Octane Fitness

Octane Fitness has one clear mission and it’s making ultimate zero-impact cardio equipment. The company is relatively new compared to some other brand on the market. They started out in 2001 and decided to design equipment with the least impact on the body. Nautilus acquired Octane Fitness in 2015 and made the company part of a bigger brand. After almost 20 years we think we all agree that they achieved their goal.

Octane innovated the new elliptical and treadmill machines. They created unique fitness machines such as Zero Runners, recumbent ellipticals, ellipticals. What is special about them is that none of them look like the traditional machines. They are unique in appearance, workout, and functionalities.

They designed the zero runners (zero-impact running machine) as an alternative for the treadmills and ellipticals. The Zero runners have hip and knee joints to allow you gain the benefits and feel of outdoor running.

They also invented the combined recumbent elliptical machines which are another unique cardio workout equipment. The recumbent elliptical allows the users to do a full body workout while sitting.

Octane then decided to create an opportunity for elliptical users to do both cardio and strength training. And that’s when they added the Cross Circuit Pro to their ellipticals.
Later in 2012 Octane made history again by adding the innovative Lateral machines. These machines offer lateral motion and a stepping motion for functional, total-body challenges.

The company has earned nearly 100 Best Buy award in such a short time. Their products can be seen anywhere. Many gyms are using the commercial grade ZRs and standing ellipticals.

Octane machines:

Zero Runners, Two models (ZR7 and ZR8)
Ellipticals, eight models (Q35, Q37, Q47, Q47, LATERAL, XT4700, XT3700, PRO3700C, PRO310)
Recumbents, three models (XR4, XR6 and XR6000)

They have 11 unique machines made for all body type users. Precor has also done a great job implementing motivational technology on their equipment.  Many of their machines are compatible with two Displays. The XI and the X, they both offer good functionalities. However, XI is top of the line console with tens of programs, Multip color feedback center, Bluetooth connectivity and more.

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