Octane Fitness Elliptical Reviews and Comparisons

Octane Fitness Ellipticals

If you’re in the hunt for an elliptical for your home gym, Octane ellipticals are a great option to consider. They’re well-known and users really love Octane exercise equipment not just because they provide many different options but also because they have innovative teams that are committed to create machines such as Zero Runners with zero impact and other high quality equipment.

Octane elliptical machines are high-quality, durable, and they provide all the features you need to go further into your fitness journey. Your fitness goals are easier to achieve when you have the right exercise equipment, and Octane Fitness ellipticals are the right way to go.

To help you decide if this brand is for you, today we’ll be discussing Octane’s background and we’ll review all the ellipticals they offer so you can make the right choice. We’ll go into detail, this way you will be able to determine which machine is best tailored for you. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

Octane Fitness Background

Octane is the only fitness equipment manufacturer out there that’s 100% dedicated to zero-impact cardio, which is why they’ve become a leader in the industry. What sets Octane apart from other companies is the fact that they’re innovative, offer uncompromised quality and proven performance, and they offer personalized customer service, among other things.

They mission is to create exercise equipment that’s zero-impact, which includes Octane ellipticals, so users can rely on it to reach their fitness goals and take care of themselves. They’re passionate about innovation and continuously improve their fitness equipment to make sure they’re the best zero-impact machines on the market.

Octane Fitness was founded back in 2001 by two industry veterans, Dennis Lee and Tim Porth. Since then, they’ve been dedicated to making the best elliptical machines and their Octane Fitness ellipticals are now well-known around the world. They revolutionized ellipticals by making many different breakthroughs that were not available, such as Workout Boosters, MultiGrip and Converging Path handlebars, and SmartStride. In other words, they’ve made history and they’re an award-winning company. 

Octane invented the recumbent elliptical machine which provides total-body seated workouts. They’re also responsible for the innovative LateralX, which features lateral motion and stepping motion for more challenging workouts. They also released the XT-One, an all-in-one Octane Fitness cross trainer. And the list of accomplishments doesn’t end there!

This brand has achieved a lot in the industry, which has led them to earn 125 Best Buy awards. They’re created many different ways to exercise and they’ve provided people all over the world with convenient, zero-impact exercise equipment they can trust. 

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Compare Octane's Home Series Ellipticals

Octane Home Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
Octane ZR8Octane Fitness ZR8 Overview300 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only39 Standard58'' Self-Adjusting4-Level MagneticNo
Octane ZR7Octane Zero Runner 7 Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only36 Standard58'' Self-Adjusting3-Level MagneticNo
Octane Q47Octane-Q47-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles10 Standard | 14 Smart18''-26" Powered20 levelsNo
Octane Q37Octane-Q37-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles8 Standard | 14 Smart20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane Q35Octane-Q35-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only8 Standard20.5'' Fixed20 levelsNo
Octane MTXOctane-MTX-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonYesStandard Console Only6 Standard14'' Fixed10 levelsNo
Octane XR6Octane-XR6-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonStandard No | Smart YesStandard & Smart Consoles6 Standard16'' Fixed20 levelsNo

Compare Octane's Commercial Series Ellipticals

Octane Commercial Series Ellipticals Comparison Chart
Octane ZR8000Octane-Zero-Runner-8000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options58'' Self-AdjustingFixed8, Standard | 12, Smart15 Levels, Magnetic
Octane ZR7000Octane-Zero-Runner-7000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options58'' Self-AdjustingFixed8, Standard | 12, Smart10 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT-OneOctane-Standing-Elliptical-XT1-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options20''-28'' PoweredAdjustable17, Standard | 21, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT4700Octane-Standing-Elliptical-XT4700-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options20''-28'' PoweredFixed16, Standard | 20, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XT3700Octane-XT3700-elliptical-review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart Options24'' FixedFixed13, Standard | 13, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane Pro3700COctane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro3700C-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20'' FixedFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane Pro310Octane-Standing-Elliptical-Pro310-Review300 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard Console Only20.5'' FixedFixed12, Standard Console20 Levels, Magnetic
Octane LX8000Octane-Lateral-LX-8000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsS-To-S AdjustableFixed15, Standard | 15, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR6000Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR6000-Review400 LBSCheck on AmazonNoStandard & Smart OptionsN/AFixed14, Standard | 18, Smart30 Levels, Magnetic
Octane XR650Octane-Recumbent-Elliptical-XR650-Review400 LBS Check on AmazonNoStandard Console OnlyN/AFixed20, Standard Console30 Levels, Magnetic

Overview of Octane’s Elliptical E Series

Table of Contents

As you can gather from what we’ve discussed about Octane so far, they have many ellipticals to offer. So, today we’ll be discussing each series, including the Fitness Q series, the XT series, the PRO series, the xRide series, and the standalone Lateral X, one of their many innovative creations. We’ll review each elliptical in every series and then discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each series. This way, you’ll have the complete picture. Let’s get started!

Octane's Q Series


The Octane Q47 is a high-end elliptical that features an adjustable 19 to 26 inch stride, amazing ergonomics, it supports upper-body exercise and it provides a great workout selection so you can challenge yourself and have fun training. There are goal-based workout programs to help you achieve what you want! It also features 20 resistance levels, you can choose between two consoles, you get advanced data tracking, wireless heart rate monitoring, a three-speed fan, and so much more.

This is truly one of the best Octane ellipticals and it’s packed with features. However, it’s expensive, it doesn’t have incline, and it’s not fit for users of over 300 pounds. Even so, there are no limits to what you can accomplish with this elliptical. It provides many different training options so you can challenge yourself. And it also has amazing warranty; lifetime for frame, 5 years for part, and one year for labor.


The Octane Q37 is another high-quality elliptical. It’s durable, packed with features, and one of the best-selling Octane Fitness ellipticals. It features an ergonomic fixed stride, moving arm bars with resistance control, total body training support, and so much more. It has multi-grip handlebars that allow you to target your muscles, a 20.5-inch stride, narrow pedal spacing, workout boosters, SmartLink for extensive training and data tracking, as well as a contact heart rate monitor.

It’s important to note there’s no incline, the stride is fixed, and it doesn’t feature a cooling fan. However, it’s a great elliptical and it provides a ton of value. You will be able to train your entire body and enjoy many different workout programs to help you reach your goals. And the warranty is great! Lifetime for frame, 5 years for parts, and one year for labor.


Last but not least in the Fitness Q series is the Octane Q35. This is one of the best Octane Fitness cross trainers and it’s built for durability and high-performance. It features 4 different goal programs, including 10K, half marathon, 350 calorie blast, and 750 calorie blast. Plus, you can enjoy Workout Boosters. This elliptical features an ergonomic 20.5-inch foot path, moving arm bars, narrow pedal spacing, powerbands for cross training, and contact heart rate monitor.

It’s worth noting the stride is fixed, there’s no incline, and it doesn’t have a water bottle holder or cooling fan. Even so, this is one of the most affordable Octane ellipticals and it provides the same warranty discussed above, which is lifetime for frame, 5 years for parts and 1 year for labor. Plus, it’s durable, sturdy, and full of features.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Octane Q Series

Octane's XT Series


The Octane XT-One is one of the historic ellipticals the brand has produced. It features a 20 to 28 inch stride that’s adjustable to support walking, jogging, and running, as well as hiking and climbing. Not to mention you’re also able of engaging your upper body. This Octane elliptical is perfect for strength training and cardio. It provides 30 resistance levels, oversized non-slip pedals, 72 workout programs on the XI console, heart rate monitoring, a large LED display, and the maximum user weight is 400 pounds.

It’s also complete with a media tray, speakers, cooling fans, and a water bottle holder. Plus, the warranty is great; lifetime for frame, 5 years for parts and 1 year for labor. It will fit a wide range of body types and it also allows wireless connection so you can take advantage of SmartLink workouts. All in all, it’s one the most compact, complete, and best ellipticals you can find!

On the downside, these Octane ellipticals don’t have an incline and the Q37 and Q35 have a fixed stride. Also, the Q37 and Q35 don’t feature a cooling fan. However, these are not deal-breakers by any means, but you should be aware of these drawbacks.


Next, we have the Octane XT4700, which is a powerful, commercial-grade elliptical, perfect for home gyms. It provides an 18 to 26 inch stride, so your workout will be comfortable and you’ll be able to enjoy a natural fit. The pedals will auto-adjust the length as you go and they will also allow you to go backward so you can challenge yourself. This elliptical provides such variety, you’ll be able to train your lower and upper-body muscles. The multi-grip handlebars will support different types of exercises, which is amazing.

The XT4700 is great for users of all skill levels and it supports different intensity levels. You get to enjoy 30 resistance levels and over 12 workout programs that will allow you to reach your goals. Plus, some programs can be customized as well, which is great. It also features a LED display, two heart rate monitoring options, a cooling fan, and more. However, it’s a bit expensive and the warranty is not too great, offering a 3-year warranty for parts.


Last but not least on the XT series is the Octane XT3700 and this is another premium option for you to consider. It’s for low-impact cross training, it’s smooth, and it’s durable. Plus, it has the perfect compact size. It features a 20.5 to 24 inch stride, forward/reverse pedaling, multi-grip handlebars, wireless heart rate monitoring, 13 workout programs, 30 resistance levels, and a Smart Console.

It also features a touchscreen that will provide access to web content and you’ll be able to stream Octane’s video coaching. This way, you can challenge yourself further and have proper guidance. It’s less expensive than the XT4700 because it only provides two settings, walking and running, and it doesn’t feature auto-adjusting. So, keep that in mind if you’re shorter than average. Overall, the XT3700 is a great alternative if you want something a bit less expensive but still effective and durable.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Octane XT Series

The Octane XT series provides incredible elliptical options for people who want a powerful, long-lasting, effective machine for their home gyms. It provides 3 different option, each one with a lot to offer. All the XT ellipticals will promote full-body low-impact training you’ll be able to take advantage of.

They all offer 30 levels of resistance, which is amazing and it means you’ll be able to challenge yourself. Plus, they’re comfortable, smooth, and allow for a natural, comfortable fit. The workout program options are also varied and there’s a whole lot of them, not to mention you can take advantage of SmartLink workouts.

On the downside, the XT series is on the expensive side, even though the XT3700 is a bit more affordable, the other two, which are more powerful, are definitely an investment. The warranty can also be below average for some of the options, so that’s something to keep in mind. 

Octane's PRO Series

PRO 3700C

The Octane PRO3700C is the first elliptical to introduce converging path handlebars, which improve ergonomics and make the elliptical a lot more comfortable and safer because it lowers the risk of injury during intense workouts. The PRO3700C features a 20.5 to 24 inch stride length, 30 resistance levels, and it’s a commercial-grade machine that’s quite large and sophisticated. It’s the perfect option for people who are serious about fitness and want to be challenged in the comfort of their home.

It provides 19 workout programs to take advantage of, it allows you to engage your lower and upper body so you can target different muscles, it prevents strain and the closely spaced pedals reduce stress on your hips and your lower back as well. Overall, it’s a great machine and it provides a ton of value for your money. It’s powerful, durable, and it provides everything you need. The fixed stride length is at 20.5 inches, 

PRO 310

Last but not least on this list, we have the Octane PRO310 which provides 12 amazing workout programs that you can customize to challenge yourself and reach your goals. It provides goal-oriented programs as well, such as 350 calories, half marathon, workout boosters, and more. The handlebars are both multi-grip and converging path, which improve functionality and provide comfort. And it has 19 levels of resistance as well.

The PRO310 will allow you to target different muscle groups and have more effective and productive workouts than ever. The design is ergonomic and comfortable, it reduces strain and it reduces the risk of injuries, especially when you have intense workouts. The pedals are closely spaced and they reduce the stress on your lower back and your hips as well. There’s a contact heart rate sensor on the handles and the compact LED display will provide essential information. The warranty is 2 years for parts and one year for labor, which is below average, so it’s something to keep in mind.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Octane PRO Series

The ellipticals available on the PRO series are quite powerful and sturdy. They’re big, full of features, and they will allow you to elevate your fitness level right at home. Both models are different enough, though. The PRO3700C is for more advanced users because it provides more resistance levels and workout programs. The PRO310 offers less resistance levels and workout programs, so it might be better suited for beginners who are trying to build up their fitness level.

The drawback is they don’t have great warranty, which is something to keep in mind. However, they’re sturdy, commercial-grade ellipticals that will last for a long time. Plus, you’re purchasing from a well-known brand. These ellipticals will definitely suit different people, but they both allow you to have a challenging, full-body workout and reach your fitness goals a lot more effectively.

Octane's Lateral X Series

The Lateral X is a standalone Octane elliptical, but it’s a world-class elliptical that many people love. This is one of Octane’s biggest innovations and it’s a unique exercise machine that features many amazing things. It features forward, backward, and side-to-side movement so you can enjoy realistic training and pursue amazing results. It’s designed as a zero-impact exercise machine, just like everything Octane does. It will allow you to exercise at 30 different levels of resistance so you can challenge yourself without the risk of discomfort or injury.

You can pedal forward or backwards, but the magic happens when you do it side to side because it allows you yo burn 25% more calories and you use your hips more. The Lateral X is an incredible machine that will allow you to manage your weight, improve your endurance, and build strength as well. Two different consoles can be paired with this elliptical. An LED screen or a full-color touchscreen that allows you to watch videos and browse the internet as well. Each console provides different training programs possibilities as well. Overall, this is a great machine to consider!

Octane's xRide Series


The Octane XR6 is a seated elliptical that’s perfect for users of all fitness levels. It’s a comfortable yet efficient machine that will get results. It features a 16-inch footpath that will help you engage your lower body, multi-grip handlebars to engage the upper body, and it’s very easy on your back because it’s a zero-impact machine.

You get to choose between three data consoles and they all offer different workout programs and benefits. For example, the simplest console available provides 5 workout programs and features 20 resistance levels. The mid-level console provides Workout Boosters. And the top-tier console comes with a tablet holder and you’ll be able to connect to SmartLink.


The Octane XR6000 is a premium option and it’s another zero-impact machine that will allow you to burn calories and train your muscles effectively. You can customize this elliptical to any strength, it’s gentle on the joints, and it features modern electronics so it’s the complete package.

You can choose between two different console options and each one offers different workout programs for training your lower and upper body as well. You also have 30 resistance levels to choose from. You will be able to alternate between strength exercises and cardio, so it will allow you to reach different goals. Overall, it’s a great option to consider.


The Octane Fitness XR650 is a great recumbent seated elliptical machine, particularly at this price range. It’s a commercial-grade machine that will suit users of all levels of expertise and fitness. It’s also a good option for people with disabilities or mobility programs. The XR650 is great for cardio, upper and lower body coordination and flexibility, and it’s easy on the joints as well.

It features 30 levels of magnetic brake resistance, which provides no friction and requires no maintenance. Plus, it’s super quiet and it’s super reliable. Your rides will be smooth and quiet, which is ideal for a home gym. Thanks to the power stroke technology on this machine, you will enjoy optimal leg extension, which allows you to burn 23% more calories and activate three times more muscles. All in all, a great option for the money!

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Octane xRide Series

The Octane xRide series is another great series of products from this company and it provides three great options for users of all levels of expertise and fitness. Anyone can make the most of these recumbent ellipticals because they’re packed with features, they’re affordable, and they provide everything you need for you to reach whatever fitness goals you may have.

The great thing about these ellipticals is that you can choose from different console options, which provide different workout programs. That means you can choose the one that’s best tailored to your purposes. The only drawback could be the warranty, which is below average, especially compared to other Octane ellipticals. Either way, they’re worth your consideration.

Octane Fitness Advantages

Octane Fitness is a top-of-the-line brand that’s truly earned its place in the industry thanks to such ground-breaking and innovative products. For one, the commercial-grade frames they use for their machines make them super durable and long-lasting, which is great when you’re making an investment such as this. After all, you want your exercise equipment to last!

Another great thing about Octane ellipticals is that they offer many different console options. Overall, they provide users with the best technological options and the console you choose for your elliptical will offer different benefits when it comes to workout programs and more.

Octane ellipticals also offer top-notch ergonomics, gait tracking, and many other features that allow you to customize your experience so you can make the most of it. Plus, this allows you to make the machine truly your own and it will become a partner on your way to fitness goals.

The design of these ellipticals is also great and it stands the test of time. Octane ellipticals also feature SmartLink technology, which can link your workout details to your smartphone or tablet and it allows access to workout programs. These ellipticals are also very safe to use not just because they’re zero-impact, but also because they have safety features to keep children from using the console or pedals.

Octane Fitness ellipticals also feature rotating pedals, adjustable stride length, and different height options. This means they have a ton to offer and multiple users can take advantage of it. All Octane ellipticals are also zero-impact, which makes them comfortable and safe. Plus, these machines are super smooth and quiet, which is a must for home gym equipment.

Octane Fitness Disadvantages

One of the major drawbacks of Octane ellipticals is the price tag. These machines are not inexpensive, though some options are more affordable than others. However, even at a high price tag, they’re worth it. So, if you’re looking into these machines, you should look at it as an investment. They will last a long time and they’re packed with great features, so they’re worth it. Another drawback is the inconsistent warranty. Some machine have lifetime warranty for frame but not all of them do, so that’s something to keep in mind.

The Final Verdict

All in all, Octane Fitness ellipticals offer the highest-quality exercise machines money can buy. All their options are amazing and they provide many incredible features. Just keep in mind that these ellipticals should be considered an investment because they’re not cheap and you should consider each option carefully before you decide.

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