NordicTrack SpaceSaver Ellipticals Comparisons

In the world of top-notch and high-tech elliptical machines, NordicTrack needs no introduction. The company has a glowing reputation for manufacturing some of the best elliptical machines there is. Among their many stellar inventions is the SPACESAVER Series, which is the general term that connotes two outstanding, compact, rear-drive elliptical machines. The NordicTrack SE7i elliptical and the NordicTrack SE9i elliptical machine constitute the SPACESAVER series. These elliptical machines are a gift to fitness enthusiasts who want a high-performance yet space-efficient elliptical trainer.

TheSpaceSavers, also called the “NordicTrack Rear-drive Series Ellipticals,” debuted with the SE7i trainer. Shortly after, the SE9i elliptical was launched. The SE97i and the SE9i elliptical machines are best known for their compact and foldable rear-drive design, which NordicTrack calls the “Vertical space-saving design.” Users were wowed by the fold-up design, which conserved a great deal of space in their homes. They are especially fit for families or living areas with a limited amount of space. Besides being space-friendly, they produce a close to natural stride, which is as comfortable as possible. Their flywheel is located at the rear of the machine, which improves their overall stability and impacts the motion.

Both machines come with an 18-inch stride length, an 18-pound flywheel, up to 10-degree power incline, a 325-pound maximum weight capacity, to mention but a few similar features.We could say the SpaceSavers are like two peas in a pod with the same look-alike build and configuration. However, they have their noticeable and not-so-obvious differences, which we will be reviewing in a bit. When making the right “SpaceSaver” decision, it is imperative to know the similarities and differences between the two NordicTrack ellipticals. But not to worry, we have done the homework for you. Our NordicTrack SPACESAVR SE9i ELLIPTICAL VS NordicTrack SPACESAVER SE7i ELLIPTICAL review will help you make a price-worthy decision!!

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The SE7i and SE9i have a nearly similar footprint. The SE7i is 67 inches high, 32 inches wide, and 80 inches long. The SE9i, on the other hand, is 66.4 inches high, 31.9 inches wide, and 78.7 inches long. It will appear that the SE9i has a slightly minimal footprint than its counterpart, while the SE7i is an inch or two taller. Despite the minimal difference in their footprint, both machines incorporate a vertical space-saving design with a foldable frame and transport wheels. When not in use, you can fold the machines and store them in an upright position. And are they so easy to roll and fold? You guessed, right! The machines’ front bases are fitted with porting wheels, so users can quickly move the machines for storage. Additionally, NordicTrack engineered the machines in such a way that folding is made easy. When folding and lifting the machine for storage, users are spared the difficulty of raising the machines’ heaviest portion. However, you might want to consider your door frame’s size before purchasing, as the SpaceSavers’ Frame may not easily fit your doorframe. And while they are built to maximize storage space, they need a considerable portion of workout space.

In terms of maximum weight capacity, the NordicTrack SpaceSavers is the same. They both support a maximum user capacity of 325 pounds. This weight specification is limited to light and medium weight users. Individuals with a considerable Body Mass Index (BMI) may have to take a rain check on the SE7i and SE9i elliptical machines. The SpaceSavers are fairly heavy elliptical machines. This plays a crucial role in their sturdiness and stability. Again, there is a slight variation in their overall product weight; the SE7i weighs about 215-pounds in-box, while the SE9i weighs about 218-pounds in-box. Nonetheless, the SpaceSavers are well-constructed with heavy-duty steel frames and quality materials.

It is no longer news that the NordicTrack SpaceSavers are rear-drive elliptical machines. This means that their flywheel is positioned at the rear of the machine to aid balance and stability. And yes, they have the same 18-pound weighted perimeter flywheel, which generates a considerably smooth and consistent. While both models offer multiple magnetic-resistance levels, the SE9i takes the lead. The SE7i comes in short with 22 digital resistance levels, while the SE9i has 24 resistance levels. Because their resistance system is purely magnetic, they deliver a quiet and distraction-free ride. Their resistance settings range from light to moderate to difficult. Though the SE9i is two levels higher in resistance, there isn’t much difference in the intensity it generates.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver Ellipticals Specs Comparisons
NordicTrack SE9iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Review218 Lbs78"L X 31"W X 66"H 325 Lbs18 Lbs24 Levels
NordicTrack SE7iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical Review215 Lbs80"L X 32"W X 67"H 325 Lbs18 Lbs22 Levels


One striking difference between the NordicTrack SE7i and SE9i elliptical trainers is the console design and display. The SE9i has the upper hand here with a full-color, 7-inch, and high-definition SmartScreen display. The pioneer SpaceSaver, on the other hand, features a basic 5-inch backlit LCD monitor. The console is what truly sets the two models apart. The SE9i’s monitor is bigger and more technologically advanced than the SE7i’s. It is web, and Bluetooth enabled, giving users unlimited access to workout entertainment and motivation. It also supports telemetry via a wireless chest strap device.While the SE7i has 24 onboard workout programs, the SE9i incorporates 30 workout programs.

The good news is, the workout programs are identically structured on both consoles. They constitute an expert-approved goal and calorie-based programs that enhance workout quality and influence a high-performance output. You can also keep tabs on essential workout metrics like time, distance, speed, calorie, and resistance. Additionally, they both have a manual mode that alters resistance and incline settings (manually) with a touch of the button. This brings us to another difference between the SE9i and SE7i consoles; while the former incorporates quick touch controls for resistance and incline, the latter does not. Be that as it may, you are sure to derive sufficient motivation and banish boredom from the two consoles.

Expectedly, the NordicTrack SpaceSavers feature the company’s trademark iFit app. The iFit app is a commendable invention that makes workouts all the more exciting and productive. The app is packed with performance-boosting workout programs led by elite fitness instructors from across the world. These instructors are all the motivation you need to push harder and ace your fitness goals. If you get bored easily performing the same workout every day, iFit makes the perfect remedy. Each day presents a new and exciting workout for your “ellipticizing” pleasure. And if that isn’t enough, you can explore and enjoy scenic trails and cities with its Google Maps program. You will also be treated to a bespoke lifestyle and nutrition advice, made just for you! Best of all, the app comes free for the first 12 months post-purchase.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver Ellipticals Monitors Comparisons
NordicTrack SE9iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Review7-inchesYesBluetooth30iFit
NordicTrack SE7iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical Review5-inchesNoBluetooth24iFit


The NordicTrack SpaceSavers have the same 18-inch, auto-adjustable stride length, which is, quite frankly, average. That being said, the stride length is mostly ideal for users between 5’3 to 5’7. However, taller individuals can use the SpaceSavers, as reported by a couple of customer reviews. But bear in mind that the range of motion will be minimal and might also be uncomfortable. If you are on the taller side of the height spectrum, it might be best to consider another elliptical machine with a longer stride length. That aside, the elliptical path motion on both elliptical machines is near-natural, which makes it super comfortable.

Another similarity between the NordicTrack SpaceSavers is the incline system. The SE7i and the SE9i elliptical machine offer a power incline that pivots up to 10-degrees. Their incline system is motorized, so it can be adjusted gradually to meet specific exercise requirements. You can change the incline from 0-10 degrees to suit your preference. While the incline systems of the two elliptical machines are near-identical, they differ in terms of control. With the SE7i, you can adjust incline and resistance from the handlebars only, but with the SE9i, you can change from the handlebars and via the quick touch controls on the monitor.

The good thing about the SpaceSavers’ rear-drive engineering is the feel of the incline. At zero settings, the gradient simulates a soft and pleasant downhill ride. However,it is worth noting that the pedals take on a steep elevation at maximums settings, which significantly increases the step-on height. So it is recommended to position and use the SpaceSavers in a room with significant ceiling clearance, say about 27″ higher than the user’s height. One more thing, the ellipticals’ incline range, while moderately sufficient, may be limited for individuals who like a tough and intense challenge.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver Ellipticals Strides Comparisons
NordicTrack SE9iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Review18-inches fixed10° Power AdjustableYesYes
NordicTrack SE7iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical Review18-inches fixed10° Power AdjustableYesYes


There is hardly any difference between the SE7i and the SE9i handlebar and pedals. They are both furnished with moving and fixed handlebars for efficient upper body training. The moving handlebars and the pedals are interlinked to facilitate a streamlined motion between the upper and lower body. As mentioned earlier, they incorporate resistance and incline controls. The left handlebar is earmarked for incline control, while the right handlebar is designated for resistance controls.

The SpaceSavers’ stationary handlebars support digital contact heart rate monitoring. They have integrated CardioGrips that measure pulse readings when your palms come in contact with the sensors. For the SE7i, this is its only means of measuring heart rate data, while the SE9i has a telemetric monitor in addition to the grip sensors. TheSpaceSavers’ handlebar design is pretty basic; there are no multi-grip positions, and neither are they curved. Nonetheless, they are coated with a rubberized material for increased comfort.

Both the SE7i and the SE9i ellipticals have large and textured pedals with a narrow Q-factor. The pedals are made to fit a wide range of athletic and gym shoes without devaluing comfort. They are also angle-adjustable with a toe-to-heel locking mechanism that offers three adjustability settings. The narrow distance between the pedals places the user’s body in an ultra-comfortable posture.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver Ellipticals Pedals Comparisons
NordicTrack SE9iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical ReviewWith controls on the handlebarsSingle-gripMoving and StationaryToe-to-heel, three settings, angle adjustability
NordicTrack SE7iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical ReviewWith controls on the handlebarsSingle-gripMoving and StationaryToe-to-heel, three settings, angle adjustability


The NordicTrack SpaceSavers are equipped with several accessories and add-ons to maximize user-experience. They both have; a water bottle holder for adequate workout hydration, a tablet holder that holds different mobile devices and tablets for convenient workout entertainment, a multi-power workout fan, and dual speakers with an audio jack that is compatible with several MP3 devices. With these accessories, you can easily stay hydrated and refreshed, stream shows and movies, and listen to your favorite playlists or podcasts while exercising.

In addition to these accessories, the SE9i elliptical also rewards users with a chest strap device. Regrettably, this cardio device is not included with the SE7i elliptical trainer. This gives the SE9i an edge over the SE7i because a chest strap is such a “big deal.” For one, they tend to provide more accurate heart rate readings than grip pulse sensors, and when the two are combined, the results are even more real. And unlike some other elliptical machines with telemetric monitors, you wouldn’t have to buy a chest strap device separately, which adds to the cost of expenditure.

One of the NordicTrack SpaceSaver Elliptical machines’ key advantages is their super easy and speedy “snap” assembly. The bulk of the machines are assembled beforehand, which makes the overall process easier. It takes all but 15 minutes or even lesser to fix and ready the elliptical for use. To better drive the point home, only the front and rear stabilizers, the upper arms, and the tablet holders need to be installed. It couldn’t have been any easier than this. Plus, a well-detailed and illustrated assembly manual and a comprehensive video guide the SpaceSavers’ assembly. The primary tool needed (for their assembly), in addition to the included bolts and screws, is a Phillips screwdriver. Although you can handle the assembly on your own, it is best to enlist another person’s help to lift the uprights.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver Ellipticals Accessories Comparisons
NordicTrack SE9iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical ReviewTablet holderBottle holderEasyIncludedAudio jack and a chest strap
NordicTrack SE7iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical ReviewTablet holderBottle holderEasyIncludedAudio jack and a chest strap


The NordicTrack SpaceSavers are warranted as thus; 10-year coverage for the machines’ Frame, 2-year coverage for parts, and a year for labor. The warranty gets an average rating on account of the paltry coverage for the parts and labor. One would expect that the more damage-prone parts will get more coverage than the Frame, which is built to resist long-term use and abuse. Nonetheless, NordicTrack assures users that the SpaceSavers will pass the longevity test. While that remains to be seen, we might have to take their word for it judging by the quality construction. It is no surprise that the company demands warranty registration. This is for you and your product’s good.

On that note, you can register the product warranty in two ways. You can choose to complete the warranty registration card that comes with the purchase or register on the company’s website at Either way, your product will be duly registered. And of course, this warranty is guided by specific terms and conditions, one of which states that; the warranty is strictly limited to the buyer and cannot be transferred to another individual. If you would like to learn more about the T and C’s, kindly refer to the NordicTrack website, And if you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact the NordicTrack customer support team on 1 -800-862-3348, or send an email to

Because the SE9i has more advanced features such as a bigger 7-inch SmartScreen, telemetric monitor with more workout programs, it is naturally more expensive than its sister-model. It is priced at $1599 on the NordicTrack website, which is $500 higher than the SE7i’s $1,099 price tag. Whether this price difference is worth it, depends on individual preference. Typically, shoppers who want a full, smart, and customizable workout experience will prefer the SE9i elliptical. Still, those who don’t care much for “frills” will be happy with the SE7i elliptical machine. NordicTrack usually ships their products to customers’ threshold for free and charge extra for special shipping services such as in-home assembly/ white-glove delivery. However, the latter is currently suspended as a result of the COVID-19.

NordicTrack SpaceSaver Ellipticals Prices Comparisons
NordicTrack SE9iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE9i Elliptical Review10-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor$1,59977 inches x 31 inches x 18 inches230 lbs
NordicTrack SE7iNordicTrack SpaceSaver SE7i Elliptical Review10-year Frame, 2-year parts, and 1-year labor$1,09977 inches x 31 inches x 18 inches230 lbs


There is no better way to say this, but they are the best space-conscious elliptical machines you could ever hope for. In-home workouts are the trend at the moment, with most people opting to stay fit and healthy from the comfort of their homes than in the “pricey” environment of a gym. But not everybody has the space to accommodate the often hefty elliptical machines on the market. Plus, finding an elliptical trainer that is both functional and space-efficient is an arduous task. You may find an elliptical machine that scores positive points for portability but scores poorly for functionality and vice-versa.

With this in mind, the NordicTrack SpaceSavers are a rare find. Not only are they space –friendly, but they are practical as well. They boast some of the best features on the market, giving users a workout experience to remember. Virtually all NordicTrack reviews on the internet attest to their exceptional serviceability. Additionally, their folding mechanism is as easy and straightforward as any. The manufacturers had user comfort and convenience in mind when designing the ellipticals. The heaviest components of the machine don’t get in the way when folding and lifting the machine.

The inclusion of transport wheels is just as thoughtful as it makes moving the machine to its designated place of storage very easy. And there is the mid-range price-point, which is relatively within reach of most shoppers. Considering that top-brand elliptical machines are being sold for over $5000, the under $2000 price tag of the NordicTrack SpaceSavers can be regarded as a “steal.” Not to mention their unbelievably quick and easy assembly. So why should you buy a NordicTrack SpaceSaver? There you have your answer!!!


If you are short on space and want an elliptical machine that will deliver on all counts, take a look at the NordicTrack SpaceSaver ellipticals. The SE7i and SE9i rear-drive elliptical trainers are the best fitting choice for your home or home gym. They pack a punch of features that aim to please your body and your living space. From an intriguing platter of workout programs to convenient extras, the SpaceSavers will bring your fitness goals to reality. Beginner and intermediate users of average height and weight will find these machines thrilling to use. Both models have their strong and weak points, but the former outweighs the latter. While the SE9i has the better advantage with a bigger full-color 7-inch screen and an included chest strap device, the SE7i elliptical comes in strong too. Simply weigh your interests and pick the SpaceSaver that complements your fitness needs!
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