingFixed8, Standard | 12, Smart10 Levels, Magnetic
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Octane Pro3700COctane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro3700C-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20'' FixedFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane Pro310Octane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro310-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20.5'' FixedFixed12, Standard Console20 Levels, Magnetic
Octane LX8000Octane-Lateral-LX-8000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsS-To-S AdjustableFixed15, Standard | 15, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR6000Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR6000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsN/AFixed14, Standard | 18, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR650Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR650-Review400 LBS Check on AmazonNoStandard Console OnlyN/AFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic

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